Sunday, July 14, 2013

Judd Might Not Even Watch #BB15

But Andy assures him that he thinks he will be portrayed well.  Judd is worried about him being shown with a bad temper but Andy assures him that is not the case.

Andy is saying that Elissa can't win HoH next week because she won't want to get rid of Howard.  Andy complains about Howard using religion to get to Elissa.  Judd says he has prayed with Howard a few times, but it has been a long time and they didn't discuss the game at all.

Judd is religious, and says a little prayer every night, but never "goes in the room alone to pray."

A few minute after saying Elissa can't win, Andy clarifies that he and Helen "love love love" Elissa, but she can't win HoH.  Judd says he truly likes Elissa and he wishes he had defended her more.  He thinks she is actually playing the game now, and not bein' abused by Beiber Fever.

Judd:  Did we tell them that we call them that?

Andy just brought up how hard it would be to beat his BFF Helen in the finals, but Judd says they can worry about all of that later.  Judd also says that he likes the way Amanda never holds a grudge and apologizes for things immediately.  He thinks Kaitlin is a bartender, so she knows how to talk to people and will find a new alliance soon.  He thought Gina Marie will self-evict because she is so upset after every vote.

Judd jokes that she will be shocked when Jeremy is evicted and call everybody cockroaches.  He was trying not to laugh when she was going on an on about the cockroaches and turn his head a few times.

Judd:  She was goin' on and on about how if Nick had stayed, he would have won this thing!  And I said, that's why he went home...did you hear that?

He continues to imitate GMZ saying "he wudda won HoH and wouldn't have nominated anybody!"  They both say GMZ is clueless and are cracking up

Judd:  She saw the show on Facebook and applied!

They laugh about how Candice and Kaitlin didn't know how the Veto works.

Judd:  Aww...we shouldn't have told her...we could've said "if you even think about winning that POV you're going up" and if you win you're definitely going up!

Ha ha ha.

Crack of Noon #BB15

and Judd and Elissa are discussing appliances in the backyard as she does her laundry.  They both prefer a top-load washer, and Elissa describes in great detail some exciting new washer that is being invented that even dry cleans, too.

Judd worked in the appliance industry for about five years, and explains that he worked in a call center and would talk to customers who needed to replace a broken part, and then mail it to them.  He really enjoyed that job and later worked in a service center, but it wasn't the same.

He tells her about his current job, driving around looking for new construction for the tax agency.  He really likes his boss but worries that he wasn't able to tell him about coming on the show.  He hopes that he still has a job to go home to, but Elissa assures him everyone will be so excited about him, and want to work with him.  Judd hopes so.

(I remember Judd telling Helen that he called in sick for Monday, the first day of his absence, but that was all and Helen thought was so funny.)

 This picture is interesting because you can see some of the lighting that is normally not visible.

Jeremy made himself a breakfast sandwich, and appears to be quite familiar with the process, even though Howard has been saying Jeremy never does anything for himself.  Judd passed through and Jeremy asked if they could meet outside to chat while Jeremy ate his sandwich.

You can't really tell from this, but Jeremy likes to rub the stick of butter on the bread, rather than to spread the butter on the bread.  I guess that saves a clean knife, but clearly this is a bachelor move.

He sat outside with Judd to eat it, and told him that he needed five votes, and six so Helen wouldn't have to break the tie.  He knows it will be an uphill battle and looks around the backyard, saying he needs to "take it all in", and they should "enjoy it while they can".

(I'm pretty sure the Bold & the Beautiful will have Jeremy on their cast by the end of next weekend.)

In the Eames Room Kaitlin has just been in the DR, and she tells Aaryn that she was told this has never happened in the history of Big Brother.  Aaryn doesn't know what she is talking about, but Kaitlin says someone using the PoV to take themselves off, and the replacement goes home.  I'm pretty sure she meant within a showmance, but I'm not even sure that is true.   Fifteen seasons is a long time, although we have only had the PoV since BB3, and that PoV could only be used to save someone else, and not the necklace holder.  Kaitlin knows they are going to "milk it" big time for the TV show.

Kaitlin tells Aaryn that everybody in the house wants Jeremy out, and there is special protection for her for next week if she uses the PoV on herself.  Aaryn doesn't want Jeremy to leave, but admits she is very afraid.

Aaryn is whispering what she heard about Nick and Gina Marie.  She heard that he told everybody that he was using her, and he would walk up to people and say his ears were bleeding.  Kaitlin says Nick is all Gina Maire can talk about, so she just had to walk away from her this morning to get away.

Kaitlin says she was crying so hard in the HoH with Helen that Helen apologized, saying she hated to put Jeremy up but the whole house wanted her to.

Kaitlin:  The whole house!  The whole house.

Helen told her when Jeremy yelled at her she never felt like a big piece of shit like that before, and that nobody wants him there.  Katilin says she feels bad for supporting him, and Aaryn says whenever she gives someone shit, they have provoked it.  She doesn't just go around doing that for nothing.
Kaitlin feels like she made a deal with the devil, and will be in the house with people she doesn't like.

Aaryn had cookies for breakfast.

Big Brother After Dark - Andy Forgets His Role, Opens His Hole - 7-13-13 #BB15

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday night.  The feeds were down most of the the day for the PoV Player Pick and then later for the competition itself.  Other than the nominees, I'm not sure if there is any reason for anybody to knock themselves out to win it.   Maybe Helen, since she wants to get Jeremy out of there this week.

