Friday, July 5, 2013

Helen Begs for MVP, Too #BB15

She and Elissa commiserate and they both vow to find a way to save both of them.

Helen asks us to please give them an MVP.  Give them something.

Helen has been crying.  Naturally.

This is getting kind of Baby Jane for me....the whole look and feel.

 What in the world is she wearing?  Just a little something she threw on for nominations?

Nominations are In #BB15

and Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen.  Jeremy says she did a great job and wasn't snotty the way Elissa would be if she were HoH.  He thinks Helen almost cried after seeing how upset Aaryn was.

Aaryn said that there was a reason why she put Howard and Candice last...she wanted them both to be last and know that.

Nominations are Coming Soon #BB15

Andy, McCrae and Amanda discussed different names for children and dogs.  McCrae wants his kids to have totally unique names.  Amanda likes the name Lux for a child (or Luxe).  Her dog's name is Baxter, and McCrae thinks Larry is a great name for a dog.

Amanda wants to get this over with, and wonders what takes so long.  McCrae says the process takes a long time, from the HoH's perspective.

In the HoH Aaryn jokes that she might have Clownie makes the nominations.  She knows that her step sister sent Clownie to the show specifically to embarrass her and she tells her to fuck off.  She describes the best way to answer pageant questions.  I think she was fairly successful in the pageant world.

Jeremy and Kaitlin have a private moment in bed, right in front of about five people.  Kaitlin has some sort of horrible urinary tract infection that makes peeing painful and difficult.  She has no problems discussing the specifics of this with anyone who wants to hear it.

Apparently Elissa is very ill and has severe stomach pain.  They have been talking about what will happen if she leaves the game, but I have no idea if it is that serious or not.

McCrae and Amanda rock on the hammock.  She says his socks stink and he admits he wore them yesterday, too.  She questioned him about his underwear and he admits it is the same pair he wore yesterday, but he had on swim trunks all day yesterday and he took a shower before putting them back on.

Amanda:  What are you looking at, my high waisted pants?  Your baby booming in there?

McCrae:  What are you talking about?  I don't even know why ou're talking about that!


Jessie's Nicotine Habit #BB15

I took these pictures yesterday and never used them.  I was going to delete them, but given Jessie's little episode last night I'm not sure she'll be in the house much longer.

So this is for all you Jessie fans.

Big Brother After Dark - Because Bitchy Catfights are a Holiday Tradition - 7-4-13

This episode aired on the 4th of July, a national holiday, at 9:00 pm BBT.  Aaryn is the HoH and has not made nominations yet, but they are expected tomorrow. 

Due to the holiday, Production took the feeds offline so the entire cast, including the Have Nots, could have a little party.  I think they had lots of music, pizza, and beer.  Usually they don't show this on the CBS show, but they might show it on Sunday because apparently there were some fireworks in the house either during or right after the party. 

I thought I would tune into BBAD and see some buzzed, sloppy house guests and some entertaining antics.  But instead there was extreme tension, and some weird actions that indicated some shit went down, and it's not good.


There is some explicit content here today, but it's not the kind that you want to read about.  You'll know when you get there, but don't shoot the messenger.  I'm just reporting what I see and hear.

OK.  Here we go.

As the show opens, we see a very odd camera shot of McCrae sitting at the chess board.  He has his hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and his face has been painted with an American flag on it.  Not McCrae's cheek...his entire face from chin to hairline.  I am looking at the side with the blue and white stars, but threre are also red and white stripes across his nose, moth, and chin.  The paint is opaque, so his features are still visible.  Someone has a good hand, to be able to do that, and some artistic ability.

Jessie must be sitting next to him, because I hear her tell McCrae that she misses her family and friends, but she knows everybody else does, too.  We can hear loud voices from downstairs, and the camera moves to the living room and we see Helen, who is wearing bright red and a matching necklace and bracelet that make it clear that today is a Dress Up day.  Her hair is in a ponytail, too.

Now we see Andy sitting next to Helen on the couch, sitting with his mouth open and staring at the floor.  Just sitting and staring, with a slightly flushed face.  He is wearing a bright blue shirt and a white bowtie.  I can hear Judd and Jeremy there and they are apparently playing the Alphabet Game again, this time with names of cities.

There is a lot of cross-chatter going on, but I hear Judd say Tulsa, and then Gina Marie says Utica, and Helen guesses Washington.

