Sunday, July 7, 2013

TMZ Presents: Big Brother Bigots #BB15


This video is from the TMZ TV show, and it's pretty scathing.  Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina Marie and Spencer are all featured here as horrible human beings.  Jeremy somehow remained unscathed, but maybe making derogatory statements about women is not as newsworthy.

The fans of the show take a hit, too, particularly the live feeders.  One lone nerd in the TMZ newsroom copped to paying for the live feeds, however.

Thanks nerd.  That took a lot of guts.

A Banner Plane Causes Big Excitement #BB15

The backyard was quiet, with Elissa and Helen talking low about their latest plan to cast suspicion on other house guests.  They plan to spread a rumor that Nick is Dan Gheesling's cousin, and Elissa shares gossip from Rachel about how Will Kirby's brother was "interviewed".

Helen:  What do you mean, "interviewed"?

Elissa doesn't know, but since they are making it up it really doesn't matter.

Elissa is showing A LOT of side boob as she lounges in the backyard.

Then a plane flew overhead and they all gathered around to read the message.  They can't figure out how the plane is doing whatever it is doing.  In the past the feeds were cut when this type of activity occurred, but not today.  The message that trailed the plane was "Who Has Tickets to the Hollywood Bowl?"

McCrae dragged ass out of bed and came out to watch.  He said "it's like magic" and like "a real printer".

As they resumed their normal activities Elissa announced that if you had someone send you a message from the outside like a banner plane, you are at risk of losing your stipend.

Kaitlin comes out and says she thinks she got her urinary tract infection from that nasty pool, or the horrid tampons that were provided for the girls to use.

Kaitlin:  I should have known better about using "green" tampons.

She plans to ask for alternatives from the DR when the time comes.

Rise and Whine #BB15

Jessie, Howard, Nick and Andy were the first ones up today, with Judd dragging ass not too far behind.  Big Brother said "Buenos Dias, Houseguests!" and they all laugh.

Judd:  What does that mean?

The camera is trying to show us something here, something on Jessie's neck.  Is that a bruise?  A fading hickey? 

BB has to scold Jeremy and Kaitlin for trying to turn the lights off in the bedroom during the day.  That is a big No No in BB Land.

Howard made his bed quite professionally.  He has a gentle touch for such a big guy.

McCrae and Amanda sleep on in the Eames room.

Big Brother After Dark - A Layer Cake of Lies, With Panic-Flavored Frosting - 7-6-13

This episode of BBAD aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday.  It was an eventful day in the Big Brother house, a busy Saturday.  Aaryn Gries is still the HoH, and on Friday she nominated Elissa Slater and Helen Kim for eviction. 

Earlier today, the MVP's nomination of Jeremy McGuire was announced, and based on her own admissions Elissa was again the MVP "elected" by the public.  The PoV competition was played and Jeremy won, an outcome that he predicted himself once or twice or three hundred times.

On Monday, the PoV ceremony will be held to determine if the PoV will be used (of course) and who will be nominated in Jeremy's place.  On the live feeds I heard Elissa was leaning towards Nick, since she wasn't sure she would have the votes to evict Kaitlin.

OK.  You're all caught up.  Let's go.

As the show opens, we see Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn talking at the hot tub about various vacation resorts in Texas, including San Marcos (or whereever the live).  Jeremy is wearing his PoV necklace, just to be sure we know that he won, I guess.  They seem like they are having a private conversation, but then the camera pulls back and we see that a number of other house guests are there, too.

Jeremy heard the "X2" parties were the best, and Aaryn describes a resort where they have a "swim out" bar.  Jeremy's been there and Jessie chimes in that she has, too, but Jeremy ignores her comment and mentions the basketball goals that are installed inside the pool.  Aaryn mentions an apartment complex where everybody parties at the pool like it's spring break every weekend.

Jessie asks if you need an access card to get in and Aaryn shakes her head no. Jessie celebrates that with a fist pump, "YES!".  Jeremy says there are usually 100-200 people at the pool and it's been like that for about 2 years.  Aaryn says you need to know where to go, because if you go to the wrong pool no one is there.

