Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OK, OK. Because You Asked For It.... #BB15

I have been asked about this a few times now, so I'll post it.  Before I do, let me tell you that I do not publish nudity on this site.  Maybe a few flashes of skin, but there are plenty of other places where you can go to see the Big Brother nudie shots.

These pictures are NOT nude.

OK.  On Sunday night the cast was getting their drink on, and around 11:30 they were getting sassy out in the backyard.  Note that the TVGN cameras turned off at 11:00, so maybe they felt like they could blow off a little steam.

Gina Marie put on a sexy outfit and did a little dance for Nick and Spencer.  Jessie looked like she was running around with just underwear on.  And Amanda was sitting on the backyard couch, smoking and wearing a towel and a fedora.  And bandages on her nipples, as we will soon see.

BB announces:  Amanda, please put your microphone on your shirt.

Everyone laughs as Amanda calls out that she has no shirt on, and she says "Zing" and then proceeds to take down the towel and expose herself.

Like this:

See the bandages?  Remember this is not nudity!  Amanda just sat there like that and made no motion to cover herself as everyone gawked and the guys high-fived each other and said how, like, totally awesome Amanda is.


And they all laughed.  Amanda attached the microphone to the tape on her chest, as you can see below, and just sat there.  She's a nudist, right?

Amanda:  Do you think this will be on the internet?

McCrae:  Yeah, it is right now!

Spencer:  Oh, it's already all over the internet.

Helen was sitting nearby and said Amanda did have nice boobs, and they joked about Gina Marie attaching her microphone to her nipple ring.

After a few minutes Amanda wasn't getting attention anymore, so she kind of gradually pulled up the towel to cover herself.

What's the point now, anyway, of her putting the towel back up?

And where do they get these people?  And don't you think the end may be near for all of us?


I almost forgot, or maybe I tried to forget that Spencer asked Amanda if one of her "titties" would fill up the hat so with no dignity whatsoever Amanda put that hat over her right boob and left it there for a moment.  Elissa pointed out her's are bigger than Amanda's but did not appear to want to show them.

HoH Picture Time #BB15

Nick and Gina Marie pose by the picture wall as Nerds, imitating each other.

And Aaryn poses with David.


Nick: I'm All About Business #BB15

McCrae:  And business is good!

They giggle devilishly and feel good about where things stand now.  Nick talked to Amanda and feels good about the conversation.  McCrae is pleased with the conversation and Nick adds that when they formed the MC, he told them he would put his blind faith on their group of five, and whatever else happens is bullshit.

Nick says you can say whatever you want about him in the game, but he's on top of it and knows it is part of the plan.  McCrae says that Nick is probably the last person in the game he should trust, but somehow he trusts him the most and Nick feels the same way.

Nick tells him that Aaryn and Kaitlin are at each others' throats right now and it is probably a "PMS thing", but that Jeremy is trying to start everybody ganging up on Kaitlin.

Aaryn burst in to take HoH pictures and tells them "you're going home!" as she takes their pictures.  That is a call back to Old Jerry from BB10 yelling at Libra, if you don't know.

Aaryn's HoH blog was like, this long! 

After she leaves McCrae and Nick shake hands and say "good talk, good talk" and then do their little wave motion and McCrae leaves.  They both feel good about the way things are going.

Nick sits alone for a moment, thinking.

Chit Chat by the Pool #BB15

Kaitlin is running her mouth in the pool about people in the house who think they are running the game.  And of course she is talking about Elissa or Candice.

 Kaitlin describes an old outfit she used to wear, but says she could never fit in to it now.  Jessie asked what size she wears and Kaitlin isn't sure, maybe a 4 or 6?

Jessie:  No way, I'm like a size 3 and you are way smaller than me.

Jessie wants to "compare butts".  Yes, that is what she said.

 I think Jessie proved her point, right?  When you stack it up like that, the answer is clear.

Jessie plays with the hose.

Jeremy comes out and says the "door is still locked" and they can't figure out why.  Jeremy says maybe Elissa "is there taking a big ole poop" and Aaryn says that type of talk disgusts her.

Aaryn is hot and wants for a squirt from the hose, and Jessie complies.

Big Brother After Dark - Beiber Fever Might Be Breaking, But the McManda Addiction Grows - 7-8-13

This episode of BBAD aired on Monday evening, at 9:00 pm BBT.  I've heard some rumblings here and there that BBAD is aired on a 5 minute delay, and possibly that the live feeds are as well.  That wouldn't surprise me....CBS is in charge of the live feeds now and TVGN is not a cable station, so there are Standards and Practices to follow.

I've actually noticed that the live feed performance is much more continuous so far this year, and there is less BB interference when they talk about Production and other taboo topics.  Maybe that is because of the 5 minute delay---meaning that they switch the camera feed to something else when they need to, but maybe not.  There may not even be a 5 minute delay.  Who knows.

What I'm trying to say is I've been pleased with the live feeds so far.

