Friday, July 12, 2013

Kaitlin Forgets We're Listening....Runs Her Yap #BB15

I'm kind of burnt out today after watching and recapping last night's BBAD show.  There wasn't a dull second so it took forever and now the day is toast.  But I do feel compelled to provide the following update.

Kaitlin has been making nice with Candice and says she wants Aaryn out, that she's acting so childish, and Kaitlin notices how much she exaggerates, and is embarrassed by Aaryn's conduct.

Candice says she has always liked Kaitlin, and knew she had a good heart, and encourages her to switch to their side of things.

Kaitlin:  I already have....I spoke with Helen today and made some deals.

Oh..Andy was there...of course.  Wearing his kitty cat T-shirt.

OK, so here's where Kaitlin needed to Know Her Role and Shut Her Hole.  In her zest to appear like a "regular girl" to Candice, she said there were plenty of problems in her family, too.  She appealed to us, the viewers, telling us that we can google her name and find it all out.

So someone did, and through a google search I found this:

Is this her dad?  Some of the internet sleuths did some more shallow digging, and I won't be reporting all of it, but they did determine that this same dad is also located in Las Vegas.  And that it looks like one of Kaitlin's two sisters may have already moved there.

And didn't we hear Kaitlin say on the live feeds that she wanted to be a go go dancer in Vegas when this summer is over?

Kaitlin needs to learn that we can see her at all times (almost) and hear her, too.  But I have to say unless there are a lot of other separate charges this does not seem like such a big deal to me.  The dollars involved are serious, but not fatal when compared to other recent financial scandals.  Just sayin'.


I will post these pictures from about an hour ago of Jeremy and Kaitlin talking.  He was giving her a little pep talk and said "damn those stickers", because I guess the question that knocked him out of the HoH competition was about the stickers on the luggage. 

(Cocky Jeremy could barely stay awake for the Big Brother Express.  You can see my recap of him bailing on the Express here.)

After last week's bout with HoH-itis, Jeremy seems everywhere at once now, as he backs off his showmance, has no alliance to meet with, and has to fight for a bed now.  He might be the new Andy this week, if he makes it through.

Amanda's Dad Speaks #BB15

Amanda's father Robert Zuckerman was interviewed by a South Florida TV station live on the air the day after the BB15 premiere aired.  I know her dad is very active on twitter right now, chatting up the BB community, so I'm not surprised he was supporting her on local TV.

He mentions that McCrae had made HoH and she "seemed to be very friendly with him".

He seems like a cool dad to say the least.  You can enjoy this short video at this link.

Big Brother After Dark - Aaryn Nation Implodes - 7-11-13

This episode aired after the biggest BB15 blindside since, well, last week.  Nick was voted out and tensions were high as Jeremy was back stabbed by his alliance. Gina Marie broke down and fell into a sobbing heap, and Nick held it together really well out on the couch with Julie.

Nick left the game calmly and in control, a class act who played hard.  A little too hard, perhaps, but I appreciated his efforts and have to say he was indeed a Dastardly player.  A high compliment from me and I'm sure we will see him again somewhere, sometime.  He is too smart and TV savvy (and photogenic) and I'm certain that the right people noticed.

(Wouldn't he be great on Survivor?  Uh huh...yep....)

OK. This will be a good one so pour yourself a  bowl of Froot Loops and get ready.

The episode begins with Howard in the Cockpit pacing, saying he's going to walk around, maybe clean the kitchen.  He looks restless.  After he leaves we see that McCranda and Judd are in there, too, and Judd immediately starts with the whispering.  I hear Jessie in there, too.  The energy is low and Amanda yawns.  They've had a big night.

Andy says if he is a Have Not again he is going to freak out, then immediately says he will handle it well if it happens.  Andy would love to get really drunk in the house sometime.  Judd made a comment about somebody always pouring a huge glass of wine and McCrae pretended to pour it down the sink.  They are obviously talking about Jeremy.

Andy:  And Jeremy never cleans his one day last week Helen was a Have Not and Jessie cleaned the entire kitchen and Jeremy just walked by and threw his stuff in there....he's so entitled...

There are frequent blanks in the conversation due to the cursing.  What pisses McCrae off so much is __________________ and _____________.  Judd doesn't like _________, either.  Amanda mentions that Spencer was making Jeremy breakfast and she is angry about everyone bending over backwards to help him.

Andy asks Judd what Kaitlin was saying to him just now when Judd asked him for a few more minutes alone to talk with her.  Judd reports that Kaitlin was talking about Jessie, saying that she was the biggest target in the house, and now Judd was a target, too for having that bracelet on.

(Judd is wearing Jessie's bracelet.)

Judd kisses the bracelet on his left arm as he tells the story.

(That may be a little much, Judd.  Let's calm down in there with that sort of thing.)

(But can't you just hear Alison Grodner bellowing for her staff to get her all of the bracelet footage, NOW, so they can get it in the Sunday CBS episode.)

 Judd tells the group that he went in to tell Jessie about what Kaitlin said and they were laughing about it. He looked up at the reflection in the bathroom mirror and saw that Aaryn was glaring at them.  He demonstrated the expression on Aaryn's face and they all laughed.  Andy reports that he had "literally a 5 minute conversation with Elissa in the bathroom and suddenly they said he was aligned with her".

(Shut up Andy.  That was last week, which was a million years ago.)

Andy brings up when Gina Marie was "yelling at them"after the vote to evict David, Aaryn was telling her what to say.  Amanda had to walk away because she wanted to talk back so badly.  Still a lot of cursing as Judd talks about the tirade.  Amanda says it was like Jerry Springer and they talk about what Candice said about "cock-a-roaches" in the backyard.

(I think the feeds were still down because the live show wasn't over, but I guess Candice made a comment about how the "cock-a-roaches" were crawling out tonight, or something of that nature.)

