Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Aaryn Cackles and Sharpens Her Claws - 7-7-13

This episode of BBAD aired on Sunday night at 9:00 pm BBT.  What would have been a lazy Sunday and the end of a long holiday weekend for lots of folks was a lazy Sunday with a lot of energetic whispering and scheming for the BB house guests.

At the time of taping, Aaryn was still the HoH, with Elissa and Helen on the block.  Jeremy was also nominated by the MVP (Elissa) but he won the PoV on Saturday and is expected to take himself off the block during Monday's PoV ceremony.

There is some tension and apprehension about Elissa's replacement nomination. Kaitlin has been freaking out for DAYS about being nominated, but Elissa is just as likely to put up Nick and has been consulting with her friend Helen about the best course of action.

Let's get going.

As the show opens we are treated to Gina Marie and Nick in the Small World room.  Gina is furiously whispering to him but much of what she is saying is blanked out, and the sounds of her hand motions against her microphone are deafening.  I really was assuming that the Production Crew hates us, or is really stoned right now, or maybe they even turn down the volume when they cover Gina Marie.  But then BB told GMZ not to obstruct her microphone, so I guess they are at least semi-sober in the Control Room.

Nick sits on the other side of the bed, in a chair, and as always does a remarkable job of putting up with her constant chatter.

GMZ , not happy with BB for telling her what to do:  I'm not bro!  Stop calling me out bro!  Damn!


GMZ:  ______ and I mean to _____  _______ and _______ for Crissakes!

Howard comes in and immediately tries to back up and leave the room, but GMZ starts babbling about how her hair was rubbing on the microphone, and that's why BB blamed her.  Obviously she thinks Howard came in to find her after hearing what BB said.

Howard:  You know what that is?  They don't care about the microphone, they just want to see more breast!

GMZ laughs like crazy  and Howard makes a clean escape.  Now she is whispering about how Jeremy said "I love you" to Kaitlin, and how Kaitlin "walks around like she's hot shit".  She might be repeating things that Aaryn told her, though.

Yep, I think that's it.  Aaryn is unhappy with the way Kaitlin is acting in the HoH Suite, being snappy with people and threatening them if they vote her out.  Aaryn has been chattering with GMZ about it and how they need to all focus on the game.

GMZ:  You know, like when David was here she wasn't focused....and like you and me, we're focused..

Nick thinks Aaryn is going to be a target and he thinks they should protect her.  GMZ agrees and says she is "like her little sister".  Nick knows they need to work with that group of five upstairs and GMZ agrees.  GMZ really just babbles like crazy---it is exhausting to cover her and all of her words.  Nick uses his words sparingly and mainly keeps repeating the same thing over and over.

GMZ hates walking upstairs because "it looks so sketchy".  Neither of them want to talk to Elissa anymore and before they leave the room Nick moves to give her a hug and it is a good one.  She is clasping her hands on the other side of him and hanging on for dear life.

(I think a nice warm hug would be especially nice to have in the BB house.  We forget how calming  and soothing a good hug can be.  It costs Nick very little to give GMZ that big hug but it certainly meant a lot to her.)

Now we go to the HoH, where Jeremy and Kaitlin are sprawled on the bed, talking to Judd who is standing nearby.  As usual Jeremy and Kaitlin are a mass of tangled limbs and are partially covered.  Judd just gave them some information and Kaitlin said it was the worst thing she's heard all day.

Jeremy:  Nobody wants to play with that dumb bitch.

As we go to the first break I can only assume they are referring to Elissa.  After the break we see that GMZ has arrived in the HoH and left already.  Aaryn and Kaitlin chat about how "they don't want to play" but Kaitlin "feels like she has to".

Aaryn lays on the HoH bed and says she plans to wake up early and work out.  And she's going to do it every day.

Aaryn:  All of this laying around and the's not doing anything for me.  I don't feel good.

Jessie is up there, too and asks about some "Night Rain" perfume that has nail polish all over it. They think BB did that to cover the logo.  Jessie washes her hands and says she is so tired, she could just go right back to sleep.  Aaryn agrees and says it is because of all of the "crappy food" and just laying around.

