Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh No She Didn't! #BB15

At the chess board Aaryn and Kaitlin have been consoling Gina Marie as she sobs, with Nick's red shorts still damp from tears and snot in her lap.  They hear Helen downstairs saying she can't wait to see pictures of her kids, and because her husband doesn't watch the show they will ask him to write a letter and he'll say, "Huh?"

Aaryn:  Can I self evict?

GMZ:  I want to..

Kaitlin:  I want to, too.  I'll go in there and say this game is so unfair..

GMZ, sobbing:  I just can't be around such people...

Aaryn, eating Froot Loops:  These people are fucking awful.

Kaitlin:  All four years of high school was easier than this. (WTF?)

GMZ:  He left his hat here.....(sobbing into his shorts).

Aaryn:  You know they can't compete with us, so they'll do anything to get us out.  So take it as a compliment.

Helen is downstairs telling Jeremy that she asked for lots and lots of wine.  Kaitlin almost made HoH and it kills her to lose.  Kaitlin hears Jeremy making nice downstairs and says it doesn't matter how much he talks to them...they will still vote him out.

GMZ:  And of course they'll ask me to do a Diary lookin' like this....good TV, right guys?

Aaryn:  I think I'm gonna throw up.

Kaitlin, looking down:  Jeremy is literally sitting there with Helen and Candice.

Aaryn:  I told you, he's playing only for himself.

Kaitlin can't believe Jeremy was out of the competition in the first round and says "are you fucking kidding me?"  Gina Marie thinks Nick would have "killed" the competition too.

Aaryn:  Never in any other season has shit gotten this real this fast.  These people are garbage.

And then Gina Marie went there...

GMZ:  And Jessie!  That fuckin' cunt!  She only voted this way because she couldn't get Nick!  So she had to settle for thirds ....or fourths...with fucking Judd!  I'm surprised she didn't fuckin' go with Spencer.  She's a fucking hose bag!  I told ya from the fuckin' beginning....

Kaitlin:  I could tell from the question they asked her that they showed her going from guy to's embarassing.

Aaryn:  Even if she wins the money, the entire country knows she's garbage.  So if she wins the money, good she's gonna need it, because she won't be able to get a job!

Judd and Jessie Celebrate in Bed #BB15

This is the bed they have been sleeping in, and it is probably the bed where they will stay this week if neither of them are Have Nots.  Judd tells Jessie not to worry about the girls being mean to her, none of this is personal.

Judd:  I'm kind of mad at Julie for calling you out like that...about wantin' a showmance.

Jessie goes over what Julie said, that there were people in the house who were in a showmance, and there are people in the house who wanted a showmance..

Judd:  But then Julie said, Jessie...and she could have called out Kaitlin or someone else

Jessie went over her answer to Julie and seems satisfied.  Judd says she did a great job.

Judd leans over and says they don't have to speak about this again for a long time, but he was thinking they could get a final four with Amanda and McCrae, and then a final two together.

 She seems to like the offer.

NOTE:  That is Jessie's bracelet Judd is wearing and is apparently very symbolic for the both of them.  The rest of the cast is talking about it, too.

The Widow Zimmerman #BB15

Gina Marie is inconsolable, and has been sobbing into Nick's shorts, with his hat on her feet.

Amanda is very soothing, telling her that no one wanted to hurt her, and she and McCrae had to do what was best for them in the game,  and it wasn't personal.

GMZ:   Every day he was liking me a little more...if I just had enough time with him maybe he would like was getting better every day.....I just needed a little more time

Amanda:  He'll be watching you now!  And he wants you to do well..

GMZ:  He won't like me when this is over...he'll find somebody else...

Amanda says I am so very sorry, and come and talk to me when you are ready.

Aaaryn: Boo Hoo. Kaitlin: Boo Hoo, Too #BB15

The girls are in the Cockpit and Kaitlin is sobbing.  Aaryn is saying that she knew what this game was about, but didn't know it would feel like this when it happens to you.

Aaryn heard Helen saying that their side had the numbers to go all of the way to jury.  Kaitlin just wants to go out then, and not even go to the jury.

Aaryn:  My bridges are already burned.  They're gone.  I've gone from HoH to Candice...

