Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spencer's Job is Safe....For Now #BB15

This brief statement was issued by Spencer's employer, and indicates Spencer is part of a union and is protected by a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Agreement likely spells out the exact circumstances where termination can occur immediately --I'm guessing conduct on a reality show isn't on that list.  Even if the company wanted to terminate him, the required process can be lengthy and will involve attorneys, mediation, etc.

Just Before the PoV Comp, McCrae Told Nick #BB15

that he realizes that there is no way he can win this game, but he can control Amanda's vote now, and he doesn't want her to "get fucked over".

McCrae:  I want her in the Jury so I can bang her...

Nick:  Dude....

Candice and Howard Compare Notes #BB15

after Spencer and Howard both discuss voting out Elissa this week.  Spencer doesn't feel bad about it....she has a husband and child and has other things to do outside of here.

Howard:  Those two girls are just hanging off Jeremy's nuts....but that's good because he can just control 'em....

Spencer:  It's hard to get to talk to him though, because he's up there all of the time.

They know that Helen tried to do a deal with Aaryn and Jeremy, so they question how great her strategy can be.  After Spencer left Candice came in and said that competition was intense.  Howard whispered about how things would have been like "back where he came from"...

Candice whispers:  She makes a lot of comments that are....

Howard said he knows that, he hears it, and leaves the room quickly for the kitchen.  In the kitchen I hear him saying something about needing "a little less of the homophobia".

I think Howard made it clear that he doesn't want to appear to be aligned with Candice in any way.

The PoV Competition is Over #BB15

and Jeremy won it, as he predicted he would.  Jeremy is a beast, ya'll.

 In the Have Not room Helen is exercising like crazy.  Breathing hard and tapping her feet on the cold floor.

Candice thinks this is getting personal.  Once again her earrings are HUGE.

The competition was really close.  Elissa "thought about letting it hang because every time she twisted it, it fell".

Elissa hates losing and Helen does, too.

Spice World #BB15

To each their own, I guess.

Amanda's Playing for PoV Today #BB15

and she visits the Queen Bees up in the HoH as they prepare to go downstairs.

They took a few minutes to bash Elissa, and how creepy she looks when she smiles at them.  Aaryn says that she's always smiling when she's doing something evil and it's just creepy.

Amanda:  And if McCrae wasn't up my ass all of the time, she'd be the type of girl that he'd just want to bang because it doesn't matter....

(Somehow I doubt that.)

Gina Marie comes in and they turn the topic of conversation to Nick.  Amanda knows that they're missing something, because Nick is in the DR every couple of minutes.    She wonders if he is a genius, because she asked him if he graduated cum laude and he said "what does that mean"?  She can't believe that he didn't know what "cum laude" meant and Aaryn agrees.

Gina Marie says if you really want to know why he's in there all of the time, it's just because he talks so good....he always knows what to say, and they like that in there....

(It's true love is blind, and deaf, and dumb..............)

Amanda:  I think we all articulate pretty well, but there's something that we're going to be surprised about later with Nick...something is up with him...

Aaryn:  I told you that he's gay.  He's a closeted gay.

Amanda:  Well, that's not why he's in the diary room all of the time....

Aaryn: I Know This is So Gay.... #BB15

but I can't even stand to go into that bedroom... the smell reminds me of him.....of David...I've gone in there a few times by myself and just laid down, but it makes me sad...I'm getting better though..

(Didn't David reek?  Of B.O. and dirty hair?  Didn't Aaryn rip him a new one about his poor bathing habits?)

Kaitlin says she's going to be a huge bitch "if Jeremy is taken away from her".

Aaryn:  I will, too.  You just can't even imagine what it's like to spend so much time with someone, like 24 hours a day, and then have them taken from you.

Kaitlin is furious just thinking about it, but combs out some fresh weave so that she can be ready for the PoV herself. 

I think Kaitlin thinks she might be hosting it, but I read somewhere that a guy from Under the Dome is going to guest host for some cheap cross-promotion.  If that is the case, I hope he is really good looking so that one or two of those girls makes a fool out of themselves.  Jessie, of course, but maybe someone like Candice or Aaryn.  Or maybe if he's an actor Amanda has already slept with him when she lived in LA?