(Are the house guests already tapped out as far as conversational topics?  Really?  After just two weeks?  They have been playing charades or this stupid game every night now for nearly a week.  They are all so different from each other, you'd think they'd have so many different things to talk about.)

The cameras must be bored, too, because we swing over to the Cockpit, where we see Amanda laying down by herself, staring straight ahead.  I did not see anyone else in the room with her, and she is wearing shorts and does not appear to be dressed up as Helen is.  We hear the audio from another area, and go back to the chess board where Jessie is saying something about Judd being an "amazing person, but....." and it is obvious that something is off about McCrae.

He is making one or two syllable responses, and is focusing on a screw that appears to be loose on the table.  He has pulled it out, screwed it back in, etc etc. Ladies if you've ever tried to talk to a man before and they just say "uh huh" and "okay" and keep watching the TV you will know exactly what this is like now.

Jessie:  And Elissa's "swarmy" face is annoying the shit out of me.

(Do you mean "smarmy" Jessie?)

McCrae does not respond, and we hear Jeremy call out "Georgetown!" from the living room.  Jessie sighs and breathes heavily.

***long pause***

McCrae:  Yeah.  It's a tough game.

In real life, Jessie says she would tell her right where to go, but in here she can't.  Jessie walks by the camera and I get a quick look at what she is wearing.  It is an outfit that is not flattering, however I'll bet she has no idea this is the case.  She is wearing some sort of clingy bright blue pants with a little red top.  These clothing items do not contain Jessie very well...there is A LOT of stomach and ass going on that is out there in the open for all to see.  Sometimes that looks hot, and other times it does not.

(Jessie has yet to learn that men will stare at a woman, and even get their friends to stare, but that doesn't mean the view is good. )

Such a contrast to the reserved, accessorized Helen Kim.

Jessie:  And since when did she and Candice become best friends?

Now the cameras move to the Eames Room, where Aaryn and Gina Marie are talking. GM has on a tight black one -shouldered dress and cha-cha black heels.  She is standing and talking, but keeps pulling down the hem on her dress, which must be riding up.  Aaryn is more casually dressed in red shorts and blue top and platform sandals and says she's "going to go talk to her".

Now we see Elissa in a brown printed bikini standing by the bathroom sink and talking to Kaitlin.  Elissa is not whispering, but is talking quite loudly and has some sort of holiday design painted on her left cheek.  Kaitlin is wearing a red sundress that is kind of swingy and short.  Of course Kaitlin is always looking good. 

Elissa:  I mean like, why would you even say that?  Basically she was saying I'm gonna rent out my room to you, that's what she's saying!

Kaitlin murmurs some lines about how it wasn't intended to be directed at her at all.

Elissa tells Kaitlin that she is an adorable cute girl, and she didn't mean it like that, but they were acting like the house belongs to the couples.  Elissa said that Jessie just came up to her and she walked away.  She didn't like it last week when Jessie asked if she would share Rachel's secrets about Big Brother since she was about to be evicted.

Kaitlin: Yeah.  She's been kind of crossing all of us right now and I didn't have her back on that so that's why I came to talk to you.

They hug and appear to be wrapping this up on a good note.  I guess Kaitlin is still worried about being nominated by the MVP.

Apparently Jessie said something to Elissa implying that the HoH Room was for couples only this week.

Elissa:  I was like, what is it a whorehouse?

Kaitlin, leaning in:  I would never do that family is watching.

Elissa:  I hope you don't, because....

Kaitlin:  I have the strongest willpower ever.....and besides I only like to have sex with boyfriends.

(Oh, so you are a tease.)

Now we see Amanda in the Cockpit listening to Aaryn's vocal fry.  Amanda is dressed for the holiday with a blue shirt and a red scarf.  She also sports a blue hairband and a red scrunchie.  She has on full make up as she listens intently.

Aaryn:  And she's in an alliance with him.  She goes between everyone and gets in everyone's business, back and forth.  And Candice has put the bug in most of the people's ears that you were the one who was responsible for David leaving.

Amanda admits that she and McCrae have each other's backs, but she is not working with Candice.

Aaryn:  She told Jeremy that you orchestrated the entire David thing..

Amanda says it's all bullshit and she'll tell Candice to her face.  Ooo now Amanda is trying to talk and she is fighting back tears and wipes her face with the scarf.

Amanda:  I feel like when I go upstairs, when I get close to you people flock!  Because they want to believe the ________ and I'm not gonna fight and I'm not gonna say please talk to me because that will never happen!