She thinks Kaitlin can do a deal with Elissa, but she knows she can't.  They both think he will go to the other side.

Kaitlin:  That's why he's not sitting here with us...

Kaitlin:  I want to come see you in Texas.

Aaryn:  I want you to...I can go to Houston and meet you and Jeremy.

Kaitlin:  I'd rather stay with you than Jeremy, probably....

Aaryn tries to rally Kaitlin by saying they could come back, they could turn it around.  They can make some deals with people if they have to.

Jeremy comes in and tells them that its over, and they need to move on because they can't keep moping.  Aaryn pushes back and he says she can play her own game if she wants.  Aaryn says she is really shocked right now and Jeremy agrees.  He thought he could trust people in this house but he can't trust anybody.

Jeremy:  We are definitely at the bottom.

Aaryn:  She's gonna put all of us up.

Jeremy:  We don't know that.....

And We're Back #BB15

and in the Have Not Room Helen is pacing and is so excited.  She said that McCrae had turned to her before it started and said they all needed her to win, and were depending on her this week.

She can't wait to see her kids.

In the storage room Spencer is consoling Andy, who is upset over something Aaryn or Kaitlin did or said to him.  Spencer says to give it a few days, let it calm down....  Andy is pacing.

Amanda presents all sorts of choices for dinner and it was just blah blah blah.

Jeremy is pacing in the kitchen and had a terse conversation with Judd where he said something about not being warned beforehand and it would have been nice.  Judd said that he wasn't gunning for Jeremy, or Gina Maire.

Amanda walked by and asked Jeremy if pasta was okay with him and he said yes, thank you.

In the Have Not Room they went over the questions in the competition and Helen said after Jeremy went out first a lot of the pressure was off.  Then she saw that he was cheering for Kaitlin and she wasn't about to let Kaitlin beat her in a competition like this.  That is McCrae in there with Candice, Elissa, Helen and Jessie.

Now Andy comes in, and Judd comes in and gives Helen a hug and she is thanking all of them for helping her study for the competition.  She repeats several times that this is a shared win.

McCrae:  But you deserved it.

Judd:  And you're going from this room to way up there!

Helen:  You guys!  This is Big Brother!  This is my favorite show!  This is everything

WOW That Was Intense... #BB15

Julie really served it up tonight in a turquoise jumpsuit, giving Aaryn some sass right there on live TV.  Sadly Nick was voted out, but he took it like a man and was a very good sport outside with Julie.  Gina Marie was melting down, and Kaitlin came pretty close to winning HoH.  Jeremy and Aaryn were both praying on the sidelines.

Helen won.  Yes, Helen Kim. 

Just waiting for the live feeds to come back....

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB15

They are all rushing around because I think their rehearsal starts at 3:00 pm BBT.  (The feeds don't show that of course.)

Spencer tells Howard he is "one class act" and later tells him he looks like Apollo Creed.

Kaitlin needs hair spray but Candice doesn't have any.  (If she's smart she will ask GMZ for some...)

Candice ironed this shirt for Spencer for last week's show but he didn't wear it because they were told to wear athletic clothes.  So he's going to wear it this week instead so he can "look classy".

Candice is planning to eat a hot dog right in the near future, but first she and Andy want to ask each other one question to prepare for the competition.  Jeremy comes in and says Howard looks like Kimbo Slice and Howard keeps shaving without comment.  Andy asks about Jeremy's pimples and he says they are still there but there is nothing he can do about it .

Candice really wants a Hot Pocket and Jeremy says "oh yes a Hot Pocket!".  Kaitlin came in and Jeremy announced that she had "legs for days in that dress, and he would lick them for days, too".

Kaitlin uses her "Tide Stick" on a stain on Spencer's shirt but says she doesn't know if it will come out.

Jeremy is Working Hard #BB15

Jeremy is making his rounds before tonight's rehearsal starts and he jumps in bed between Jessie and Judd.  First he snuggles up with Jessie like this:

Then he asks her about her vote, jokingly calling her a "sketchy fuck".

He quizzes Judd next and wants Judd to look him in the eye when he makes his promise.

He goes back to Jessie who has covered her face with a T-shirt and sings her a little lullaby song about loving her face and not hating him.