(She's constantly throwing out her conquests, as proud as any frat brother.)

A few minutes ago the girls did a faux Chilltown phone call, bragging that they picked the PoV players they wanted, and it is 5-1 right now for this competition.  I'm pretty sure you'll see this little scene on the CBS show, because they seem just like cackling witches, and Aaryn has the perfect pageant hair, as well.

The camera crew enjoys the many sides of Aaryn.  You know she is one of the big Stars of the show now, right?  CBS got a new female villain this year, but not the one they planned for.  These two bitches are ratings gold and you know I'm right.  You will love them or hate them, but you won't change the channel.

Gina Marie had a quick meeting with Nick about strategy.  Everyone wants to know if Elissa gets to nominate a replacement if Jeremy takes himself off the block with the PoV.  GM says she looked in the manual but doesn't see it addressed.  Nick asks her to "go in there and find out" and GM says she will, after she curls her ponytail...but just the end of it.

Nick escaped into the WC for a few blessed moments of peace and quiet.

Aaryn Has Pageant Hair Today #BB15

and you've got to admire that she's no floater.  She's taking a stand in that house, and doesn't care who knows it.  Now that David is gone Aaryn is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore.

The PoV player pick was held just now, and Amanda and Nick were the random picks to play.  As expected, the MVP nominated Jeremy, and everyone knows that it was Elissa.

Aaryn, addressing the camera:  I hope you saw that shit, David!

Gina Marie swears that Nick will do the right thing if he wins the PoV.  Aaryn sneers that she doesn't care doesn't matter....if he takes Jeremy off he knows she'll just come after him next week!

She bit angrily on what appears to be a toasted English muffin with a slick of butter on it.

Kaitlin has counted the votes, and she hates to say it, but she's not even scared to go on the block if Jeremy is taken off.

Kaitlin:  Everybody knows that Jeremy will kill them if they get rid of me!

It's almost as if Kaitlin were doing a commercial for Dove lotion, right?

 The lighting in the HoH Suite is spectacular, no?

Gina Marie announces that she will just wear her hair in a pony tail tonight.  No one argues with her about it, or responds in any way.

Big Brother After Dark - Paranoia is Contagious, and So is Ringworm - 7-5-13

This episode aired on Friday night at 9:00 pm BBT, just after Aaryn made her HoH nominations for eviction.  She nominated Helen and Elissa, with the goal of removing Elissa from the house so that they can have a level playing field.  Or maybe because Aaryn hates her, because she so like, fake, or like .....  whatever.  

Once again they are locked in the house for the night, as the PoV competition is being set up in the backyard.  With 15 people in the house, it is a constant scramble to meet with people and share secrets on top of the other secrets that were just told to someone else.  We do have a handful of house guests who don't appear to be gaming very much, but the vast majority are wheeling and dealing in there, trying to make things happen.

So let's not lose sight of that.  Here we go.

As the show opens, we see Aaryn getting comfortable on the living room couch, moving her microphone around so she can lay on her stomach.  I hear Nick reciting what will happen this weekend, the PoV, the PoV ceremony, etc.  Judd knows that the Sunday CBS show will feature the conclusion of the HoH competition and the build up to the nomination ceremony.

Aaryn counts down the days to the eviction---there are five so why is Production setting up the PoV tonight?  Why can't they just go in the backyard?

The cameras change to McCrae and Amanda lounging in the Cockpit.  Amanda asks is that a lighter in your pocket, or is he just happy to see her?  It's a lighter, and McCrae is happy that he found it.

McCrae:  You haven't even seen our looks nice now....I cleaned it!

Amanda:  If you win HoH again, can you just hand me the _____ key?

They giggle and have a lot of inside jokes and phrases now.  Amanda wants to go to the hammock but they're locked in.  They agree that if they lose HoH for the next two weeks it's not going to be good for them.  McCrae has a half-eaten sandwich on a plate that Amanda moves out of their way.  They flirt and McCrae says he's the master mind in the room, and he says he's going to "mastermind some shit". 

Amanda:  Look, I know woman was made from a man's rib, but I'm not too shabby when it comes to this either.