She blows her nose on her scarf and I can tell that she's been sad and teary for a while now.  She's breathing through her mouth, which is a sure sign that you've been crying. And maybe this is connected to McCrae's sad sack attitude, also.

Aaryn:  And Elissa has cornered Kaitlin in the bathroom and is in there saying "I love you" and you're so sweet and I'm not coming after you and you're so gifted....

Amanda:  Where's she getting that from?

Aaryn:  I just walked in on them in the bathroom.

Amanda says she was talking to Judd and Elissa came up to them and said people were having sex upstairs but Amanda can't believe her because everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit.

Aaryn:  I like, want to believe that you're not with Elissa...

Amanda:  I'm not with Elissa!  I'm not with Elissa!  No fucking way!

Now they are just getting warmed up about Elissa.  Aaryn said that Elissa told Jeremy that she would stick by him after Aaryn is gone.

Amanda:  And she was in there asking McCrae if he would hold a piece of her hair.  Hold her hair?  McCrae looks at me like, what am I supposed to do?  And she goes out of her way to try and get close to McCrae.....listen, I can only tell you the truth.  And you can believe me or you can not believe me.  But she takes one thing and sucks it in and tries to play both sides.  She's like the loser girl in high school who tries to follow the popular girl.

(Jealousy over the Pizza Boy. Love it.)

Amanda:  I'm like a lioness.  I'm sure you can see it, but when somebody messes with someone I care about, she's trying to _____ me, too, and she's trying to invoke some sort of response from me.  She's overstepping her boundries and it pushed me over the edge and I had to just walk away.  She won't leave me alone with you because she's worried what you might tell me!

Amanda explains that people who are guilty do that so they can intercept any sort of conversation with people in a position of power.  Aaryn doesn't think Nick is in her group anymore, since he voted for David to leave.  But she needs Amanda and McCrae and she's getting her game together or else, like she'll go home.

Aaryn:  I'll like, go home!


Aaryn:  Can you imagine how you'd feel if you lost McCrae?

Amanda, starting to cry again:  I know!  When you get in here and you meet somebody you become so close, when you spend 24/7 with someone...and I feel really bad for you.  And everybody is lying...Howard lying on his religion..that is really fucked up, and I'm not really into religion, but he's walking around with that fucking cross!

Aaryn nods and seems emotional herself, watching this.  Aaryn believes her, and says that she always has, and when Candice said that to her she had to just say, wait a minute.  She says again that Elissa and Candice are working together.

Aaryn:  We have to get the freaks out.  That's why when McCrae was HoH I didn't want to go up there, I didn't want him to think that I was up there for just brown nose...

Amanda says things change so quickly.  They've only been there for 10 days, but they are going to spend 90 days together, and things will change so much over that time.

After the break, the girls are still talking, and Amanda is recounting what Candice said about Spencer to make her look bad.  Aaryn starts whispering about how she told Spencer that he was like her dad, and he is totally kissing her ass now and he feels guilty for what he did to hurt her, voting out David.

(Ha ha ha ha ha.  I assure you Spencer DOES NOT think of Aaryn like a daughter.)

Amanda asks what will happen if she and McCrae keep working with them. Aaryn counts the votes she has (herself, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina Marie) and says with them they will have enough to run the game.

Aaryn:  I know Jeremy is physical, and McCrae is smarter than most of us...we all have different talents and we can just battle it out.    If you want to stay until Final Five than you can.

They're going to pretend like this conversation didn't take place, and hang out with everyone they can.  Aaryn wants Elissa to go this week, and if she gets off the block then she wants Helen to go.  She knows that Helen won't vote out Elissa, so she needs to go up next to her.  Amanda wants to consider using Jessie as a pawn, and then they can use the vote however they need to, without telling her who the group is.

Aaryn:  I'm done with Jessie.  Just like Kaitlin doesn't need to know everything, because she's got a big mouth.  Jeremy and I made a deal where we get to decide on the nominations together, so I have to do that.  But Kaitlin, I'm just not going to talk a lot of game with her because she loses her shit.  Everything in her mind is "how am I not going to go home" and we need to think about the group.

Amanda:  And I think that you're being portrayed as a bitch, and you need someone on your side like McCrae that can be MVP.

Aaryn:  If McCrae wins MVP, then we know that we'll be good, and we'll make HoH again a couple of times, and Jeremy is going to get it soon,  Then we'll for sure be good.   As long as McCrae is on board with that..

