Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pictures for Kaitlin's Album of Shame #BB15

Kaitlin must have no idea that we can see her in the dark.

Hi Daddy!

McCrae is More Than Just a Pizza Boy #BB15

If you call yourself a McCrae fan then you might already know about his podcasts.  McCrae has artistic leanings and aspirations beyond just being a pizza boy, and has been getting together to record conversations with his friends for well over a year now.

I have listened to a few of his LoungeTown and Thrillsville podcasts and it is so funny to hear his voice interacting with his real friends.   His friends recorded a podcast without him after he had been cast for the show, but before the show premiered, and some of the interesting things they said include the following:

*  They think McCrae replaced "Gabe" on BB15 based on what they've read online.
*  McCrae was obsessed over Parvarti on Survivor at one point.
*  McCrae is a "butt man" and is a sucker for the ladies.
*  They think his "heart may explode" from the excitement of being on BB.
*  His biggest strengths in the house may be that he is "hard to read"and has a great smile.
*  His weaknesses in the house will be his weakness for girls and the fact that he says "I don't know" constantly.
*  McCrae is a "power farter" and is most active with this in the morning.
*  After seeing the pictures of the BB15 cast, they think Jessie might be the girl he hooks up with.

Here is the link to the podcasts for your enjoyment.  I found a few of them on iTunes, too.

TMZ Talks to David About the Girl of His Dreams #BB15

Those TMZ kids must be having a slow summer.  David mentions his mother here, but I hope Mom doesn't read all of the reader comments on the TMZ website.  I must admit I laughed out loud when I read the second one.   It's so juvenile it is funny, I guess.

You can read the article on the TMZ website and all of the comments here.

Big Brother After Dark - Andy is Here, There, and Everywhere - 7-9-13

This episode of BBAD aired on Tuesday night, at 9:00 pm BBT.  Aaryn is in her last days as HoH and Helen, Elissa and Nick are on the block and one of them is going home on Thursday night.  It's over for one of those people, and we all know it.

OK.  Let's get this over with.

As the show opens we see McManda in the Cockpit, and Amanda is messing with McCrae's shorts.  They are a plaid pair of bermuda shorts and McCrae says they belong to "Jessie Fells" and Amanda gives "Jessie Fells" a shout out.  Now Elissa makes a rare appearance on the show, as a regular house guest, plopping down on a couch wearing a skin-tight romper over her swimsuit. 

After Amanda compliments Elissa's attire, the conversation kind of stalls as McCrae says he had breakfast for dinner.  Amanda gets up to leave and she is wearing a bright pink bikini with a denim jacket over it.  Amanda does a little dance for the cameras and let's just say bouncing around with her ass hanging out is not flattering for Amanda.  Not at all.

After laughing about "how loony tunes" Amanda is Elissa starts in with the whispering, and worries about the vote this week.  McCrae curses frequently about Jeremy, agreeing with Elissa that he is just "young and dumb" and Elissa says he is getting "worse and worse".

Elissa jokes that she is stroking McCrae's ego but he is so smart and Amanda is like, the "funniest person ever".  She wishes she could hang out with them all day and leaves the room, laughing.

(Sorry, but that felt totally fake to me.  I'm getting a LaToya Jackson vibe now.)

Now we see Amanda in the bedroom whispering like crazy to Andy, who is waving his arms as they count the votes....Judd, Gina Marie.....  Andy said that GMZ told him he was a great person and made him cry.  Andy checks outside the door, waves to Howard and then shuts the door.  He says that is his "kind of jokey way" to figure out where everyone is in the house.  Amanda whispers about Spencer and Jeremy---apparently she thinks they are aligned with Nick and has no idea her BoyToy McCrae is involved.   Amanda does the maneuver where she unties and pulls off her bikini top under her jacket and then looks up at the camera with the bikini top in her hand.

(If a Whore is a Camera Whore than maybe the two Whores cancel each other out.  Like in algebra or something.)

The camera moves to the backyard, where a group is gathered sitting in a circle in the grass as Spencer speaks.  Then we go back to the Eames Room where BB tells Amanda to put on her microphone as she and Andy lean against the file cabinets, conspiring.  Amanda has her shirt unbuttoned, of course, as she marches down the path to Total Lack of Dignity Land.

Now back in the backyard we see Aaryn sitting in the grass as Spencer says he is going to go in the DR and "tell somebody to spray something".  Maybe they have bugs.  Yes, someone got stung on the bottom of their foot.  Judd is laying sideways in the hammock and is talking to Nick, Aaryn and Gina Marie who are sitting on the ground in a semi-circle near the hammock.