McCrae:  I'm pretty sure we're going to do really well.

Amanda:  What are we called..

McCrae:  ......the Baby Makers?

Amanda:  The Baby Makers!

McCrae:  Nah...I don't know....

Amanda:  The Boy-Girl Alliance....the NerdMance...


I think we should acknowledge that McCrae took his eye off the ball, so to speak, at least a week ago when he and Amanda started getting touchy-feely.   If McCrae doesn't wake up soon and snap out of this, he's going to end up like Matt Hoffman, with Amanda in the Ragan Fox role.  McCrae's alliance is building steam, but Spencer called it last week, rather crudely, that McCrae was too focused on Amanda's tits and not the game.

This is McCrae's big chance to change his life, and he's blowing it on Amanda.  She's not going to date or live with a "pizza boy" and she's said as much in her CBS DR sessions.  McCrae is going to go home broken hearted with a busted wallet, finding this was all for nothing.  He knew she was a Maneater, but offered himself up and this will be his fatal flaw in this game.  I hope I'm wrong, but looking at McCrae now, he is long gone over her. 


McCrae can't do his laundry tonight, and Amanda complains that she's got to smell him like this for another day.  McCrae says those are just pheremones, but Amanda argues that men don't have those, do they?  They decide it is a sexual-chemical smell and both sexes have them.  Or maybe just women.

McCrae:  Whatever.  We're not going to figure it out here.

Andy pops in and has a seat, chatting about how long something should be in the oven.  Amanda asks him to open the door so people don't think anything shady is going on.  Andy is still using his spare microphone because he pulled out a wire from his regular one.  McCrae says that happened to him---he pulled out two wires so he used a spare for a short while.

Andy:  They don't care what I'm doing...ever.

They discuss Helen and Andy says he told her to just be cool this week, and she said her tears were just emotions. They have a little song about stereotypes that Amanda wants to patent.

Andy:  But I was the one who inspired it!

Amanda:  You were the muse, but I still own it!

Andy:  It was a joint Andy-Amanda effort!

Amanda sings some of it, complete with finger snaps:  Hey Helen you must be good at math...

Andy giggles and says in college there were two stereotypes that were always perpetuated like clockwork.  He lived next to a bar that  had hip hop night every Monday, and every Monday the cops had to come because there was a stabbing.   And I was like, if you don't want to seem violent, you have to stop stabbing people.  And there was a gay bar on campus, and whenever I would go there would be guys making out three-way, with no shirts on, and I was like hey gay men, if you don't want to be seen as slutty, stop making out three way with no shirts on in the middle of the crowded bar!

Now the cameras change to Aaryn who is in the living room whispering with Jessie about the votes and the size of the jury.  Aaryn knows that the next 6 evictions will not be on the Jury, and Jessie is surprised that the jury will have 9 members.  Jessie is confused because Aaryn is including the person who is evicted in third place.  Aaryn is a little impatient explaining all of this with her arms folded.

After the break we go back to the Cockpit and Andy really wants to get a bottle of Jaeger if he wins HoH.  They talk about how Rachel got a bottle of Patron in her BB12 HoH Room.  Amanda understands now why she was so excited about it, and thinks they all might end up alcoholics when this is over.  Andy can't wait to all go out together and they discuss partying after the finale.  McCrae explains  that the back yard is a "big party" and Andy didn't know this.

(It's more like a press junket back there, rather than a party.)

Now we move to the kitchen, where Judd is moving around and I hear Jeremy's voice, then we go to the Small World room, and just miss Nick putting on a pair of shorts.  I mean, we see that part, but missed the seconds leading up to it. Gina Marie is in there, of course, whispering.  Now we go back to the Cockpit where McCrae and Amanda are alone again, teasing each other.  The door is open and they can hear the noise from the kitchen.

McCrae:  You starting to play with my hair all of the time...

Amanda:  I know.  I stopped though..did you notice?  Your hair is all greasy and dirty....

Amanda wants to straighten McCrae's hair but he says not, that would alter his image.  Amanda argues that is not altering appearance....she had curly hair yesterday and straight today herself.  McCrae had a great DR session yesterday, but hasn't been in there today.

