Saturday, July 13, 2013

And We're Finally Back #BB15

and I think they just finished the PoV.   They had to jump over something on a trampoline and then memorize something while they jumped in order to recreate it.  They said it was fun.

Spencer enjoyed it and liked the artwork.  "They" told Spencer that they could get the artwork when the show is over.

Helen's time was 8:55.  One of the girls had a 7:00 time.  Helen said Judd did a great job as host.

McCrae walks through with tampons for Amanda, joking that they were his and Candice says that is so sweet.

I think Kaitlin won with a time of 7:09.  Yes, Kaitlin won.

Candice thinks she will use it because Jeremy told her to start playing for herself.  But we all know Jeremy has until Monday to make Kaitlin do whatever he wants her to do.

What in God's name is Elissa wearing?  Good lord.

Jeff's Post Eviction Interview with Nick Uhas #BB15

Jeff sat down with Nick Uhas the day after his eviction from the BB15 house and Nick was exactly how we expect him to be...energetic, informed, and articulate.  Jeff commented that he was sad to see Nick evicted, but was also happy to have the first eviction interview with someone who knows how to "move things along".

(They have been saying that David didn't get an interview because of the July 4th holiday, but I think they didn't want to pay the crew and go to the trouble for someone who had a hard time getting through a two minute interview with Julie Chen.  Sorry David but you didn't really put out like any of us expected you to.)

Jeff had Nick go back to Day #1 in the house, so Nick described going in there and getting rocked by the MVP twist, and knowing he had to do something fast.  He stayed up on the popsicle for over 4 hours and wanted to see who else would stay up there, too.  Since he already had a deal with McCrae, he just rounded up Howard, Spencer and Jeremy and visited McCrae in the HoH on Day #2 to set up The Moving Company.

They  both agree this twist is one of the biggest ever, and Nick refers to MVP as HoH and a Half due to all of the power.  He wanted to call the alliance The Wolfpack and Jeff correctly guesses that as a reference to The Hangover and Nick confirms it.  They both like that name better than Moving Company.

One of Nick's plans was not to pick a bed, so he just put his suitcase down and waited to see what happened, and he ended up getting in on the opposing alliance and was very close to making a second deal with them when he was evicted.  Nick says that that his alliance plan was "flawless" and Jeff reminds the viewers that Nick is describing the first few days, because the plan is not so flawless now.  They have an easy rapport and  laugh the whole time and Nick is a good sport, maybe even the best ever.  He is not salty at all, and how many evicted house guests can you say that about the day after they get the boot?

One thing that really annoyed me about Nick in his pre-season interviews was that he couldn't just answer a question---he had to act it out and couldn't sit still.  I appreciate this quality in Nick now, because I know he was being his true self and this is how he is.  The Robot Nick who was trying to put up with so much shit in the house seems to be the invention.

Nick says he is in no way related to Dan Gheesling, and the comparison probably hurt him in the house.  Nick wishes he were related to Dan, because then he might have been MVP.  Jeff says that he tries to be impartial during his preseason interviews, but Nick was Jeff's pick to win from the beginning because he thought Nick had the tools to win.

Jeff apologizes if that brought Nick bad luck, and Nick said that if they kept the live show on Wednesdays, he might not have been evicted.  The change in schedule wasn't told to the house guests until late in the week, and that extra day messed up his strategy to meet with people and lock up votes.

Nick says that The Moving Company is dead now so we shouldn't even use that hashtag anymore.  He thinks Jeremy and Spencer would try to stick together, but once the girls figure out he had a hand in David's eviction there will be too much hell to pay.

 Of course they talked about Gina Marie.  Nick says it was a Fauxmance that turned into a Showmance, but they were really just friends.  Gina was loyal to him and he can't say enough about how much that meant to him.    Nick is aware of her sobbing for HOURS after his eviction and Jeff says if that was an HoH contest, Gina Marie would have won.

(You can see GMZ sob here.)

Nick is going to take her on a date as promised, to a Monster Truck Rally.  Nick says he is a man who keeps his word and he promised her.  Jeff wonders if he would have kissed her if he had a few more days and Nick says he thought about giving her that kiss she wanted at the door on his way out, but wasn't sure how she voted so he decided not to.

Jeff:  Like a full Hollywood kiss?

Nick clarifies it would be more of a goodbye and good luck kiss between friends.

Nick thinks that McCrae and Helen both have a shot to win, but says Helen will need to tone down the BB fan act that she puts on where she's just so happy to play the game.  He thinks she may fall victim to a secret MVP or get backdoored because everyone does realize that she is a big threat to win.  He said the way McCrae is so "low lying" and knows so much about the game gives him a great chance to take it all.


Jeff asked about Jessie stalking him, saying it was really creepy and Nick says he was in no way attracted to Jessie.  Jeff tells him that there was a whole montage of this on the show, but Nick starts describing certain situations with Jessie and Jeff says "Yeah..we saw it on TV".

Nick also said that McCrae and Spencer both have the potential to be "immaculate liars".