As this episode airs Aaryn is still the HoH, and earlier today Jeremy used his PoV to take himself off the block and Elissa (the MVP) nominated Nick Uhas in Jeremy's place.  So now Nick will be in the hot seat along with Helen and Elissa (or on the hot couch).  At this point I expect Elissa to be evicted on Thursday night, but of course anything can change and often does.

I would be surprised if Production took steps to keep Elissa at this point.  The writing is on the wall already, and I don't think she has lived up to Rachel's legend, and is not making the impact that I'm sure they expected from a Reilly sibling.  She doesn't come across as very real, does she?  Her face and personality seem very plastic and contrived and there is no way she would ever be MVP without Rachel's influence.  In fact, her whole storyline has been related to Rachel.  So now that CBS has featured Rachel a few times in the episodes maybe they got their money's worth from Elissa.  Hopefully they will realize that the rest of the cast is going to play hard.  And it is going to get personal, and it's going to get nasty.

CBS just needs to get out of the way and let it happen.

OK.  Enough chatter.  Let's go.

As the show opens there is a crowd at the hot tub, and in the backyard, and it seems they are all giving Jessie career advice.  She is unemployed and doesn't really know what she wants to do.  Helen and Candice are kind of tag-teaming her and firing off questions and advice.

(Interesting, because I think both of them are trying to hide their resumes from the others.  And everybody is listening to this out there.)

Apparently before the show started Jessie said she wanted to travel, and is considering being a stewardess.  (I know that is not the proper terminology, but this is what is being said.)  Helen has a bad reaction to that and says that what is the career path of a stewardess?  Where can you go from there?  She says that Jessie should go into consulting, with a company like KPMG or McKinsey that can send her all over the world.  She can choose, "like nine different paths there" and there are lots of opportunities for advancement.

Helen:  You can work in any different field, and any different project, all over the world.  You have no children...you can just go...

Candice points out that it really depends on what Jessie wants to do...does she want to be a career woman or focus more on family.

Candice:   Do you want to be a high-powered career woman?  Or do you want to be a wife and mother?  Or do you want both?

Jessie:  I think I want both...

Candice:  I'm asking you...what do YOU want?

Jessie doesnt know the answer to that, and doesn't know how to figure it out, either.  We see a shot of Howard on the backyard couch, eyes wide as he listens to this action.  He knows Candice is a handful to deal with.

(And Helen better Know Her Role and Shut Her Hole out there...isn't she supposed to be playing the part of a stay-at-home mom?)

Amanda is looking for a lighter and off camera accuses someone of "jacking it again".

Candice, trying to overtalk Helen:  Jessie, he's not going to fill and complete you...you're going to have to do that..

Jessie:  I'm just not gonna be ready!

Candice:  Jessie Claire you're like two...stop whining baby.

Amanda keeps yammering about the lighter and is interrogating everyone as to it's whereabouts.  I see Howard sitting next to Candice and he silently holds up the lighter---a turquoise blue Bic model.  Candice tells Jessie that she can come and live on her sofa to figure it all out after the show.

Cigarette lighted, Amanda comes over and it is clear that she will have less and less modesty as the summer progresses.  She is wearing a black bikini and an orange off-the-shoulder top that she has pulled down to expose one whole huge boob.  She wears the bikini styles that an A Cup would wear, just little triangles and strings, with none of the support that she obviously needs.  And her orange top doesn't cover her rear, either, and I must report there is still plenty of Junk in That Trunk.  And I must say again how fearless I think she is, to flaunt herself (physically and emotionally) so blatantly in that house when she is far from perfect (physically and emotionally).  So while I am a little horrified by Amanda sometimes, I also admire her as well.  She is what she is, and if you don't like it, you can shove it.  Maybe that is not the right attitude to have to win Big Brother, but I think Amanda is another casting home run.  (Just like Helen, and Jeremy, and McCrae, and Nick...etc.)  Just dump that whole cast in the house and the rest will take care of itself.

Candice tells Jessie she should create a Vision Board and Helen starts talking about Ashley from BB14 with her Dream Board.  Candice says that she has one, and she put Africa on it and then she went to Africa.  Helen thought about making one that said Big Brother but didn't.  Candice swears that everything on her board comes true.  Helen describes getting a fortune cookie early this year that said "your dearest wish would come true this year" and then she went to an open casting call for Big Brother.  She kept that fortune up on her computer at work, and focused on it so maybe that is similar to a Dream Board.

(Did Helen just slip up by mentioning work?  Does anybody know if she made up a job or did she just say she was a mom?  Shut your Hole, Helen!)

Candice looks at her board everyday, and believes whatever she wants, she can bring it that way.  Amanda says that is "The Secret" and Candice says whatever you want, you can "vibrate on it and bring it".

Amanda:  Well, you can't bring your vibrator in here!  I tried!

Spencer starts talking about how your attitude points you in a direction (or some shit like that) and Jessie interrupts to ask Amanda  how she chose real estate as a career.  Amanda says she went out to Hollywood in her early 20's to be an actress, but she was "too fat and couldn't get work",  so she switched to real estate.  Both her mother and grandmother were in real estate, too, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Amanda:  I was 24, and had a quarter-life crisis and figured I'd try it.  I passed the test on my first try,  sold a huge home that first year, and then it just took off.