Helen is the HoH, of course, and nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.  The next day the MVP (Elissa, again.) nominated Spencer.  Candice and Gina Marie were selected to play for PoV, and I guess GMZ would love to win it so she can save one of her friends.

But Kaitlin won, yes Kaitlin, setting some great anticipation for Monday's PoV ceremony.  Will she save herself even though Jeremy will go up and out in her place?  Or will Jeremy use his Dastardly charms to get Kaitlin to fall on her sword?  No one is sweating bullets over this like Helen is....she wants Jeremy OUT like, yesterday.

OK.  Let's get started.

The show opens to Andy whispering to Helen and McCrae in the Cockpit, but Helen just answers back in a normal voice.  Andy thinks they just need to keep playing their social game and mentions Candice and Jessie.  Andy compliments something Jessie just said "out there" and McCrae plans to keep her informed. I hear Amanda in there too, of course, and the sounds of crunching.  Amanda's cursing blanks out several sentences and Andy says Jessie is emotional and needs constant reassurance.

Andy: Just say, me and Amanda really put our necks out for you last week...we've got your back..

McCrae:  Um hummm. Um humm.  ***crunch crunch***

McCrae mumbles they are sitting pretty, and Amanda wants more pickles, and is upset that McCrae had the audacity to fix himself a plate of food and not get any pickles for her.  Helen and Andy both leave and Amanda pushes the issue.

Amanda:  How selfish is that?  You just go and get yourself....I said I wanted pickles!

McCrae:  I didn't know that.  I didn't  hear that.

Amanda: What?  You weren't here for the entire pickle conversation?

McCrae: Nope. I didn't hear that.  Sorry..

She nags him to take his plate with him and bring back some olives for her, too.  McCrae says no, he would have to go the storage room for that.  Amanda says everything they are eating is so acidic....the grapefruit...the coffee..  McCrae is cursing, but I think he is saying that he is upset about the chocolate milk.  He's been drinking it but has to keep it in the storage room so it is still there for him.  He is pissed but knows he can't really say anything about it in the house.

Amanda:  Well, just keep it in the storage room.

McCrae: I am, but somebody keeps putting it in the kitchen, but I keep bringing it back there.

Amanda advises that McCrae take his cup in the storage room to fill it with the chocolate milk.  Something tells me Jeremy may be at the root of the chocolate milk problem.  Just a guess.

Now the camera moves to the Small World, where we see a close up of Gina Marie leaning against the white tufted head board.  Jeremy is there eating and entertaining the girls.  He is eating a slice of pizza and telling them how he will get back in the house after eviction.  Kaitlin thinks he can "totally parachute in here" and Jeremy says he will just "go Ninja".  Aaryn mentions skydiving and Jeremy says he was "supposed to go for his 18th birthday, but he asked his mom to pay his bills instead".

Kaitlin is afraid of heights so skydiving would be "super overcoming" for her.  Jeremy is dancing around a little bit and shows no signs of stress given his current circumstances in the BB house. I am looking but do not see any signs of chocolate milk consumption, however I believe Jeremy is the sort who would drink straight from the carton before putting it back in the fridge.


Kaitlin says he is in a very "chippery" mood and Jeremy repeats twice that he "has something cute planned" and sits beside her to give her a hug. Kaitlin rests her head on The Chief and Jeremy tells her he can't do it yet, but he thinks she will like it.  Kaitlin's hair is wet and now the cameras move to the kitchen, where Aaryn is putting a small tub of ice cream back in  the freezer.

Aaryn says she has "never done something so bad" and "it seriously sucked".  I am assuming she is referring to her performance today in the PoV.  Andy asks her where she went wrong, and she says she "didn't lay the things out".  She says she is "not good at strategy" and she just went "apeshit and balls to the walls" and contrasts this to Candice's approach.

Judd:  Candice did pretty good.

(Trampolines were involved in the PoV--they had to use them to jump around and had to remember and recreate something they saw.  They each performed the course individually and Kaitlin's time was the best at just over seven minutes.)

(And Aaryn saying all of this is smart, because she is pointing out her weaknesses.  She thinks she will be on the block with Jeremy and Spencer after Kaitlin uses the PoV to save herself on Monday.)

Now back in the Small World GMZ looks morose, laying back on the bed. Jeremy tells them not to vote for him to stay, but to go with the house but he will let them know the day of the vote.  Jeremy is working on his speech and Katilin says no way is she not voting for him.  She says she already said "awful things about him in the DR" but I'm not sure if she is joking or not.

Jeremy: It will show your loyalty to me if you do what I say...

Kaitlin argues and says she already made her decision, and already "told them in there" what it was.

Jeremy:  I know you did.  And I already told them that I told you not to and you said no and they were like, yeah we told her it was okay...

Kaitlin:  Shut up. It's not even something to talk about.  Just drop it.

Jeremy tells her again to vote with the house to show loyalty to him.  They hug and kiss as Jeremy tells her "if I tell you to do something dammit, just do it".

Jeremy, busy smooching:  You'll do what I say.  I'm the one with the pants on around here.

GMZ:  Well, you do have pants on today.

The room is filled with sounds of smooching and GMZ studies a bottle of nail polish to avoid looking over at the bed next to her, with it's tangled mass of limbs and Jeremy's hand on Kaitlin's ass.