Aaryn used to live in the place that had the "knee deep" water and Jeremy says it is slick.  Jessie says her sister lived there too and Aaryn says she might have known her.  Jessie throws out her last name but that doesn't ring a bell for Aaryn.  Now Aaryn brings up a sororty, maybe her own sorority, Delta Zeta and what their views are on things.  Jessie says she is actually a Daughter of the Revolution and her family traces back to the Mayflower.

Jeremy lays with his head in Kaitlin's lap and tells Aaryn that the "Zeta's" will provide good connections one day.  They talk about how expensive it is to join and participate in each event.  Aaryn missed Rush because it was her birthday and she went to Vegas instead, and that is a big no-no, I guess.  Candice says with the black sororities you just pay once each semester, but Aaryn says that is not the case with her.  (I guess she got kicked out?  Or dropped out?)

Aaryn:  I could have had a like, really nice car if I hadn't paid all of those, it's a joke.

We see GMZ sitting silently with the pink kitty cat hat on, off to the side, just listening.  The cameras shift to the chess board where Spencer and Howard are playing.  Spencer checks Howard and the cameras go back outside where Jessie is taking another cigarette out of the box and Jeremy is saying that you have to be a different breed of person -- you have to be able to "suck ass" and Jeremy doesn't like that, but when you first go to college it's a great way to meet people.

Jeremy:  You have to brown nose some peeps....

Jessie can't believe Aaryn doesn't know Jessie's cousin, and says when they all get together after this they are going to have a great time.  Jessie is throwing out names like crazy and the nothing is being blanked out.

Now at the chess board Howard is whispering and using hand gestures with Spencer.  He is wearing a red long sleeved pullover and as usual his arms are HUGE.  They listen to the chatter in the kitchen and give each other knowing looks.  I can hear Amanda talking about gruyere cheese downstairs as Howard puts Spencer in check.

Back at the hot tub GMZ is showing Aaryn an abrasion on her hand.  Aaryn's blue bikini top has sequins on it.  GMZ talks a blue streak and I can't hear much, but I don't think we're missing out on much there.

After the break Andy has pulled Spencer into the Have Not room and is furiously whispering about the other Have Nots throwing Spencer under the bus.  Spencer asks a few questions and Andy says many names have come up, but they seem to be targeting Spencer.  Andy wants him to know that he still trusts Spencer, and is still on board with him.

Andy:  Jeremy is a bully, and there's no other way that he can be portrayed, so Elissa is going to win MVP again and I think we should keep her. 

Spencer wants to keep Helen around, but she seems to have something against him right now.  Candice and Jessie just want anybody else up on the block, especially Nick.  Andy whispers that he's on "their" list because they don't trust him and it freaks him out.  The two of them are standing close together, with their arms folded.

Candice comes in the room and seems tentative about it but Andy blurts out that she's "totally cool" and Spencer adds they are just "talking about the goings on today".  Candice doesn't make eye contact but starts picking up clothes and moving them.  There are clothes draped all over almost every seat on the plane.

Candice:  Anything new?

Andy:  No, not really. Just kind of freaking out over what Elissa's going to do.

Candice:  She's going back and forth...

Andy:  C'mon...she's got to know!

Candice:  Yeah, I'm just like, tell us so we can help you.

Spencer thinks Nick is going up, but he would have picked GMZ if he were the MVP, because she "can't play with her hand and all".  Then he would have been able to backdoor Jeremy after someone else won the PoV.  Spencer thinks Elissa already made a lousy move and was a waste of her MVP.

Candice sits and listens.  She's had problems with trusting Spencer, you know, after last week's vote.  Candice says it is very hard to trust Elissa sometimes, and it makes her think twice about keeping her. Spencer points out that with Elissa locking up the MVP every week, it is very hard to work with her and trust her.

Candice:  Ya'll need to go tell Helen this and tell her to tell Elissa.  She listens to Helen.

Spencer says they should just all relax and enjoy the house.  A little blow up like they had in the hallway just isn't necessary and doesn't help anything.

The cameras move to the backyard couch, where McCrae is talking to Amanda.  She is wearing his knit rasta cap and Kaitlin is there, too. McCrae seems to feel badly about Elissa, who can't sleep very well in the Have Not room.

Kaitlin:  As long as she is here, she's going to continuously be a Have Not.