 Nick says if he won MVP, he would never have told anyone, and he would have put McCrae up on the block, and then when McCrae got off the block his true plan would be to backdoor Amanda.  Nick says he wanted Amanda out of there, fast.

As they wrap up the interview Jeff presents with his own HoH Robe, and Nick says he is going to wear it around his Manhattan apartment and think about what went wrong.  Then Jeff says we can all buy our very own HoH Robes on the CBS website.  (I can't believe they haven't thought of this before.)

Nick pretends to cry in his robe like Gina Marie and it is funny.

Jeff will see us again next week and invites Nick to come back and co-host with him sometime.  Nick is all over that offer, as you might expect.

 Jeff did mention that there was controversy in the house but both of them knew not to discuss it any further.  Don't blame Jeff for that..he's just  "the talent" now and doesn't have much of a say beyond that.  I'm sure Jeff is just happy to be there, if you know what I mean.  You can see the interview for yourself at this link to the CBS website.


I was looking on the CBS website to get some info about the HoH robe for you and I found some "Eviction Vines".  They are really funny and we see Jeff show Nick how to walk down a runway, etc, so you can see these at this link.

I finally found the damn HoH Robe but not through a link on the Big Brother page---I had to go to the main CBS website and there it was next to the CSI T-shirts.

New Live Feed Disclosure #BB15

This is a new disclaimer we see when we log on to the live feeds.

I believe the scene on Thursday night sent Alison Grodner Productions and CBS straight into the arms of their attorneys.  (You can read my recap of that episode of BBAD here.)

When Howard was going through his struggle trying to control his temper, as well as trying to control Candice, he said that he believed "they" (pointing up) wanted this, since they were letting it happen.  And he said a few minutes later that if he lost his temper, he would end up going home, and he knows that "they" must want that, to allow this to happen.

Then he got called to the DR.  And Howard took his own sweet time getting up there, too, but I didn't hear BB call him twice.  They were probably already scared shitless.

I'm pretty sure Howard signed his life away when he joined the cast, but the public opinion certainly wouldn't side with CBS, now would they?

BTW I'm not suggesting CBS pull anybody out of the game.  In the end everybody will get exactly what they deserve, because as the BB5 Fitness Twins said, "Carma Electra is a Bitch!".

Now those were two gangster bitches.  Remember them?

TMZ Presents: Candice's Mom vs. Aaryn, "Racist Devil" #BB15

If TMZ plays their cards right, they can get a family quote of some sort for the next two weeks or so.

You can read the article and all of the scathing reader comments here.

Pile of Filth #BB15

Look at the mess in the bathroom.  Everyone just keeps stepping on the wet nasty pile of towels.  Don't they know where those towels have been?  And what they were doing?

Judd may be a Have Not because he is so tired today.  He's hosting the PoV but doesn't know yet if he will wear a costume for it.  He probably will.

Judd:  I hope it's not like Gina Marie's...

Spencer:  I hope it is exactly like Gina Maries..

Judd:  I hope it's more like McCraes..

Speencer's friend grows a beard every year at tax time so he can get hired to stand outside and hold the Liberty Tax sign.  They only hire certain people to portray Uncle Sam, but Spencer says "anybody" can be the Statue of Liberty.

 Judd says he has been smoking too much, but the other day he had one cigarette left in the pack and the next day it was gone.

Big Brother After Dark - Somebody Better Grab a Mop, Because There are Spilled Guts All Over the Floor - 7-12-13

Well, it certainly has been a busy few days in the BB house, hasn't it?  I can only imagine the litter of snacks and take out containers behind the scenes as everyone hunkers down to cover the action and craft the best edit for Sunday's show.  It really could be expanded to 90 minutes, I think, to cover all of the action-filled altercations.

Helen is the HoH, of course, and before taping tonight she nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.  The MVP nomination and PoV Player Pick and Competition will happen tomorrow.  There was a Have Not competition earlier in the day and I think the people on Aaryn's team tried to throw it so she could experience life as a Have Not, but apparently that didn't work.  Amanda, McCrae and Jessie are Have Nots, and they may be the only ones since there were only 12 candidates for Have Not this week and this would make even teams of three.  If there are other Have Nots I am not aware of it, but America did vote for Grapefruits and Guacamole, which are both delightful choices.  I think anyone in the house would love to eat those anytime, right?  I know I would.

(***UPDATE***  Judd is indeed a Have Not, too.)

 Please don't shoot the messenger, but Elissa apparently has won MVP again.  The voting window is very short due to the time frame of the process, so it would be hard for anybody else to win without putting together a lot of Twitter power to combat the Current Forces.

But I guess we will know for sure after Wednesday's show.  Whatever.

OK.  Let's get this going.

The episode begins with Jessie and Aaryn talking in the Cockpit.  Jessie is older than Aaryn at 25, but she thinks of Aaryn as older sometimes because she is so strong willed and sure of herself.  They agree that the MVP twist screwed Aaryn over, and Aaryn knows she has to start over at square one and do what is best for her in the game.  She knows Elissa hates her, and everyone thinks Aaryn hates Elissa, but they didn't see what happened.