Aaryn:  I think I'm just going to start cooking more.  Instead of eating crappy food like Frooty Pebbles for breakfast.

Now the camera switches to Helen, who is in the kitchen talking to Andy about how hard the two consecutive weeks of slop are.

Andy:  I know...I'm done!

Amanda is cleaning the dishes and there is clanking and banging going on.  Now we go to the backyard couch where a crowd is gathering.  Jeremy wants Kaitlin to come over and practice.  It looks like they are going to play a game---the game that they were all bitching about.  Elissa is indeed involved and they are throwing the green bandana ball into what looks like a laundry basket.  Kaitlin has on cut off jean shorts and Howard is manning the laundry basket and giving helpful advice.

Now back up in the HoH Aaryn and Jessie are saying they want to get to sequester and then see what happens.  Aaryn knows that after the first 8 people leave, "shit is going to start getting weird".

Jessie:  I wouldn't worry about that many things could happen.

Oooo now she starts gossiping about Kaitlin.

Aaryn:  Like what I told you earlier....everyone is saying it's really obnoxious, but you know how Jeremy walks around and acts like he's better then everybody?  Well, Kaitlin is doing it too and I'm not the only one who notices it.

Jessie:  I don't see why that's a bad thing...them doing that.

Aaryn, sneering:   You mean, them not liking Kaitlin?

Jessie:  Yeah.

Aaryn, smiling:  Neither do I

Jessie: That's just one thing that sets you apart from them, as targets.

Aaryn:  She's putting a huge target on her back.  And everybody forgets that I won HoH, and thinks the only reason I won is because of him, so that takes the target right off my back.

Aaryn says she is trying to tone down her cockiness, too, but Kaitlin is really getting more and more obnoxious.

Jessie:  If I were you, I wouldn't even tell her people think that about her.

Aaryn:  I'm not!  I tried to one time but she freaked out on me so I'm done.  The first eight people need to go...Candice, Spencer,

Jessie:  Howard..Helen

Aaryn thinks Candice, Helen and Howard need to go first because "they're not doing anything".

Aaryn:  Don't repeat that.

Jessie asks about Amanda.  Aaryn said something about Amanda making Final Three but most of their exchange was blacked out.  Aaryn thinks they could use Spencer and Howard, and Jessie adds Judd's name to that list.  Jessie says GMZ and Nick "don't do anything for her" and neither do McCrae and Amanda.

Aaryn wants them all to go and not have anyone know that "she and Jessie are a thing".   They both tally up the first 8 who need to go and their lists match.

Jessie:  I've been trying with Amanda and McCrae.  But McCrae just totally threw me under the bus and he was just as guilty as I was, but Amanda will never believe me.  And me telling her that just divides them...

Aaryn wants to know what happened so Jessie explains that McCrae would come to her and talk about Amanda and say he wasn't sure about her, and didn't know if he could trust her.  She told him he had a right to feel that way, but he would talk to her about it up in the HoH anyway.  After the vote for David he talked to her about that, and said that he thought Amanda might have voted against him, and he couldn't trust her.

Jessie:  But then he goes to her and says I'm trying to come in between them.

Aaryn: That doesn't surprise me.  That's the way people act in this game.

Jessie says that Amanda likes to "create shit where shit wasn't before", and that if you have doubts about your partner, keep it to yourself.  Aaryn thinks everyone is so two-faced and she was in denial about it for a long time in the house.  Jessie has been "playing nice" with Amanda since them, but she wants to break them up because they are too strong together.

After the break, we see Amanda and McCrae holding court in the Eames Room.  Amanda is barking orders at Kaitlin, who is wrestling with the doors of one of the file cabinets they use in there for storage.  Kaitlin feels like the drawer is half open and she doesn't like it.  I hear Spencer ask her if she "wants to sleep here tonight".

Kaitlin:  I do, actually.

Spencer:  I sweat in my sleep, but you won't mind.

Kaitlin:  So do I.

(Now we know there is trouble in HoH Land, right?  Is Kaitlin going to leave Jeremy up there alone with Aaryn? Oh boy.)