Judd drawled out a story of being in pain after some sort of bug encounter.  GMZ has a pain in her head and she thinks it came from getting too warm in the hot tub.  Nick is still clean-shaven as we go to the first break, listening patiently to GMZ share her trivial stories about various aches and pains.

After the break we see Judd enjoying a cigarette on the backyard couch, as Nick and GMZ banter nearby.  I see Kaitlin standing around in the distance with a pool cue in her hands, and I think she is playing pool with Jessie and a few others.  GMZ's speech is obliterated due to her frequent cursing.  Make that constant cursing.

Inside the house Andy and Elissa stare at the picture wall and he thinks her picture doesn't look like her at all.

Elissa:  Since I've been here, I've like not been able to get ready, because of the cold shower...

Amanda is in the kitchen as Andy jokes about "here's dinner" as he finds a baggie full of slop or protein powder.  Amanda wants pita chips and hummus but takes a quick poll to see if people will eat nachos, if she makes them. She had a few takers so she gets busy pouring the taco chips on a plate while staring at herself in the reflection.

Howard goes into the Cockpit for a conversation with Aaryn and thanks her for something she said to him in front of Jeremy in the HoH.  He shares that he doesn't really trust Amanda and McCrae, because he thinks she may be using McCrae and is very, very paranoid.  We see a close up Aaryn staring at Howard intently as he speaks.

Howard:  For some reason, I feel sorry for the kid.  I think she's playing to his weaknesses, but also protecting herself in the same way.  She's always thinking and coming up with some things.  Rumor has it that she thinks I'm with Helen or Candice or something like that, some type of alliance, but I hope ya'll see that I'm just hanging out with them but want to align with you, the strongest girl in the house.  From a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint as well.   You and Jeremy have a target on your backs due to that, but not by me...

Aaryn:  Um hmm.

Howard:  Because I think it's too early in the game to align with people like that.  But maybe later in the game I would need to..

Aaryn:  Um hmm..

Howard:  So if you hear that, if she came to you and said that I might be a part of that...

Aaryn:  Amanda came to me and said Candice is misconstruing some things that I've said and I am frustrated about that and (drops to a whisper) she's saying that  there's things that I'm saying that are like, not okay and I have never meant any comment in any derogatory way...ever, and the fact that Candice took it that way, and making stories up just like Elissa does is very upsetting, to the point where I'm really not approaching Candice about it, because it's all lies.

Her voice gradually gets a little louder.

Aaryn:  Like, if anybody thinks that I'm racist, that's like, ridiculous.  I didn't say that.  Why would I ever have you be with me in a game if I was racist? I mean, why?

Howard:  OK.  Here's my thing.  The conversation that was had, I got in the back end of it but I'm not gonna this house sometimes things can get misconstrued, maybe they're said in a joking way and you don't mean anything else from that standpoint.  It might have caught my attention, but I don't think the intent was malicious.

Aaryn:  Never.

Howard:  So I just look over it.  It's like a a blunt joke to me.  But last night, the conversation was in general like this from where I'm from.  But the way she's coming back to you with it is being misconstrued..  I just want to talk to you about it from a social standpoint, from a personal standpoint..

Aaryn: Yeah.

Howard:  We're here from a game standpoint, so you just gotta do what you do, but I'm also looking down the line after the first few weeks, hopefully make it to the jury but we'll see.  I know you need strong players.  I wasn't afraid to be a strong player right out of the gate if there weren't going to be so many strong players here.  Like Jeremy is a strong player and you are showing yourself to be a strong player...I don't have to be a strong player right now because that might get me out of here...we can have an alliance but not be in strong cahoots or anything...

Howard doesn't plan to talk to Candice about it.  Aaryn says that people keep implying that she is "related to someone" and she keeps getting questioned about her personal data.  When Candice asked her middle name Aaryn made up a name as a joke and Candice tried to make it into something.

(I think Aaryn said it was Shaniqua, or something along those lines.)

Howard tries to wrap it up by saying he wanted to squash it between them, and he didn't take it personal, but Amanda blew it up into something personal, rather than just a social conversation.  Aaryn says that if they do speak about it, Howard can tell Candice that she didn't mean anything hurtful with it.  They both agree that if Elissa doesn't go home this week, then something is wrong, and it will mean that there are sketchy people in the house.

Aaryn:  Is Spencer cool?

Howard:  I trust him more now...maybe not before, but more now.....