Amanda: Gina Marie is a very passionate and loyal person.  She is a follower, she follows Aaryn like she's two years old.  She talks about Elissa in a personal way and now the same with Nick.

Still lots of cursing and I'm not sure why they are all whispering.  They can't even hear each other properly and have to keep repeating things.  Judd thinks it is weird that they follow Jeremy since he is only 23.  They give Jeremy credit for keeping relatively cool tonight and Amanda says that he realizes now he's not going to win.

Andy was close to Kaitlin for the first few days, and then she changed.  Amanda says she turned into a BITCH.

Judd:  She's still not as bad as them two...

Andy:  She handled it worse then they did tonight...I feel like Aaryn and Jeremy played it kind of cool...

Now the group starts to leave the room and the cameras move to a close up of Aaryn in the Small World room as she listens to Jessie describe her feelings about the choice she made this week.   Jessie feels that she is treated better by Elissa, because there is loyalty and respect.  Katilin is in the room, too, and immediately starts mocking what Jessie said, with Aaryn making faces and looking like she's going to laugh.

Aaryn, rolling her eyes:  She sounds like a very special person..

Jessie:  I don't know...maybe you should get to know her Aaryn.

Kaitlin is laughing and eating vanilla ice cream, licking the spoon slowly.

Jessie:  You've been going after her since like, week one.  Maybe you brought it on yourself.  Like, I don't know...

Aaryn: I did not bring it on myself, girl.  She brought it on me.  You weren't there...

Jessie:  You're right, I wasn't there.  It's not really my battle, really.  And now you're going to bring an alliance against me...ya'll know that that is not even true.  You know that on the rank of our alliance, it was Aaryn and David, and then it was Jeremy and Kaitlin, and then maybe me down on the bottom after Nick and GM.....after Nick got out you started talking to me again...I was never important to you guys..don't sit here now and act like I was!

Jessie is standing up in a flowered dress and has been opening dresser drawers, organizing her belongings.  As she makes this speech she is waving her hands calmly, and as the camera pulls back for a wide shot I see that Jeremy is in the room also, laying quietly on his stomach a few feet apart from Kaitlin.

Kaitlin:  Oh c'mon.  I covered you.  I told you we had your back all the time.

Jessie:  Kaitlin I did the same for you!

Kaitlin, her voice getting really loud: You sat there and lied to my face!  I asked you at the table and you lied to me!

There is a lot of cursing now but I think Jessie said why wouldn't she have lied, since she would have been getting the same treatment from them all as she is now?  Judd must have heard Kaitlin's voice shrieking because he appears in the room and Aaryn is talking about "taking over her bed".  Judd looks nervous, like he's trying to hurry Jessie along, standing next to her at the dresser and kind of moving his arms.  Now Kaitlin starts in on him.

Kaitlin:  You lied to my face too Judd!

Aaryn:  It's like a snake pit in here...

Kaitlin, cracking up:  It's okay. Judd can be your fifth chance at a showmance.

Jessie:  Are you listening to yourselves?  (laughing)  You think I'm being portrayed badly....are you listening to yourselves?

Judd gets Jessie to the door as Aaryn tells him he is "last're a baby sitting bitch".

(This may be the best show ever.)

Aaryn is cool as a cucumber, smirking at Katilin.

Aaryn:  Did you see them holding hands as they walked out of here?  So it doesn't work out with Jeremy, it doesn't work out with David, it doesn't work out with McCrae, it doesn't work out with now you go to Judd.  Class!

Kaitlin:  And Judd just protected her like nobody's business.

Aaryn:  Exactly!  They knew that was going to happen.

Aaryn shrugs her shoulders, smiling and as we go to the first break Kaitlin says "I don't even want to be here anymore" and Aaryn replies, smiling "I don't either."

When we return, we are in the bathroom dealing with the aftermath of the previous conversation.  Jessie is in there getting up on the couch.  Jeremy stands in there, shirtless and eating something with his hands out of a bowl.   Judd pops up and stands next to Jessie.

Judd:  I don't know what went on in there...I come in at the end of it.  I just heard the two girls like animalistic, not even like human beings.  That was the most disgustin' thing I've ever seen in my life! I'm 26 years old, but I mean ....

Jeremy agrees that was pretty crazy.  The Indian chief looks on stoically from his perch on Jeremy's deltoid and may or may not be ashamed to be there.  Now a crowd gathers in the bathroom as Elissa comes in and Andy stands at the door (of course).

Jeremy makes supportive sounds and says he "could have used some help".

Jeremy: I just laid there...what am I supposed to do?

Judd:  They told me to get out!  (cursing in the room)  I mean, it's my room too, and they told me to get out!  It's my house just like it's your house, just like it's Spencer's house, just like it's Elissa's house, Jessie's, Andy's, McCrae's, Howard's....everybody.  This is everybody's house!

This is Judd's big moment, now, if you don't know.  Andy has his hands on his head as Jessie sits calmly on the bathroom couch and Elissa is milling around, still clad in that ridiculous pink baby doll dress that she wore on the live show.    Judd isn't finished yet, though.

Judd:  We all worked hard to get here!

Now there is lots of chatter as Andy tells Jessie not to worry about it.  There is a Have Not competition tomorrow so the sleeping situation will change.  Judd comes over and hugs Jessie as he leaves the room.  Elissa tells him that she wanted to speak, too, but she didn't want Jeremy to yell at her, too.

Elissa:  Just don't say anything else, Judd...just let it go...

Judd sighs and walks down the hall.  Andy is all cranked up now that the enemy left the room and tells Jessie that he wanted to tell those girls that he slept in the Have Not room for 16 nights....and the camera goes back to the Small World room.

There is even more cursing now that Gina Marie is in the room.  Jeremy calmly says that Judd is "all pissed off now" and GMZ curses a blue streak.  She is wearing Nick's bright blue hat backwards on her head and is obviously exhausted as she starts protesting with Jeremy.

Jeremy:  No doubt....I'm not defending anybody...