Now we go back upstairs where Jessie tells Aaryn that "worse case scenario for her next week would be McCrae winning HoH".  Aaryn asks why and Jessie reminds her that McCrae put her up last week.  Aaryn suggests she pull McCrae aside really quietly and ask him about it.

Jessie:  Really?  Pull him in the room?  After the way I got challenged by her already?

Jessie wants advice so Aaryn says to approach them both but what she is describing is kind of bitchy, if you ask me.  It sounds too much like threatening with votes, so hopefully Jessie will consider the source.  They hear cheers from downstairs and Aaryn knows the booze delivery is down there.  They wrap up and it is clear that they have a deal now, and Aaryn says that she likes the way Jessie just gets information and "let's it sit" unlike Katilin, who freaks out.

Now in the kitchen Elissa and Candice are eating slop muffins and they really look good, with some sort of creamy icing drizzled on them.  Elissa is having one too, and the kitchen is abuzz with activity.  Nick continues to wear that horrid bright blue zip-front hoodie, with the matching baseball cap on, too.  You know, with the hood up over the hat.

Katilin is chugging a black beer can already, and I'll just bet Production knows this cat fight is brewing and they want to get things going.  They still have time to get this footage into Wednesday's CBS show, for Crissakes.

Judd is pulling on a cold can of Bud and he holds it up to the camera over his head and says Thanks Big Brother!  I see all of the Have Nots in the kitchen but the energy is still humming in there anyway.  Jeremy wants to continue the tournament outside and Candice is licking the spoon like it was melted chocolate.  Andy is excited about the baked lima beans.

I think Amanda poured her white wine over ice and it looked refreshing.  Now the crew in the backyard is getting ready to play the beanbag game again and people are lining up.  Kaitlin runs across the backyard and Jeremy picks her up and holds her above his head and they say it is like a Dirty Dancing move.  Kaitlin does it again and they all clap.  Then Jeremy said, "McCrae, my dude, try it" and McCrae ran towards him and they made a joke out of it the first time.  The second time Jeremy almost got McCrae up there but not quite.  Everyone is cheering and laughing.

McCrae:  That was awkward!

After the break at the pool table we see Kiatlin fixing her hair in the glass and Aaryn stands nearby finger combing her hair as well.  Kaitlin says she can't get her hair in a proper ponytail "with this weave in" so she gives up.  I think she is borrowing Candice's extensions.  The girls are playing pool and I can't recall ever seeing that---two girls playing pool in the BB backyard.  Aaryn has on a little top that shows her midriff and she looks at her reflection each time she rounds the end of the pool table.  She is not a good pool player.

Kaitlin makes a few nice shots and I see Helen really getting into the beanbag game behind them, flinging herself forward as she hurls the green bandana ball.  They are making crowd noises while they play that game and yelling out the scores.  Now they all groan and Helen yells "Boo!  Boo!" complete with the "both thunbs down" motion.

In the kitchen Judd is helping Elissa with the dishes but just mumbled something to her and said to think about it.  I wonder if Elissa understood, because I sure didn't.  Andy is walking around asking if anybody is in the DR. 

OMG in the backyard Helen does a little "end zone" dance and is really into the bandana ball game but she is in the distance.  The cameras are following Kaitlin and Aaryn at the pool table and it does kind of look like it could turn into one of those Carl's Jr. commercials.  You know, where they start crawling on the pool table on all fours or squirt each other with the garden hose.

Now Judd is in the kitchen talking about BB13 to Elissa and Andy.  Judd thought once Rachel got to the Final Two that she deserved to win and Andy agrees.  Elissa says that Porshe couldn't play for the fist half of the game, but she and Rachel are "like best friends now".

Andy:   Really?  That's interesting.  I wouldn't have thought that.  Who else does Rachel keep in touch with after the show?

Elissa:  Andrew Gordon was Brendon's best man.  We stayed at his house for New Years last year in Miami.

Andy asks if Andrew is cool and Elissa says she love him and he's a great person.  Now McCrae comes in and wants to talk about Andrew, too.   Elissa says Andrew is so funny.  Andy likes that people can still be friends after the show is over, because emotions run so high in the house.