We visit the dining table, where Howard, Spencer and Jeremy sit while Jeremy eats a big plate full of something.  I think they had burgers, because I think I see one on a serving platter in the middle of the table.  They are nodding and talking about the food.  Candice made the chicken and Jeremy tells her this might be the best fried chicken he's had in a long while.  They have beans and rice, too, and Jeremy has had two bowls of that tonight.

Turns out that burger on the platter is actually a piece of fried chicken.  Spencer and Howard cut it in half to share it and Howard gets busy right away on it.  His plate was already empty, so I'm guessing this was seconds or thirds for him.

(Candice is a Have Not, but is cooking for the house.  Nice.)

They got liver and lima beans for America's choice, so they are working with that this week.  The guys are drinking a 2 liter of Coke Classic.

Back in the Cockpit Judd has joined McCrae and Amanda as they discuss other Big Brother seasons and house guests.

Amanda:  Jen?

McCrae:  Not crazy Jen from Dick's season...Jen from season nine.

Amanda:  Didn't see it.

Judd mumbles that Jen's boyfriend made second place and mentions another show that one of them was on or something.  McCrae understood because he smiled and said Yeah.  Amanda wants to steal Aaryn's candy, the sour kind, but Judd wants a Reese cup.

McCrae:  A Reese's cup?

Judd:  Or Reeses Pieces, whatever.

Now they talk about Jessie and Lydia and I guess they are talking about people who have hooked up in the house.  Amanda starts calling Lydia the "busted girl from New York" and accuses both Jessie and Lydia of having other relationships when they entered the house.

Judd:  She looked like Miley Cyrus!

Amanda: Lydia?

Judd:  Yeah, with the tattoos all over her.

Amanda:  But she was so ugly and she cried all of the time?

Judd:  You don't remember the fight between Jeff, Jordan and Michelle?

McCrae:  And Lydia?

Judd mumbles yeah and Amanda spews some more hate on Lydia.  Judd admits she was "a little offbeat" and then Andy comes in announcing "Dinner!" and sits with a piece of fried chicken right in front of the camera.  Judd is mumbling about Lydia opening a door on Jeff and Jordan and then slamming it, while Andy cuts off a bite of chicken for Amanda and feeds it to her.

Amanda:  Oh my god it's good!

The crust is dark brown, the way you want it to be, and it's crispy.   There is what looks like white gravy on the chicken, too.  Amanda thinks it is better than the first time.  Judd just keeps right on reciting what Lydia yelled to Jeff about "vote me off then" and McCrae nods and smiles.  He remembers Lydia, too.  Andy gets in on the conversation, too.  There is plenty of chicken left if people want it.

Judd claims he had three pieces already, then immediately says that isn't true.  (So it probably is true.)  Amanda thinks the lima beans are too spicy but Andy has cleaned his plate, scraping his fork along the bottom to get all of it.  Now Judd is mumbling about somebody's "sparkly tennis shoes" and he and McCrae both agree "that's crazy".

After the break we see Aaryn spraying cleaner on the HoH bath tub, saying even if they clean it for her it's still, like gross.  Jessie is keeping her company for some reason and Andy burst in and gets in on the action.

Aaryn:  I don't think they cleaned it....

Andy:  And McCrae is so gross, probably has ringworm and shit...

Aaryn:  Oh my god.  Shut up.  Oooo.

Jessie:  A staph infection!

Aaryn:  Oooooo. If we get wine, we can sit in here.

She already fed the fish and noticed that some of the fish are greedier than others.  Andy says that fish is Jeremy and the Amanda fish crawls along the bottom, "eating whatever".  They've already lost one fish, and Andy points out witch fish looks sketchy.

Andy:  Can I listen to Spice Girls?  It just takes me to a happy place.

The cameras focus on Aaryn's ass as she leans over scrubbing the tub.  Kaitlin tells her not to use bleach and Aaryn says she's not.  She's standing in the tub now with the water running, scrubbing.

Now we go back to the Cockpit, where Amanda is eating a big bowl of something and joking about stereotypes with Judd.  I think I see lima beans in there, and maybe some rice.

Amanda:  Judd, you must have sex with your sister...