McCrae:  That's why I feel bad....she's going to be tortured the whole time.  It's like...just take her out in the woods and shoot her..

Amanda laughs and puffs on her cigarette.  Katilin says there is no way Elissa is ever going to be happy here and McCrae repeats that it is torture for her right now.  Kaitlin wants to count the votes but they trail off after counting the first few names.

Back in the Have Not room Spencer is preparing to leave and reaches out to Candice, asking if she is going to bed. She says no, she's going to take a shower and then we're back on the patio where Andy has joined the group.  He's reaching his limit of slop and doesn't want to be a Have Not again.  Kaitlin counts the votes and says they just need one more person.

Andy:  What about me?

Katilin, hanging her head and holding up fingers:  Oh yeah...

In the Small World we see Nick and Gina Marie and she is pretending to play a trumpet and march around as we go to break.  When we return GMZ is wrapping a pink bandana around her head and she and Nick are posing together in front of the glass.  GMZ tells him that she used to wear a wig.

Nick, laughing:  Oh my god.  Shit just got real!

He leaves the room with her trailing him, chattering about how she got "like, 150 likes on Facebook, just like that".  In the kitchen McCrae and Howard are pouring drinks and then we see Elissa primping in the bathroom and then stalking through the house.

Now we see Andy and Kaitlin whispering on the couch in the backyard again, where Kaitlin is going over the votes again.  She really seems to need support from the group when she counts, I've noticed.  Just sayin'.

Katilin is drinking a can of beer and says that Elissa "is miserable, and it's always going to be that way".  We see Nick sipping a mug of coffee at the dining table, then he's up and follows Kaitlin to the storage room.  She is wrapped in a towel as Nick chatters about BB telling him to "stop that'.  Nick knows everyone is whispering behind his back about tonight and tells Kaitlin about his conversations with Elissa.

Nick:  She basically tried to blackmail me, but she doesn't know that I'm working with you guys.  She basically came out and exposed herself and told me she is working with Helen, Andy, and Candice...

Kaitlin: We just scared the shit out of Andy, so I don't know....

Nick says he told her he wanted 30 minutes to think about the deal she proposed, and he just walked away and never did it.  (Supposedly Elissa asked him to throw the PoV in exchange for not getting put up.)

Nick:  So now I'm guilty by association, because I was seen talking to her...

Kaitlin:  100%.  Yeah.  I think I'm going up tomorrow.  You've got to help me..I'm going to freak the fuck out...

Nick: I know...just trust me...

Kaitlin: That's what Jeremy says..

Nick:  I feel like between the five of us, there's issues, but you have to trust me.

Kaitlin:  She doesn't deserve to be in this house....thank you, that makes me feel better.

Nick:  We have the smartest people but we have to watch it...we're in the Cockpit with Andy and Aaryn is fucking talking....stop talking about it!

Kaitlin, dropping to a whisper:  Andy...he's the one who came and told me it came out of her mouth that she's putting me up!

Nick:  That's fine...he can know her information, but he can't know OUR information.

Kaitlin just feels like people are so sketchy that it is hard to trust anyone.  Nick tells her it doesn't matter who else is up, Elissa is going home.  Kaitlin pulls out her fingers and does the count AGAIN, saying only 11 people can vote.

Kaitlin described how she scared Andy, by saying that if she goes home Jeremy is going to be so pissed, that Andy is going up after that.  She claims that Andy went pale and was terrified.

Kaitlin:  I told him you'd better keep me here, and I'll keep your name out of Jeremy's mouth.

Now we see Helen being shot from above in the Have Not room, standing strong with arms folded talking to Elissa.

Helen:  If you go home, I'm going after Jeremy. He's the underdog right now.  He's gone from the whole house being against him...from Evel Dick to the underdog...and they need to know that if you're gone, then the MVP will go to him, and we're all in trouble after that...

Elissa:  I don't think America will like Jeremy...

Helen:  You don't know what America will like....maybe Aaryn...maybe me, but right now they're giving it to you..and the people who help you stay should know that the longer you're here, the longer they can stay, too.

Elissa:  Who do you think is like, wanting to switch over?