GMZ:  Oh I know, I know...

Jeremy:  I'm not defending....I'm just flabberghasted.  Flabberghasted is a good word.

He leaves the room as Kaitlin laughs.  Now in the bathroom Jessie is rehashing her conversation with GMZ to Andy.  Jessie says GMZ told her that everybody in the house are "just losers" and Jessie thinks it is only going to get more vicious.  There is a lot of whispering, and Andy is whispering a mile a minute about the way people treat each other, and Jeremy reappears, going in the WC.

Now in the kitchen Candice is sitting at the counter and Howard is running water at the sink.  The cameras quickly switch to the Eames Room, specifically the camera over McCranda's bed. They are both laying in at as Elissa perches on the edge, talking about what just happened.  Elissa feels badly that Judd had to get involved and now Judd appears, still pacing and walking it off.

Judd:  I blew up.  I couldn't help it.

Elissa is making excuses for why she didn't say anything during the argument, and they all agree Judd didn't deserve that.  McCrae says it took everything in his body not to go and defend Jessie, and Amanda agrees.  Elissa thanks them for their help tonight but says she is sad that Jessie is getting it from them.  She just wants Helen to enjoy her HoH this week.  Now I hear Andy in there (of course) and also Jeremy, who is on patrol tonight, apparently.  The Damage Control Patrol. (I just made that up and I love it.)

Andy:  This isn't personal...

Jeremy:  I know.  This isn't a personal game.  Everybody's gotta go home sometime.

Andy:  Yeah....yeah...yeah....

Jeremy, chuckling:  But I don't know what to do...I'm in the middle of this one now...

They have been beefing about the beds, who is going to sleep where tonight, and that seems to have caused the latest friction.  You know, after the friction from the blindside and power shift and all.

Amanda:  This needs to be a group decision, and not a takeover.   But then when people get nasty, then it gets personal...

Jeremy, closing the door:  Yeah, I mean all I said is that I'm not gonna be sleepin' on the floor...not saying that I'm taking anybody's bed....I mean everybody is going to have to share...and everybody's gonna have to get over that...

McCrae:  Yeah..

Amanda:  Yeah..

Jeremy, working it already:  And then it went cray cray.....and I don't know what to think.

McCrae laughs weakly and Amanda starts doing the bed math.  Someone needs to sleep three to a bed and Jeremy starts to try and control the discussion but catches himself and says he doesn't care where he sleeps, he just wants to sleep on a bed.  He leaves the room and they whisper in his wake.

Elissa is now having a conversation that does not seem fake or posed, and this may be the first time I've seen that.  There is real drama in the house and she is not the center of it anymore.

Andy points out that at least Jeremy isn't being a total bitch like the girls are.  Elissa points out that Jeremy is entitled to a bed just like they are.

McCrae:  He's smarter....he's smarter than that....that's why he just backed down just now...he did not like that answer....

Now in the Small World Jeremy is laying in bed with Katilin and she seems happy and leans over to kiss his cheek.  He's already under the covers and must be assuming that is his bed now.  Kaitlin is laughing and eating from a black bowl, snacking and crunching.

Kaitlin:  What are they saying out there?

Jeremy:  I don't know...but that didn't fly well with me..

Aaryn:  Of course it didn't.

Jeremy:  That whole situation....

Gina Marie is mumbling incoherently and Aaryn wants to know what whole situation?

Kaitlin:  Yelling at them...but I don't know how that would make things worse..or better our situation...

Jeremy:  Well it didn't better it.  I'll put it that way.

Aaryn doesn't agree and wants to argue.  Katilin points out that their group is a target, anyway this week.

Aaryn:  At this point, I kind of want to go home.

Kaitlin:  Me too.  I just want to be with my dad.

(Hi Daddy!)

Jeremy:  Well, thanks guys, for leaving me here all alone!  Beaten up...

Kaitlin tells him to protect himself, and he says he's not getting into a beef with anybody. He's not being mean but he's not going out of his way to make friends.  GMZ is cursing, saying she has been brought up "way better than that".  Kaitlin doesn't understand why Judd and Jessie moved to the other side, because no one was even going after them, and it would have been an easy week.

Aaryn: Do you realize that the HoH noms haven't gone home yet?  And winning HoH doesn't mean the same thing anymore...

Jeremy:  It could have been me.....I could have gone home because they're picking off dudes.

Jeremy says if they pick his chip then they can't control him playing for the PoV.  He doesn't want to give up because he needs the money.  As we go into the break GMZ says she does, too, and puts her hair up on a high ponytail.

When we return, Jessie has packed her BB Bag full of her things and is leaving the Small World room.   Amanda has been helping her and hands her a pair of sunglasses from under the bed.  I see Aaryn laying in a bed reading something and I hear Jeremy ask "what is everybody doing?"

Amanda: Just hanging around the house...whatever....

Jeremy is in another bed with Kaitlin and Gina Marie wants to know where the ChapStick is...did Jessie take it?  Jeremy saw it in the hallway and GMZ says "what hallway?" so Jeremy breaks it down for her.  Kaitlin mumbles something about how "she needs a body guard" as Amanda leaves the room.

Jeremy says the Chapstick is on the floor by the Cockpit door, and Kaitlin says the entire house is against them right now.  There is blanking as Aaryn curses and then Kaitlin drapes herself over Jeremy to reach something on the nightstand and then starts kissing him loudly.  Hey, she's got her priorities just like everyone else.

The cameras switch to the Eames Room where McCranda is holding court.

McCrae:  Like I said, after HoH I'll go in there and sit on the bed all night if I have to.

They laugh and there is a lot of action in there.  Elissa can't "wait to see our show" and they can't wait to see Helen's HoH room.  Jessie is in there and Andy, too (of course).  Now Candice arrives and she is cursing and pointing her finger up and I think she is pretending to be the announcer narrating Big Brother tonight.  If the announcer was bleeped continuously, that is.  She is still wearing her TV hair, makeup and jewelry, which is good because the live feed footage tonight will be viewed by many, many people before all is said and done.