She explains to Judd what stereotypes's what people think of people, like Asians can't drive, Jews are cheap, hillbillies have sex with their cousins.....

The cameras high-tail it out of there on that note, and go back to the HoH bathtub where Aaryn is still hard at work.    Jeremy wants to go in the DR to request something, but they think Elissa is in there.  It was really hot in the HoH last week, but Aaryn says it feels much better and nicer up there this week.

Kaitlin never watched the live feeds, and Aaryn didn't either, but she wonders if there was ever a cast that like, had sex the whole time, all over the whole house.  They say Ollie and April both did, and Brendon and Rachel.

Jessie:  Jeff and Jordan for sure didn't...

Jessie has a lot more questions now about other seasons, and they want to ask the other house guests a few things.  They think Bachelor might be the #1 reality show, but Big Brother is right up there.  The cameras go to the storage room where Howard is opening all of the cupboards, looking for something.  He says he must not be looking in the right spot, and we can see the nomination box laying on the floor, tossed aside after the ceremony earlier this evening, I guess.

We go to the Have Not room, where Helen and Gina Marie are talking.  Gina Marie  is out of breath, telling her that everyone loves her..."me, Nick, everybody".  She tells Helen she is beautiful, she rocks, and when she talks about sportsmanship it touches Gina Maire.  She is waving her hands around and says everybody wants her in the house.  One of GM's hands is bandaged but it certainly doesn't affect her ability to throw it around in the air.

Helen wants to play hard for the PoV and she told Elissa that.

GM:  It's not that everyone hates Elissa, because we don't.  We just want a fair game.  I want everybody to get famous, to get money and maybe a trip.  But I care about happiness....that's what is important to me.  That's why I love doing my pageants, working with the kids...that's what makes me happy..even though I'm not a millionaire...if I have a husband who supports me...I'm not a rocket scientist....I don't make a million dollars....does money help?...sure it does, but my strategy is that if you have people who back you up, at the end it's every man for himself.

(Oh dear.)

I'm not sure what all of this has to do with Helen being on the block, but GM brings it around to Elissa having an unfair advantage in the game.  Helen knows that Aaryn wants Elissa out, but they just got off on the wrong foot.  And it's awkward for the whole house now.  Now Gina Marie brings up having her period and how she is like a kid crying over a puppy.  She is just stringing sentences together and there are about 6 crazy ones and then 1 rational one.  Helen says she "totally agrees" and tries to get a word in edgewise.  Or maybe just to shut this down, because it's like a runaway train right now, Gina Marie is speeding down the tracks.

Helen tries to wrap it up and now they've told each other they love each other about three times.  Helen even likes Jeremy, too a little, and GM says he reminds her of her brother.  Oh now GM starts talking about Nick now, how he reminds her of home and yes, he's frickin' gorgeous, but......

Now GM brings up the ring that Jeremy wears, with the indian head on it.  She tells Helen that is Kaitlin's ring, and what a coincidence it is that she brought in a ring with an Indian on it.

(I hate to admit I understand Gina Marie, but I think she's trying the make the point that she and Nick were brought together by fate in the BB house.)

After the break we see Aaryn in the HoH, going over the number of jurors and how many house guests are going home.  Andy is laying in the HoH bed and he tells Aaryn that she is playing it well right now, chilling in the HoH and letting people make targets of themselves.

Aaryn:  And I'm sure that my speech surprised people...they were expecting something else.

During the audition process. Andy was asked over and over about how he responds when he's angry, and did he ever blow up? .  Andy says he never has, but he wonders if he will in the house as things progress.

Andy:  You know how they talk to our friends and family to ask what we're like?  Well I heard from several people that they wanted to know what I'm like when I'm angry, and they thought that was weird.

Aaryn wonders what her family said about that.   BB tells them to stop talking about Production and Andy apologizes and says he's been doing it all night.

Now we go back to the Have Not room where Candice is talking to Helen.  Helen says she's been a Have Not twice, and now that she's been nominated she's "building her resume" of all of the suffering she's had in the house. 

Candice:  I know I shouldn't have done it...I should have been smart like you, but when they asked me who I would put up, I said Nick.

Helen:  Don't ever do that...that's dirty politics...that's what I call that...