Elissa:  I can guarantee you I won't ever speak again to half of the people in this house. I'll talk to you and McCrae and Amanda, but I will never speak with (gestures upstairs) because there's no reason to.  Now Nick comes in and tries to act like he's didn't watch BB12 when Andy asked him about it.  Elissa says that half of their house is the Real World/Road Rules type, where more people were there to play in BB12.

(I don't know if I would agree with that last part.)

Rachel liked BB13 more than BB12 because she won and she became friends with Jeff and Jordon.  Rachel is 2 years younger than Rachel, and Nick is 17 months apart from his brother Adam, whom he says has blonde hair.

(Someone get on that, please. TIA)

After the break Jeremy has joined the pool game and is playing Kaitlin.  Aaryn is now playing the bandana ball again and Jeremy turns to watch her throw.  There is a huge colorful stack of laundry on the ground against the wall behind the poos table.  It is at least as tall as the pool table.

Back in the kitchen Candice is saying she liked Britney, Jordan and Dan.  Andy really liked Dan in his original season and his game play in BB14 was amazing, but he was just so diabolical.  Andy also loved Ragan and Candice agrees that Ragan and Britney kept her laughing.  Andy likes Dani Donato and Candice likes how she's a fighter.

Candice doesn't' like sore losers.  Andy didn't like Adam from BB13 because even though he was a fan he didn't do anything special.   Andy thought Enzo was so annoying and didn't understand why everybody else liked him so much.

Andy:  Maybe I had a vendetta against him because he got Ragan out.

Candice liked how courteous Enzo was, and liked seeing his family on the show.  GMZ comes in with a popsicle made in a large cup and announces Judd vs. Jeremy is coming up in the backyard.  In the backyard people are getting louder and a few people are feeling good.  Kaitlin is slurring a little and is drinking beer out of a champagne flute.  I heard her say earlier that she just drank a beer the fastest she ever has in the BB house.  Aaryn and Kaitlin are watching the bandana ball game and giggling.

Kaitlin says "she didn't find him attractive at first because of his personality", but now that has changed.  Kaitlin says he told her he has a "weak crush" so she doesn't think it is serious on his end.  Aaryn is draining a can of Miller Lite and is posing with her hand on her hip and her leg stuck out.  She has to, because Kaitlin is leaning over to put clothes in the dryer and the cameras went over to cover that.

After the break Andy is in the kitchen explaining some of the HoH competitions to Judd, where they have to fill in the blank with the house guest most likely to do something.  Nick listens, but hides his BB knowledge.  Everyone there just loves to talk, so they all make it easy for Nick to get away with it.

Outside Jeremy is seated and is talking about Chima from BB11 and why she was removed from the house.  He tells them that she was covering the cameras up and wouldn't go to the DR and then started "throwing her shit" and they warned her right out of there.  Elissa is chiming in but I don't understand what she said.  Spencer talks about the girls getting upset after Jessie was evicted during BB11 and that's why Chima went nuts.

They are going to a tournament style game with the bean bag game (or whatever it is) and I guess this is a booze break.  Aaryn has moved on to white wine that might be bubbly. Helen likes being able to play chess in the house and McCrae does too.

Now at the kitchen counter Andy and GMZ are having a strategy discussion.  Andy says he knows that people don't come to him with game stuff, and GMZ starts whispering.  There are empty bottles of wine on the counter in front of them.  Andy tries not to think about the $500,000, but it's so exciting and they go through the math about how much that is for each of them.  GMZ says they should all just split it but Andy tells her that is against the rules.    Andy tells her he has felt alone in the house a little, and GMZ fondles a cucumber as she talks to him.  Andy feels like he's kind of neutral but sometimes he feels like people are gunning for him, and others want to align with him.

Andy wonders how long the cucumber has been sitting out, and hints that it should go in the fridge.  In the backyard Helen is throwing the bandana ball and McCrae is on the other end.  I can't even describe what McCrae is wearing.  I just can't. Sorry. It's that bad.