Helen:  I don't know yet.  But when I do, I'm gonna be pissed.  It's like one minute everybody is with us, the next minute everybody is against us.  And I'm on the block, so I know I need to be careful.  No one has said yet they are voting against you...but it's just an option and I don't want you to freak out...I will squash it when I hear it.  I'll ask around to see if we can get the votes for Nick.  I don't think I can get the votes for Amanda...

Candice comes in and Helen compliments her eyeshadow before going to break.   After break Helen and Candice walk through the house together.  Candice is wearing a pair of bright pink shorts that are not doing her figure any favors.  At all.  Not even a little bit.

Now we have a a rare sighting of Howard speaking to Elissa in the Have Not room.  He's planting the seed about Nick needing to leave, rather than her nominating Kaitlin.  Howard says that if Kaitlin goes home Jeremy is going to blow up and go after her.  And Nick is kind of a wildcard--no one knows what he is going to do.

Howard thinks they can turn Aaryn against Nick so that Elissa gets to stay.

Elissa:  Nick threw the competition today.

Howard isn't sure about that, but says it looked like he tried to figure it out as he went along.  Elissa isn't sure what would happen if the vote were down to Nick and herself.

Elissa:  Those girls are so mean to me....but their plan isn't working out, because I don't even want to have a conversation with them..they are just so evil.

The two of them are seated together in a row of the plane, far away from the door.  The camera closes in on the closed door, making me wonder if someone is on the other side, listening.

Howard keeps pushing for Nick, and Elissa said everyone is saying that.  She describes him coming up to her in the very beginning, telling her that he would not nominate her if he was MVP.  But then he has broken her trust several times since then.  Howard says he doesn't care for some people in the house, but he stays close to them anyway so he can stay in the loop.

Elissa:  And like, saying that on national TV...that I'm creating waves in the house for the second week in a row...and I'm like, the only person who hasn't been up there in your HoH room...I haven't even talked to them....and I have my family watching and supporting me and they know it's not true....I think we should get people out who are threats...

Howard:  Here's the thing...try your best to make the game a game, but I know people in this house try to make it personal....and I know you've been ostracized, and it's hard, and it's rough on me as well to hear the derogatory comments and not letting the real me come out....

Elissa:  Mmm hmm...

Howard:  It's really hard not to let that come out....that's outside of the game.  Within the game's just a game and I want you to stay and make the best decision

They discuss Spencer and are not sure which side he is actually on.  Elissa brings up the two extra swing votes and Howard will talk to Spencer about it.  Maybe they can work with Andy and Judd to get the votes.  Howard wants to do as much as he can to help.

After the break we see Howard again, in the Small World having a chat with McCrae.  They are whispering and Howard is filling him in on the conversation he just had with Elissa.  Amanda is there too as Howard describes how he and Spencer are trying to get on Nick's good side, so they can go in for the kill later. Amanda heard them "upstairs" saying that they can't trust Nick.  Amanda is scared of who Nick would nominate and feels everyone of them would go up in a heartbeat if he was HoH.

Now Andy appears and sits down with his mouth wide open.  He jumps right in with the whispering, as they discuss how untrustworthy Nick seems to be.  Howard says they should go along with it.

Amanda:  I'm telling you...every single one of our names has come out of their mouths.

Andy:  I've heard all of your names...

Howard says they've got lots of time to think about it, and Andy starts whispering about weighing the pros and cons of both people...for example if Kaitlin goes up and out, they'd be getting out a big player on their team, but "he" will pull the trigger...

Howard:  ....and for this week, my thing is the preservation of this alliance...and Elissa....

Judd comes in and stops the conversation for a moment by saying "Aaryn's upstairs".  Now Elissa pokes her head in and enters, too.  It's awkward and Amanda says this is too many people in the room.  Andy says he's getting out of there and Amanda says they'll all get in touch through the grapevine.  Andy wants to touch base with Elissa, too, and she agrees with that and leaves.

Andy sits back down (I was pretty sure he would make a bee line up to the HoH..) and they all listen as Judd whispers about Nick and then says "is that stupid?"  Howard is telling them that they hate Elissa and will go after Helen if they have to.  Everyone up there is worried about what will happen with America's vote if Elissa is gone.

Andy strongly states his support and says he will "be the strongest with the people who are strongest back to me".