According to Aaryn on the second or third night they were in the BB house she and Elissa were laying in their bed and Elissa wanted them both to agree they would never vote for the other to leave.  (You may recall on the first CBS episode we saw Elissa telling Aaryn she could share a bed with her because she was so adorable, or something like that, so Aaryn's story may be true.)

Aaryn: And then, like, the very next day she threw my name out there...the very next day. And at that point I knew that I couldn't trust her.  I had no choice and she was against me.

Jessie listens and says she felt like an outsider, and she was hurt yesterday by Aaryn's comments about her showmance.  She doesn't want all of America to think she was trying to get with just anybody---she was just trying to get to know people and has learned that nobody in the house is anybody she would actually date.  There is more to her than that and she feels she has been disrespected in the house.  She came in second for HoH yesterday, so she is worthy of being in the game.  The conversation feels honest and civilized, as the camera moves to the storage room.

McCrae and Elissa are in storage, talking low as McCrae tells Elissa the name of the alliance was the Moving Company and he lists the members and says that they came to him on the second night of the game, up in the HoH room.  Elissa is surprised at the name and says "You?" to him at one point as she takes it all in.

McCrae:  If I wasn't the HoH, it would have been anybody, though.  So, I don't know, I flipped it on them...pretty much got Nick out....I don't know....I want to tell you...

(One of McCrae's friends says that he says "I don't know" all of the time as a habit so now I laugh when I hear him say it.  You can read about that here.)

 Elissa:  So Nick was in on it too?

McCrae:  He was the mastermnd!

Elissa gasps.  She's shocked.

McCrae:  He was the king of the _______ thing.

Elissa, smiling:  Thank god he's gone!

She wondered if David was in it and McCrae says no.  McCrae is just trying to come clean now and build trust in the house.  He told Amanda last night and wanted to share it with Elissa next.  Elissa feels like she is still in the house because McCrae helped her and she is very grateful.  McCrae says she deserves to be there just as much as some of the "recruits" deserve to be there.  They agree that Big Brother is a part of their lives and Elissa feels she was bound to play at some point.

Elissa wonders if there is anything stuck in her teeth and McCrae says no, but she runs over to look at her mouth in the reflection, anyway, to be sure.  McCrae says anything that he has told her in the game was him taking her side over the MC.  He says he has a "way better connection" with Elissa then he did with the MC and they hug and are happy right now.  The counters in the Storage room are covered with food and I see lots of peanut butter, bags of chips, bottles of juice, and it is a nice array of items for those who can eat this week.

Elissa wants to name their group the Nerd Herd and McCrae likes it, calling them Nerd Herd 2.0.  Elissa wants to wear a unitard and McCrae lists the members:  Andy, himself, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, and Judd.

McCrae:  That is the core.

Elissa "loves Helen to death" and says she is the one who told her to talk to McCrae.  McCrae says Judd is the reason why they kept Elissa, because he brought in Jessie for the vote and his participation was crucial.  McCrae wants Elissa to trust him, and she does.  Elissa knows most people are only pretending to like her but she feels genuine friendship with the people in the alliance.

McCrae:  The only thing that worries me about Candice is Howard...he told Helen about his vote to keep Nick last week, and he is the biggest snake of them my opinion... and Jeremy has to go too...

Now Spencer's name comes up and McCrae explains that they got his vote last week only because of the circumstances, and that he will lie about everything.   McCrae says Jeremy is going to come and tell her the same story about the MC and says she might not want to give him the time of day because he didn't give her the time of day.

Elissa:  Yeah.  He would NEVER talk to me if I didn't talk to him.

McCrae says now Jeremy is feeling what it is like to be at the bottom and see how he felt.  Elissa doesn't want them to feel as badly as she did, because it was awful, but her relationships with that group are irreconcilable as far as she is concerned.  Until someone in the new group breaks her trust she is going to be good with them.  McCrae knows that he screwed all of the MC over, and he has to build trust and start all over in the house.  Elissa wanted to know what Amanda said, and McCrae says she was glad that he told her and now they feel like they can hold all of the cards.

McCrae:  You'll see in my DRs...they all went in there and said the Moving Company is the best alliance ever (using a "dumb" voice") and I was like, this is like a low rent Brigade.  This is Brigade 5.0, bringing the dumb back.

(I don't recall hearing McCrae say that in his DRs, but I have heard Howard say on the live feeds twice to Spencer as late as last week that he thinks the Moving Company would be one of the most famous alliances in BB history, and they would all come back in the future as a result of it.  Guess not, Howard.)

McCrae says Nick masterminded the entire thing, including setting the two sides of the house against each other so that they would fight, so he was the biggest snake of all. Elissa is so happy that he is gone and I can tell she is proud to be the one to put him up as MVP.

(And just to beat the Dead MVP Horse, unless all of the Super Fans consolidate our votes on someone else, then we are just splitting the non-Elissa vote and that is a hopeless situation.  I hope they eliminate this horrid twist very soon so we can play the game without the third nomination.  But more on this week's MVP later, as the story develops.)