The cameras take us now to the HoH, where Helen is all covered up in bed and is talking to Andy.  Helen say she asked "him" who he would put up next week and wasn't satisfied with the answer.

Andy:  Yeah, his answer wasn't sufficient.  I mean, he said Aaryn, but who is the other person...Gina Marie maybe?

Helen says he is very close to GMZ and wonders who Andy would put up.  Andy says that he would put up Aaryn because that is what the house wants, and maybe Howard.  Helen asks who the third person would be...Gina Marie maybe?

(I think if we even have the MVP this week, it will be the last and the last for the three nominees.  Just a guess.)

Andy:  Maybe Spencer?  Just in case Howard gets off the block I would want Spencer.

Andy thinks Candice is so "see through" about Howard and is easy to read and Helen says she is going to be so mad.  Judd comes in after knocking and Helen invites him in.    Judd asks if it is "just them two up here" and has to repeat it twice so Helen can understand.

Andy: We're just talking about how scary Howard is.

Judd:  Oh yeah..who are you thinkin' about puttin' up?

Helen:  Jeremy! C'mon Judd....

Judd thinks Howard needs to go up this week and Helen  is exasperated and says Judd needs to sit down and get ahold of himself, because she's already talked to Jeremy about it.

Andy:  Yeah, we talked to Jeremy and she is definitely going to use the PoV.

(So Andy is Co-HoH now?)

Helen:  She is what I call a strong player.  She beat me in the PoV by over a minute...and Gina Marie did pretty well too.

Helen says Kaitlin feels super-bad that when she uses the PoV she knows Jeremy will go home, and they need to give her a break next week because she's doing what the house wants this week.  Helen says that Howard "came in to pray" and Judd is really mumbling now in his bear T-shirt.

Judd:  Did you see him go down there and then want to come back up here?

Andy:  I think he is the most dangerous person here!  Like, if you got HoH do you think it would be good to get him out?  Because I do...

And we go to the first break.  When we return Andy is still running his yap, making himself comfortable in the HoH bed and leaning against the headboard.

Andy: if three of were up there ...that's why I think it's totally fine if people know you and Jessie are together, and Amanda and McCrae...

Helen is counting out how many people need to leave before the Jury starts, and they think it is five.  Andy recites and counts on his fingers "Howard...Spencer....Jeremy...Aaryn and maybe Katilin or Gina Marie?

Helen:  Candice...Judd I'm telling you if she takes herself off the block, we owe her.

Helen thinks Kaitlin will get through for four weeks.  Andy says GMZ is not exactly known for her game play and other people deserve to be there more than she does.   Helen repeats AGAIN how much they will owe Katilin and that they can't put her up next week.

Judd:  Well, if she don't use it then she's goin' home.

Helen:  Oh, absolutely.  If she doesn't use it, she's gone.  She knows that.  We told her that.

(What about Aaryn?  Isn't she on the block?  What is she, chopped liver?)

 Now Helen explains AGAIN why Kaitlin is upset...about Jeremy going up and that she is doing something for the house and can't be nominated next week.

(Can Helen please break that down for me again?  Because I don't think I understand.)

Judd points out that Kaitlin can win next week and Andy, who is now a Master Strategist, says that is why they want her in their good graces, adding that she "hates Howard".  Helen says she's going for Howard.

Andy:  Yes.  We've covered this.  We're good.

Helen:  One of us would have to go up as a pawn, unfortunately, but she would put Howard and Spencer up.

Now the topic of Elissa comes up and Judd says he's starting to doubt her use of the MVP, and seems to just "put up anybody she wants now".  Andy issues an order to Helen to "get on that shit right away" and she says there wasn't enough time alone for them to talk.  That is why they need to go ahead and plan for next week.  Judd thinks she might even flip a coin to decide who to put up, and says Howard is "fooling her with his Biblical stuff".

Helen says that is true and it surprises her, actually.

(Apparently Elissa is getting annoyed that people may be using her for her MVP powers, and she might be annoyed with Helen for not discussing her nominations with Elissa beforehand.  So I think she was defiant with her nomination of Spencer, because she knew everyone wanted her to put up Howard.  If this is true, I say Bravo Elissa, because at least that is playing the game, right?)

Helen thinks after the next HoH there will be a double eviction but Andy says he thinks it will happen later, once the Jury has started.  Judd makes a noise that I interpret to mean "who the hell knows this year?" and Helen says she thinks it is next week.

Judd feels it, too, but Andy argues and brings up BB Canada as an example.  Which we all know is the stupidest fucking comparison, but to Judd's credit he does not say this to Andy.  Helen says they need to be prepared if this happens, and they start naming names....Aaryn, Gina Marie...

Judd:  Maybe Kaitlin...

Helen goes into it AGAIN and says that will have to be on someone else's hands because she feels like she will owe Kaitlin after taking herself off the block this week.

(OK Helen.  We GET it.  And Judd is a country boy, not an idiot.)

They need to tell McCranda the plan, too.  Helen thinks the Double Eviction will be the 4th and 5th evictions, next week.  Andy listens but argues it is too early, and has never happened before Jury.  But they should still be ready, just in case.  They think the MVP is almost over, too.

Helen:  That's when the Pandora's Box and other crap will start...

Andy:  That's why we need to get out the big threats before then. Spencer....Howard....Aaryn..