(No one asked Andy about his loyalties, he just announced them.  Just like he always does.  Nobody's looking for Andy because you can't miss him if he keeps popping up all of the time.)

Andy is whispering that it scares him to get rid of Elissa when the door swings open and Aaryn enters, wearing her bikini and carrying a glass.  Amanda mumbles about coming in, and she does, standing and moving around a little as she addresses the group, speaking in low tones.

Aaryn:  I, like heard there were a lot of people in here, and Kaitlin is campaigning way too hard...Jeremy is in the DR but when he comes out maybe you can say something because she is just campaigning so hard it's freaking people out..

Amanda:  She's not even on the block!

Aaryn:  I know.  And every time somebody comes up to talk to her, she's telling them that they're coming after them if she gets voted's stressing me out..

Aaryn says Elissa said she would put her up, and she's freaking everybody out and Aaryn is freaked out, too.  Howard leaves the room and Aaryn follows behind, saying "but he's in the DR though".

After the door closes Andy, McCrae and Amanda are left.  Amanda wonders if "she bought it" and Andy says that things are getting so intense.  McCrae finally says something but most of it is blanked out.  Andy knows that if one person strays from their group, everyone will know.  Do they want to play their card now, or wait until later?

Howard comes back and Amanda says that if they get rid of Elissa then they will be the next targets.  They think Candice will still be around because she can't win anything.


Andy keeps talking about how America loves Elissa.  I'm offended by that, as an American.


Howard tries to calm things down by saying if one of them is on the block, they still have the numbers for voting purposes.  They briefly consider Jessie getting MVP, and quickly dismiss that idea.

Howard:  But if we didn't have the numbers, I can turn into Jeremy like that and start competing my ass off.

Amanda:  I'm just trying to say that if we lose Elissa, we're losing control of that third vote.

Howard:  Not necessarily...

Andy:  Yes, we are.  I totally see both sides and am going to take the next few days to think this all over, but I heard thunderous applause when I went to evict David.

They discuss what "America" will do.  Amanda is going to go with whatever the group wants.  Howard wants the game to be fair, and after that "we can friggin to to war".

McCrae:  That move to get Jeremy out with an MVP was a bad move...we've got to wait until he's comfortable.  That's when you lose this game, when you get comfortable.  Everybody knows that..

Howard:  That's what he told me, he said I don't care how cool we are, or how much we know each other, if Elissa don't go home this week then, _____ and _____ and ______.

Andy:  _____ and _____ and _____!

(Lots of cursing going on.)

McCrae:  We can't play with emotion!  We have to wait...

Howard:  Let him go ahead and be an asshole...

McCrae:  Exactly!  Let him be a huge target.....I don't know....

Howard tells them he hasn't really competed hard against Jeremy.  Andy feels that if Jeremy stays and makes HoH, then he's in trouble.  Amanda says they all are.

(Not all of you Amanda....)

Howard:  If she stays, they're going to figure out the numbers, and then.....(we go to break).

After the break, the little meeting is still ongoing, and Amanda points out that the other side knows they have Elissa, and have the power of the vote.  Amanda will go along with whatever the group decides, and knows it will be the right decision.

Now we switch to the Cockpit, where Helen is talking to Spencer about Candice not knowing they are in an alliance.  Helen seems agitated and upset, clutching a pillow and talking with her hands.

Spencer:  You know this show.  You know it's not about's about allies.

Helen: Yeah, and part of that is I don't want people to know I'm in an alliance.  So I hang out with people  and build friendships.  My friendships with Elissa and Candice put me in a difficult position and I know they will have to go at some point.

Spencer tells her that "they" want Elissa gone, and Helen is guilty by association in "their" eyes.  Spencer thinks that Elissa leaving will help Helen's game in the long run.  Helen tells Spencer that if Elissa leaves, the MVP will go to Jeremy.  Spencer thinks he is too arrogant, but can't predict what America will do.

Spencer:  Tell me this...did you know that she was MVP the second time and didn't tell me?