They all laugh at Candice's performance as she does a hair flip and sits down between Jessie and Andy.  Now Jessie is cracking up when she remembers having to get up in the middle of the night for the "mack truck deliveries" and the cameras switch to the silent Small World Room, where there is pained silence and they can hear all of the laughing in the other bedroom.  They can hear it in their room and BBAD just showed us that.

Candice is feeling good now and is talking smack about who needs to be Have Nots this week and although we don't know what she said, McCrae tells her that "everyone in the internet world would love her if she did that".  Elissa is having more genuine moments as we see her for the first time as part of a group that is winning.  She seems more like a real person, so maybe she feels more like she belongs now.

Candice mentions Shaniqua, so I'm pretty sure that played a role in what she said, which involved pretending to whip someone.  Now she says she is "gone with the wind fabulous" and they are joking that after they see Helen's HoH room they are going to come downstairs and pick a bed and sit on it, not moving.

Elissa: Isn't it weird how getting rid of just one of the guys makes such a big difference?

Andy:  And especially Nick...I expected him to be the reason I leave...

Candice, looking up:  Sweet Jesus...please God...get her out of my bed...

They wonder if those girls will come up to the HoH room.  Helen doesn't want them to talk game tonight but Candice says she's not playing the violin tonight, either.  We see Judd standing there and Candice addresses us.

Candice:  America...we're fighting over the beds..and I'm not going in the Have Not room.  Aaryn is in my bed, and she's going to get out of my bed or I'm going to be Evel Dick slash Candy and get her out myself.

Judd looks worried as Candice starts "doing the drumline", standing up and clapping two shoes together in a circle.  There is very loud laughter as they blow off steam and enjoy each other.  Andy gets called to the DR and you can barely hear BB over all of the voices.  Andy's legs are still very pale in his yellow bermuda shorts....a few weeks in the California sun haven't changed his natural color.

Candice jokes about having been to the airport, now she can go to the beach.  And she's going to get pizza and chocolate and eat it in the bed, too.  But maybe that talk about chocolate is about something different, because as we go to break they bring up Howard and he may be the chocolate Candice was referring to.

After the break we visit Aaryn and Kaitlin again as they whisper with Gina Marie.  They are talking about the live show and everything that was said.  Now Helen comes out of the DR screaming and everyone cheers and follows her to the HoH staircase.  Before the cameras moved to cover this I saw Aaryn and Kaitlin jump up when they heard the screaming.

They all run to the stairs and Elissa is a little obnoxious as she uses her Rachel voice to say they want to see Helen's HoH room and gives Candice a shout out as they run up the circular staircase.  We see the HoH basket while everyone is still gathering outside and there is Helen's letter, along with bags of Cheetos, Toblerone chocolate, Diet Coke and a wide assortment of snacks.  I see one bottle of red wine, too, and it looks like there are a number of wine corks displayed in front of the basket.

I hear Helen outside the door saying she needs to calm down, but we don't see the group that is gathered there along with her.  I hear Helen say "thank you everyone for coming up here" so I assume that some or all of the Aaryn-Jeremy-Kaitlin-Gina Marie group are waiting outside, too.

When they go in the room there is loud screaming and shrieking and I see Andy grab a picture of her family first.

Helen:  This is Henry and this is Charlie.

I see Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina Marie in the room, so at least they had the decency to pay Helen this respect.  Helen picks up a baby picture and says it is Charlie when he was two months old.  Elissa grabs her heart and Amanda is right there too, cooing over the baby pictures.

I see Jeremy leaning over to inspect one of the pictures, also, and Helen has a picture made by one of her sons of a butterfly, with his little handprints as the butterfly wings.  You can see his teacher's neat block lettering at the top of the paper.

(Those teachers all write exactly alike, don't they?)

It is just a jumble of people hugging Helen and smiling and Helen is saying "thank you so much".  Helen finds a picture of she and her husband when they were "just dating" and also a colorful picture that is Henry's artwork.  Then there is another picture of Charlie and Henry and Helen says this is current---it's what they look like now.  Kaitlin is actually holding that picture and has a nice moment with Helen while looking at it.  You know, an "awwwww" moment. 

On the table Helen finds two plates that her sons have decorated for her and she holds them up proudly, calling them "their artwork".    Someone asks about the wine corks and she says that she has been saving them, from dates with her husband.   She writes the date on the cork along with the restaurant name so they inspect them.

Helen enchants the crowd as she shows them items and explains them to everyone.  McCrae is wearing his mountie hat, holding one of the corks, and is listening to Helen with a lot of love on his face.  I see Amanda grinning and even Aaryn smiling big when  they hear the following as Helen holds up two chess pieces, one in each hand.

Helen:  And I told you guys how I'm obsessed with chess, right?  Well at night once the kids are in bed we'll go out back and open a bottle of wine and play chess together and just these are two of the little chess pieces so I guess I'll need to get a bigger chess board after this, right?

Everyone is enjoying getting a glimpse of Perfect Helen's Perfect Life. This is an HoH room filled with significant items from a life any of them would like to have in some way or form.  They start chanting "letter....letter" and they notice the Diet Cokes in Helen's basket.

Helen:  Where is Gina Marie?  Take, I want you to take those please.  They're yours...I want you to have them.

People who are standing are  looking around for a place to sit for the letter reading.  Aaryn is already seated and is still smiling a little.  Helen insists again about the Diet Cokes.  She opens the letter and it is from her husband Michael, of course.  He wrote it right after Helen left but he says they already miss her but will have a fun summer.  Helen can't hold back the tears while she reads but still speaks clearly, almost punching with the words to get them out cleanly.  The boys were really good at Mass and a woman came over to compliment their good behavior.