Candice and the other girls say Amanda is so pretty, and has been so talented with playing games in the house, shouldn't she try again to make it as an actress?

Candice, being "assertive" tonight:  Are you scared?  Are you scared to do it?

Amanda:  No, I don't want to be a 40 year old bartender.  And I like money...I'm a Jew...what do you know...

Jessie asks Spencer how he knew he wanted to be a conductor.  Spencer says "he didn't...he just applied for the job and hoped for the best.".  It was the kind of work that he was well-suited for.  Jessie cuts him off again and asks Howard how he knew he wanted to be a counselor.  Howard says he likes kids, and he likes to help people.

Howard:  I told you, your purpose is tied to whatever your heart is.  You figure that out, and...

Jessie interrupts by trying to ask McCrae the same question, but now Amanda is getting into this conversation and is very mouthy, of course.

Amanda:  I can't work for anybody else, so that's another reason for me.  Any job where I have somebody superior to me, I always think I'm smarter then them and I always get fired.

Howard feigns surprise and they all laugh.  She likes selling homes and meeting people and thinks you are selling yourself, basically, and not the house.  Candice thinks she's going to become an actress, anyway.

Amanda:  Nah..I'm good.  I'll do things here and there, but here's the thing..I want to have a family and kids, and need something more stable.  The most important thing for me is to get married and have kids, and I don't see that happening as an actress, having to worry about getting crow's feet.

Amanda puffs on her cigarette dramatically as she says all of this, and is wearing Ugg-style slippers.  Jessie asks Candice how she discovered she wanted to be a speech therapist.

Candice:  Actually doll, I never wanted to be a speech therapist.  I was very scared to chase after what it really is I wanted to do, so I became a speech therapist by default.  I was actually pre-med until almost my senior year, but I knew I wanted to do dance and pageants and travel.  I picked speech therapy because it was easy and I knew that I wanted to have 1,000 kids and a husband so it seemed like a good choice.

Amanda:  And then you can have the vaginal rejuvenation after...

Candice laughs and says yes after 5 children she can have her "va jay jay" fixed.    She says she was like Jessie at her age, wanting only to be married with kids.  She says she "forced herself to move to Yuma Arizona" at Jessie's age with only $250 in her pocket.  She didn't know anybody, and didn't have any prospects, but she got to know herself and built a life and it was the best thing that ever happened to her.  She lived there 1 1/2 years and really found herself.  She joined a dance company and traveled and met new girlfriends to hang out with and vacation with.   She says the guys came to her like a magnet back then, and says that even the girls who "go wild and have a baby" sometimes calm down and get settled.

Helen starts to tell what is probably a very interesting story of when she lived in Arlington VA in a group house, with girls moving out to get married and new ones coming in via Craigslist to replace them.  Mary Beth was a 5'2" blonde from Richmond, a real southern belle and was dating "like, five guys at a time" and was "all over the place and she got pregnant".

Helen:  This is how nice she is....her boss went on vacation and wanted her to house sit to watch the dogs and work from home, and she went out there and her boss set her up with a neighbor..

BB doesn't want us to know all about Mary Beth, so we move to the HoH were Judd is chatting with Nick and Jeremy and GMZ.  Jeremy is saying they can take a big sum of money and just live on it, but not lavishly.  Aaryn and Andy are laying in the HoH bed and apparently tonight is Career Night, from the sound of it.  GMZ starts talking about a friend of hers who gets flown around to golf tournaments and stuff by some guy, "with limos and everything".  (Not Mary Beth, I'm guessing.)

Aaryn:  I don't want to do naked stuff...I just want to be a bunny.

Nick:  I dated a Playboy bunny..


Now there are two different conversations, where Jeremy is telling Aaryn she should go to the Hard Rock in Vegas or other cities and see what they have to offer, while Nick and GMZ argue about his Playboy bunny dating habits.  Nick tells "America to look it up", while Aaryn tells Jeremy his idea for her to make tips from selling drinks sucks.

Judd: I've dated a few Hooters girls!

He and Nick grin at each other and give each other the Rock.

Nick:  Nice, bro!

Aaryn says GMZ made her look like the "top bunny" the night they had the pageant, and thinks GMZ should be the new makeup artist for Playboy.

Aaryn:  Talk about money...

GMZ blows a kiss and says thank you.  Jeremy said they probably make more money than the models and Aaryn backs this up.  GMZ thinks she has the kind of skills that don't make money, but Aaryn says she knows makeup artists that make a lot of money, even though they just work in Texas.  She says you get an agent and then start getting booked on jobs.  GMZ has done make up "on shoots" but it's not consistent work.

Now Amanda comes in with her boob hanging out of her shirt again, and waves McCrae in behind her like a dog as we head into the first break, as she complains "is everybody talking serious tonight?"