Helen:  I did.  She told me not to.  I would have let you know if it wasn't going to be one of them going up.  She was afraid to put Jeremy up because she didn't think she had the votes, but I told her to just do it anyway.  I asked McCrae about it and he said we have the votes, but then Elissa came in and went crazy, accusing me of messing up her game by talking to him.  She totally ruined my conversation with McCrae and I know she is a messy player.  I will shut up about Elissa next week but I think we need to get out one more person on their side.  Just one more person as a buffer.  I'm really, really worried about Amanda and McCrae's relationship...

Spencer:  Me too.

Helen:  If we lose that buffer, we lose this game.  Like Judd.  You all say that we can trust Judd, but he's up there all of the time.  And Andy's back and forth every five minutes, telling us one thing but I don't really know.

Spencer:  I think he's solid.

Helen:  Maybe.  But as soon as Amanda and McCrae go to that side, Andy's not going to be solid anymore.

Spencer doesn't think big alliances can sustain through all of the changes in the house.  And everybody says that Helen goes back and talks to Candice with everything.  Helen says she feels so alone...she wakes up in that room with them and feels like she is on the outside, and how she's on the block.

Spencer:  I feel like Amanda is a schemer.

Helen:  Then let her go home then..

Spencer:  But would you weaken the alliance or would that make it stronger.

They discuss how "into her" McCrae is...Helen says that if they get rid of her then they can "get McCrae back in this game" and she mentions how he held on to the popsicle.

Helen:  McCrae is not in this game right now.  We're letting him just drift away from us, and we need to control him Spencer.

Spencer:  We need to focus him, is another way to say it..

Helen:  Yes!  So do you see why I'm going crazy? McCrae's in LaLa Land  and Andy is hanging out in the HoH like it's his second bedroom, and Judd...who knows where Judd is, maybe dancing with Jessie....and maybe that's part of his game, but whatever.  And you've got Amanda ....

Spencer:  Basically it's an alliance of morons...that's what you're saying.

Helen:  Yes!  And you, me and Howard I can trust, but we still need numbers for right now.  Howard is too moral a person and he's picked a side and will stay there.

Spencer:  To be completely honest, you, Howard and Andy....I still trust him right now....and McCrae...if we could separate from the seven at some point we will be extremely powerful.

She agrees.  Spencer says that the other side still seems to trust and like Helen, they just don't like Elissa.  He thinks they should lay low, but Helen warns him to imagine what it would be like if the MVP goes to Jeremy.

Helen:  If we lose the gun, we have nothing.  Why don't we just get Nick out when we can?  When else can we do that?  He's smart, he's capable...and we have the chance.  When else can we get out Kaitlin?  At some point they have to go out, and they have to leave!

As we go to break Spencer says he wants to do what is best for his game, and he treats her game the same way.

After break, we are still in the Cockpit with Helen and Spencer, and Helen says that if she can't trust Spencer anymore, she can go over to Aaryn and Jeremy in a heartbeat.

Helen:  I can't trust Elissa, because she's too messy.  And Candice is all over the place...can't trust her.  I looked at you and Howard and Andy and McCrae....well mainly you and Howard and Andy as my foundation...and I'm worried that if he got MVP, we're going to be in Elissa's spot...

Spencer:  If we're stupid....and she is...

Helen wonders who he would put up if he were MVP.  In complete honesty Spencer says Amanda, in order to strengthen the alliance.  He thinks if she went up, she would get voted out.  Helen is only comfortable with Elissa being evicted if Amanda is on the schedule as the third boot.  She wonders how they can get Jeremy to agree with that, when Amanda is kissing his butt right now?

Spencer says that Aaryn suspects Candice and Amanda of voting David out, but Helen pushes back and says why aren't they on the block then instead of me?

Now we're up in the HoH Suite where Amanda is lounging on the bed and talking to Aaryn who is wrapped in a towel, sitting at the little table.  Amanda is telling Aaryn how she can bond with Helen to make things right with her.  Amanda says then Helen will target someone else, and now they discuss Candice.  Aaryn doesn't think Candice will ever win anything.  Aaryn is trying not to be confrontational with her, but she doesn't understand what it would hurt if she's mean to Candice.

Now Aaryn brings up Kaitlin and her paranoid behavior, and how it's freaking her out.  Now here is Jessie, waddling in in her bikini, saying that she was scared out there when Candice came out, and how Andy is pretending to be her friend.

Jessie:  Oh, he's pretending?  Oh, okay....