Candice whispers that Aaryn had suspicions about Nick, because he was friends with David but still voted him out.  Candice has on some HUGE earrings that are shaped like isocoles triangles  (Or however you spell that.).  Candice suspects that Jeremy voted for David to leave, but she can't prove it.   There is a problem with Candice's microphone placement, so I missed some dialog while she moved her hair and clanky earrings out of the way, but I think they were discussing Amanda.

Candice mentions a conversation about burgers not being cooked correctly between Amanda and Gina Marie.  They discuss how abrupt Amanda is, and how abrasive her comments sound.  Candice didn't understand Amanda the first week, but now she knows that is just her personality and she doesn't mean to sound like that.  Helen agrees that she is a genuine and caring person.

They go over last week's votes again, and Candice is still struggling to make sense of it all.  She thinks Spencer may have voted for Elissa to leave, but Helen keeps the secret and doesn't confess to her own vote.  (Spencer told her to never tell...)  Candice just can't let it go, and thinks Jeremy voted David out too, and maybe Nick.

Candice, with a head roll:  I do think that Jeremy, Nick, and the boys are working together.  There's some boys working together in this house!

**clank clank**  

Candice thinks Spencer is very smart and strategic, and he really likes them.  Helen says they need to get rid of him at some point.  Candice points out that Spencer has friends on both sides of the house, and that's dangerous.  Helen tells her to kiss Spencer's ass right now, and they have time to take care of him later.  Helen wants to see how this week goes...if Elissa wins the MVP then she wants to see how Spencer handles it.  Candice brings up AGAIN that she wasn't told by Spencer what the plan was last week.  As we go to break she whispers that a part of her doesn't think Jeremy is smart enough to...........

After the break we see Kaitlin in the Cockpit with Amanda and they are laughing and singing, so the camera flips to the Have Not room, where Nick is stretching and talking to the girls.  Elissa pops her head in and asks Helen to come show her something.   On the way Elissa must have given Helen a signal that she won MVP again, because Helen starts jumping up and down as they walk.

In the kitchen they are looking for the slop mixture to make slop balls, and Elissa whispers to her.  I did hear the word Jeremy.  Helen covers by talking about the recipe, and the kitchen is absolutely COVERED in dishes and pots and pans.  I'm guessing everything is dirty, but I haven't heard too much complaining about people being slobs yet.

Nick comes in, interrupting and he hangs around wearing a blue tank top.  Now we go to the HoH where Gina Marie is talking to Andy.  I haven't heard much strategy at all from GM this year.  I just hear her spouting off about her ideals and other people.  And Nick, of course.  She brings him up now and how he tells her to calm down and not start trouble.  GM talked to Jessie today and told her to be a little more considerate in the mornings, to let her sleep a few hours.  Nick told her not to talk to Jessie like this, and to calm down.  Then GM goes on about how Jeremy is like her brother, and and and Aaryn are like "blondes with the same heads".   She would hang out with someone like Aaryn outside the house, but not Elissa.  She wants everybody to be on the same playing field.  Then she recounts her monologue conversation with Helen, nearly word for word as Andy sits, listening.

GM:  I push myself to be the best I can doesn't make you happy bro!

And on and on and on and on.  Kaitlin comes in and GM keeps going, all about her life and her friends and her personal philosophies about everything.  It's exhausting to listen to, really.

Andy, escaping:  Cool!  I agree with you.

After the break now Aaryn is trapped in the HoH listening to Gina Marie.   Aaryn brings up Nick and how she thinks he's sketchy.

Aaryn:  I know you like him, but he's sketchy...he is.

She says that in all of her HoH conversations, the only names to come up were Nick, Elissa, and Candice.  That's it.

Now the camera switches to Elissa and Helen whispering in the Have Not room.  Helen is afraid of Jeremy.  She wants Elissa to go to the DR and ask them if her nomination wins PoV and saves themself, can she nominate someone else in their place?

(Good question.)

I think Helen wants to backdoor Jeremy this way, by putting Kaitlin up and letting her be saved by Aaryn with the PoV.  Then Andy bursts in the room and Elissa and Helen separate quickly and start talking about how messy the kitchen is right now.