Helen takes a quick time out to wipe her eyes and explain that the boys are always really bad in church...."like really bad".  The crowd titters and we see Kaitlin smiling and looking choked up, too.   She continues reading and her son just started summer camp and he loves it and tells everyone that his mom "received a big key" but her husband pretends he doesn't know what he is talking about.

(Ha ha..because the cast had not been revealed to the public yet..)

Helsn's husband is learning to be a single dad and describes the day, saying he "rinses and repeats" the next day.  Helen starts to lose it at the end when her husband says the boys pray every night for mommy to come home safely.  The tears come down as she finishes to a chorus of clapping and Helen announces "I love you guys".  Andy and Elissa hug her and then Spencer comes over to give a hug, too.   Her CD is U2 and she is happy.

Helen wants to drink some wine if they can get clean glasses or cups.  I hear Jeremy say he should check the storage room and then Judd tells Helen to "keep that wine for herself, and enjoy it".

Helen: We're drinking wine TONIGHT!

Henry looks more Asian than Charlie, Helen says, and the picture was taken at her in-law's lake house.    Kaitlin congratulates Helen with a warm hug complete with little back rub and then she left the room.  Helen loves the kids' artwork and explains that Henry always asks her for a car  so that is what he drew and she says it is starting to really look like a car, and not just squiggly lines.  She is looking at the plates and what they drew on them for her.

Now we go back to the Small World room where Jessie is getting into bed and Kaitlin comes over and gets on her bed, laying across the bottom.  Jessie tells her she's sorry, but she really doesn't need any company and there are other open beds.

Obviously this is a thing Kaitlin is doing, as she defiantly lays across the bottom of Jessie's bed, challenging her.  Jessie asks her to get up and Kailin tells her she is immature and walks off.  Now Candice enters the room and sees that her bed has been turned up on it's side, facing the wall.  She walks back along the wall and asks them, "who did this?  Who did this to my bed?"

Candice moves the bed on top of the flimsy frame as Jeremy comes in and Kaitlin is just getting started.  She is laying on GMZ's bed now and telling Jeremy that Jessie didn't want any company.  Jeremy flops down in Jessie's bed, too, and Jessie repeats the same thing about not needing any company.

Jessie, getting louder:  I ask you respectfully to get up off of my bed.

Jeremy just lays there as several people walk in.  Jessie tells them one other person can sleep in the bed with her and Judd, but not right now.  Now it is getting loud, and it is getting ugly.

Jessie:  I respectfully ask you to get off this bed!

Jeremy:  I respectfully decline.  I'm gonna sit here and talk to my friends.  Just because you don't like me right now, I'm not gonna get off the bed.

Jessie:  Just because you don't like me right now., then why are you doing this?

Kaitlin eggs on Jeremy in the background and now Candice gets in on it.  They go back and forth and for a moment there is a quiet tension.  Gina Marie says she feels a little better and Jeremy wonders what the next competition will be.  Will it be physical?  Or mental?  GMZ thinks it may be a food challenge and Jeremy likes that idea.  But he misunderstood and thought she meant a gross eating contest and not a Have Not one.  Kaitlin would love a gross shot challenge and thinks she would do great.

They discuss different combinations of gross foods in the blender and what they could eat or not eat.  Things are momentarily calm as we head into break.  When we return Howard is having a word with Candice, begging her to sleep in the couch in Helen's room.  They are in the Have Not room and Howard is begging her not to sleep in the room with those girls.  He tells her that Andy offered her his bed, and she should take it.  Please.

Candice breaks down and starts crying with her face in her hands and Howard pulls her in for a big hug.  She wants Howard to come in the room with her and sleep and he doesn't want to.

Howard:  You want me to go in there and I can't go back and forth with that verbal shit like you can...I can't do it!  I don't know how to talk dirty like that...I have to control my temper and just shut up.

Candice:  Why can't you just put on your pajamas and lay in the bed?

Howard:  Cause I won't have a good time.  They're going to be at you all night because they know it's a weakness.  They push at you and you push back!  They're gonna start shit.  Then I'm gonna have to defend you, like I'm trying to anyway.....just agree with me....please.

Candice:  Why do you want to give them our bed?
Howard:  I don't want to give away shit.  If the producers let them do that shit, then this is what they want to see.  And that's how I see it.

The TVGN cameras can't move fast enough to get out of that conversation.  Maybe there isn't  a 5 minute delay, after all.  Now we go back to the Small World, where Aaryn is laying on the end of the bed with Kaitlin and Gina Marie.  Those girls are being very mouthy and talking trash, frequently blanked out due to GMZ's cursing.  Jeremy is still laying in Jessie's bed, watching the show.   GMZ yells at BB to "watch the tapes...rewind the tapes".

Aaryn:  And when Candice goes home, it's going to be even funnier.

Kaitlin:  When I go home I'll watch and laugh at all of you!

Kaitlin went over and got in bed with Jeremy and Jessie, but is halfway on the floor.  She is draped over Jeremy, of course.  Now we return to the Have Not room where Candice is sitting in an airplane seat and Howard is trying to talk her down, talk some sense in to her.

Howard:  Please be bigger.  Please be bigger for a moment, please.

Candice understands what he's saying, and that he's a black man with a temper and he can't argue with a bunch of white women.

Howard:  I'm not gonna argue with anybody...not the producers or anybody....

Candice:  I'm just asking you....all this week we've had racist remarks thrown at us...I have been put in the Have Not Room, I have been called Shaniqua, they want to come to the HoH room and flip my bed over and start talking ghetto talk to me, and I'm supposed to go and hide in another room..

Howard: You're not're staying least, YOU are staying here....c'mon please...

Candice wants a reason why he won't sleep in that bed.  Howard says he doesn't "know where that is going" and he is going to have to defend her.   Howard says that the same word that Candice got called, it's the "same N word to him", so he feels like he got called the same thing.

Candice:  So they're going to make the black man come in here?

Howard:  They ain't gonna have a black man do a god damned thing!