After another break we see Andy and Aaryn sitting silently on the backyard couch.  Elissa sits across from them with a weird smile on her face.  Amanda is doing a pedicure out there, and Aaryn holds up her glass of wine to Andy's face while he yells he didn't drink it!  He didn't drink it!   Elissa isn't sure what is worse, not drinking anything at all or only getting one glass?

Now up in the HoH Kaitlin is wasted and telling Andy that her tolerance is so low now.  Andy says he really likes the vibe in the house right now.  Back outside the beanbag game continues and a few minutes later Judd, McCrae and Jeremy are in the house talking about how many beers are left.  Jeremy says he just "asked for a victory bottle" and "we'll see".  But I'll bet production will come through on that.  Just a guess.

Aaryn is in the HoH and is talking to Andy who is listening to her CD.  They are comparing themselves to the fish in the fish tank and so far only one has died.  Aarun leaves and we go back out to the backyard where a game is in progress between Jessie and Helen.  Howard is out there, too, and Helen is yelling out the scores and I have no idea what is going on.  Someone is in the lead and someone is losing but I have no idea who is who.

After yet another break we see GMZ in the hammock talking real low to Aaryn and Jeremy comes over and they invite him to join them.  Gina Marie invites him to "put his asshole down", which leads Jeremy to say one girl put her mouth back there one time, but it felt like being tickled, and he doesn't like that".  The girls giggle and Jeremy tells them they have too much wine left in their glasses.  Jeremy repeats his line about ordering a winner's bottle and Aaryn says that's cute.

Aaryn says every time she walked in the room "they were all over each other' and I guess that is Jeremy and Kaitlin.  GM is holding some sort of cold bandage over her wrist and is giggling like crazy.  She is blowing kisses to Nick across the yard.  I don't think GMZ drinks at all.  And she's not drinking now.  She's telling a story and Jeremy is teasing her about being in love with Nick and she squeals.  Jeremy says GMZ and Nick are the showmance and Aaryn says that is the biggest joke she's ever heard, because Jeremy is the one in a showmance.

Aaryn:  Every time I walk in the room they are all over each other.  It's disgusting...

Jeremy:  Do you want to do the Dirty Dancing move with me?

Aaryn:  No.

Jeremy:  Why?

Aaryn:  Just because..

(Oh yeah.  It's gonna happen.)

Jeremy starts teasing Aaryn and saying they both lost their bro David and they should bond for that.

Jeremy:  You've got a pretty face, but underneath you're all pouty!

Aaryn:  Jeremy!  What-ever!

Jeremy laughs and she says she's not pouty.

Jeremy:  You could be.

Aaryn says she's not being pouty, she's just thinking about the numbers 5-0-0-0-0-0.  Aaryn has had all of this drama in the house with people complaining to her about attitudes and she can't play for HoH next week.

Jeremy:  Not my attitude!

Aaryn: No, hers.  Her attitude.

Jeremy says he put Kaitlin on notice and she's going to change, and tells Aaryn she's good and is safe.  GMZ tells Jeremy that "she's over there smokin' you like that?".  GMZ tries to tell them about some sort of difficult time  in her house and Jeremy interrupts to tell Aaryn not to doubt him.  He is staring right at her and saying that he can see that she doubts him and then there is commotion when Amanda starts yelling across the yard.  Amanda wants to know how to make alcohol and Jeremy yells out the recipe.  I think it was apples, potatoes and sugar.

Amanda:  They may take it away from us, but I'll try it.

Now Aaryn tells Jeremy that she is worried about the game and doesn't want Kaitlin messing up her game.  Jeremy thinks tonight is the wrong time to talk about it, because of the alcohol.  He appreciates what Aaryn has to say, and won't let anybody take Aaryn out of the game.  Aaryn says that he can't guarantee that, and David left last week.

Jeremy says that David didn't make any friends in the house.  Only Aaryn and himself, and they both know you can't win like that.    Jeremy just wants to kick ass and win this thing.  Kaitlin came over and said she and Amanda were trying to get in the storage room and they looked up at the cameras and said they would flash if BB opened the door.  The camera shook it's head no.

(The entire crew has already seen it all by now.  C'mon.)