Judd:  Out of those five, I think Spencer should be the last.  After Kaitlin.  He doesn't have anywhere else to turn, and he's not good at challenges at all.  He's got nowhere else to go.

They agree that Kaitlin would win challenges before Spencer does, and Helen points out she almost won HoH.  She says Howard told her that Spencer "threw that barbeque thing when he was partnered with her" and she sits up to make this point.  She tells them that Spencer was going so slow, that she asked Howard about it, and Howard confirmed her suspicions.

(Spencer is a big fat lazy fuck, Helen.  No way could he compete in that competition.  Everything isn't a big conspiracy every single time.  And if Howard is indeed throwing Spencer under the bus like that, he is even shadier than they think he is.  WWJD, Howard?)

As we go to break Andy is saying Howard is so scary.  Something tells me we won't see Andy say this on the CBS show, right?

After the break we return to the HoH Room with the same trio, as Andy now says they refused to listen to the "Evict Elissa" chatter and they used Jessie to solidify their vote.  Judd mumbles something about giving McCrae and Amanda some credit, too, so Andy does. They mention Jeremy walking around last week saying he had "eyes and ears all over the house" and now they know this was Spencer and Howard.

(This all has a self-congratulatory air about it.  And we all know what happens to people who get a little too ahead of themselves, don't we?  Why, just last week the Moving Company was bumping fists and crowing about how they would always be winning HoH and had it made in the shade, right?  Just sayin'...)

Judd reports that Nick got called to the DR and he saw Howard and Spencer whisper furiously and demonstrates how they were waving their arms around.

Judd:  Who in the hell makes an alliance with somebody on the block?  You know?  Out in the open like that?

Andy:  Where was this?

Judd:  Out at the pool table!  Every night!  Howard and Nick would meet out there and look around like this (demonstrates some guilty-looking head swiveling) at me and I was trying to hide my face from them.

Now Andy is apparently the authority on Obvious Alliances, as he describes a situation that featured himself prominently as the leading actor and Judd interrupts him.

Judd:  Howard can't win a you better set your ass down then!

Helen giggles.  Judd is funny.  And he slurs even more on slop.  Andy goes on and on but I don't think they are listening to him, either.  Andy says he called them out on their shady behavior and told Spencer that he is acting more shady then Amanda, who Spencer always complains about.  They all keep an eye on the Spy Cam as they talk in normal voices about all of the suspicious behavior.  Helen mentions that Spencer told her last week that they should vote out Amanda, so that "McCrae can get his head in the game".

Helen:  I was like, Amanda?  Why would we vote out somebody on our team?

Judd:  Spencer is an idiot...

And the camera goes quickly to the Eames Room, where Jeremy is standing and talking to Amanda who is sitting on her old bed (before she was a Have Not).  Jeremy is telling her that the Moving Company wanted her ass out and she knew it, because they didn't like her influence on McCrae.  Jeremy says he wasn't that concerned, because he knew that he and McCrae felt the same way at that point.

The bed next to McCranda's old bed has neatly-folded stacks of clothes on it, and a row of large male shoes are lined up just under the bed.  Who can this neat and tidy house guest be? 

Amanda thinks there are bigger threats in the house for her right now then Jeremy, and urges him to campaign.  Jeremy says he will, he's not going to just lay down and die, and now we see Spencer sitting on the couch in the living room.  Are his ears itching?  Does he know he is quickly moving into the Most Hated House Guest role?  He and Howard are discussing something mundane and probably trying not to look shady, sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table.  I hear the cameras spin around and voices in another room. Spencer asks Jeremy twice what time it is and I never heard Jeremy answer him.  I'm guessing those cameras follow Jeremy around.

Now the cameras go to the Small World where Aaryn is chatting with GMZ about the possibility of a double eviction.  (Paranoia is contagious.)  GMZ doesn't know why that would happen, or how it would work and asks Aaryn to explain it.  Aaryn doesn't really get into it, and GMZ says she can't wait until Julie announces that there will be no more MVPs.  GMZ is braiding a piece of blonde weave and is cursing and whispering.  They look at the braid and discuss which type they both prefer, and it is very serious.

Now we jump to the HoH where Helen tells Judd that he needs to make some Slop Crackers and I can only assume that they would be eaten with the Guacamole.  He says Amanda can make them for him and now I see Howard and Spencer have parked their cabooses in the HoH too.  BB calls Gina Marie to the DR and they all say "who?"

Judd, slurring a lot:  I'm cracking on slop early this week.  I woke up this mornin' and said, I guess we'll all end up like G.D. skeletons....

Helen: Oh, that is so funny Judd! Oh my god!

She loves the way he says guacamole and starts to mock him when Candice comes in, saying "ola" and looking festive in an animal print scarf.  The vibe up there is actually really uncomfortable and I think Helen is trying to pretend to have a Grand Ole Time because Spencer and Howard are there.

Candice wants to know what is going on and Helen says Judd was yelling at the camera "how can we eat guacamole if we don't have chips?" and there is another round of stiff, faked laughter from Helen.

Helen:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Judd:  Guacamole is awful by itself.

(Not if you make it fresh and keep it chunky.  They probably have tubs of that green paste that Subway is trying to get us to add to every sandwich for 75 cents, or whatever.)