Candice:  That's what they're gonna think.

Howard says that's fine.  They can be ugly like that on TV, but they can't.  Candice feels really disprespected, but wants to quietly stand up for themselves.  Howard names every bad thing Aaryn has said and done, and how it upsets him the same way.

Howard:  It's just boiled and it's ready to come out.  All I need is an excuse...and I'll go home....I'll go home happy, with no money or nothing.... If they (pointing upstairs) don't say anything, then they must want it to happen...I see the big picture.....

(Oh shit.)

Candice:  So where are you gonna sleep at tonight Howie?

Howard:  I don't care where I'm sleeping....I need you to just chill out with them.  We're not running from them...we'll being bigger. 

Howard wants her to just be quiet, as GMZ bursts in the room and starts up something, but every word is blanked out.  It's not good, most likely.

Candice:  You know how many things were said to me this week...racial things?  A lot of racial stuff has been going on in this house and it doesn't have to do with you.  I know you are hurting over Nick leaving and as a woman I feel that, but it did hurt my feeling when you called me a cock-a-roach.  It hurt my feelings as a woman...

GMZ:  I said cockroach because everyone scattered...

Candice:  This is just a heated time and I don't have any ill feelings toward you..I actually like you and I hope we can squash it because it doesn't have anything to do with you...

GMZ is jumping in with words here and there, but she agrees.  She admits to being a "little heartbroken about Nick" and formally apologizes to her, and to Howard too, saying he's a straight up guy.

Now in the bedroom Jessie is getting grilled about her vote again and she tells them they are trying to make it personal, when it's not.

Aaryn:  Do you know how you're being portrayed right, on television?

Jessie, with hands folded:  No, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me, Aaryn.

Jeremy snorts.  It was funny.

Aaryn:  No, I'm not going to!

Kaitlin: You should already know by now..

Then Kaitlin brings up what Julie Chen said to her on the live show.  Aaryn adds that everyone laughed, even the people who Jessie thinks are on her side.  They were cracking up, she says.  They are really giving Jessie a hard time about going to the other side and GMZ brings up Nick trying to get away from her, and is that why she evicted him?

Jessie says he was a good player and she had to get him out.  She thought GMZ and Nick were a cute couple, actually, and this sends GMZ down the path. The path of talking a mile a minute about every single moment of the day with Nick and how they slept every  night "real good together" and "he didn't touch my feet, I didn't touch his feet" and it is a torrent of words.  

Jessie is truly sorry for GMZ and apologizes.  Now Aaryn says she knew something was up with Jessie because she started acting differently...she could tell.  Jessie pushes back and said she made her choice but Aaryn keeps going about Jessie being alone in the house.  Aaryn brings up that she and Jessie had an understanding about the game, since Jeremy and Kaitlin had each other, but Jessie betrayed her.

Jessie says that people don't want to be around someone like Aaryn.  They don't want to hear someone saying so many mean things...they want to be around someone positive who talks about family and friends and not this type of stuff.

Jessie:  And it's constant with you...and that's the reason why I don't want to be there brings out the worst in me, actually, and I believe that you can be a nice person and genuinely get to know people and still play this game.

Now Aaryn brings up Elissa and she says she tried everything to be friends with Elissa.  She was Aaryn's first friend in the house and she never told anybody to put her up on the block.  Jessie accuses Aaryn of pretending to be so loyal,  and talking so much shit about Elissa but then trying to approach her in secret to make a deal.  They go back and forth arguing about the details of conversations and whom is lying to whom.  Now Jessie says Jeremy has a Final Two deal with everybody, and now she's part of a group that respects her.

Kaitlin:  The group that talks shit about you all of the time? 

Amanda appears with a glass of wine and Kaitlin says do you really want to go there, because you talk shit about Jess all of the time...

Amanda asks if they really want to clear the air now, do they want to go there now?  She is getting hot, too, trying to speak over everybody and telling them that now they are scared to hear the truth come out so they don't want to talk.

Amanda:  The truth is, you ALL talk shit about each other...all of you!

Now there is cursing as she points to each of them , calling out who they talked shit about as we go into a break.  After the break it is still on, and I don't think anyone else has come in the room yet.  Not even Andy.  This is good camera time, and Amanda knows it.

Aaryn calls Amanda a shit stirrer and Amanda erupts, bring up what Aaryn was saying a few days about about Kaitin getting too close to Jeremy and messing up her game.  Amanda goes on and on and many words are deleted, but she tells them they have to be smarter than that.  If they think they are going to out what Amanda says, she is going to out them, too.

Amanda sits down and now they talk relatively calmly, until Aaryn yells again that no one talked more shit about Jessie than Amanda.

Amanda:  Aaryn, I tried to help you!

Aaryn:  To help me?  By making an alliance with me and Jeremy and you and McCrae and then voting Nick out!

Aaryn gets loud again and calls Amanda a liar.

Amanda, laughing:  What game are YOU playing?  Because I'm playing Big Brother and that's gonna happen.

Aaryn says she gets that, but then brings up the bullying of Jessie and her perceived lack of self esteem.  They go around a few times and Amanda says whatever and tells Jessie that if she feels like she's being too ganged up on .....

Jeremy interrupts and says he's flabberghasted by the whole situation.  Amanda tells them they all aligned with people who they don't trust and then they all talk shit about each other.  Amanda tells Jeremy that he has had a few tactics that were good and made her question herself, but Jeremy tries to pretend  he doesn't understand what she's talking about.

After another brisk round of calling each other liars, Amanda leaves and the group kind of deflates when the door closes, trying to pretend it was funny.  Amanda dropped a few bombs in there, is what she did, and they all feel it.

Jeremy:  This is crazy....

Jessie is laughing as Jeremy says he doesn't have a final two deal with anybody.  Jeremy laughs that he just wanted to clear that up and they all giggle.  It was funny.