And now we go into the second commercial break.  After the break we are back in the back yard watching Jeremy on the backyard couch, talking with a group including Nick, Andy, Candice, Jessie, Spencer and Judd.  They discuss a Gray's Anatomy episode where a fish does something gross to a guy's junk.

Andy:  You guys want to hear about when I thought I killed someone?

They all say yes so he starts explaining that he was in a bar in college that had two stories.  There was a balcony on the second story and Jessie asks if that was the balcony that Andy poured a pitcher of beer off of and he confirms that, adding that he got kicked out for that after a friend of a friend that he didn't like squealed on him.

Andy:  But that's a different story.  So, I pick up a pint glass from the balcony that is filled with ice.  It's heavy...and I'm like "ha ha ha" and throw the ice off the balcony into the crowd.  And the bar was packed so I pick up the glass to throw the ice and I was drunk, right?  So my hands were slippery and when I went to throw the ice the glass slipped and I just launched it into the crowd.  I got scared and ran away and was sure that I killed someone and the music would stop and I would be arrested.  But nothing happened....not a word!  I got lucky.

Jeremy harks back to something he has been thinking about, saying it is the "ammonia in your pee that they are attracted to".  OK Jeremy.  Whatever.

Candice:  I got pissed on from a balcony on Bourbon Street.  They were taking a leak and some dripped on my head..he was draining the main vein.

Now we visit the kitchen counter where Helen is finishing up some sort of snack.  Amanda says she is making nachos "from the heavens" and carries the platter outside.  Helen knows they only have 2.5 more hours before they can eat real food.  She walks down to the bathroom where Elissa is painting her toenails to report that she just ate the last slop muffin.

Elissa whispers that she saw Aaryn and Howard talking, and says they would be so stupid to keep Nick in the house.  Helen tells her to tell Howard that, but Elissa wants Helen to be the one to tell him because "no one listens to what I say".

(Bye Elissa.)

Helen walks away as Judd comes in.  Elissa whispers to him to, that she saw Aaryn talking to Howard.  Judd responds by asking if someone is in the restroom.  Helen says no but Judd knocks anyway.  One second later Nick comes in and asks if someone is in the bathroom.  Nick sits down to wait and it is silent in there.  Just Nick and Elissa, both trying to pretend to be occupied with other things....Elissa with her toenails and Nick scanning the ceiling and the walls with his robot-like eyes.

Andy breaks the silence from down the hall by chirping "Whatchu doin' girl?" and Elissa updates him regarding the status of her toenails and the long bathroom line.

Andy:  Oh really?  Who all is in there?

Elissa:  Nick and Judd.

Andy:  Oh, okay.

Nick wonders if she is waiting, too, but she announces the toenail project to him AGAIN and Nick says "copy that" as he looks down and waits his turn.

Now Elissa tries to banter by telling Nick she wasn't implying that he was cutting in line and Nick responds politely.

(Even robots have to pee, too.  I don't know if Jack from BB4 is watching all of this, but he really should recruit Nick for the FBI after all of this is over.  He seems to have super-human qualities of tolerance and a stellar poker face.)

Now Judd comes out of the WC and Nick goes in.  Judd washes his hands and dries them carefully, checking his look in the mirror.  Elissa whispers that she has to tell him something, and seems to think it is earth shattering news.

Elissa:  If they vote to keep Nick, you all lose!

She starts naming names and Judd nods and walks away as Andy comes back in.  Andy is waiting for the WC, to, and asks Elissa if she is in line for the bathroom.

(I want to jump out of the window sometimes while I'm doing this.  I did post-graduate work! And now I'm doing this.)

Nick is a hand-washer, too, I'm happy to report.  He walks off and Elissa is there alone in the midst of her toenail project.

Now we move to the chess board where Helen and Howard are concentrating on their chess pieces.  The game is in early stages, but we go back to the bathroom where Elissa is whispering furiously to Andy and he says okay, we're on the same page and leaves.

Now we see Judd in the storage room talking to Nick about the fascinating conversations with Elissa they just had.  They are leaning along the "produce wall" and there are baskets containing numerous Granny Smith applies, oranges, lemons, garlic, red onions and cucumbers hanging on the walls.  There is an assortment of kiwis, small watermelons and honeydew melons on the counter top.  Judd say he's trying to keep his cool.

Nick:  Hang loose.

The move over to the wall with the refrigerator and I see boxes of cereal and maybe granola bars and most of it looks like generic store brands.  Usually BB shops at Ralphs for the house guests, which is a large supermarket chain located in Southern California.  I think Kroger owns them, so you probably have the same generic products in your own Kroger-based grocery store.