After the last break Aaryn is back up in the HoH, and is filling in Andy about the conversation she just had with Jeremy.  She tells him that she told Jeremy that she wanted to talk about Kaitlin and he told her he didn't want to talk tonight.  Andy tells her it is smart of her to align with them because they will always be a bigger target then she is.  Aaryn disagrees, thinking everyone will be too scared to go after Jeremy.

Aaryn:  It's freaking me out.  It's, bothering me.  I've done everything Jeremy wanted me to do, and I won HoH too.  Every time I was out there at the hedge I beat him there, and everyone thinks we won because he's so strong, not me..

GMZ appears with Nick, telling him to "go pee" and then Nick goes in the bathroom.  GMZ asks Andy to leave so she can have some girl talk and Andy left.  Aaryn launches right back into her lament about everyone being scared to target either Jeremy or Kaitlin, so they will be after her.  Now Nick sits down and GMZ starts talking loudly and much of it was blanked out.  Nick summarizes and tells her that both of them have Aaryn's back and she can count on them.

Aaryn starts slamming Kaitlin's behavior AGAIN by telling Nick about the threats Kaitlin made as a result of her paranoia about being nominated.  Nick is nodding his head and is obviously loving it.

Aaryn:  Kaitlin is going bat shit crazy!

She finishes her little speech and then Kaitlin bursts in the room followed by Jeremy and you can feel the tension, watching.  Jeremy reports that they are playing Charades outside and Nick says "Charades Sucks!" and the cameras give us a quick view of McCrae lounging on the backyard couch, playing Charades I guess.

As the show ends Julie Chen comes onscreen in a smashing black gown and says she'll see us hear in another 22 hours...

Amanda Has No Personal Secrets, Nor Boundries #BB15

Amanda is in the pool with McCrae and Jeremy and talks openly about her saline breast implants.  She tells them that if she leans over a certain way, you can "even see them".

She demonstrates this for them, while Jeremy keeps saying he's nervous.  Jeremy is very skittish about surgery.

Amanda:  I must have a high pain tolerance, because with even with the tattoos, it didn't bother me.  The breast surgery was a piece of cake.

She goes on to share her laser hair removal procedures, elaborating that she's had "all of her asshole hair removed".

Aaryn is on the scene now.  Do you think she will hook up with Jeremy in the house?  If Kaitlin leaves soon, I think she will at least attempt it.  Just a guess.

Someone found some nails outside in the backyard recently, and Amanda is so glad that someone did something about it.

Amanda:  Can you imagine if one of those nails got stuck in my boob?

McCrae:  Would you  leave if that happened?

Amanda:  If my boob got popped?  I'd fuckin' sue!

Jeremy:  I'll bet they are all worried about you.

McCrae:  That's why they must love me.  They're like, this kid loves the show...he'd never sue us.


Are There Cracks in the MC Alliance? #BB15

McCrae and Spencer are chatting quietly at the pool, hiding their chatter with the sound of water splashing and the frequent jets overhead.  (The BB house is close to the airport.)

Spencer keeps saying that Amanda makes everybody in the MC nervous, because she is too quick to react instead of just listening to things.

Spencer tells him that he can't trust him completely because of Amanda.

Spencer:  I'm just talking to you now, as a dude.

McCrae:  I understand completely.

Spencer:  I'm just being honest...the entire MC is nervous about her and I know you said you'd be willing to cut her off, but.....

Spencer points out that Helen really likes McCrae, and it is clear that Helen is keeping Spencer on his toes.  Spencer is also making all kinds of assumptions regarding who will be the new recurring MVP when Elissa leaves.   He tells McCrae that he has his back, and he's going to follow the MC "to a fault".

Spencer:  It's not a bad idea to have a parachute packed, but not if it's full of sand.

McCrae:  Yeah.  Totally.

It's hard to hear with all of the background noise, but McCrae said it is hard for him to operate in the house with Amanda around---he needs to provide explanations to her for his actions and it complicates matters.

Spencer seems willing to bet that Jeremy will be the new MVP when Elissa leaves. 