Candice agrees you have to have a chip and Andy says that after thinking about the Have Not items, they are kind of gross.  Grapefruits are "so bitter" and "how many could you eat?"  Spencer chimes in on that but since he and Howard are the only ones in the room who haven't suffered slop yet I think he'd better Shut His Hole.

Candice:  I would rather have lima beans.

Judd:  HELL YEAH, lima beans.

(I love covering Judd on the live feeds.  He and Jeremy never disappoint when they are on screen.)

Judd:  Can we still eat lima beans, or have they been discontinued?

Helen shrieks that "they took 'em!" and now Candice has climbed in bed between Andy and Helen.

Judd:  Yeah...guacamole sucks.  And grapefruit sucks...

As we go to break Helen is just a little too chirpy about how much she loves grapefruit.  When we return  they have moved around the room but the same people are there.  Candice is discussing Ikea and they all try to explain it to Judd.  Candice says you go in there and shop for 3-4 hours, then you eat in the cafeteria, then you go to the back and fill out forms.  Sounds like a real party, huh?  They explain how you have to put all of it together at home and Howard tries to look interested.  Maybe he feels the pressure because Spencer thought of some good questions, maybe to demonstrate how much they really need to keep him in the house this week.

Spencer:  Do they stack all of the boxes up, warehouse style?

Judd, cracking up:  So you just can't sit on the shit, or it will break!

Helen agrees but says she does have a lot of Ikea stuff in her house.  Candice does, too, but always asks herself why she bought the "cheap Ikea shit" once she gets it home.  Helen brings up The Bombay Company and the cameras decide to visit another room before Helen can do a commercial for them.

(Even though they went out of business nearly 15 years ago...)

We see Jessie playing with what looks like a bowl of slop in the Cockpit, with McCranda laying across the room, covered up by the same blanket. There is some definite cursing going on as they discuss what "she" said about McCrae's gray T-shirt.  Jessie adds that this same person had her underwear and gave it back to her, apparently days after their laundry got mixed up.  Amanda piles on that she borrowed one of her shirts to sleep in and hasn't returned it.

Oh, it is Candice they are talking about, and Amanda feels like she just goes into your stuff and "takes shit" and put on Amanda's "like, $200 flip flops and just walks around in them without asking".  She looks to McCrae for support but I'm guessing he is stuck on the $200 flip flop comment and he just snorts.

Jessie says when she was taking her daily nap time Candice comes in and slams the door and then opens up drawers right next to her and makes a lot of noise.  McCrae has heard people say that Candice is a constant door-slammer, too.

McCrae:  That's the most annoying thing's like I'm gonna ________ freak out if she does that shit.

Jessie doesn't understand how Candice doesn't realize she is inconsiderate because she seems like she does have good manners.  Now Amanda is incensed that Candice put on one of McCrae's long sleeved shirts and walked around in it without asking.

Amanda:  Who DOES that?

(Maybe that is why Candice was wearing Judd's bear shirt last can see that here.)

McCrae wants to find her stuff and start putting it on.  Jessie says maybe Candice's earrings and McCrae says that seems fair.  Now Amanda says she is annoying and that she would probably put herself on the block to keep Howard safe.  McCrae says that the competitions she will do well in are the ones the people she is aligned with will do well in.  He explains that a woman's muscle distribution  will help them and Amanda says she doesn't have any of that.  She pulls a booger out of McCrae's nose with the sleeve of her shirt and says "Ewwww".

(Yes, you read that correctly.  No, I did not make it up.)

Now on the bathroom lounge Judd is laying and mumbling with Aaryn as she puts on her make up.  He is toying with a plastic bag of cotton balls and the sound isn't a good one so close to his mic.  Judd is explaining that they thought Nick was shady, and Aaryn says she didn't know anything about that alliance.  Judd saw him trying to make alliances when he was on the block and doesn't understand it.  Aaryn explains it might be necessary, but Judd adds that it didn't add up for him, that something was fishy and Aaryn agrees.

Judd recounts a conversation when he was with Aaryn at the hammock and Jeremy came up and said he heard that Judd wanted Nick out.  Aaryn says she doesn't remember this at all and says she has no power now, no alliances.  She curls her eyelashes as Judd mumbles about everybody "tryin' to get to Number One", and maybe something about the Dixie Chicks..I don't know.

Judd:  From what I've been hearin' you are 100% safe this week..

Judd tells her to stay up late and keep talking to people like McCrae and Amanda... and Jessie.  As we go to break Aaryn is using a brush to apply shadow, and she might be ignoring someone who can really help her in the game.

When we return we are back in the HoH, where Spencer is talking about the PoV competition and was really surprised by the format.  Andy loved the artwork and they mention Van Gogh.  Andy really liked Jessie's and Candice says Jeremy looked like the president.

Andy:   Jeremy looked like John Travolta.

Helen says they made him look like George Washington, maybe because Jeremy has said his family told him when he was a baby that he would be President.

Andy:  What was Nick, the Adonis?

Helen agrees and says that was a great one too, very eye catching.  Helen wants to know who told Spencer that they could have them after the show?

Spencer:  Um...Heath.  (aka Heathbar Crunch from BB14)

Candice confirms she heard this, too, and Helen is definitely hanging her's up in her office.

Helen:  I just want the Marie Antoinette one and the Zingbot one.

(Good luck grabbing that one, Helen.)