Judd assures Nick that he wants to work with him in the long run, too, and not just this week.  Nick looks up from his search for food to nod.  Judd thinks he has a very good chance of going up on the block next week but Nick doesn't think so.  Nick wants HoH  and says Judd is good  and Judd says he is looking forward to it.  There are several jars of peanut butter stacked on the counter behind Judd's back and I can tell several of them are of the low-fat variety.  Nick shakes on his promise to Judd and says he trusts him as he leaves the room carrying no food that I could see.

After the break the kitchen we see Nick and GMZ in the kitchen and she is blabbering about shredded cheddar cheese, and how the kitchen fridge stinks.  They look at a package of Pizza Bites in their quest to discover where the stench is coming from.  Nick is bummed that they are out of cheese for the week.

(I'll bet Amanda just put all of the cheese on her nachos.)

Now we shift to a close up of Jessie and Judd laying in bed in the Small World room.  Judd announces that "he's gonna win HoH next week" and Jessie seems to be having a different conversation, but it's a good one.

Jessie:  It's such a double standard.  I mean guys are always talking about hot girls and then the second that I start talking about going out to meet guys I have no self worth and I'm not happy with myself. ....screw you, I am happy with myself.

Judd:  Yeah.

Jessie:  I mean, I'm on Big Brother!  No thanks to all of you!

They hand slap on that and Judd reports he heard somebody say "get a bed" and he said "she has one".

Judd:  Don't let people get to you.  People are starting to get to me, too, but I'm trying to keep my mouth shut.

Jessie admits that when she gets out of the house in three months she is going to want to go out and have fun, and her idea of that is to go out and flirting with cute boys and what is so wrong with that?

Judd:  In the meantime you can flirt with me!

Another hand slap as Jessie says "Yay!'  Judd reminds her that somebody will win $500,000 and somebody will win $50,000 and she needs to keep that in her head.  She wishes things would move faster and Judd agrees.  It's been 19 days and only one person has left the game.

Like clockwork, Andy bursts in asking if Jessie is okay.  Judd goes to "get a sheet" and Jessie asks Andy if everybody is talking about her now.  Andy says no, he was just coming in to see if she was okay and I hear GMZ in there now, too.

Jessie:  They can all kiss my ass!

GMZ is looking for her conditioner as Jessie says that all of the different alliances were out there and when she said she can't wait to go out and meet cute boys after this Amanda said that is because she has no self-worth.

Jessie:  That is a strong accusation to make to somebody on national television.

Andy:  As blunt as that was, I don't think she meant to be mean.  She can be too blunt at times but I think she was just trying to give you some good advice.

Jessie:  I wasn't asking for her advice, though.

Andy:  I know it's easier said then done, but a part of me is just like get over it and don't cause any trouble!

Jessie:  I'm not causing any trouble.

Andy:  Oh I know!  I know!  I think it's great that you just walked away.

Jessie:  Well, what else can I do when 4 people are basically ganging up on me and calling me a slut on national TV?

Now Judd returns with a sheet as Jessie says she is a nicer girl than "a lot of other girls in the house right now" and Andy tells her not to cry and leaves the room.  No doubt to scurry off and report every word that was just said.

Judd and Jessie make the bed with the sheet, and Judd murmers that "Andy is everywhere....he walks so fast!" and she agrees.  Jessie says he does check on her and is sweet, but she doesn't know if he's like that with everybody.

Judd:  Oh, I'm just saying he's everywhere.  I was in the storage room a minute ago and he comes in like "Hey!"  Then I come in here and he's like "Hey!" and I'm like Dude..

They put new pillow cases on the pillows and Judd thanks her for letting him sleep there tonight.  She is going to read for a little while so Judd leans over and gives her a hug and a smooch and tells her she is sweet and she says he is, too.

Now we go back to the backyard where Aaryn is talking to Amanda and Candice.  Amanda's mother tells her that she is a doormat to men and Aaryn says her mom is the opposite.  Her mom is always trying to come up with reasons why guys might be treating her badly.  Jeremy and Spencer sit silently and listen to them talk.  The camera closes in on Jeremy's face as Amanda announces that "her boyfriend now is a Jewish lawyer" and we see his eyes cut over to his right to look at someone.

The cameras change to Andy leaning over the kitchen counter listening to Nick discuss the smoothies you can buy at a bodega.

Andy:  I feel like I switch around a lot.  I like the Peach Pleasure and the Razzmatazz, too.