(Ha!  I knew it!)

Elissa leaves and Andy whispers to Helen how golden she is this week, and how she can relax and be calm.  Helen says she's just been sitting in the Have Not room with people coming in to visit.  Andy says "they offered him a Final Five deal today" and he can  assure Helen that he knows what their plan is this week.

Helen wonders if they can trust Judd, and is Spencer working with Jeremy?  Andy says no, and  not to believe the rumors that people like Candice are spreading.  Helen thinks Andy needs to throw PoV because he can't take her off if he wins.  Andy might not throw it, but Helen says if you do win, then not to use it on her.

Andy:  If I do win, don't be upset if I don't use it on you.

Helen:  No, that's what I just said.  I don't want you to use it on me.

Helen wants Elissa to put up Jeremy, and if he does end up saving himself than Kailin can go up, and that would weaken them.  They both hope that the next competition is mental.  Andy has talked to everyone in the group, and Helen is fine but should avoid the paranoia.  Helen knows that at some point they all have to go on the block.  If she wins PoV she knows she has to use it to save herself, and expects Candice to go up in her place.  Andy thinks that is still okay.

Elissa comes in and Andy gets up to leave, hugging Elissa and telling her she's fine.  Elissa and Helen celebrate after Andy leaves and Helen jumps up and down, saying they like us!  We're like the dorks and they like us!

Elissa:  And what did Aaryn say when she put you up?  That you were up because you were nice to me?  Like, I'm sorry.  One person was nice to me...

Elissa is going to clean up "their mess" in the kitchen and we move to the Cockpit where Kaitlin is lounging with Jeremy and Amanda, discussing different competitions in different seasons.  Amanda wonders why they were given certain seasons of BB to look at in sequester, and Kaitlin whispers that they all got the same ones.  Kaitlin whispers that Elissa claimed she never watched all of BB12 and no one believes her.  Jeremy expects Elissa to put him up, but he doesn't really understand her strategy.  She should put someone up that she can beat, and she can't beat him.

They have the door open so they can hear what is going on outside.  Helen was flossing her teeth but got called to the DR.  Amanda thinks they shouldn't worry until after the PoV comp. Amanda reminds them never to throw a PoV competition....that is a huge BB rule.  Turns out McCrae is in there, laying on the floor and Jeremy wakes him up with a question.

Amanda inspects something on Jeremy and says it is "100% ringworm."  They can't believe that BB put him in the house with that on his leg, a highly contagious situation, and the EMT didn't even really seem to notice.  He has medicine for it and Jeremy assures the girls that he doesn't have an actual worm in his leg, it is just the name of a skin irritation.   Jeremy also has a bee sting from the backyard, on his left arm.

Kaitlin:  Are you kidding me right now? Isn't that infectious?  You ARE NOT sleeping in the bed tonight..

Jeremy:  It's already too late for've been exposed to it.

Jeremy argued with the EMT about the bee sting and he got some Benedryl from him and some other medicine from Nick.  The EMT said the ringworm was a spider bite and Jeremy told him he wouldn't keep arguing.  Jeremy says that the ringworm isn't itchy, and repeats what the EMT said. 

BB keeps telling them to stop talking about Production and they keep going---it might not be them.  Amanda thinks you get ringworm from cats, and wonders what the odds are of having ringworm in two places.

Jeremy calls Gina Marie "GMZ" and I think that's a thing now.  Jeremy said that in his interviews for the show they asked him what his flaw is, and he said that God didn't make him perfect, but he does have sensitive skin.  If there was a rash going around the school he would always get it, too.

Jeremy got scabies from the jacuzzi at the Lifetime Fitness and Kaitlin says to never touch her with that hand again. 

Kaitlin:  He's not getting anywhere near this!

After the break, we see GMZ in the HoH talking to Aaryn and Andy.  She barks at someone to go get her microphone, and now she shares advice she got from somebody about the game.  She was told to always stay up late, because that is when all of the action goes down.  Aaryn hates that because she gets tired so early.

Aaryn:  Being up here is like being in a different house.  I eat up here, drink up here, shower up here, there is no reason to leave...