Now back in the Have Not room Candice is calmer, sitting next to Howard with his arm around her.  She starts to cry and says they are all playing separately and her battles don't need to be his, too.  Howard says again he's not going to say anything, but if he does, it is going to come out strong, and then somebody will end up popping somebody in the face..

Howard:  Please, please....

He pulls her in for a hug, but this all seems brotherly-sisterly, rather than romantic.  Just so you don't think I am describing something else entirely.

(Like Gina Marie and Nick......NOT.)

Back in the Small World Jessie is now telling Aaryn how much she liked her, and thought she was adorable, until Aaryn turned her back on her.  For Jessie, she couldn't trust Aaryn after she hooked up with David, and then she never spoke to Jessie at all anymore.  Jessie didn't want David to go, even though she was on the block, too, but at least she thought that she could spend more time with Aaryn.

Aaryn says that Jessie flirting with David was hard for her to watch, and Jessie defends herself against that as we go to a break.  So far, Jessie has been the most calm and collected person, even though she has been under fire for nearly an hour now by a surly group of house guests.

When we return Jeremy is up in the HoH talking to a group of people and trying to smooth over the bed situation.  Judd realized that Jeremy and his group had no where else to go but that bedroom.  The Chief looks pleased with this sudden civil turn of events.

Jeremy:  And Kaitlin....whooo that got ugly quick.

Jeremy has never listened to U2 and Helen doesn't see how that is possible.  Andy says that he has probably heard it and not realized it, and Helen says that she is a decade older than everyone else in the room so who is she kidding.

Helen asked for 5 bottles of red wine, one per day, but she didn't get that many bottles.  Jeremy is Mr. Good Guy now asking if she got everything she wanted and Helen says there are a few things she doesn't see.  Helen tells the people they can eat the food and feel this is everyone's room this week and she doesn't want to be alone up there.

Jeremy:  I that your kids were artists..

Elissa is sitting with her back to him and just rolled her head around at someone and made a face to reflect Jeremy's severe Butt Kissing.  Helen says that they didn't start to really get into it until now, where you could really see what they were drawing, and the cameras move to the Have Not room, where Howard is alone and has bowed his head.

The room is silent as we see the back of his head, almost down to his knees as he sits in the Have Not Airport.

Howard, sweating and possibly crying:  Help me lord.  Help me.

His head hits the floor and I see he is kneeling on the floor.  And it sounds like he is crying.  To me, anyway.

Howard:  Bless your name.  Glory to you.

Howard is called to the DR.  (Finally.  Dr. Zackary better be there, or maybe a CBS lawyer. )  GMZ says she thinks he just had a huge fight with Candice while he was trying to calm her down, and Kaitlin says she didn't know they were so tight. 

We see a close up of Howard's face.  He hasn't gone in the DR yet and I'll bet he is ready to walk out.  He is making faces like he is talking to himself and breathing hard, wrinkling up his eyebrows.  Howard is struggling. Now he looks at us, and up, and down, and it is scary to see him struggling with whatever he's thinking.

The cameras move to the HoH bathroom, where Candice is crying and telling Elissa, Helen and Andy the story.  Now Candice mentions all of the racist comments, the black and white fish, and Shaniqua...and all of that....and she flipped her bed, and all of their clothes were on the floor...

Helen wants to know why?  Why did she do that? 

And Candice is crying as she says how disrespectful  it is to her, a roll of toilet paper in her lap instead of Kleenex.  Judd says through the door that they are all going to leave so they can talk and Helen thanks him.  Candice says it is so disrespectful for someone who has been making racial slurs to flip over the black persons' bed?  And all of their clothes?

She says she was going to be like Evel Dick and bang pots in there all night long, and then GMZ jumped up and started taunting at her and calling her Shiniqua.

(NOTE:  The meat of the fight happened during a BBAD commercial break, but TMZ has an excerpt of what happened that you can see here.  I guess CBS has authorized their use of the footage, because it has been up all day.)

Candice says her way of coping with things sometimes is to laugh at it, but when she grew up she went to a white school and she was always the black girl and she hated it.  So to be treated like that in such close quarters and then Howard is a black man that can't be yelling at three white girls because he can get in trouble and he can go home. Candice said some things she didn't mean, and maybe they said things they didn't mean.

Jessie:  It was intense..

Candice says so Howard doesn't want her to sleep in there, because they're going to say something, and then she's going to say something....and then...

Andy. kneeling on the bathroom floor in front of her:  Candice, take my bed.  Take it.

Helen wants them all to sleep upstairs and Candice is crying again as she say who does that to people?  Who flips their mattress like that?

Helen:  America is watching...

Candice, to the cameras:  Who ever is Aaryn's parents out there?  You did a horrible job raising your daughter!  How can you raise her to act like that in 2013?

Helen keeps saying Candice needs to stay in there with them.  Candice says that Gina Marie came in to apologize but there is only so far that goes when three white people are ganging up on the black person.  She says McCrae told Amanda let's give them our bed and move somewhere else, but Candice told McCrae that is like letting them win.  But he said that it's not about that, its that if they say something he knows he can stay quiet.

Andy says that every week they stay there, Candice is winning.  They are winning.  Helen says that they have the numbers, and in a few weeks they will all be gone.

Candice:  Who flips a mattress?  Who does that?

Andy:  An asshole.  That's who does it.  Somebody who doesn't deserve this opportunity.  I will gladly give up my bed and will find somewhere else to sleep tonight.  As we go to break Elissa is stroking Candice's hair as her friends calm her down.

After the break we see Jeremy in the Cockpit with Spencer, Judd and McCranda retelling the story to the group.  When he described Candice's role he said that she was doing it because she has the numbers, even though he doesn't think she should have the numbers, but "that's not his decision".  He just couldn't help himself, but quickly got back on track.

Judd is in the room too, listening when Jeremy says that Howard picked up Candice and carried her ass out of the room.  Either Spencer or McCrae whispered that they can't believe they missed that.