McCrae walks through the kitchen wrapped up in a duvet from the bed as he heads to the backyard.  Nick discusses Starbucks buying Jamba Juice  and all of the controversy over the yogurt in the smoothies and where it comes from.  There is a Jamba Juice in the train station that Andy walks through every day and he buys one sometimes to enjoy on the train "if he's feeling crazy".  Nick's food sizzles on the stove and his biceps ripple as he seasons whatever is in the skillet with salt.

Now the Andy Cam has moved to the back yard where he is saying he is sorry to the group but he went in there to "kind of smooth it out".  They are talking about Jessie and what Amanda said to her and Andy repeats "she's fine...really she is" a few times.

McCrae:  I was going to say the same thing to her, actually.

Spencer sits silently as Jeremy says let's not start that up again.  Amanda jokes about Evel Dick coming in and banging pots and pans over Jessie's head.    Andy thinks that tough love might be best for her, and Aaryn said she seems to respond better when she talks to her.  Amanda is bleeped while she talks about "licking her asshole and it being a different flavor every time".

Andy says he and his friends found the term "rim goblin" in the Urban Dictionary and McCrae snickers as Andy defines it.    Andy thinks the word goblin is so funny and says he took a class in folklore and there was a chapter on slang.  He wrote a paper on the slang he and his friends use and the teacher chose three students to present their paper to the group.

Andy:  So I had to talk about rim goblins in front of the entire class!

 After the break Nick is sitting at the dining table with a plate of food and Amanda wonders what he will do if he's on slop.  He thinks he will eat the same way, just with slop.  Spencer has a sweet tooth and wants some chocolate.  He found a package of hidden cookies and then Jeremy comes over and eats some food off Nick's plate with his fingers.

Amanda:  Where is Kaitlin?

Jeremy:  Sleepin'

Amanda:  She does that a lot now.

Amanda feels like she should talk to Jessie but Jeremy thinks she should leave her alone right now.

Jeremy:  I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but maybe just pop in and say you're sorry.

Amanda:  I'm not sorry, though.

Judd says maybe you can "give her one of your shirts or something".   Amanda says she'll "give her one of McCrae's and she'll be fine".  She opens the door of the fridge and a box of Shredded Wheat falls off the top of it and into her arms.  (Maybe that's a hint, Amanda.)

Nick:  Good catch.

Now Elissa walks through without speaking  and Amanda plans to go to the hammock and keep herself out of trouble.  Nick just finished his potato and says he wants another one.  He offers to make one for Judd but Judd is fixing himself a hot dog instead.  Nick gets up to prepare another potato and Elissa walks through again and I think Nick told her her medication was ready for her in the storage room.  Nick went in there, too, to get some produce out of the baskets and wheeled around to stare at the camera in a way that was kind of scary.

Now we see Candice go into the bedroom where Jessie is reading and asked if she was okay.  Jessie says she's fine and the room looks remarkably clean, with no clothes on the floor and one of the beds still neatly made up.  Candice is sipping on a beverage and leaves the room in silence.

In the kitchen Jeremy is talking shit with Nick as he makes another potato dish, and then we swing out to the hammock where McManda is laying, covered up with the duvet from their bed.  McCrae is swinging the hammock with his hand on the ground.  They both say they can't stand "girls like that", and McCrae adds it is "such a turnoff".

McCrae:  Amanda is like that too...just meeting Jeremy and banging him and shit.

The hammock is developing a creaky squeak but is nothing like the Ian Terry days of BB14 yet.  Now Jeremy comes out and you can hear him joking around in the backyard.  McCrae is cursing a lot and says his breath is so bad right now.  Candice comes over and gets in the other side of the hammock after McCrae invites her in.

Now Candice reports her conversation with Jessie just now, saying Jessie "wants to be alone".  McCrae says it is tough to be alone in this house, and ironically Jessie really doesn't want to be alone at all, and that is part of her problem.

McCrae:  Dude.  You have to learn to be by yourself sometime.

Candice talks about how her mother raised her alone since Candice was three, and she was a strong woman but could do it on her own.

Candice:  She'll be okay.  Once she has a cigarette, she'll be fine.  She hasn't had any all day...

McCrae:  Oh, that's a big part of it, for sure.

Candice:  I asked her what would happen if she tried to quit and she said she would get really irritable.  And I was like, this is not the environment to quit.  Maybe cut down slowly, but not quit.

McCrae agrees and as we go to break Candice admits that BB is "a pressure cooker", and McCrae adds that cigarettes can be comforting as "a stress-reliever, for sure."