(Some better posture would be helpful for Amanda...if she's not shy about flaunting her chest she may as well stop hunching over like that and put her shoulders back.)

After the break Amanda is now in the HoH bed with Andy, messing with the CD player.  They joke about having to stop quoting lines from movies and a few minutes later BB announces not to quote movie lines and they all laugh.  Aaryn is drinking something dark from a glass but I think it is soda and not red wine, just based on everybody's behavior.

Where is Kaitlin?  Hmmm.

Andy laughs that this is the first time BB has told them to stop with the movie lines, because they do it all of the time.  Jeremy says "every damn day" he is hounded about wearing his microphone  by the same chick.

Amanda, overtalking everyone: If they think you are sitting next to someone that you might be conspiring with, they want to make sure they get it.

Someone says they were napping and were told to put on their mic.  Andy says he didn't have his on for about an hour and a half and no one said anything to him.

Demonstrating again that she has no shame, Amanda says that when she is shaving her bikini line or tweezing hair from her nipples and then they tell her to put her microphone on she is startled.  Andy knows when he hears BB tell Elissa to put on her microphone that "those bitches are conspiring" and Jeremy agrees, saying that's happened multiple times.

Amanda, with a booming voice:  Me and McCrae were just like, laying on the hammock and they came on and said that to us...

McCrae adds that at "like, four in the morning sleeping they scared the shit out of him" by telling him to put on his mic and  Judd says they make him jump, too.

Amanda:  OK...we can't talk about movie lines, we can't talk about production...what can we talk about...

Andy hasn't had a DR session in 48 hours, he says.  They say Spencer, Howard, Helen Candice and Jessie are outside and Andy asks where Kaitlin is.  They talk about how bad it is to leave food out and Jeremy says he can eat anything and not get sick.    Jeremy had a pet snake and he loved it so much he used to put it's head in its mouth and one day it bit his arm so he threw it in it's cage.  He used to love to take the snake out to show off to girls and is glad it never bit his tongue.

Aaryn says people are going to love that PoV competition because she had to "deep throat a stick".  She had to, because in the position she was in "she had no other choice".  Aaryn demonstrates as Judd yawns and shifts to get more comfortable on the couch.

Aaryn:  I'm going to be on national television with a stick in my mouth.  There's going to be screen shots out there...

Jeremy hopes "Rodney" has that, and the cameras change to the backyard where Candice is still providing career counseling to Jessie, who says she "loves to be in the spotlight".  Candice says a Vision Board is a good place to start.

Jessie:  I still say I'd like to be a public figure one day, but that is such a presumptuous dream.

Helen:  No it's not.

Jessie thinks you have to be naturally likeable in order for that to happen, and she'll wait to see how people like her after the show.  Candice says that editing will play a role, and Helen adds that she shouldn't get frustrated if the public perception of her isn't what she expects.  Candice relates to Jessie feeling at her age that she needs a man to feel successful and Helen says it is natural at her age to question your identity and what you want to do.

Candice points out that in this stage of life, being with the wrong guy can be a real hindrance.  She says if "they're not building to your plate, it's not worth it".  Jessie says the guy she dated wouldn't commit and had a great career going.  He was 28 and Howard comes over with his pool cue in hand to tell Jessie that the process of life will make her who she is.

Howard:  They can tell you until you're blue in the face, but until you go through it for yourself, you won't know.  I'm telling you, before I came here, I was unemployed for three months, I couldn't figure it out.  A job let me go two days before my orientation....and all that money gone...if I didn't know what I know now, and stayed close to God, I wouldn't have been able to come here, cause I wouldn't have even took this opportunity if I got the job.

(I'm confused.)

Howard went back over to his pool game with Spencer.  Candice changes the topic cheerily by asking the guys "if they're about to clean up that chicken shit" and Howard said yes.  Helen tells Jessie that it must be frustrating because she has all the time in the world to think about a career, but can't get on the computer to look stuff up.

Candice, to Jessie:  It's gonna be okay.  How many cigarettes did you have today?

Jessie:  Fuck!

Helen laughs as we go to break.

(Candice is a lot more mouthy in the house when she is off the block, and the nominations are over for the week.  Just sayin'.)

After the break we are back in the HoH suite, and Amanda is talking about getting a facial and surprise, surprise the conversation is vulgar.

Jeremy:  I have heard that it's good for your skin.  But not in your eyes, though.

Everyone laughs.  Or maybe just one person, that person being Gina Marie.  She is wearing her sparkley pink boots and is sitting in a chair next to her boy Nick.  Nick is mostly silent in these group situation, of course, but all the mechanisms in his brain are surely working, spinning.  He's on the block now, you now.

McCrae is laying on the floor and Amanda gets up and walks over him and stand over him, straddling while GMZ chants to "sit on his face, sit on his face".  Amanda goes into the bathroom, and closes the door instead, while Jeremy makes his fart noises that Aaryn hates.  Nick wants to go outside and "do arms" before it is too late.  Jeremy says he's going to do a "man arm workout" tomorrow if he wants to wait for that.  They joke about Nick's karate kid workout as he gets up to go outside.  GMZ admires Nick's "hips" before he leaves and proclaims him "perfect" and everyone laughs.