Nick is there too  and Kaitlin arrives and they discuss Dirty Love, a movie with Jenny McCarthy and it is hilarious according to Aaryn.  She describes a scene where Jenny is trying to make her boyfriend jealous with another guy but that guy pukes on her.  Then Carmen Electra chimes in with a comment to Jenny McCarthy and it was like, so funny.

Aaryn:  It was like, so funny.

Jeremy arrives and asks who they think Elissa will put up.  Aaryn says that Spencer, Howard and Candice are the weakest people there, so she should put them up on the block (so she can beat them in the PoV, presumably).

Kaitlin thinks she would put up Jeremy, but Aaryn says she would be an idiot to do that since he "will win the PoV".  Kaitlin is sorry she told everybody about her bladder infection, because that might make her look like a good target for Elissa to put up.

Aaryn says they should keep it quiet now and stop talking about the infection, and the cameras change to Helen and Spencer talking in the Eames Room.    Judd is in there too and Helen whispers that finally Judd is asleep---he never seems to sleep.  Back upstairs they all think there will be a luxury competition for the PoV where there are prizes and trades, like last year when they picked snowballs to open.

Nick would have gone for the money, he says.  Aaryn says there will be unitards, too, so they have to be careful.  Now Andy starts talking about Monet from BB12 and we go back to Spencer and Helen.  Helen expected to be put up, and tells Spencer she doesn't want to be taken off the block if someone wins PoV.  They all think that Elissa is the target this week.

Back in the HoH Andy tells the group that the word on the street is that Elissa will nominate Jeremy.  Kaitlin is wearing a rather skimpy green top that is not only short, but wide open in the back.  Aaryn accuses her of being confrontational this week, and last week when Aaryn was worried about being nominated Kaitlin told her to stop being a bitch.

Aaryn:  You don't know how it feels until you are directly like, in the line of fire.  I like, understand why you like, feel that way.

Andy and Nick sit there and listen to the girls bicker about this, and they talk about that moment when they will wait to see the MVP's nomination on the screen.

Aaryn:  And then I felt like a complete moron for walking around saying I was worried about being nominated.

After the break we see GMZ with the headphones strapped on, arms above her head.  Amanda is in the Cockpit talking to Kaitln about Jessie going out of her way to talk to McCrae in the house.  They are drinking cans of Miller beer and trash-talking Jessie.  Candice comes in and Kaitlin says she thinks Jessie is just trying to get attention.

Kaitlin thinks she looks like a man when she has a pony tail but Candice tells her she is very beautiful, and that BB picked some really pretty girls this year.  Judd is in there now, too, and Jeremy, as everyone gets their drink on. 

In the Have Not room Helen gathers Andy and McCrae together and tells them "not to say a damn word".  Elissa is going to put up Jeremy "if she has this" and wants all of them to be sure that they are solid with the vote to evict him.  Andy's arms are so pale in his tank top that I can almost see through his skin.

Andy wants to be sure Jeremy is evicted, or he will win the PoV and have a vendetta against them.  McCrae thinks GMZ might be a good choice, because she can win the veto and take herself off the block.

Andy knows that if they don't vote Elissa out, Jeremy is going to be enraged anyway, so they might as well just put him up.  Helen wonders if Nick would be better and Elissa and Amanda arrive.  One of them has a glass with ice cubes in it and they clink loudly.  Helen says she's just been hiding out in there and there is no place private to talk.

Elissa wonders "if she does get it" should they put Jeremy up on the block.   She doesn't think Jeremy would protect Kaitlin, and that Kaitlin doesn't really care about the game that much.  She was scouted and just thought it would be a fun activity for the summer.  Andy says their votes would support Elissa if she puts Jeremy up on the block.

Andy:  I really want to be cool with him, but I want to support you.

Andy leaves and it is just the two of them in there with McCrae.

Helen:  I mean he yelled at me like hell was coming down...

Elissa:  He yelled at me, too, and he wiped his butt with my hat!

McCrae:  We don't need that in the house at all right now...

Elissa:  And he's so arrogant....he's like, "yo Rick"..and I was like he's the Senior Executive Producer...he's "Rich" ...

And the screen goes dark as the show ends for another night.


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