Amanda:  He's 100% on board.  Just tell Jeremy what you feel comfortable telling him, and then let me know what you said.  It will be you four and us two.

Amanda has on heavy silver eyeshadow  and she rubs at her face, saying she "can't go anywhere without wanting to rip Jessie's face off".  Aaryn understands, because there are so many people she wants to be mean to, and she called Elissa a "crazy bitch" last night.

Aaryn:  I have to stop doing that....she told everybody that I was running a whorehouse, and that we were shacking up...

Amanda:  Oh, that's what they were talking about in the bathroom

Aaryn:  Yeah.  I'm so over it.  And I was on Adderall.....

Amanda:  I'm on Adderall too!

Now Amanda starts talking about how Elissa complained to Production about Amanda getting to take Xanax to sleep.

Aaryn: She complained about it?

Amanda:  Yep.  You know how if you take Adderall on an empty stomach, or have too much coffee, than you can have insomnia really bad?  Well every now and then, maybe one or two nights a week I take....

***unfortunate commercial break***

After the break they are discussing Jessie, apparently, as Amanda says Jessie told McCrae that he's "like, the hottest pizza guy around".    She hates how Jessie follows them around to find out their secrets, like she's following the Popular Girls.

Aaryn:  Gina freaks me out about the Nick thing....she's so into him all the time that I can't tell her things.

Now Amanda mentions that Jessie was upset that she wasn't getting attention from Nick, and how Gina Marie is becoming an emotional wreck about Nick.

Amanda:  He doesn't want any girl just following him around...

Aaryn:  like Jessie...

Amanda:  Yeah.  And he didn't want any of that so he just gave that friendship back...I guarantee you he doesn't talk game to her...he doesn't talk game to ANYONE.

Aaryn:  He tells us that he's with us, but he lies.  He told Elissa that he was with her...they made a deal that he wouldn't vote her out if she wouldn't put him up as MVP.  So he voted David out and came up to us and said don't talk to me in public and I was like, that's it.  But I didn't say anything and he still thinks we're good, because I have to do that.

Amanda:  His ass has been upstairs too.  Were you really that close to him before?

They laugh about how Aaryn tried to clear the room after her HoH reveal.  Aaryn knows no one cares, but it made her sad that David couldn't be here to enjoy the HoH with her.  The blindside happened so fast, and its going to happen to everyone and their game will change.

Aaryn:  And Candice said you were behind it!  And she didn't even look me in the eye when she said it.

Amanda:  She never spoke any game to me, ever.  Do you ever see her talking to me?  We never talk, but I had a feeling that she might be putting something in your head.

Aaryn wants Candice and Elissa up on the block.  If Elissa gets off then Helen will go up and Candice will go home.  Kaitlin comes in and asks if it is okay.  Aaryn tells her they were just laughing about Elissa telling her in the bathroom that she was so sweet and she would never go after her.

Kaitlin pulls up a chair and says Elissa never made that promise, but she did say Kaitlin was sweet and that was pretty much it.

Kaitlin:  Yeah, she's a liar, but the thing is I saw Jessie snap on her.....Jessie is going insane right guys better listen up to what just happened, because you missed all of it.  I don't even know where she is right now....I'm getting feisty in this Jess just fucking flipped out on Elissa, and I was going Yes, Yes!  (fist pumping), because the target is getting taken off me a little bit....we were all just sitting at the table and she was saying, are you kidding me, you're spreading rumors that Judd and I are in a showmance!

Amanda and Aaryn both giggle and Kaitlin's jewelry jangles as she waves her arms around with excitement.

Kaitlin:  This is so fantastic..keep listening....Jessie was yelling "you're a crazy bitch" and went up to the HoH area.... and then Elissa just kept glaring at me, so I asked Jeremy should I go talk to her, and I went in the bathroom to confront her and see what Jessie said about me.  And she was saying that Jessie was making up stories about the showmance and then she said, "I don't even know that girl's name" and she said she's never had anything against me and I told her that I want to be in this house, and I was upset because I heard that she called me a whore, but I didn't want to create a scene.


Kaitlin:  So I went back in the living room and everybody is staring at me and I said what?  And they said Jessie was YELLING at McCrae in the chess area and Judd said can you go tell her that we all hear her?  and I was like, yeah and McCrae got his ass chewed out, but don't go up there now because I don't know where she is, so I went up there and I thought you were in the HoH wo I went in there...