Juicy Details as the House Waits for Tonight to Begin #BB15

 McCrae and Spencer have a little meeting in the Cockpit.  Spencer wants McCrae to vote a certain way and McCrae assure him he will do it.  The problem is that we had FISH and came back right in the middle of this conversation, so I can't report with confidence what Spencer told him to do.

They shake and say they both trust each other and Spencer says they connected with each other from Day #1, but have not been able to talk much lately because of Amanda.  He mentions that if Amanda is good with it this week than that is fine.  Spencer is worried about the aftermath, but it will just be a lot of bad attitudes and they will still control the MVP vote so I think he is pushing McCrae to vote out Nick.

 McCrae wants to split up the votes to keep the alliance quiet, but Spencer doesn't think it matters if they are out in the open as long as they stick together.  McCrae wants to give Nick one vote to stay but then admits that he "sucks at lying".

Amanda came in and Spencer said please to give them another few minutes.  She was really bitchy about it and McCrae had to placate her by saying it was all good, just to wait.  As soon as she closed the door Spencer said, "that's the kind of thing I'm talking about...".

 Jeremy bursts in and laughs at McCrae's hair, which has been straightened by Amanda.  He says he looks just like the guy in Dazed and Confused and McCrae has heard that before many times.  Spencer is just jealous of anybody with hair, he says.  They discuss how nervous Nick is and Spencer says he's jumping out of his skin.

Jeremy told them that Helen's behavior was fake right now, because "after he apologized to her" she came up to the HoH and wanted to make a deal with him, because no one would suspect them working together.

Before leaving Jeremy takes a few minutes to talk about how good his hair looks, and he doesn't understand why the ladies in the house don't like it this way.  He wishes it looked a little dryer, though, and not as gelled but he needs that to keep it up off his face.

Kaitlin comes in and is very agitated.  While everyone else is worried about the vote and the HoH competition, Kaitlin seems more concerned with what was discussed in her DR session, and what will be featured on tonight's TV show.

Kaitlin:  But this is a family show, right?  They can't show anything.

She yells at Jeremy to "to stop looking at her like that".  All of a sudden Kaitlin seems to remember she is on TV!  Aaryn comes in and wants to discuss her horrible socks, but Kaitlin keeps talking in code, worrying.

Aaryn:  Did you do it?

Kaitlin:  No, but it may have looked like it!

Aaryn:  Then why would you do that?  If it looked like it then why would you do that?  And they are going to think you are mad at something else, so wait to be mad until after the show!

(I don't think that will be any problem for any of these three....)

Jeremy tells Aaryn she looks like a Barbie Doll right now, except for those socks.  He assures the two girls that everything is right on track for tonight, and not to worry.

Kaitlin:  I am so upset right now....

The Moving Company May Have a Flat Tire #BB!5

Spencer, Howard and Nick have a somber meeting in the Cockpit.  They assure Nick that he is safe for tonight but know that after the vote there is going to be a lot of "fallout" and they will have "clean up to do".

Nick:  What can I do to make that better?

Spencer:  Make sure you win HoH tonight!

Andy burst in and made up a story about waiting for a haircut but I know he was just trying to spy on who was in there.

After he left Spencer says Helen is going to put him up, because "after Elissa leaves she's gonna be MVP".  Howard agrees that it's going to be tough to clean up in there after tonight.  Nick seems remarkably calm and wants to know who he needs to talk to today about the vote.  Spencer tells him to talk to Judd, and gives some suggested wording for the conversation.

Spencer says that next week is going to be tough, and mentions "Jeremy being an asshole the whole game" as one of their hurdles to overcome.  As Spencer says this we see Jeremy in the living room with his "TV" hairstyle.

I don't think The Moving Company has any idea just how tough things are going to be next week.  Nick had a quick meeting with Andy where Andy repeatedly had to say that Nick was okay tonight.

Nick:  And you're voting out Elissa?

Andy:  Yes.  100%.  But it's really weird in here today because everybody is up in their head about the competition.

They shake and Nick leaves, saying that he trusts him.  Nick goes into the bedroom where he and Gina Marie sit like this for at least 90 seconds or more.