Andy likes that "there were two", so "David can have one if he wants one".  Helen thinks that is why they did it that way.  Spencer says there were actually three of each painting--the two matching ones and "one oddball".  Spencer has slept in the same bed every night for about two weeks.  The room is annoying because the back door is always opening and closing and he agrees that is the worst part.

Helen:  I try to close that door quietly, but it always slams.

Candice starts chiming in that it is especially noisy now that she is in the room and Spencer says she does slam the door and is "the worst".  Helen thinks it is the worst bed in the house because it is next to the Have Not room but Spencer is cool with it.  Helen wants alcohol but Howard said he looked and there was non before he came upstairs.

Helen wonders where they keep it, because it just pops up when ever they ask for it.  Andy wants to get buzzed tonight because he really hasn't yet.  Now they joke about Nick going to Yale, and how weird it is to hide that he is a professional rollerblader.  Spencer says he left Yale and didn't finish and Helen wants to dig for more info but Spencer says that's all he knows.

Candice:  I tried to dig for some girl information but didn't get anywhere.

Helen:  He told Gina Marie he'd been engaged three times.

Candice:  He did tell me that, but that's it.

Andy:  He told me he was in three long term relationships...

Spencer:  And they were about three years each..

Candice says he didn't want to share any information, and Andy gives an example when they were talking about ketchup.  First Nick said he had one roommate, but later said two so Andy called him out on that.  Candice thinks he might be married with kids and wanted to keep it a secret.  And then Spencer says he thinks Nick might have been something weird like "a eunuch".

(I've been trying to remember when I started to dislike Spencer, and I remember using poor judgement to click on the link to his naked picture on Joker's Updates. In the first week of the live feeds Spencer stood on the spiral staircase at least once and pulled his junk out of his pants so we could see it.  I can't UnSee that so take my word that  you don't want to see his filthy choad.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Seems like THAT should be grounds for termination to me.)

Spencer asked Nick point blank if he was related to Dan Gheesling and says he said 100% no.  They all laugh and Andy can't wait to see Nick's DR sessions.  He thinks that is the only way for them to know the truth.  Helen is pretty sure he talked about the Moving Company in there and Spencer says he got called in there all of the time.

Andy:  I feel like he was playing a lowkey game but he got called in there five times more than me..

Helen didn't realize that and Candice says he and Jeremy aren't "good hiders".  Andy caught him at 3:00 am trying to get in the DR and BB tells him to stop talking about that.  But Andy continues and says when he confronted Nick he said he "wanted to go in the DR to request raisins".  They laugh about that and Helen says he was probably waiting for Elissa to come out.  Andy wishes they had sat down and talked, but then talks about how he lied to Nick about his vote.

Now there is a knock at the door and it is Judd.  Helen yells to come in and then says maybe the door is locked.  Andy says no it's not, Judd was just being a dick.  Andy thinks every conversation with Nick was vacant somehow, like Nick wasn't even talking to another person.  Candice agrees and now Spencer magically has the same opinions as Candice.    Judd is eating something that must be a Slop Cookie or Sluffin.

Howard:  I just want to watch a movie. It could be The Smurfs...anything.  But The Smurfs is pretty good..

Spencer says there is a Smurfs Two coming out and then Eddie Murphy's name comes up.  Andy says that Eddie Murphy has gotten more airtime this season as they talk about his entire career and they are making fun of Candice now.

Candice:  I said his name one time!  Oh and we are so close!  (sarcastically)  And I went to his house before...

Judd:  And she said she was in his video.

Candice:  Oh you are such a liar!

Andy breaks the fun conversation by firing a question at Spencer and Howard.

Andy:  So, the Moving Company only met one time?

I guess they nodded so he keeps digging, wanting to know how they did it.  But he answers his own question by saying they just talked individually and then to each other.  Spencer says Nick was whispering all the time and Judd says he saw that, too.

Andy:  Jeremy was so bad at it...he would say I have ears all over this house!

Spencer agrees Jeremy is really bad.  Now Andy points out other times when he caught them in the act and if I were him I'd Shut My Hole about that.  Fade back into the woodwork, Andy.  Howard says he almost never spoke to Nick alone, and they wanted it that way to avoid discovery.  Spencer says he mainly saw him in the storage room and he would talk about how great it was going.  Andy really can't wait to see Nick's DRs and we go to break as Andy considers whether he himself was the dick, or if Nick was.

When we return Andy is still oversharing as they discuss David.  Andy just thinks David played a bad game and went to bed too early at night.  Howard says he did get to know him and Andy says he talked to him, too.

Spencer:  I talked more to David in the short time he was here than Nick the whole time he was here.

Howard said they had serious talks about Jeremy and "all of that stuff".  Andy said he trusts them both now but is still wary.  Spencer mentions hugging Andy in the storage room, and says he pledged his allegience to "a bunch of assholes".  Candice points out the Brigade was not a bunch of assholes---they were all super nice, even the "self proclaimed genius", and everybody loved the "meow meow".

Andy:  Having an all guy alliance is so cliche...throw in someone like me, you know?

Andy continues his discourse about what he suspected, what he knew and when he knew it, adding "stupid Nick...bye" for good measure.  Spencer cracks up and describes how GMZ poured out a bottle of water and said she was "tipping it for her homey Nick" and they all laugh.  Spencer adds that she said she hoped Nick wouldn't go home and "get all wifed up".

Candice:  Oh my god...if a man wants you he will find you.