Judd sits up and says he needs some coffee or something and GMZ laughs at him but offers to go downstairs and makes the coffee.  Aaryn thinks she might weigh about 120 by now, and Judd announces that he "lost a beltloop".

Aaryn:  I swear, this house....I was supposed to get up this morning and work out and start eating right, but I didn't do it.  I swear I feel like shit with all of the crappy food.  And it's awkward to work out here because, like, people are doing other activities...I like to work out alone, with my iPod...

And the cameras change to the Eames Room as Aaryn lists all of the reasons why she hasn't made the time to follow through.

(Maybe a week of slop would help Aaryn achieve her goal?)

In the bedroom Jeremy and McCrae are fretting about this week's vote, wondering if they will be exposed somehow.  Jeremy is worried about Amanda and says that she was talking about a group of four guys working together.  McCrae paces and tells Jeremy that she thinks it is Jeremy, Spencer and Nick that are working together and Jeremy has heard that, too.  Jeremy leaves as Candice comes in and McCrae flops down on his bed, looking at his fingernails.

Now Jeremy is back and whispering, then talks about shoes so someone must be nearby.  McCrae has a hard time finding good running shoes that don't look like "neon garbage".  McCrae farts loudly and Jeremy says that was "a blast from the past, bro" and was "heavy duty, literally doody".  Jeremy borrows Judd's red hat and now we see Nick in the Cockpit with Andy, who is sipping a chocolate drink.

Andy says no one has ever pulled him aside and asked to work with him in the game yet.  Nick is gravitating towards the "people upstairs" but tells Andy that he is "good in his book".  Andy wonders who Nick would nominate if he won HoH and Nick ponders it, saying that's a good question.  After about 30 seconds he says maybe Candice and Howard, because he sees them talking together and he doesn't really know them.  Andy says he feels the same way.

Neither of them want to make waves and Andy feels like he is on good terms with everybody.  He feels closer to Aaryn now and is glad because he thought she would be Enemy #1 for him.  He says Candice would be a good target to keep peace with everybody and keep people from gunning for him.  Nick agrees.  They both like Helen but not her friends Elissa and Candice.  Nick assures him that he is okay with him and we switch back to the Eames Room.

Jeremy is talking about the Amanda issue as we go to break, comparing the situation to the Brigade in BB12 and trying to talk some sense into him about it.

After the break we see Nick and Andy continuing to talk about the vote this week.  Andy wonders where he stands with Nick if he votes for him. Andy says there are people he can't trust, and Nick agrees.  Nick always agrees, and agrees, and Andy keeps on talking. Andy threw Amanda's name out there and Nick pounces on it, saying her name keeps coming up over and over.  I have noticed that Andy points out to everyone that he never talks strategy, and brings up the lack of DR sessions, trying to cultivate the idea that he isn't playing the game and I wonder when that will come back to haunt him.  And how hard Andy will cry when it does.

(He said himself in his preseason interviews that he's a crier and is worried about breaking this summer in the house.)

Nick says he "doesn't really talk about poop and farts" so that is why you see him up there a lot, just listening.

Andy:  Yeah! Yeah!

Nick will discuss politics or history all day long, because he's "not 22" and Andy keeps saying "Yeah, Yeah!".  The cameras move right to Aaryn on that, as she lays in the hammock with Jeremy and Gina Marie.  Aaryn is laying on one side, with Jeremy and GMZ on the other.  GMZ says sometimes it feels like Nick is playing her too hard and Jeremy ask them if they think he is playing the girls too hard.  Aaryn chooses a very sassy tone to say he's not playing her, so if you hear that in the house it is a lie.

Jeremy brings up Kaitlin and tells Aaryn to have trust.  Spencer comes over and they talk about playing pool next.  After he walks off Jeremy tells GMZ that they have to play as a team, and tell each other things that they hear so they can discuss it without jumping to conclusions.  Aaryn angrily says she does tell him, and brings up what she told him yesterday about Kaitlin talking all of the time about too much personal crap without her head in the game.   Jeremy tells Aaryn to just tell Kaitlin that they are there to discuss and play the game and personal life is not a part of that.

Aaryn, getting argumentative:  But it is. It's affecting my game.  I'm just saying that your showmance is affecting my game.

Jeremy: Well if you don't want to be around us anymore just let us know.

Aaryn, alarmed:  WHAT?

Jeremy:  This showmance, as you say, is really nothing and I don't know why you think it is affecting your game.

They go back and forth, and GMZ needn't even be there.  Aaryn is staring at Jeremy with a slight smile as they go over it again and again.  GMZ says they need to stick together and Jeremy tells Aaryn not to be nervous.  She didn't like that and let him know.  Jeremy told Aaryn that she is the strongest female in the house, and then adds GMZ to that list, as well.  Aaryn doesn't want to be in the house until Final Three and then go home because somebody's showmance got in the way.