After the break we are still in the hammock with these three as Candice discusses her adoption situation.  She has known that she was adopted since she was 21, and she went to a private school where she was the only black girl.  Both of her adoptive parents are black, but her mom is like Jessie's color with curly hair.

The cameras change to Aaryn laying on the backyard couch  and laughing with Jeremy about him getting put up on the block.  Spencer, Judd, and Andy are there too as Aaryn pretends to tell Jeremy goodbye and to have "a good time on the boat".  After Andy walks off Aaryn says she hates the hammock and she's not getting on it.  Now they are talking about Candice being out at the hammock just waiting for someone to say something that she can pounce on.

Suddenly Jessie appears and Jeremy greets her by saying "there she is...the southern beauty has arrived"  Jessie sat down eating an oatmeal cookie and we can hear her crunch it.  They agree that the nachos were delicious.  Jessie is thinking about treating herself to "just one cigaroni".

Spencer:  You were doing so good today...just one.

Jeremy says he is proud of her regardless, and Spencer says she made it this far, and might just want to go to bed.  Jeremy says going cold turkey may be harder than just cutting back.  Jessie continues to eat her cookie  as Aaryn complains about being in the hammock.

Aaryn:  I feel like a dodged a bullet and now you're going to go back and shoot me.

She doesn't even want to talk about it, but Spencer says that "she made it seem like she went there for kids or something, but she really went there to put on the Ms. Zimbabwe pageant".

Spencer:  They had some ringer there that they wanted to qualify for Ms. Universe but something happened and she didn't make it.

They laugh and Jessie asks where Kaitlin is.

Jessie:  You might want to go in there and wake her up or else she won't be able to sleep tonight.

Jeremy:  She'll be alright...

(Jeremy and Kaitlin have indeed been having sex in the HoH room.  I watched one "encounter" on the live feeds and they were both aware that they were on camera, and Kaitlin alternated between moaning and asking him if he wanted to stop.  Jeremy said, "does it look like I want to stop?" and said it was a little too late to worry about being discovered after Amanda walked in and said "whoo hoo" before leaving as they were in the act.)

(Hi Daddy!)

Aaryn has only had one good dream since she's been in the house.  Spencer dreamed that someone broke Andy's collar bone with a Coke can.  Jessie wonders if Spencer secretly hates him, and Spencer says no, and adds that he was at his grandma's house and Andy was crying about it.  He adds that "a girl did it".   Jessie pokes her head in the kitchen and tells GMZ to come outside when she gets a chance so she can tell her about the dream.

Jessie comes back out rattling a box of cigarettes...looks like Marlboro Lights and approaches the couch.  Andy says it is already 10:00, and if he can go all day without eating then she can go a day without smoking.

Jessie:  But I'm just going to have one...

Spencer:  No you're not.  That's your addiction telling your brain that...

(Did you know Spencer went to rehab after he tested positive for pot at work?  He reported on the live feeds that he spent 46 days in rehab, so this explains the comment to Jessie, right?)

Andy is saying he will be so disappointed if she lights up and Spencer says prepare to be disappointed.

Andy:  Don't!  Don't do it!  I'm going to slap it out of your hand.

Aaryn inspects the pack of cigarette and Jessie puts a pillow over Andy's face as he keeps saying not to do it.  Aaryn wonders how people choose a brand of smokes and Jessie has tried three different brands.  Judd smokes Marlboro Ultra Lights.  Jessie only brought 2 cartons in the house with her.  Each carton holds 10 packs and she's already gone through 8 packs since she's been in the house.    Judd brought 3 cartons with him and has already gone through a carton.

Aaryn:  You've already smoked all of those?

Judd:  I guess...they're gone...

Now GMZ comes out and Jessie begins to describe her dream.  She has not started smoking yet.  Her dream was the best dream ever, and when she woke up she wanted to tell someone.  She walked through the house and it was quiet, so she peeked outside and GMZ and Nick were on the hammock and called her over.  GMZ is laughing and Jessie continues, all animated and giggly.

Jessie:  So I'm back home at a party, like a rave party.  And I see this guy that I have a huge crush on, for like two years.  He's there, and I'm back home after Big Brother.  We'll call him "T".  The next day there is another big party with lights and I was wearing a Wonder Woman outfit and the stars are shining and I see T dancing with this girl.  Not just her, but the girl and her "retarded brother".

Aaryn: Down's Syndrome?

Jessie:  Yeah!  

They all giggle and I realize this is yet a whole new category of people to be offended at BB.  Not just the Blacks, Gays, Asians and Jews, but now the mentally challenged can be included in the BB15 excitement as well.  Bonus!