Amanda:  What was she yelling at him about?

Kaitlin:  I don't know, but it was about I went up there and I touched Jess's back and I said that everybody wanted me to see if she was okay and she goes "I DON'T CARE" so I just said okay and walked away.  So she's creating a huge scene and we just need to let it happen and Elissa might even put her up.

Amanda remembers that Elissa said they should go after the strong guys first.  Aaryn thinks she will put up Jeremy and Nick. Kaitlin says Elissa told her she expects Aaryn to nominate her and Kaitlin says she didn't confirm nor deny it.  Kaitlin thinks they need to get Jessie to trust them, because no one else will, so they can make her feel that she's with them.

Much of this conversation is blanked out due to the cursing, but I did learn that they were watching fireworks on TV when the Jessie Incident started.  Now Amanda wants to see what was said to McCrae and Aaryn wants to know as well.

Katilin:  So she went up and snapped at Elissa and they were just smiling at each other and Elissa said "what?" and then Jess said "you were smiling at me first!" and then they were screaming "are you kidding me?"  How stupid can you be to fight with the girl who is MVP?

After the break I see Jessie laying on the bathroom lounge with Judd and she is definitely agitated, and is cursing a blank streak in there.

(I just made that up..."blank streak", because TVGN blanks out the words. I know, if you have to explain it, it isn't funny.)

The words are tumbling out of Jessie's mouth and she is upset about having two different nominations this year.  Judd says something to her but I have no idea what he said.  Maybe it was in English, and maybe it wasn't.

Jessie:  I really don't know what happens anymore.  I got what I wanted.  I wanted to be here, and I got here, and that was my goal.

She is toying with a lip pencil as she talks.

Judd, clearly, sort of:  The skies the limit.

Jessie:  No it's not!  Not with people like this.  I can't play with people like this.

Judd:  You're just as good as everybody else or you wouldn't be here.

Jessie:  I don't mesh well with people here.

Judd:  You don't have to.  You don't have to. There's all different ways to play the game and you.............(needs subtitles).

Judd assures her she can "still come out winnin'" and that they all have just as good a chance as anybody else.

Jessie, crying:  I'm not happy being here anymore.  I'm not.

Judd moves closer to her and puts his head on her shoulder.  Boys like Judd hate to see a girl cry.

Jessie, with tears coming down faster than she can wipe them away:  I'm trying to like these people, but I just don't.  I don't like them..

Judd:  I understand.  I feel you.  I really do.

Jessie says she would never put up with this stuff outside the house.

Judd:  Trust me.  I've heard people say they want to slit my throat.  I've heard people tell me they want to break my neck.  I'd go swingin' at somebody for saying that outside of here.  Listen to me..but don't do that here or you'll just cry and self destruct.

Jessie thinks they all just want her to cry and go crazy so they'll be closer to the money.   Now Judd toys with a make up brush while he listens.  Jessie is handling the lip pencil like she is displaying it on QVC as she announces she won't be kissing any more ass in the house.

Judd says a bunch of stuff that I'm not sure about, but the overall tone was that the two of them are doing well right now, and can just sit back and let the other people fight it out.  The game is going to change over and over, maybe 10 times, so you just have to go with it.  Judd has had a few shitty days himself in the house, but you just have to push through and keep your eyes on the prize.

Judd doesn't think Elissa is as bad as everybody makes her out to be.  He noticed everybody talking about her and yelling but she is just sitting in the kitchen eating slop and smiling.  Jessie finds her to be so manipulative and Judd can see that, too.

After the break Aaryn is in her HoH Room, sitting on the bed talking to Jeremy who is wearing a cool Fedora and sunglasses.  She is talking about Elissa, of course, and her plan to get rid of all of the strong guys in the house.  Kaitlin comes in and kisses Jeremy before getting into bed next to him where they both sit, leaning against the headboard to talk to Aaryn.

Kaitlin: I just saw her laying in the bathroom holding hands with Judd.

Aaryn:  What?  Really?

Kaitlin:  I don't know what she was yelling at McCrae about she was screaming at Elissa about starting rumors about a showmance with Judd.  And Elissa was like, I don't care who you fuck!  And I told her I didn't care for her calling me a whore!

Jeremy:  So you got confrontational?

Kaitlin: No.  In a nice way, was a super nice conf.....we hugged, and it was nice.

Aaryn:  I'm being portrayed as the bitch of the house, and Jessie is the slut...

Kaitlin:  That's fantastic!