Jeremy:  That's why I stayed right there!

Amanda:  So I guess my whole speech I made will be on there, too!

(Camera whore.)

Much of the conversation is blanked out but Judd says he and Jessie moved to a different bed but she wants to stay there.  Now we see Gina Marie in bed talking to Aaryn and she wants to know if McCrae and Amanda set them up.  Aaryn tries to be patient as she says that McCrae put Elissa  up on the block even though he had a deal with her.  It was all an act that week, just like it was all an act this week.

Elissa comes in in the middle of the conversation and gets something out of her bag.  She is wearing red gym shorts under her ridiculous pink baby doll dress and the sound of her cellophane and plastic bags is deafening against her microphone.  Now they discuss the questions that they missed in the competition and GMZ laughs as she recalls the ones they missed.  They were trick questions, she says.

Now Spencer and Andy whisper in the Cockpit and Spencer says he's never seen it get like this after 21 days.   They can't believe that Aaryn turned the bed over and Spencer says it was ridiculous, dude.  Andy wonders if Aaryn is really crazy and did that just to make good TV.  Andy zips and unzips the zipper on a pillow and the sound is so upsetting to my dog that she just started crying and pawing at the couch.

Spencer says that they should just ignore them if they make any comments in front of them.  Andy is worried that he will lose his temper.  Now back in the HoH Jessie is in the HoH and is recounting what the Mean Girls said to her about Julie Chen thinking she was desperate, and the whole house laughing at her.  Helen assures her that America thinks shes genius now for jumping to the other side, so don't worry about what America thinks anymore.

Judd:  That's why Julie said Aaryn, you know there are cameras around?

And the camera shifts to a close up of Aaryn, an extreme close up as she looks up to see Kaitlin burst in the room to confront Jeremy.  Aaryn's earrings are large diamond studs, that just can't be real due to the size of the stones.

Kaitlin, standing at the door:  Well, I really enjoyed that conversation, with you throwing me under the bus!

Jeremy doesn't know what she is talking about, and says all he said is what they did was crazy and had nothing to do with the game.

Jeremy:  Don't get things twisted, sister.

Kaitlin sits down as Jeremy says they let their emotions get the best of them.

Aaryn:  I'm fine.  Do you see any tears?  I didn't start any of that.

Jeremy:  No, I don't.  I didn't say anything about who started what.  I think ya'll got carried away and I don't understand what the need for any of it was.  That's why I sat and watched it.  There was nothing I could do about it.  You girls are going to be catty regardless.  So I just stayed here with my face in the pillow and watched it all crumble.

Kaitlin leaves the room in a huff and now Howard is in there folding up some items and GMZ says it was the worst day ever.  Aaryn's voice shakes as she says she tries to be the better person and walk away and she knows she reacts in the wrong way sometimes but she is just "super hurt' right now.  And what Amanda just came in there and did to her was like, the worst thing ever because it wasn't true.

After the last commercial break we are back with Candice talking about the cock-a-roaches with a tear stained face.  And now Jeremy comes in the Eames room and needs Andy's help with his "little frazzled hands" to reach in and get his belt from behind the file cabinet.  Now GMZ is in the bed next to Amanda and is crying and kind of apologizing, but Amanda is also explaining the vote to Gina Marie, telling her Nick was never the target, Jeremy was. 

Amanda is eating popcorn out of a slop bucket loudly, and saying the MVP has made this game so hard this year.  Andy is now whispering to GMZ that there was nothing he could do, and GMZ starts to cry again, wiping her face with the back of her hand.  She is no longer using Nick's red shorts as Kleenex.

Amanda explains around a mouth of popped corn that Nick was too good at the game and people knew that.  Now we are back in the HoH and Howard is visiting and is glad Candice is calm.  They make plans to work out tomorrow and Helen wants to play chess tomorrow, and make Eggs and Rice for him, too.  Howard wants to leave so he can just "chill" and Helen says if he ever wants to chill in the HoH, he is always welcome. 

Now GMZ is crying that Nick never chose sides, he just wanted to play.  Boy does GMZ have some surprises waiting for her when she watches the show, huh?  Paging Dr. Zackary...

Now Aaryn visits the Eames room and puts Clownie and other items in the file cabinets without anyone speaking to her.  Andy is consoling GMZ and saying she can see Nick every day when she leaves here...

GMZ:  Nah..he's gonna meet's summertime and he'll meet somebody...

Amanda:  No.  Nick is asexual...

(What a fucking BITCH!)

The cameras can't move fast enough away from that comment as we see Kaitlin in the kitchen alone, looking at herself in the reflection.  She puts her hair in a pony and walks through the house, sniffling.  Amanda and McCrae pass the popcorn and watch Andy console GMZ like a movie at the foot of their bed.  McCrae's hair is still  straight, and rather swingy as he chews his corn.

As the show ends Kaitlin is crying in Jeremy's lap, as he tells her to let it go, that whatever doesn't kill her will make her stronger.

Jeremy:  We just need to fight harder...they can't put us all up at once...

(Yes, I think they can...)

Is TMZ Part of Production at This Point? #BB15

Did CBS buy out Harvey Levin?  Because they are all over this story right now.  I am working on my recap of BBAD, but trust that the shit got real in the house last night.  Because there are not enough beds for everybody, there was a HUGE BEEF over the beds in the Small World room where Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy tried to move back in and move Candice back out.

I watched some of this live on BBAD, and I was really scared and am hoping they have security on hand backstage, because this is getting really nasty.   I could FEEL Howard trying to calm himself and not go ballistic after this happened. 

Can you imagine the scene if Howard lets his temper go?  And shit gets physical?  He could strangle Aaryn with one hand, and beat up Jeremy with the other if he wanted to.

You can read the TMZ coverage here.  They have posted an excerpt of BB live feed footage on their website, so I recommend watching it while you can before it gets taken down.  Unless CBS gave them the OK, of course.

***wink wink***