Jessie:  So, I turn to the girl next to me and I'm like "what the hell" and she's like "I like him too"  so "if you like him get in line!" and then me and T made eye contact as I walked across the floor..

Aaryn:  In your Wonder Woman costume...

Jessie:  Yeah, to go see my friends and we're all dressed up like Super Heroes and he is dressed up like The Tick!

(Like this?)

The camera cuts twice to Andy listening, stone-faced with his hand over his mouth.  We go to commercial so I guess we won't ever get to hear the rest of this exciting dream.

After the break they are talking about something else and Jessie is not smoking yet.  Aaryn tells the group that Howard told her he is not being strong in competitions on purpose.  Aaryn says "she knew it" and Jessie "could have guessed that , too".

Now the cameras cut to the Small World where Spencer and Howard are standing near each other, whispering.  Howard is telling Spencer about his meeting with Aaryn and the cameras whirr as they swing around to cover the action.  Nick is in there too and it is surely a WhisperFest as they say they "need to tell McCrae".

Obviously they are still worried about Amanda but feel sure that McCrae will be voting out Elissa.  Nick says that Spencer and Howard are supposed to be floaters and that is how the alliance is set up.  Nick says this week everyone wants Elissa out, but the tide will turn next week and Spencer throws Amanda's name out there again.

Nick:  Right now we're getting balls deep, and it's going to get worse next week.

They want Amanda out next week and they all shake and give other gestures of support as Howard leaves.    After he leaves Spencer and Nick keep talking about Amanda and Nick says if there is a power shift he can take care of it.  Spencer thinks Amanda is going to "poisen the well" and if he doesn't address it now then two years from now he will be at work kicking himself that he didn't do something to stop her.

Nick says their targets are Amanda, Aaryn, and then Helen.  They've already set it up that way, and there are a "thousand ways to make it happen".  Spencer doesn't think McCrae will turn on them, but Amanda is a trouble maker and needs to go.  Spencer makes the case that they all need to stick together because whoever gets to the Final Two will have other MC members on the Jury pulling for hm.

Andy (of course) and Aaryn walk in and Spencer immediately changes his voice and says to Nick "I appreciate you talking to me about it" as Aaryn turns back around and leaves.  Andy apologizes for barging in and they assure him it's fine.  Nick does a brilliant move of whispering to Andy if he trusts Spencer.  Andy whispers back that he's only met with him twice, and he wants to trust him but a part of him is wary.  Nick agrees and Andy reassures Nick again that he should be safe this week.

After the break we see Helen sitting in the Have Not Airport and is saying that if people let Nick stay then they must not want to play.  Helen complains that everyone is so afraid of making Jeremy mad.

Elissa:  Do you really go into the DR and bitch about him?

Helen:  No, but it was really that one night.....

Elissa:  I wasn't going to say anything about what he did to me..what he did to my hat.  But he only apologized because they made him...the way he approached me is that "they made me do this".

(You can see my recap of this semi-famous conversation here.)

Helen: If he gets MVP after you go home, the rest of the house should just leave....

Elissa can't imagine America supporting him. She is constantly fiddling with her Ziploc bags full of jewelry and cosmetics, ruining the acoustics in that room.   Elissa says that "putting people's lives in danger isn't cute, it's irresponsible".

(Did Jeremy put her life in danger?  ha ha ha)

Elissa:  And drinking our chocolate milk, just to be mean...

Helen:  Unbelievable...he needs to be backdoored so bad...

They both seem defeated after two weeks of slop and the Terror of Jeremy.  Now we go back to the backyard where the group talks about acronyms and how the DR wanted Aaryn to come up with a few.

Aaryn:  I couldn't think of any, but there's NBT for Night Booty Call, and PBF for potential boyfriend.

Andy asks Howard's favorite shows and he says his favorite of all time are ER and Grey's Anatomy.  Aaryn asks if he's seen Untold Stories form the ER and then describes how gross the stories are.  The episode that got Aaryn hooked was one where an inmate had been admitted to the hospital with leg pain.  They took the chains off his legs and kept hitting his legs to see if the inmate was faking it or not.  There was another inmate in the next treatment room who really was trying to escape, but the guy with the leg problem had been bitten by a bug in prison that paralyzed him.  The moral of the story is that the hospital learned they had to take each prison patient seriously and provide good care.