(One more thing...why didn't someone's friends and family organize a campaign for them?  You know damn well Frank Eudy's friends would have done that for him.  For example the interest in McCrae is HUGE and his friends should make clever Pizza Boy T-shirts and sell them.  Maybe a T-shirt or lighter with McCrae's picture on a pizza box that says 222-NERD or something.  That shit would sell big time, right?  They could pimp out the McCrae for MVP vote and make some things happen for him if they wanted let's blame them for this whole mess.  Ha ha ha)

McCrae is happy with Helen's nominations and wants Howard to get the MVP nomination so he has to fight really hard to win the PoV.  Then if he wins Jeremy can go, but it is a win-win for their group either way. McCrae doesn't want Candice to have any idea what is happening this week, and he just has to stay out of it.  McCrae tells her that Howard voted for Elissa to leave, and that Spencer threw Howard under the bus (or train?) and then Amanda walks in, clutching her stomach in pain.

She goes into the medicine cabinet and inspects what is in there, pulling out what I think from the sound is a bottle of Advil.  The medicine cupboard has a green laminated sheet taped to the inside with the BB logo and a lot of typed information.  I'm sure someone has blown it up to see what it says, but I'm pretty sure it includes info  about what to do if you need to see a medic, and maybe it reminds them not to O.D. or something.

Amanda gets into the conversation and they are both talking about Howard and how dangerous he can be with his strength and relationship with Candice.  Elissa doesn't trust him and noticed that he didn't look her in the eye after the vote.

After the first break the three of them are still talking and Amanda is listing all of Howard's lies and who he told them too.  Amanda talks a mile a minute and tells Elissa to trust her.  McCrae says that Elissa can blame the MVP nomination on him if she wants, and needs to talk to Helen about it.  Amanda is indeed holding a large bottle of Advil and the pills shake inside as she waves the bottle around while she speaks.  Amanda coaches her on what to say to Howard if she has to speak with him about it.

She suggests Elissa say that they need someone strong enough to win PoV, so they can backdoor Jeremy when he wins.  Elissa is worried about this, and thinks this "is a lot to put on her".

(She's got the fucking MVP.  And that is a whole lot to "put on her" too for three weeks in a row....)

As usual Amanda kind of oversells it, taking over the conversation where no one can get a word in edgewise.  Elissa says that they can't say that Helen should have put up Howard today, but she will "do the dirty work" this week.

Elissa:  It puts me in the worst position...I'm already the most hated person....

There is a large glass bottle of maple syrup on the shelf--the kind with the tiny side handles on the neck to make it seem like an actual jug straight from MapleTown.

(Mmmmm.. pancakes.)

Now we see a quick shot of Jeremy at the other side of the door, possibly listening in, and these people have been in the storage room for at least 20 minutes, so that is a bit risky, I think.  Now they try to wrap it up and Amanda has the Advil pills in her open hand, still a motor mouth as we go into break.

After the break we go back to the Cockpit, where McCranda is sitting down to speak with Aaryn but get up and leave quickly, obviously in a hurry.  In the kitchen Amanda approaches Elissa again and wants her to talk to Aaryn, but Elissa says "that is crazy" and "no way" and "too much too soon" as she washes dishes at the sink.

Amanda goes back in to the Cockpit and tells Aaryn that "she's not ready yet".  Aaryn talks softly as she says to tell Elissa that she's not trying to make deals or anything, and Amanda gives her a 1,000 word answer, ending with "youknowwhatImean?".  Now here is Andy (of course) In his Kitty Cat T-shirt, and Amanda starts whispering about Aaryn's apology and Aaryn says she wants to clear the air when the time is right.

Now Amanda leaves and Andy sits down with Aaryn, saying he wants to talk to her "about today" and to see if she's okay.  Aaryn is okay, and struggles for the words to tell Andy how she feels, and why she's done the things she's done.  Andy offers to try to talk to Elissa for her.  Aaryn is kind of tearful as she says she's not coming after Elissa anymore, and she has no other choices in the house and has to like, start over.

Aaryn:  I have to like, start over.

Andy whispers that she is not the real target this week, and as the fiercest female competitor she can easily be the PoV winner.  Andy is saying over and over the explanation for his vote last week.  He felt that Nick thought he was an idiot and patronized him by talking about putting up Howard or Candice.

(I don't think anyone really gives a crap about Andy's vote and he is hiding in plain sight right now,  and is easily forgotten in the house among all of the other big targets.)

McCranda is in the Have Not room trying to put together a sleeping arrangement.  They are going to make a bed on the floor and Amanda is upset that the suitcases that are stacked up don't move.  They start making layers of sheets and towels and McCrae says the ground is worse than the airline seats.  Amanda's stomach hurts and she lets us all know about that.  She is arguing with McCrae's placement of the towels and he explains as we go to another break that he is saving 'room for their feet".