(i.e. Jeremy would take Kaitlin and not her.)

Jeremy stands up and swears that Aaryn has nothing to worry about and how he's got her back and if Kaitlin and Aaryn were both on the block he wouldn't campaign for either of them and then  GMZ starts saying "she's coming"  and "go away....stop talking....go away" as Jeremy struts over to play bandana ball with Spencer.

Aaryn wants to know "where is she", "where is she", and GMZ says she just came out there.  The cameras shift to the storage room where McCrae is wearing glasses and his safari hat and looking right at us.  Amanda is there too, of course, and McCrae wants to figure out what their plan of attack is this week.  To my great surprise Amanda is all covered up now in a green velour sweat suit as she asks McCrae "if he trusts him".  (i.e. Nick)

McCrae:  Yeah.  I do.

Amanda:  You look so cute right now I don't know what to do....stop looking at me like that..

As she turns around I see she has her top unzipped way down to there and gets a good look at herself in the reflection before continuing the conversation.  McCrae is sharing ideas to help Amanda find out information but she pushes back, saying that would never work.

Amanda:  I'm leaving it up to you, because woman is made from a man's rib bone!  I read that somewhere.

Now she tells McCrae he looks so cute right now, like a hippie college student.  Right as we go to break she goes to stand next to him and tells him to look at the reflection to "see how cute they are together".

After the break we see Andy is still sitting in the Cockpit with Nick and it is more crap about how Andy says no one has really sat down to get to know him.  And when these people come up and demand to know who he's voting for he doesn't really know what to say.

Nick:  This is a goddamned marathon, and the day is long.  If you start the day by talking about it and keep doing it, by the end of the day you're back to square one.  I would just tell people that they're safe and move on.

Andy wants to know about Candice, and Nick says again that if he was HoH, push would come to shove and she'd go up.  Now we move to the Eames room where Howard is perched on McCrae's bed, talking to him about sticking together and playing their roles.  He doesn't mind Jeremy winning everything, because that's part of the plan.

Howard:  What I'm worried about is the control she might have on you.....just like Gina Marie and Nick playing each other she heard you..she heard you say you have a conscience, and a strong girl like her...

McCrae, mouthing the words:  I ain't got no fucking conscience...

Howard:  Okay.  But we can't figure out if she's caught on...she's got all the girls talking, Helen, everybody, and now Aaryn...

Howard is trying to warn McCrae and says he wants to trust him, but McCrae needs to trust him too, and listen to what he is saying.  He says after Elissa leaves, there are only two strong women left, and that's Amanda and....

People are coming in the room and McCrae motions Howard to sit up and he does,.  It's Jeremy so they go back to the discussion.  Howard says Amanda can get Aaryn to vote Nick out, and it's going to be over.  Jeremy comes in and says he misses sleeping in that room, and that they have a pool game out there.

Under his breath Spencer says we need to get the next HoH and I didn't even see him there in bed.  McCrae says what if Amanda comes with them, and she wants to work with Aaryn, but he knows things can change week to week.  He's thinking out loud, trying to guess Amanda's reactions.  Lots of cursing as Jeremy drives the point home, too.  Howard makes his exit.

Now Spencer comes over to the bed and tells McCrae he's "MC all the way".  Jeremy says that Amanda is the one who plants seeds in Aaryn's head.  Jeremy says that Candice, Helen and Andy need to go first.  He knows that Andy is running around talking to everybody.

(Ha ha ha.  Andy your day is coming!)

McCrae says they need to throw each other under the bus, or badmouth each other in front of other people to keep their true alliance secret.  Now hear comes Candice, wanting to know if they liked her pork chops and chicken parmesan.  Candice wants to know if Howie liked the pork chops and Jeremy says with his abs of steel, he probably did. She had a broom in her hands and was just a little flirty right there in that conversation,.

They go right back to whispering once she walks away and I know Candice was just acting in there, and she is suspicious as hell of that little meeting between these three guys.

After the break we are out at the backyard couch and Judd is talking to Elissa and McCrae.  They hear Howard get called to the DR and Judd says he must be an NFL player, since he is in the DR all the time.  Now we to to the hammock, where GMZ is talking closely with Jessie.  About Nick, of course.  Always about Nick and her feelings for him and how tight they are in the house.

(Where is Kaitlin?)

The two girls are giggling and GMZ stares at Nick work out across the yard.

GMZ:  Why you putting your shirt back on?

They giggle as she admits she was waiting for him to take a shower out there.  Nick says they should sell tickets.  Jessie assures GMZ that Nick looks out for her too, so it's not just one way for GMZ.

GMZ:  Let's say we get, like 8 months down the road....and it's not there...what if there is no spark?

Jessie is encouraging her to kiss Nick, to see how that feels.  It's just one kiss, so what would that hurt?  GMZ says she doesn't want to do that on camera, and she left someone at home, too.  They don't call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, but theres a guy there, and he's older, he's 33.  GMZ points out Nick is still in his 20's.   GMZ giggles that she loses it if he just touches her arm, so if there was more everyone would hear it.