Helen Keeps Howard in Check #BB15

She has called out "check" at least five times in the last 90 seconds.  Helen considered wearing one of Elissa's shirts today, but apparently settled on one of her own shirts.  This green top ties at the waist and shows a little bit of skin.

Helen wanted Elissa to nominate Nick in Jeremy's place for several reasons, one of which is trying to figure out what side Spencer is really playing on.

Of course, if he is playing on Nick's team, it will be too late to save Elissa, because she'll be long gone, but I think Helen knows that will be good for her game.  She can just try to blend in with the wallpaper and let the showmance action boil and bubble over.

And she thinks she would be next in line for MVP, too.  Yep.  I believe that's what Helen really thinks, although she expressed concerns to Elissa that Jeremy might be an MVP contender.

Nick Takes a Seat #BB15

Or, in the words of Frank Eudy, Nick popped a squat on the nomination couch.  Nick adopts the appropriate mannerisms to convey worry and sadness, but inside I know Nick Uhas is full of circuitry and wires.

And I mean that as a compliment, Nick.  You  know that.

 GMZ is bummed.  Nick's not just her showmance, she's planning on marrying him and having kids.

Amanda sits down and gives them both some encouraging words, but it felt like she was mainly talking to Gina Marie.

Nick shaved, so he looked nice for the PoV ceremony.

Judd came over and mumbled something that could be construed as a pleasantry.

Nick is tired and wants to take a nap right now.  GMZ follows him back to the bedroom, chattering all the way.
GMZ:  Nick, do I look like a barbie doll?

Nick:  Yes.

GMZ starts digging under her dress for what I hope was a mic pack adjustment, but she did it on both sides so who the hell knows.  Jessie came in and GMZ bragged that her skirt was from Charlotte Russe and she paid $2 for it.  No one argues with her about that.

Poor Nick just wants to sleep, and drown out the chatter, I'm sure.   Even robots need to recharge occasionally.

Elissa is Getting All Dolled Up #BB15

for the PoV ceremony.  Maybe she wants to rotate in a few more ensembles before her Big Sit Down with The Chenbot.  This week maybe?  Or will she squeak out another live vote on Thursday night?

FYI I don't think they know yet that the live show has moved to Thursdays, because I heard Judd counting out loud regarding the number of days until Wednesday.  Or maybe Wednesday is just a special day for him.  Who knows.

Helen had Elissa practice her lines again.

 Elissa is loaning Helen this shirt for the ceremony.  Helen has a speaking role today, too.

Elissa has little plastic bags full of her jewelry.   I wasn't sure what she was digging out of that bag but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Look for Candice to wear Judd's "wildlife" shirt that he wore on the last live show.  I saw her wearing it and she said she had to "rep her boo" when the other girls laughed.  I hope she does wear it, it is so hideous it's cute.  But I don't think it goes with her makeup or elaborate hair style today.

Here she is, wearing it.  She put a belt on it!

Candice:  I'm trying to make this bear shirt cute!

Helen Dispenses Valuable Advice #BB15

to Elissa, as the PoV ceremony draws near.

Helen tells her not to be bitter during her speech, but to make it in the role of a mother, to be gracious and kind.  (If only they all knew just how valuable Helen's advice is, in the real world.)

Elissa jokes that she will say "Jeremy, I don't know why you  wouldn't use the Veto on me?" and they both crack up.  Helen loves that line and thinks America will, too.

Elissa said she asked Kaitlin with a straight face if Jeremy might use the PoV on her and she said Kaitlin said, "I don't know...".

They both laugh at how Kaitlin is just here for the showmance.

Elissa got called to the DR, and then Judd came in and whispered that maybe Elissa should put up Kaitlin, but I think Elissa will nominate Nick. 

Judd said he would respect whatever decision Elissa makes, and makes his exit.  BB called Elissa to the DR again, and she said that BB should just be patient with her this morning, because "her life sucks in there".

Hi Candice.  I think this is enough, now.  You won't have a speaking role in this morning's ceremony, so you can relax.  But what else does she have to do?  Might as well look good, I guess.

Lots of banging and clanking noises in the kitchen.  Candice murmurs that she guesses she "has to eat slop again today..".