When we return we see McCranda laying on the floor, getting comfortable as Amanda pulls something "disgusting" out of McCrae's left ear and they both inspect it.  Then we hear a Production leak of a female voice coming over the intercom to say something to McCrae.  It was a thin female voice that did sound kind of like the voices you hear at the airport announcing boarding times.   I rewound it twice but all I could hear was "McCrae...just so you know you are not allowed to ______".  And he said okay as the cameras moved to the HoH suite as they both laughed.

In the HoH Howard wants to talk to Elissa but she needs a bathroom break first.  I haven't said anything about this yet, but Elissa always turns the water on full blast before going into the WC.  I can understand this but am surprised that she hasn't gotten over the fear by now.  Maybe she remembers when Rachel peed during one of the BB13 live shows before a competition while wearing a hot mic and the sound was broadcast loud and clear on the East Coast viewing.  I was actually mortified for Rachel but hey, everyone pees and she won the damn game.  So there.

So Elissa turns the water on in the HoH bathroom and Howard sits down to wait, looking down and then burping.  He mumbled 'excuse me' and then I see Jessie listening to U2 with the headphones on and Judd laying next to her in the HoH bed, and Spencer is sitting in the HoH too.  But they are all silent, just sitting there.  I guess Tension is in the room, too, from the looks of it.   Candice is there, too, being chirpy about BB needing to give Helen some info, maybe even a secret!  Helen doesn't think so, and they might just have info about what time they need to get up.  Helen goes down to the DR and the room is silent after she leaves.    Jessie is moving her toes to the music and Judd's eyes are closed, and now I see Andy is there too.  (of course)

Andy wonders where Candice got the robe she is wearing, and she says she brought it with her in the house, and not to be jealous.  She also had matching pants, but they were "confiscated".  Spencer and Howard are still silent and I realize there is now Bad Blood in the room as well.

We go back to the Have Not Airport where we see a close up of Amanda and McCrae holding hands above their heads as they lay in their makeshift bed on the floor, as they talk quietly.  Amanda shows all of the signs of being infatuated with McCrae, or maybe even falling in love with him, in my opinion.  But I'm not sure about McCrae's true feelings.  I've been shocked and hurt by assuming how men feel too many times to even venture a guess, particularly in the BB house.  So who the hell knows what is really going on.  They certainly have the most solid showmance in the house.

McCrae whispers that he's not some kind of muscle man...but he might be able to beat the strong guys in a never know.

McCrae:  How badass would that be?  I don't know...

(ha ha ha)

Amanda points out that they are on slop, so "who cares".  McCrae says they can't even snuggle and she argues, "yes we here.."  as we go back to the HoH, where Howard is starting to speak.  He says "thank you all for coming: and then realizes Judd is out cold.  He calls out Judd's name and Judd wakes up.  Jessie says "wake up J. U. Double D!" and pats his stomach lightly.

Howard says coming in the house, dude, his plan was to be honest and be the first one to play and win the game like that, being himself and being honest in his faith.  Candice has a towel wrapped around her head and listens intently.  Howard says everybody wanted to talk game right of the bat, and it was all business.

Howard explains that a guy group was formed, and he would rather not have had all five as guys, maybe one wouldn't make it, but would rather have had two girls in it but that was just game for him on his part.  He doesn't want anyone to hold it against him, but nobody else came up to him to talk about the game, anyway.  Howard starts to talk about Jeremy being in the group but doesn't name him, saying that he didn't care for how "one member" was disrespectful to women or how everybody catered to him in the house out of fear.

Howard:  I didn't like how he was eating all of the time....even when somebody else whatever...everybody seemed to be afraid of him like a bully.  And my job in real life is to teach kids not to be bullies ...and I apologize for ya'll.....

He continues and says he never acted against anybody in the alliance, but then points at Spencer when he says he voted against him at the last vote because he knew that they had enough votes to evict Nick, but he wanted to blame Amanda for that vote because he didn't trust her.  He feels that she started a thing with him, because she was the only person who spoke to him about personal things, but then she made it personal by spreading a lie about him.   He says he is sorry, but he knew that Elissa had the votes to stay.

Howard:  Don't be mad at Spencer....Spencer has been honest since he got here...that was me and  my fourth vote so don't take it out on him.  But starting last night, and before that, I wanted a way out of the group once we saw how Jeremy really was.  I can't fake my way out of who I am, and it was bothering me with my prayers because I felt so bad about the lies...even though I was a loyal person to my alliance.  I was just being loyal to the wrong people, and if we wanted to we could have still ran with that..but we didn't want to....

You could hear a pin drop in the room as Howard speaks.  (Probably because Amanda isn't there.)

 Howard had a conversation with Judd already, and Judd affirms this, and Howard says he now has a clean conscience with everyone in the room, but he wants to talk to Helen.  He runs every morning with her because he likes her, and knows he can fight and win competitions, but has been stepping back to let Jeremy be the winner because he knew it would make Jeremy a target.