Jessie assures her that Nick has the votes to stay, and she thinks "one of us has a really good shot at HoH".  Jessie just hates the swing voters, and that "they" think that Elissa promised the guys who kept her last week not to nominate them if she is MVP.

The camera moves to the Cockpit, where McCrae and Amanda hash it out.

McCrae:  I don't want you to leave the game.

Amanda:  Well, OBVIOUSLY!

McCrae says he is paranoid and that he would keep her for sure, "always".

Amanda:  You've denied me like, five kisses today.

McCrae wonders if that is why she is pissed off today and she says it added to the problems.  Amanda tells him that Candice was asking if she kisses McCrae and then says she tries to create problems.  Amanda says Jessie and Katilin are both weak, so she realizes she is the strongest female in the house.  Then Aaryn's name comes up, and they keep whispering and sighing.

(Wasn't Amanda crawling through the HoH course before the live show even ended last week?)

Amanda says that no matter which side gets MVP now, no one should be gunning for them, and we move to the Have Not room where Helen is talking to Nick.  Nick wants to make a deal where neither of them will campaign this week against the other.  Helen understands and says that Elissa really likes Nick, too, and the situation sucked for her to nominate him.  Nick says he understands and Helen says she won't campaign against Nick or Elissa, and plans to lay low this week and let the house decide who goes.

Nick says he planned to be quiet the first week, and keep his word clean going into week two, but then he got pegged as the quiet guy who didn't tell anyone anything.  Nick mentions that he keeps getting stuck in conversations about poop, and reproducing...

Helen, laughing:  Oh you feel that way too?  Well, I can't talk about hair extensions.....

And on that little connection we go to another break.  When we return we are back to the Cockpit with McManda (new name!) and Production has the sound turned up so high to catch their whispers that I hear a metallic hum.  A loud metallic hum.  Amanda sounds like she wants Nick out, saying that who knows who will be MVP if Elissa goes.  McCrae whispers that he doesn't want her to go on the block at all, and he's not sure if she would have the votes to beat Candice.

There are a lot of hallway sounds as they stare at each other. McCrae tells her that GMZ told him how much respect she has for Amanda and Amanda confirms she told her that, too.

(Respect?  What what?)

She says again that having the MVP with them can do their dirty work for them.  McCrae says that is the reason to be nice to everyone, and lay low so they won't be on anybody's hit list.  Amanda thinks they are both guaranteed to be on the jury, but McCrae cautions her that they need to consider "the other side".

(I wonder if they can hear the buzzing, or if it is just us?)

McCrae compliments the color of Amanda's outfit, and she asks him to look and see if there is a booger in her nose.  There isn't.  And now they tease each other about being mean to each other.

McCrae:  What about you, with all that pizza boy shit?

She is pestering him about kissing, and he says they have to be careful, because "once they get into that, it's addictive"..

Amanda:  You're not addicted now?

He laughs and says he has to "wean himself" and runs out of words as they listen to the sounds outside. Amanda says Spencer is mean to people, and he's not just joking, so that is why he will go soon.  She says Aaryn doesn't trust Spencer at all.    McCrae shifts position and tells her that Jeremy just told him that Amanda "has all the girls upstairs against him".  Amanda is shocked and says McCrae threw her under the bus by not defending her.

Amanda demands to know why McCrae didn't tell her that before and gets loud as she says this.  McCrae says he wants to know what she said, and she says Nothing!  She said Nothing!    Amanda is annoyed now and doesn't want to keep "those girls" if they are going to say that about her.  Amanda says they don't have a lot of time and need to figure it out.

McCrae:  Don't be too agressive..you're making yourself a target.

GMZ pops her head and in then apologizes, very loudly of course, as we go to break.  When we return we are in the hammock with GMZ and Nick, who are whispering, of course.  Gina Marie's sparkly pink boots are front and center, too.  They compare notes on all of their conversations and AGAIN GMZ brings up Kaitlin's threatening people not to vote her out.

(That is so last night, Gina Marie.)

Nick says he tried to make a deal with Helen and says she's with Candice.  He mentions that Andy is screaming for protection, and knows his ship is sinking and he needs a life raft.  GMZ is okay with Nick including her with him as a team in these negotiations.  GMZ says that Jessie is the kind of girl who likes to feel secure, so she advises that Nick check in with her every week to reassure her.

GMZ says that Jessie isn't in the "fucking five" and Kaitlin "isn't even in on the plan now" which is just stupid in GMZ's opinion.  She thinks Judd is with them on the vote, too.  She says that Jessie came up to her and said she knows he has a connection with Nick.  GMZ reports she told her that they have a New York connection but are not mushy.  They like each other and they're friends and that's that.  GMZ advises that he check in with Jessie to keep her calm.

Now GMZ tells Nick that Aaryn is fighting with Jeremy about Kaitlin, and is asking him which one he would pick if he had to choose in the game.  GMZ says he keeps telling Aaryn she is the strongest girl in the house, right in front of her and apparently she is offended.  Nick tells her that Jeremy has to say that, to calm Aaryn down, and not to take it the wrong way.