BB chastises McCrae, saying Stop That! and they all laugh.

Judd:  When she was cryin' I didn't say this of course, but she said I'm 33 years old and I thought I found a husband and I was like, Gina Marie we all signed up for Big Brother, not to find a 33 year old woman a husband...

Everyone cracks up and they say they didn't sign up for the Bachelorette.

Andy:  And I was like girl, you sleep with the pillows between you!

Spencer:  And he was fully clothed!

Candice says she never saw them touch each other and she demonstrates how Nick was laying, like a corpse, in the bed after GMZ did a strip tease for him.

Judd:  The most logical thing she said was "he was a good playa..he could have won this". (imitating her voice)

Andy said Nick was a bad actor and Spencer agrees.  Now Helen comes back from her trip to the kitchen for ice cream and now they have to explain to Helen how the Moving Company communicated with each other.  Spencer says Nick considered himself the mastermind and set all of the rules.  Helen says she thinks he really did like GMZ, but acted like he didn't in front of his alliance.  Judd says that Nick made it clear that he wasn't into her, and mentioned it quite a few times.


Candice hopes GMZ is not destroyed if she learns that Nick was engaged or something.  Now Howard explains how he started talking to Nick.  When he came up in the HoH after McCrae won he had never spoken to Nick before.  He and Jeremy were up there talking about girls when Nick and Spencer came in.  Howard thinks Jeremy's ego is bigger than the showmance.  He didn't agree with Jeremy but once they started playing together it was on.  Helen likes the Moving Company name and knows Spencer used to have a business called Murdock Moving Company that he named after his dog.

Judd points out that the Big Brother Express moved Nick right out of there.

Andy: 13th place!

Judd:  13th place, Nick.  Ha ha...I'm just kiddin' you.

After the break they are discussing how the MVP twist did him in and Helen says "ha ha" in kind of a mean way.  Turns out they are talking about Jeremy now and Judd doesn't like how Jeremy orders people around to get him things.  Howard agrees and says he never liked talking to him and wanted Spencer to do it.  And he didn't like Aaryn but Kaitlin was pretty cool.

Helen says Kaitlin has admitted that her bad behavior came from being around Aaryn, and that is why getting her out will help her.

(Of course she is "admitting" that, Helen.  Duh.)

Jessie comes in smiling with a glass of milk and Helen asks if she liked the pictures where she was switched with Helen and she says she didn't see them because she was trying to smoke.  The DR said the backyard would be open shortly and everyone is glad.

Judd:  Thank god!  Thanks America.

Judd says that thanks for the thought, America, but he doesn't like the guacamole and grapefruit.

Judd:  I'm sure they were thinkin' about nachos.

The room is getting noisy and the camera switched to the bathroom, where Jeremy and the girls are talking and it certainly sounds interesting.

Jeremy:  He's a scrub.  He's a coward and everybody here knows it.  Everybody in the world knows it, actually.

They are cursing so it was hard to hear but I think they are referring to Spencer.  Back in the HoH they are talking about Kaitlin using the PoV and Jessie says she would be a fool not to.  Howard just wants to tell Kaitlin that Jeremy would never do it for her and Helen points out that Jeremy did that last week, by taking himself off the block when she was probably going up in his place.

Helen described how Elissa refused to speak with Jeremy and says she's got to give her credit...if she doesn't want to talk to somebody she won't do it.  Jessie says it is so much better now with Elissa.  Howard describes how Elissa came out to "do Devotion" with him in the backyard and Aaryn mocked her for it.  He said "do Devotion" at least three times telling this story, so I guess he doesn't know Helen and Andy say he is sucking up to Elissa with religion.  He says Elissa won't cry in front of people in the moment and he respects that.

Helen mentions that Elissa didn't cry in front of Jeremy after he called out her connection to Rachel but she bawled later on.

Andy:  And it made no sense!  He took all of our alcohol and drank it and then yelled at us!

Helen tells the story of how Amanda made the announcement that the entire house would wait until 12:00 so the Have Nots could join them.  Helen adds she teared up a little, because that was such a nice gesture and those are rare in the house.  But Jeremy took that away from Helen when he drank the bottle all by himself.

Now Elissa appears and Helen tells her they were admiring her refusal to talk to Jeremy.  Now they start in on Aaryn, and how she can't get along with women.  Candice says she didn't like the girls in her sorority, doesn't have a lot of friends, so no one wonders why she is how she is.

After the break we have a close up of Jeremy and Kaitlin kissing, with tongue.  There are kissing sounds.  The cameras move to Elissa and Helen coming out of storage and discussing the competition. Elissa said it was fun and she was worried they'd have to spend a whole day working on GMZ if she won instead of Kaitlin.

In the HoH now Jessie is getting a neckrub from Candice as Elissa chats with them about life in the Have Not room.  She says Jessie has fun people in there with her and Jessie agrees it is a fun group.  BB announces that the backyard is open and Jessie gets up to go out there.  They are still waiting for booze but Elissa says BB can't promise anything.  Candice thinks Kaitlin will use the PoV and then they hear excitement downstairs so Elissa wants to watch the Spy Cam to find out why.

Elissa asks about Howard and Candice says he knows he messed up, and felt bad about it.  He's a great guy and a good friend and Candice is going to stand by him.  She compares this to Helen standing by Elissa and being her friend and sticking up for her.  Candice says if no one can forgive Howard she still won't persecute him, but only one of them can win the game.  Candice says they just want to be friends and not talk about the game, and have that agreement.