Aaryn:  And Amanda has a boyfriend at home but is still fucking McCrae..she thinks she has everyone down as far as how they are being portrayed.  And I don't like being portrayed as the bitch...

Kaitlin:  Wait, who told you this....Elissa?

Aaryn:  No, Amanda.

Kaitlin:  How does Amanda know this?

Aaryn:  It's very easy when you're being questioned to know how people are being portrayed...

(i.e. the Diary Room)

Aaryn:  They wanted to portray Jess as the slut from day one.

Kaitlin:  That's fantastic.  At least you're the head bitch!

Jeremy:  You're head of household, babe.

Aaryn asks if they tell each other they love each other  and Kaitlin says she says that to people all of the time and Jeremy asks if she is serious.  It's kind of uncomfortable and Jeremy jokes she's going home next.  Kaitlin asks Jeremy if he heard what Jessie was yelling about with McCrae.

The cameras move quickly to the Have Not room, where Andy is standing and whispering feverishly to McCrae and Amanda about Jessie and Elissa imploding on each other.  He thinks they may have concocted that whole thing to freak people out, because he "trusts everyone who he is with right now".  Andy advises to just play dumb and throw Candice under the bus if that's what they needs to do this week.  I guess there was an anti-Amanda element to the day's events that Andy is making her aware of .

McCrae is quietly listening, with one hand against the plane's fuselage, looking freaky with that flag face paint.

Andy:  We stuck together last week, and we can do it again.  I'm putting my ass hardcore on the line with this, because with that clique, they think I'm with them!  Oh my god, on TV I feel like I'm going to look like such a scumbag for sitting with her while she was crying, and then going up to the HoH and eating candy....I feel terrible!  Like a terrible douchebag!

McCrae laughs.

Andy:  But all of us showed our colors last week, and they were good, and the others were nasty.

McCrae mentions when both of them were up in the HoH and the group was talking about backstabbing people and it was ugly.

McCrae:  I felt like I wasn't lying was just....

Andy:  I'm like, lying my ass off!

McCrae:  I like it.  We're solid.

Back up in the HoH Aaryn is soaking up compliments from Jeremy about her behavior, being the better person out there.  Kaitlin mentions that Jessie is saying she hates being there now and wants to leave.

Jeremy:  She acts so desperate and that's such a turn off.  My god..

Kaitlin:  She just dug a grave for herself.

Ooo now Kaitlin says that Amanda just lost it in front of her at the chess board over Jessie and now she thinks that "Amanda kind of likes McCrae".

Aaryn:  She does.  I told her how David left and how it feels to lose your best friend in here, and...

The cameras go to the Have Not room, where Amanda and McCrae are talking.   She is smiling at him and asks him if he wants to take a shower with her and they hug in the middle of the room.  She smears at his face paint and he laughs.  They whisper.

Amanda:  I think they're desparate.  Aaryn was saying that she wanted to talk to me and then she mentioned Jessie trying to conspire with you, and she said Jessie tried to do the same sort of thing with David, so that's a weak spot with her....

McCrae:  That's good.

Amanda:  Oh, and we're not going to act like we're with them.  But in the end we'll all come together....

McCrae:  We have to be really careful....

Amanda:  I know.  And just listen and not talk...

McCrae:  That's all I do.

Amanda:  Like Howard.

McCrae:  Exactly.  Like Howard.  That's all I do.  That's why I've got a good game right now.

Amanda:  You've just got to win some competitions.

After the break Jeremy and Kaitlin are still sprawled on the bed, talking to Aaryn who is on the couch.  Now Aaryn thinks David will bawl when he watches this episode, seeing Aaryn be so upset.  Now she brings up Nick, and says they have to play stupid about knowing how sketchy he is.   Aaryn thinks that Elissa may put up Gina Marie since she "can't win anything" but Jeremy hates to lose her vote.  They don't think she will put up Jeremy because Jeremy "will win the veto".

Now Gina Marie arrives in the HoH Room and Aaryn asks her what's on her mind?  She immediately starts whispering and is wearing an atrocious get-up and holding up one leg of the shorts for some reason, almost to her crotch.  She reports Jessie "laying there holding hands with Judd".

(They are so focused on what Elissa is going to do as MVP that I feel pretty sure that we either won't have an MVP this week, or someone else will win it.)

Now Aaryn says maybe I will nominate her, and then tell her that if she nominates Jessie with her MVP power, then we will promise to take her down off the block with the PoV.  And then not come through with it, of course.