Howard:  But I didn't know he was going to be an big as that..and with all of this happening I knew that people were going to start scattering and that this was a good time to come clean.  And nobody should ever say another thing about me except that I am loyal.

He points out that people get drunk and say horrible things "just to entertain" and he points out everybody in the room as having been a target, saving Candice for last and they all seem to get what Howard is getting at. Howard points out that the other side is scrambling, and would never pay any attention to anybody if they weren't in trouble.

Howard:  And once they regain....and the Evil Empire takes over again..they gonna do it again.  Just like last night and once they won today (i.e. the Food Comp) their ugly colors showed again.

Everyone says um hummm..  um hummm..

Howard is tired of this, and wraps it up by saying he respects them, and wants the same in return to play hard and play honest, and beat the Evil Empire.  He feels clean now and his soul was hurt and he couldn't look people in the eye but that has changed now.  Howard feels badly for the girls on "that side" because Jeremy is just using them for votes.  Now they explain to Elissa how they tried to frame Candice for the first vote and she tells Elissa that "they" (i.e.Spencer) told her that is how the group was voting at the last minute.  Howard feels like he's on the right side of the house now and he's ready to move forward.  As we go to break Howard tells them not to "believe the hype" no matter what anybody hears about him.

(I was not aware of any Howard rumors, but whatever...)

When we return we see Gina Marie and Aaryn in the dark, whispering, and I realize how nice it had been to have no whispering on tonight's show.  My dog is very disappointed in me for my involvement with this and just left the room.

(I can't prove it, but I think when the house guests whisper the crew has turn the volume WAY up and there are a lot of metallic sounds that humans can't hear, but my dog can hear from the next county.)

They two girls are whispering about the meeting going on in the HoH, and we return there as Spencer is speaking about Jeremy, of course.  Jessie wanted to know what was said about her, and Spencer says he said that he had Jessie in his back pocket.

Andy:  What did he say about me?

Spencer:  Oh, nothing. Just slurs..

Now Spencer is weaving a beautiful tale about going to Howard and praying about the situation, not wanting to work with people who were so hard to protect due to their actions.  Judd is playing with a decorative ball that looks like it is made out of silver rubber bands, listening intently.  Andy brings up that Spencer "framed Jessie for that" and Spencer strongly disagrees, then apologizes to Jessie for whatever he did admit to.   Howard still has beef with Amanda, and Spencer says she tried to spread bad information about him as well.  So Spencer had to do some soul searching to determine which side was best for him.

Andy is sitting on the couch with legs and arms folded and is getting upset, probably about the reported slurs.  Elissa comes over and sits next to him, hugging him and he nods that he is alright.  Judd says they did a good job covering thier actions but Judd points out a time when Nick's actions looked suspicious, and says now that they were, now that he knows the truth.

Elissa is tossing her hair and says thank god they got him out, and then semi-addresses us to try to say that is a BB lesson for all of us watching.  I think part of the problem with Elissa is that she has it in her head that she is America's Sweetheart and we are all hanging on her every word and she will be as beloved as Janelle or Jordan.  So she is very aware of the cameras and thinks we are building Love Elissa websites and that she has been portrayed as a fierce competitor.  That would explain the extremely ODD speech she made on last week's show, I guess.  Now, maybe there are those Love Elissa websites, and those fans, but I just report from my own little bubble and that is not what I see from where I am.  I see Elissa as Rachel's sister and nothing else at this point.  Until she proves herself as something else, and I hope she does because it looks like she will be on the show for a few more weeks, at least until the MVP twist dies.

So now this is becoming a Bash Jeremy meeting, as they make him the fall guy in the death of their alliance, although I am fairly sure that if McCrae didn't flip, neither Howard and Spencer would have left the MC.  Andy has tears in his eyes and on his cheeks as he sniffs and listens.  I think he has painted at least one of the nails on his left hand, possibly a pink color.

Spencer is ashamed for what he did, and says it all spun out of control.  He doesn't know if Jeremy will tell them this, but he felt that they needed to hear it and he will be as loyal to them as he was to the MC.

(For what,  1 1/2 weeks?)

Elissa says they have four weeks to "get all of them out" so they can all play a "strategic game".  Candice wants to make the jury to have the whole experience, and she knows that some of them want to make jury for the money (i.e. the full stipend).  Elissa says they should  have people on the jury who are capable of making wise decisions.

Candice points out that she knew the boys had an alliance (true) but never thought Spencer was the leader of the group.  Elissa asks Spencer if he threw the competition and he says he did not as we go into another break.

(The series Weeds is coming to TVGN and they are promoting it heavily.  Remember all of the Weeds commercials on BBAD when it was on Showtime?  Well, all of these TVGN spots don't show a pile of bud on the kitchen table.  ha ha ha)

As we return we are still in the HoH meeting as they talk about the upcoming competition.  Spencer says that if Jeremy doesn't play for PoV, then they "know they got him out" because if Aaryn or Kaitlin win they will use the PoV.  Then Helen returns from the DR and Howard asks her to take a seat and join them.  Spencer will answer any questions they may have, and Judd leaves the room and Andy gets up to go to the HoH bathroom.