After the last break we see a meeting between Jeremy and Spencer in the storage room.  And they're whispering, of course.  Spencer is updating Jeremy and then they both start talking about targeting Amanda and how she needs to go.  Jeremy thinks Aaryn feels she has no one right now, so she might be a good person to align with and to provide cover to keep the MC secret as long as possible.  Spencer adds that their vote to evict Elissa this week will also solidify Aaryn's trust in them, since she wants Elissa out of the game.  They end their meeting with an energetic note and then Jeremy looks in the fridge and opens the door to leave.

He sees Howard out there and waves him into Storage seamlessly.  Jeremy says that he and Spencer were talking about bringing Aaryn and Kaitlin in to an alliance with Spencer and Howard and building some trust with them.  Then they can use them to help vote Amanda out since "Amanda is trying to turn Aaryn".

Howard reports he just talked to Aaryn to try and get on her good side.  They agree that the plan is perfect because it provides the "strength of nine" but protects the MC for a few more weeks.  Jeremy confirms that Aaryn said she trusted Howard.   They decide that this plan is "perfect" and "nice" and both leave the room undetected.

Outside Spencer is talking about his dog and all of his little mannerisms. He is very animated and said he might tear up talking about him, because he loves his dog.  Every morning at 5:00 am his dog wags his tail against the dresser and he describes how Murdock is excited about "breakfast time".    There must be two dogs, because Spencer lets "both him and Dutch out to go potty" and then "Murdock comes in to thank me" by jumping in the bed and spooning with him for about another hour and a half before he has to get up to work.

The camera shows Elissa and Aaryn listening, and Spencer is a different person as he talks about his dog, acting out the dog's behavior like a proud father.

Spencer:  The dialogue we have...I can tell everything that he's thinking when he thanks me, and tells me he loves me...that's my favorite part of the day, when Murdock comes to the bed and wants to cuddle with me.

Aaryn:  Aww.  That's so cute.

Spencer:   I know.  I'm such a pussy, because man I love my dog!  I grab his face and kiss him, saying "my good boy I love you".  (complete with baby talk voice that any other dog love would recognize"

Spencer faces the camera:  I love you Murdock!

Jeremy had to give his dog away before he came to BB, but Spencer says if he can't take care of the dog on his boat, then Spencer will be more than happy to take care of him, until Jeremy can get to a place where he can take care of him again.

Spencer's mom is involved with animal rescue, fostering dogs and raising money.   She has even taken dogs to Wisconsin and is really into it.  Murdock puts his chin on Spencer's foot to nap, and as the show ends Jeremy describes how big his (former) dog's head is and how he puts it in Jeremy's lap and thinks he is still a lap dog.

Aaryn: Like, Here's My HoH Blog. #BB15

HoH Blog: Aaryn

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 10:55am

Hey Y'all! It's your current HOH and BB Bunny, Aaryn! This week has been great for me. I couldn't have asked for a better time to be in this position. Going into this HOH competition, I knew I had to win in order to secure my safety. Things weren't looking too good! David leaving was extremely hard for me, and it caused me to question every person in this house. Being around someone 24/7 for even just 13 days creates a bond that is painful to break cold turkey! Thankfully I have been able to see things more clearly now that I have received a wakeup call. I have changed my game completely and am realizing what I need to do that I previously wouldn't have thought twice about. After all, this is a G.A.M.E, and I need to be reminded of that often. I have a fireball personality and am one of the most up front people you will ever meet, and that is hurting my game. There are pros and cons of every move we make in this house, and the best I can do is what I'm doing. I've learned a lot about life in just 19 days, and no matter what happens I will be forever grateful for that (no matter how many times I'm sassy) ;).
Now, about my nominations… I know the Brenchel fans aren't happy with me, but I hope you all get to see that I tried more than once to align with Elissa. She has a personal vendetta against me and it is in my best interest to see her walk out the door on Thursday. I hope you all can respect that this game means a lot to me, and not even the sister of someone whom I was a super-fan of is going to come in-between that. I have a lot of respect for Helen, but she is highly responsible (along with Elissa) for David's eviction. He deserves to be here and I miss him every day. For those of you who don't know yet, Helen and I now play for the same team (secretly)… so don't doubt me just yet! I have turned a lot of things around this week thanks to my partner in crime, Jeremy, and I know I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for him. I'm enjoying the HOH luxuries, but the greatest gift in this game is safety. Having one week to relax and get your s*** together is truly priceless. The only thing that would make this HOH better is not having to share a bed with Jerelin (Jeremy and Kaitlin)… AWKWARD! Before I go, I just want to let my family and friends know that I think about them every day and miss them more than words can explain. XOXO