Jeremy says he's down with that, and they all rejoice at the idea and Kaitlin slaps Jeremy's ass as he leaves the room.  Howard knocks on the door to tell them something and Aaryn says they are going to go nude.  They laugh about this and apparently the back yard is open now.

The cameras shift to the backyard and Amanda and Jessie are both sucking on cigarettes like it's been a year since they smoked.  Jessie makes small talk about being sick to her stomach like Amanda was, and Judd is talking about Season 10 and Andy's favorite is Cappy from season 6.  Or something like that.

Now in the HoH bathroom Aaryn says that if Elissa doesn't take the deal, she's going home.  Kaitlin gives a few alternatives for Aaryn to say in the conversation, in order to make it sound like the plan is in Elissa's benefit.   Aaryn doesn't seem to understand and wants her to talk to Jeremy about it.

The camera flips between the smokers in the backyard to the Have Not room, where Helen is talking to Candice and trying to calm things down.

Candice:  People who stand up for themselves end up going home!

Helen:  People who stand up to adversity in a calm manner go through it just fine.  If you stand up and keep your cool you will come out looking like a winner.

Candice hates that all of the girls are fighting, and none of the boys are.  She thinks everyone is beautiful in their own way so why can't they just get along.  Helen points out that showmances are part of the game.

Candice:  And Jeremy just said it out there!  That he likes Kaitlin but after this week they're going to go their separate ways!  The guys don't care!  It's like, get a life and grow up girls!  A lot of money is on the line here!  Grow up!  Unless you are in your 30's and really meet someone in here like Brendon and Rachel....grow up!

Helen encourages her to "go out there and be an NFL cheerleader".

Candice:  That's what I'm gonna do.

After the break, we see a big group out at the hot tub and Helen says she promised her husband that she wouldn't smoke in the house this summer.  He only asked for that one thing so she can't let him down.  There is a lot of noise from helicopters in the air and Andy said they are probably out tonight for the holiday.

Candice comes over to the hot tub and tells Andy her inner thighs are sore from the competition.  Then for some reason she starts talking about the balls you "put in your vagina and keep them in there". She says she's done it and it helps your muscles.  Candice is proudly proclaiming this in front of Helen, Andy, Jeremy, Judd and Gina Marie.  She is going on and on about it and says she can't use them at work because they would "just fall out down the side of her scrubs".  Aaryn walks out and Candice greets her by saying "we're talking about vagina balls".  The cameras move to the kitchen.


Elissa is looking at herself in the glass above the kitchen sink.  The counter is covered with glasses, plates and cups, and the dish rack is full of dishes that are drying.   Judd is talking to her about Jessie and they decide she is probably much different outside of the house.  Elissa starts washing the dishes as Judd walks off.

Now back in the hot tub they are still talking about the damn "vagina balls".  Someone says "I wonder if they work" and Candice proudly proclaims that "she's tried them before".

Candice and her friend "saw them on the Kardashians and wanted to know".

(Society as we all know it will surely end soon.)

Candice:  I just wanted to see if I could keep them up there, but I had to get them out..

Andy tries to change the subject to the clarity of the water in the hot tub, and Helen tries to help him, but this does not work.

Candice:  I think some people use them after having a baby, but I heard it all comes back.

Helen says she's always returned to normal after having a baby.

Now the camera takes us to the bathroom, where Amanda is wearing a lilac bathrobe and is removing her eye makeup while she talks to Elissa.  Elissa is chuckling about Jessie talking about her showmance.  Amanda says she doesn't think they are in a showmance, but doesn't want to see that one.

Elissa:  Me either.  I have much better things to talk about in this Amanda and McCrae....

Elissa says that someone apologized to her and she was like "I don't even know these people and it's all so obnoxious".  She would never, ever talk to them outside of this house.  She's not a fake person and will not pretend to be friends when they're not.

Now back at the hot tub the conersation has turned to child birth and Helen's epidural.  Helen compares the pain to bad cramps, but they give it to you and then you feel nothing.  Everyone is babbling  but Jessie starts to tell a story about her mom giving birth and she has to move closer to Helen so Helen can hear her.

Across the backyard Howard is playing pool with Nick, and they see something in the sky from far off that Howard says is "humungous".  After the break we see Jeremy come over from the hot tub and now Spencer is playing pool and Helen comes over to watch for a minute.  She says that they got to hear a lot of music today, and it's America's holiday and nothing is more American than playing Big Brother.