Aaryn brings up Kaitlin again, saying she's going to _______ them up.  Jessie leaves the room and the conversation continues.  Aaryn wants her to talk to Jeremy about that comment, and McCrae, too.

Amanda:  How am I supposed to align with someone who doesn't trust me?

Aaryn:  I know.  That's why you need to talk to Jeremy.

Amanda:  I'm worried he'll get HoH and put me up with Candice or something.

Jessie comes back in and Aaryn asks her to go get Jeremy, "just him" and ask him to come up.

Jessie:  Do I need to stay down there?

Aaryn:  I just feel like he'll only like, talk to me if it's just me.

Jessie:  Well, can I take a shower up here?  I'll go get him and then take a shower.  Or will that look super obvie?

They discuss the best plan, but I have to say that Jessie looks 5 months pregnant right now.  I wish I could take a picture, but her gut is sticking out like there is a bowling ball in there.  She is obviously in the dark about good posture and holding her stomach in.  Sorry but I felt I have to say something.

Jessie reports that Jeremy is "holding it down out there", hanging with the group.  After yet another break, we see Spencer, Howard and Helen in the Cockpit.  Helen is saying that she only wants McCrae in their group, and not Amanda.

Both of them nod.  Howard talks about Helen's vote, and she snaps back that she's on the block...she can't even vote.  Spencer assures her that they have her back, and they all on the same page about Amanda being sketchy.  He adds that Judd is another one who is always up and down, and he wonders if Judd is trying to play the middle.  Helen says he needs to go, too, and mentions how he keeps coming in the Have Not room.

Spencer:  With our five going against their five, we can kick ass..

Howard:  Amanda...she stirs the pot.

Spencer:  I would rather have a solid McCrae, then a wishy-washy McCrae and Amanda.  You can't count those votes.

Helen:  I agree.

Helen wants to name their group, and asks them to go think about it and come back with a name.  Spencer likes the "Bad Dudz", with a "z".  Howard likes the "Band of Outsiders", but Helen says they aren't outsiders anymore.

(Damn Helen is bossy.)

Helen doesn't like the Bad Dudz because she's not a dude.  Spencer summarizes that it's better for their games if Elissa goes, but Helen brings up Jeremy getting MVP again.  Spencer thinks his arrogance will keep him from getting it.

Helen:  How are we going to get rid of this guy?

Howard:  We can't get to third base if we don't get to first base.

Spencer:  Plenty of people don't like him.  Don't worry about that.  Our five is loyal.  If I get MVP you have my word that I'll let you know, and I'll put up Amanda.

They decide to keep Andy around but keep an eye on him.  Spencer thinks he's just trying to save his own ass, and the cameras shift to the HoH, where Amanda is talking to Jeremy and all of his tattoos.

Amanda is proclaiming that "her and McCrae" are behind him all of the way.  Judd comes in and Amanda yells at him to come back in ten minutes.  BB tells Jeremy to put on his microphone, but he says BB what can I do?

Jeremy pokes his head in the bathroom and tells Jessie to stay in the shower because he's got to come in there to get his microphone because "BB is yelling at him".  When he returns Amanda is telling him that this is going to work, because he can trust her..

Jeremy interrupts and says he's going to "carry her as far as he can carry her".  (Kaitlin)  Aaryn tells him that three or four people came up to her saying they need to do damage control now because of her.  Andy is scared because of what Kaitlin said to her about Jeremy coming after him if she goes home.

Jeremy:  I just told her to cool it out there on the hammock.

Amanda:  To be completely frank, you guys have more of a target on your back than McCrae and I do..we're more like social players...

Jeremy, cutting her off:  I've had a target on my back from day one.  And I'm okay with that.

Amanda points out that he is strong, but he does need votes.

Jeremy:   I know that I play like I'm a big meat head, but you don't realize I've got votes, too.

(Amanda is trying to control this conversation, and Jeremy, and that is not the way to work with him.)

Amanda:  I know you think you have the votes, but trust me you don't.

Jeremy: Okay.

Amanda:  If we're going to work together, then you have to trust me.

Jeremy:  You're right.  Absolutely.

(i.e. he's not working with her, and doesn't trust her)

Jeremy:  But I still have got to play my own game.