GMZ:  What has he, seen me in one competition?  See, we're better than everyone here, and stronger then them, and we're friends, too.

Nick starts to tell her more about Helen, but Aaryn comes over doing her "bunny dance" and swinging her hair around,  jumping and laughing.  I guess they have booze now, huh?  Nick tells her that Helen said she really likes GMZ, and that she is honest.  Aaryn comes over and GMZ tells her they are talking about Helen.  Aaryn is doing ballet moves now, moving across the backyard.  Maybe this is her workout, who the hell knows.

Now back to the Cockpit, where McManda still lays there, about two feet apart from each other.   I hear her say that he is so cute it is stressing her out, and he starts whispering as we go to the last commercial break.

When we return, we are still with them, and they whisper about HoH.  They are looking at each other, and whispering, so there is very little sound.  He reaches over and takes her hand and Amanda says she feels like she has "chocolate ice cream breath".

Amanda:  Do you want to kiss me today? .....All the time?......so when we get out are you going to make up for the three months we've missed?

McCrae:  Three months?  Oh, yeah.

Amanda tells him to stop chewing his fingernails but he says it keeps him sane.  He tells her to get her green headband and she puts her hood up and sits right by him so they can see each other in the reflection.  Amanda kisses McCrae on the cheek and addresses America with a thumbs up and they continue to make faces.

McCrae laughs about how he saw Amanda for the first time and thought he needed to get that bitch out of the house as fast as possible.  They both stare straight at us, sitting together.  Then Amanda starts looking at all of the mirrors and pointing at us.  She hugs McCrae and kisses his cheek again like they are posing for a camera.  She says she'll do what he wants her to do, but she's paranoid about it.  She sits with her arm around his shoulder and here comes Andy.

Amanda doesn't move her arm, but tells him that they're just sitting there watching a movie.  Andy reports he was in the back yard talking about cartoon characters with Spencer and Jessie.  Back at the hammock Nick and GMZ are summarizing their plan.  They need to pick a target so that people don't have to discuss it again, and just head in that direction.

GMZ:  Candice.

She doesn't feel 100% because of her hand, but Nick says the swelling will go down and it will be no problem.  GMZ feels bad that she is having so much downtime right now, and not doing anything.

Nick:  Why?  It is an advantage...Elissa is in there sleeping and we're out here....so we miss a little yoga, what's the difference?

GMZ:  I think Aaryn knows something she's not telling me...

Nick:  About me?  What?

GMZ:  She's like, I can't say anything, I'll get in trouble...

Nick:  What the hell does she know?

GMZ:  I don't know.

Nick, laughing:  I'd like to know now!

GMZ:  If there was something, would you tell me?

Nick:  Yeah!  You know everything...

And the show ends there.

**NOTE** I am guessing that GMZ is referring to Aaryn's suspicion that Nick is gay, but that's not the way Aaryn actually said it, of course.

TMZ Talks to Spencer's Mother! #BB15

TMZ smells a story and goes right after it.  This time they speak with Spencer Clawson's mom, who of course denies that Spencer is in any way a bigot.

I'll say one thing.....we haven't heard from Aaryn's family, nor Gina Marie's, so at least the Clawson family sticks up for their own.

You can read the TMZ story here.  I read a few of the comments and it seems that Hitler does have fans, too.  Whew.  Good luck with that.


People are talking about Spencer's employer saying he is on paid leave, and interpreting it as if he is in the process of being fired.  I do not agree with that....of course he is on paid leave...he took off 3 - 4 months to be on Big Brother!  They're not going to pay him while he's on the show!  That is standard procedure for most companies, for people who take maternity leave, go on military tours of duty, etc.

Personally I just want the train conductor to get everybody to their destination safely.  I don't care what their political views are, but I know that's not the issue here.  I do believe that if we knew what everyone around us was thinking or saying in private, the BB15 issues would not be a shocking a story.

Hate is all around us.  And ignorance, too.

TMZ Ambushes The Chenbot and her Husband #BB15

TMZ is like a dog on a bone with this story....they catch Julie Chen with her husband Les Moonves (Head Honcho at CBS) and when Les sees that they want to talk about the Big Brother racism, Les can't get out of that camera shot fast enough.  TMZ is persistent, peppering Julie with lots of specific questions about Aaryn.  Off camera we hear Les Moonves compliment the camera guy for "keeping up with Big Brother".  Julie is poised and gracious, as usual.

You can watch TMZ's  video here.

***ALSO***  I am also a Howard Stern fan, and Howard had beef with Les Moonves for years after being fired from his late night show, etc.  He shared a story, though, about being in the Gucci store in Manhattan with his beautiful wife Beth and sitting down in the lounge area while Beth tried on clothes and shoes.  He said he saw this hot-looking woman in there and realized it was Julie Chen and he and Les laughed about how great it was to just sit there and watch their hot wives model different sexy outfits.

And pay for them, too, I suppose.