Now Howard starts repeating the whole thing to Helen and burps in the middle of a sentence and keeps right on going with no "excuse me".   And blah blah blah it is all the same stuff and Howard says he doesn't run with her in the morning for the game, he runs with her because she has a "good vibe" and then he starts dragging Jeremy through the mud again.  (It is so easy to make Jeremy the target this week under the circumstances.)  Spencer listens and holds an unwrapped Toblerone chocolate bar, turning it over and over, possibly salivating at the thought of it's chocolatey sweetness.

Helen wonders if there is anything else they have lied to her about...and she starts to cry saying that everything so far has been a lie. She says that Howard told her that of all of the people in the house, he could trust he and Spencer.  Elissa comes over to hug Helen now, and rub her shoulders.

Andy feels like he looks like an idiot, and Helen does too, for going in the DR to say she could only trust them.  Howard says he was only looking out for himself when he came in the house, and he didn't know he would be so attached to people.

Howard:  I didn't know I'd be in the Have Not room with ya'll, and see how ya'll were in the morning...that you wouldn't drop down and be on their level...I didn't expect this to affect me the way it did...but it did...

Howard just wants to get Jeremy out...and we go to the Have Not room where Judd is laying on his side on a row of airline seats, whispering to McCranda with the latest news.    He is showing them how Howard is hugging everyone  and they laugh and all do the rock.  (They want Howard's ass out of there.) Now they discuss the order of the voting on the live show and Amanda knows that this is an important order.  She realizes now that McCrae went in the DR to vote last, because he was the swing vote.

(The order is always a dead giveaway as CBS wants to make the outcome a surprise until the last minute, if possible.)

Judd tells them Howard admitted to the hinky vote, and that he mentioned blaming it on Jessie.

Oh shit we return to the HoH where Helen is crying and YELLED "Step Up!" to Howard as he speaks.  She is very upset and we see Andy's bright red teary face in a close up and then Helen jumps up and is pointing and yelling "PAWNS SOMETIMES GO HOME AND I WANT TO KNOW!"

Helen tries to pull it together and Elissa summarizes that Helen got put on the block and was the second biggest target last week and they were obviously okay with that.  Howard keeps talking and talking and now Andy is getting into it like he was on the block, arguing with a crumpled tissue in his hand.


Howard says he knew Elissa or Helen wouldn't go home, and Spencer jumps in to help saying that Jeremy was the one who wanted Elissa gone so badly.

Elissa:  You know why Jeremy wanted me gone so bad?

Spencer:  Because he's arrogant and thought he would be MVP if you left.

Elissa:  He made slights and derogatory remarks about the HOST of this show and he thought he would be MVP?

Spencer says that is what Jeremy thought, "plain and simple". Now Spencer says the whole thing didn't make sense to him, either.  (Bullshit.)  But he is coming off better than Howard is, I think.  Howard wishes to "continue with each one of them, even if it's just social, because he cares about each and every one of them".

(I hope that all of this is forgotten soon and we can go back to the BACKSTABBING and DASTARDLY DEEDS.  It's not "Good Brother", just like it's not "Show Friends".  It's Big Brother and Show Business, bitches.)

Elissa points out that there is one other person in here other than Jeremy that has hurt Candice deeply and they shouldn't forget about Aaryn.  Elissa would never do that to another woman and feels like what Aaryn did is "beyond the pale".  Candice thinks Aaryn is "more of a cancer" than Jeremy because with Jeremy at least you know what you are getting.  She points out that Aaryn held on for a long time on the popsicle stick, and if Aaryn made HoH again then she would be worse then Jeremy.

Candice:  And he likes Aaryn more and flirts with her more than Kaitlin.

Everyone goes uh huh and um hum. (I like what Candice puts out there...)  Helen is sitting quietly and is still very hurt.  Howard circles back around with her, repeating himself about what a great guy he is, and how his involvement with the MC was everybody else's fault and we go to another break.

When we return Candice and Elissa appear to be alone in the HoH, and here is Helen, as they rehash what just happened.  Candice is talking about Spencer following her around before the first vote and badmouthing her afterwards.  Candice leaves the room and Elissa starts saying she wants to have her first real conversation about the game with Helen.

Elissa is very happy that Helen reached out to her and was her friend in the house.  She says she is "really a mom" and is so happy to have Helen's friendship.  She is happy that "America chose her two weeks in a row" but it has hurt her as much as it has been a blessing.  She was constantly stressed and worried and was at a breaking point.  She knows they want her in the alliance for her MVP vote, but thinks Helen is the only one who really cares, and wants to know if those feelings are genuine on Helen's part.

Helen:  Oh my gosh...yes!

Helen mentions that Spencer told her Nick was a professional skateboarder.  Helen points out that they have both gone from being at the bottom of the ladder to being the people that other people feel like they owe, and that is huge.

(That is pure politics right there....wheeling and dealing and owing people favors.)