Amanda:  But you don't have've only seen one season of this show, and McCrae has seen...

Jeremy, cutting her off again:  This season is totally different from any other season, and everybody says that.

Amanda:  Right.  You're not going to get MVP because you do asshole things andyou're portrayed as a won't get it...

Jeremy:  You don't know that...

Amanda:  And she's not going to get it because she's being portrayed as a bitch (Aaryn).

Jeremy:  Really?  How do you know that?

Amanda, getting hot:  If you heard the questions that they ask me!

Jeremy:  And if you heard the questions they ask me about you, you're not getting MVP, either!  And McCrae's not either!

Amanda:  Well, who do you think is going to get it?

Jeremy:  Personally, I think Andy has a great chance of getting MVP.

Amanda exhales loudly.  She's frustrated with him and apparently forgot the reason why she came up there, to make nice and smooth things over.

Amanda, nervously:  What did they ask you about me?

Jeremy:  You need to realize that none of us know what they are portraying.  I understand you're a smart girl, but you can't just jump to conclusions.

BB tells them not to talk about their Diary Room sessions and they just keep going, ignoring BB.

Jeremy:  I think I've got a good chance because I win competitions and people love that shit!

Amanda:  You have to understand that the way that you speak to me, and the way that we speak to each other, it's not trust.

Jerermy, defiantly:  Every time I talk to you I look you right in the eyes.

Amanda:  I'm like, well aware that you've made a number of final five deals in here.  And that's why I trust McCrae, and I'm trusting him.

Jeremy:  And you've got one person, but I've got four people...and that's Aaryn, and that's Kaitlin, and that's GMZ, and I'm trying to make it work, but it's hard when you throw out things like we should keep Elissa.  I'm just talking right now but you're jumping to conclusions.  I think McCrae is a good guy..

Amanda:  Do you think McCrae would be with me if he didn't trust me?

Jeremy:  The only thing that is going to get there is if you show me....I took a nap today and I've been up two hours, and all I've heard since I woke up is people coming up to me to say that Amanda is concocting a plan...

Amanda:  How would I do that?

Jeremy:   I don't believe everybody, but people are throwing you under the bus...not McCrae...just you, and I'm not saying I believed it.  I'm just letting you know and they're trying to break us up.  I realize I need to be careful and I play a cocky game, but that's a front...

After the final break, we see that Spencer has joined Aaryn and Jeremy in the HoH.  Jeremy thinks it should be a landslide vote this week, and if not he's coming back with a vengeance.  There is frequent bleeping and blanking as Jeremy says he's been playing for fun so far, but he "hasn't even turned on the boosters yet".

We see Judd standing at the door, probably listening, and does a tentative knock.  They tell him to come in and Jeremy whistles at Judd like you would to call a dog.  Aaryn is reporting what Andy said and then reports that she walked in the bedroom a few minutes ago and saw Andy, McCrae, and Amanda talking to Howard.

Jeremy:  Why didn't you say that in front of Amanda?

Aaryn:  Why?  I don't know.  I've been sitting over her trying to figure out how to approach you, because this is affecting me now.

Jeremy:  I can see that, baby, but don't..

Aaryn:  I mean, I can't play next week!

Jeremy:  I know.  But I'm playin'.

Spencer:  I'm playin'....

Judd:  All three of us are playin'.

Aaryn says they have got to keep Kailin relaxed.  Jeremy says hell yeah she's freaking out, but he told her to calm down already.  Judd is mumbling to Aaryn, trying to find out if Amanda was talking about him in there.   Apparently Aaryn speaks Judd, because she understood and said no.  Spencer said Howard is doing his Bible study and will be another 10 minutes or so.

The cameras go to the back yard couch where Andy and Kaitlin are huddled, and she's giggling.  Andy is telling her what he said to Aaryn, and Kaitlin apologizes for "taking her freak out and putting it on him".  Andy assures her that he trusts her, and they're fine.

Kaitlin:  You shouldn't freak out or anything.

Andy:  I didn't say anything to McCrae or anybody....

Kaitlin:  Because everybody knows now.

She tells him that he is "literally the only one she confides in".  And the thought that "everybody knows" freaks her out.

And as the show ends, the drama continues