Howard told Candice about his home life and other personal things.

Candice:  I'm slow-moving, and we're in close confinement and clearly I think he's attractive but I like to get to know guys on a friend level.  And if I like you as a friend than I can be romantic.  But you have to do that.  You can't go from zero to love and I don't understand how you can do that.  Like, Kaitlin went from zero to love with Jeremy and she didn't even know he was a douchebag.  And in this environment you can go home from your associations with people.

She mentions him coming to her rescue after Aaryn flipped her bed and he prayed with her, and calmed her down. Now she brings this around to Spencer setting her up to vote for Elissa the first week.  Elissa is very quiet during this but looks her right in the eyes as say "um hmm" in all of the right places.  Candice just goes on and on, over and over explaining herself.  And blaming Spencer.  And on and on and on about how she'd like to be a mother like Helen, and blah blah blah and Spencer put her in a bad position.  She shared personal things with pre-Jeremy Kaitlin, and Spencer is so mean.  And so on until the last break.

After the break we are still in the HoH with Elissa and Candice, and Candice is still talking nonstop about Howard in the house.  She doesn't think he is using her because he never talks game to her, or asks her questions about her game, and he makes her forget she is in the BB house.  She feels like she's on a date with a guy when she talks to him.  She does feel left out sometimes, and she knows she can be ostracized because she "hangs with Howie" but she's sticking with them, and Howard is sticking with Spencer.  Elissa thinks that is weird but Candice says she really thinks Howard likes Spencer.

Candice has only dated black guys, and says this game might not work out for Howard because of his game, but she thinks Spencer is shady.  Elissa thinks he seems like he is telling lies all of the time, but he's better then Jeremy and Candice agrees, but goes into that same story about Spencer following her around so he could blame the vote on her.

In the last moments of the show we see the backyard is open, and Spencer and Howard are playing pool.  McCrae found a beach ball in the backyard with the BB logo on it and Spencer tells him to "deflate that shit and put it in your bag".  That is McCrae's plan and as the show ends I hear him say "this is the one that I want."

Nick Uhas, Man of Mystery and Famous Connections #BB15

We all know Nick Uhas was an interesting BB15 house guest.  He was a virtual chatterbox during his pre and post season BB interviews, but seemed to Know His Role and Shut His Hole inside the house.

I certainly didn't hear him discuss knowing any semi-famous or famous people, or brag about having connections to the rich and fabulous.

But now that Nick is back on the East Coast, he apparently did what ever other Manhattanite does over the summer....he hauled ass to the Hamptons.

This picture features iconic fashion designer Betsey Johnson on the far left, and also her daughter Lulu Johnston, who is also in the family business.  I'm assuming that the dude in the hat is with Lulu, because I think she is a wife and mother but of course I don't know for sure.  I can see his name is John Hyland, but I have no idea what his connection to this scene is.   I'm not flitting around with the rich and famous, I'm just sitting here in my home office far, far away.  Nick may be wearing the same outfit that he wore in his interview with Jeff.  Maybe he went straight to the airport and then got in the car with Lulu and her Fedora Dude for the drive out east.  A power move, indeed.

And Nick also posted this picture of himself enjoying cereal in the middle of the night.  Then he kind of got into it with a few Twitter fans, telling them the milk is 1% fat and how good it is to ingest fat, blah blah blah.  Even at 3:00 am with presumably a good buzz on Nick is still a Human Encyclopedia.
I am going to follow Nick on Twitter, in case he starts Tweeting out his thoughts (and especially his criticisms) as he watches the rest of the BB15 season from where ever he may be.  You know, Palm Beach, Bal Harbor, Palm Springs, Dubai...

Although it would be funny if Nick totally yanks our chains and never mentions BB again.  Ha ha. Keep us guessing, Nick.


I knew Nick has some sort of You Tube channel and does a show of some sort, but I never did any poking around until today.  Here is a video of Nick skydiving with Lulu Johnson and the footage of them in the air, mugging for the camera is fantastic.  Nick really does belong on Survivor.  Enjoy.

Who Knew David Was So Observant? And Chatty? #BB15

And who knew David can spell, and use punctuation properly?

If you don't know, David is on Twitter and is very responsive and chatty with his fans.  He even set up an hour where he answered everybody's questions and seems to be recovering nicely.  Here is just a sample of the things that David has been sharing with the Twitterverse.

For starters, he knows Jeremy has been hitting that.

 And he has a few thoughts after watching Andy on the live feeds.

McCrae reminds him of something, too, but I am not a big enough nerd to be able to agree or disagree.
Something tells me David is not going to join The Helen Kim Fan Club.

I wonder if this is new info for David, or if he noticed it in the house.

And Aaryn?  The girl of his dreams?

David is not in The Nick Uhas Fan Club, either.

 I can only imagine what David was watching on the live feeds when he made the following Tweets.

 Spencer might take this as a compliment, actually.

But not Gina Marie.  These are fighting words for GMZ.

As for Davids future plans, he's not going to lifeguard anymore.  At least, not in July.  As you can see he gives good Tweet so you might want to add him to your follow list to enjoy his reactions to the rest of the season. 

***ALSO***  I love David's Twitter sidebar picture.  It is so Spicoli, right?