Kaitlin and Andy are swinging in the hammock, with their heads on the same side, and Candice climbs in on the other side.  Kaitlin brings up Jessie and wonders what is wrong.  Candice thinks that maybe she was drunk today, but Kaitlin only saw her drink one beer but heard she's telling people that she wants to go home now.

Candice says she's not ready to go home yet.  She's having fun and enjoying the people, and Andy says she just has to be strong on the slop diet.  Candice admits she went in the bushes and cried because she was so hungry, and Andy confesses he went in the HoH to listen to the music and held a pillow over his face so he could cry.

Andy thinks things are calming down now and Candice hopes so.  They just wanted to have a good time on the 4th of July and it got so awkward.

Candice:  Why would you bring up my name when I'm minding my own business?  I'm a Have Not and I'm not complaining...

She tried to sleep on the floor of the Have Not room but they told her she can't do that.  Andy says he got called in the DR so that they could tell him to tell Candice not to do that.  (I think he was kidding.)

At the pool table Jeremy is wrapped in an orange towel and is saying every day in the house is a blessing and he's taking it one day at a time.  At the hammock Andy says that Jessie's nipples show through her swimsuit and the girls say she knows that and loves it.

Candice starts asking the Would You Rather game with Kaitlin.  Would she rather lose all of her hair or only have $10 in her checking account for the rest of her life?  Andy says he would shave his head for the PoV but would then cry in the DR for days.  Candice doesn't think girls would have to do that....they would probably have to dye their hair instead.

Now Andy asks the Would You Rather question, and it is much more interesting.  Would you rather:

1.  When you are on the block and have to stand up and make a speech, all you can say is "I'm addicted to internet porn".


2.  During a competition your pants fall down and you give a vag shot to America.

Candice knows they would blank it out so your ______ isn't seen by the whole world.  They try to imagine Julie's response if someone made the internet porn announcement.  Judd is very sore today from the competition.   Candice mentions that when she voted to evict Elissa, she could hear the crowd boo outside.

After the break we see Nick in the Small World whispering with Jeremy about how the Moving Company's numbers look good.  Jeremy says that everything looks so sketchy when you're watching it on the Spy Cam.

Nick:  I know.  I can see it on your face, man.  But trust me that my actions...

McCrae walks in and they contine.

Jeremy:  Elissa will be gone this week, and then all of us can compete for HoH.

He tells them that Elissa wants an all girl alliance and they all seem to agree that she needs to go.  Jeremy doesn't think they even need to hide their vote or need to be ashamed of it.  Nick is going to say in his DR session that he likes her, but the only thing to come between her and her Big Brother game is the Moving Company.

Jeremy loves that and thinks they should all say that.  They all shake and snap and leave the room in a happy way.  Back outside we see Elissa sitting by the hot tub saying that she has so many bathing suits at home she didn't want to order more before the show.  Jessie got one new bikini for the show from American Apparel.  Elissa needs to go to the bathroom really bad but hasn't been able to go.

Now we see Gina Marie looking ATROCIOUS and giggling with Kaitlin about Jessie.  I see Jessie at the hot tub and Andy is correct about being able to see her nipples.  They show right through her red top.  Not just texture, the color too.

Kaitlin and Gina Marie go into the HoH and the lights are off.  She switches them on and the skylight lights up, too.  Now Kaitlin wants to go over the fight again, so Gina Marie talks about what she heard from the couch, and thinks it is so strange about how Elissa wanted to be friends right afterwards.  They think she might have staged it because it was so strange.

Gina Marie is snacking with her mouth wide open as they try to figure out "who Elissa will nominate".  Gina Marie would rather keep the strong people so she can play against the best, instead of Elissa's plan to evict the guys.  She says that is why Nick sneaks away from the guys all of the time, so he won't be seen talking to them.

Kaitlin mentions that Nick made a deal with Elissa in Week #1.  As the show ends Kaitlin comes out of the bathroom with her skirt up, and is still pulling up and arranging her underwear, right there in front of the camera.

(Hi Daddy!)

So Let Me Get This Straight...MVP Voting is Already Over This Week? #BB15

Did I miss something?  Have I been passed out for weeks like Rip Van Winkle?  You know I don't want to be a bitch (?) but my voice hasn't been heard yet.

I mean, except for the gazillion posts here, and on Twitter.  You know what I mean.

They probably wouldn't like my vote, anyway.