Helen says Elissa was her first girlfriend in the house, too, and they have had the worst time in the house.  Now we swing back to the Have Not room, where Spencer is telling his version of what happened to McCranda and Judd.  Spencer tells Judd that in truth he has had very little time alone in the house with McCrae to talk, and says Jeremy played such a bad game that they knew they had to get rid of him.

Oooo now I see Howard is in the room, too, wearing a fedora and Jessie is there, too, since she's a Have Not.   (After Amanda just heard from Judd that Howard was bad mouthing her.)

When we return we are back in the HoH as they struggle to figure out who should go up in the 3rd position.  Helen already promised Gina Marie that she wouldn't go up, and remembers that Candice called the alliance in the first week of the game.

Helen:  And they called it the Moving Company! Well...the Moving closed!

And they high five each other and celebrate for a moment.  Helen thinks Howard or Spencer should go up, and Elissa says there is no way Spencer would win the PoV.  Helen talked to him before the lies were exposed and he said he did not want to go up as the pawn.  Elissa knew that Howard has been lying to her and Helen says both of them were acting weird today.  Helen said Jeremy outed everybody this afternoon, but Elissa is reluctant to talk to him.

Helen:  While he's here, we should just get more and more out of him about the lies...

(No business is more Dastardly then politics...)

Helen:  The only way Jeremy won't leave this week is if we pick his chip and he wins the PoV.  That is the only way.

Elissa:  Like Candice says, what Aaryn did is just beyond....

Helen:  I know she wants to talk to you.

Elissa just can't talk to her, even though she knows they are all playing a game.  She just can't handle making other people feel badly with derogatory comments.  Even leaving emotions out of it, it is disgusting to Elissa  and she can't believe this is happening in 2013---it is so disgusting and hateful.


Helen says either Spencer or Howard should go up, and they should pray that Jeremy's chip doesn't come up.  Helen repeats no one except Jeremy is going home this week.  Elissa wants to put Spencer up, but Helen says she needs to talk to McCranda about that since they want Howard up.

Now we return to the Have Not room, where Jessie is smiling and laughing about feeling like a total idiot, not knowing that "this whole thing" was going on.  Amanda had no idea either, she says.  Amanda tells her that they asked Nick and Gina Marie if they wanted to work with Jessie and GMZ said she didn't want to.

Jessie:  And he's a professional ROLLERBLADER?

They all laugh.  It's funny.

McCrae:  Why would you lie about that?  That's unreal....I didn't hear that..

Jessie:  And a hand model?

Amanda says he told her he was a professional hand and foot model and Jessie laughs as she settles down on her bed on the floor, her head right under the Airport's Delay sign.  In the early weeks BB is always strict about the HoH room, saying you can't sleep on the floor but after a few weeks the harshness of the Have Not room is less of a story line so they relax the rules.  It was the same way last year in that Swirly Have Not room.

Elissa comes in and McCranda knows she wants to speak with them.  Elissa says "Obvie!" as they leave the Airport with her and McCrae goes to the kitchen for a beverage first as we go to the last break.   Just like most other TV broadcasts, BBAD has more frequent breaks in the last half hour, which is fine with me because this can get exhausting, doing this every day for 100 days straight...

When we return Spencer is talking to Candice in the kitchen about how they felt and talked about Elissa and how their feelings have changed.  Spencer admired the way she held herself against so much adversity, and Candice likes her better now that she has spent time with her and now considers her to be someone she would spend time with on the outside, as well.

Now we go to the HoH where Amanda is talking at lightening speed about Howard's evil lies, saying that Howard would have never confessed if Spencer didn't tell him that he already started confessing to Helen.  We see Andy sitting and listening (of course) and chewing on his hands as McCrae jumps in to say that Howard promised him "man to man" to vote Nick out but then did the opposite to vote against Elissa.  He also points out that Howard threw Jessie under the bus.

Amanda says both of those guys said over and over in the past two days that they wanted Helen out and Helen keeps asking questions to get to the truth.  Amanda says they were both so mean to her because she was sticking to the alliance.  Amanda wants Howard out this week or next week, and McCrae "yeah yeahs" her statements as she speaks.  She says he uses the Bible to get in good with people and now she drags Andy into the story as someone who saw what was happening.

Elissa:  So it's unanimous....Howard...

Helen says Howard or Spencer...she doesn't care.  Amanda says if Jeremy gets picked for PoV, Howard is "the only one who can beat him".

(Well, that really depends on the competition now, doesn't it?)

Helen says both of them have lied to them "out the whazoo" and they stress about Jeremy's chip getting picked.  Helen didn't get to talk to anybody before her nominations, and Elissa is dreading the thought about putting up Howard because that will put Candice up against her as well.  Amanda says that it sucks, but Candice was pissed that she voted for Elissa the first week and only did it because Spencer told her to.

Andy and his Kitty Cat T-shirt are at the door and Elissa unlocks it to let him in (of course) and Andy reports that Spencer is "super paranoid" out there and wanted to know what was going on up there since McCranda are in the room and the show ends right there, with the Kitty Cats on full display.