Thursday, July 4, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Whispers, Allegations, and Advil - 7-3-13

This episode of BBAD aired at 9:00 pm BBT after the first live CBS show of the season.  David Girton was evicted, and as the CBS show ended the HoH competition was underway.

The house guests were randomly paired off into teams, and the team of Jeremy and Aaryn won.  Jeremy let Aaryn take the HoH role for the week, and Aaryn appointed the new Have Nots, who are Elissa, Helen, Andy, and Candice.  None of whom are F.O.A.  (Friends of Aaryn)

This is the type of situation that BB fans both love and hate.  We love it when the power shifts abruptly, but we hate it when things don't work out in favor of the house guests we are rooting for.  I expect this episode of BBAD to be chock-full of juiciness, as well as unbridled joy and hatred.

OK.  Let's get this going.

As the episode begins, we see Helen and  Elissa in the Have Not room, and Elissa says "I can't believe she said that to me" and Helen advises Elissa to "not let her get to you".  The cameras move quickly to the Storage Room, where Spencer and Nick convene in front of the open refrigerator door. 

Nick whispers that they need to make Candice "look more guilty" and that Spencer should continue to "look super sketchy" to take the heat off of Nick and Jeremy (to keep the Moving Company safe).  Nick thinks "we are so good, bro".

Nick:  It will be Amber and....

Spencer:  Amber?  You mean Amanda?  She's the mastermind...

Nick:  Yeah.  Amanda and.....what's her name?

Spencer:  Elissa.

Nick:  Yeah.  Elissa.

They agree that Nick should keep saying that Spencer can't be trusted, to keep himself above suspicion.  They are gloating but cautious at this point.  They expect Candice to be at risk, as well.  Spencer leaves the room while Nick squats in front of the open fridge,  inspecting the packages of meat.

(I have heard them all say there is "nothing to eat" but I see at least ten packages of various meats and hot dogs.  Not that I would eat those....but there are plenty of meat eaters in that house.)

Now we go to the Eames Room, where Aaryn is talking to Kaitlin and Jessie.  She's excited to win HoH, but "like, people that she trusted she knows she can't trust anymore".    Kaitlin left to go to the WC but Aaryn kept talking to Jessie.

Aaryn:  After this week....there are like, 9 million Big Brother fans, and Brendon and Rachel, like don't have 9 million fans...she's not going to get it this time.  There's no way that their pool of fans can override like, all of Big Brother.  And all of those Big Brother fans are smart enough to know not to keep that crazy person as MVP.

(Hey Aaryn, not even 6 million fans tuned in last night.  It's been many, many years since 9 million fans tuned in.  Better check that math.)

Jessie tells Aaryn that she has heard that Aaryn doesn't want to work with her.  Aaryn confesses that "somebody she doesn't trust anymore" told her that Jessie was part of the conversation to get rid of David.  She realizes now that she shouldn't have trusted that person.

Aaryn:  Everybody is so good at like, their lying that it's hard.

Jessie wonders why someone would "throw her out there like that" and Aaryn doesn't know.  Jessie feels sorry for Aaryn, but feels sorrier for herself because she feels like she's been wronged.  Aaryn assures her that she won't be going up on the block and Jessie thanks her after saying she doesn't care about that, she just wants to know what is going on.  Aaryn wrestled with her package of birth control pills and finally pushed one through the foil barrier and left the room with it.

Kaitlin is back and expects to be nominated by the MVP.  Jessie thinks Elissa may not win MVP this week.

Kaitlin:  Everything is working in her favor so far, so I don't know why we wouldn't just admit that and prepare for it.

Jessie points out that when she was nominated everyone said, just wait and see, you still have the PoV....and none of that helped her but everyone said just wait and see, and then told her not to worry, but she still worried.

Jessie:  So  will never tell you not to be paranoid because I know how it feels.

(Smart speech by Jessie.)

Now we see Helen, Candice and Andy gathering in the Have Not Room.  Now they talk about Elissa's comment about the BB house being a "whore house" and Helen says she told her not to say things like that.  Elissa talks about the 22 year olds in the house but when she said that she became one herself.

Candice:  When I was voting for Elissa to go, I heard the audience boo me, so that must mean that the world likes her.

Helen:  Yeah.  She's a really nice girl.

Helen and Candice are sitting in the same row on the plane, with one seat empty between them, and Helen has her feet up on a stack of luggage.  Candice doesn't like some of the things that Elissa says, and just wants her to be quiet sometimes.

Helen:  Well, I'll tell you what...she's a lot nicer than Kaitlin and Aaryn, and some of the things that they say, you know what's better?  I'm sure out of the house it's different, but in here I don't feel like Elissa is trying to lie to people.  She's just trying to make friends and it's an uphill battle.  There's something to be said about giving someone an olive branch...they'll remember it.

Candice just wants to know why no one told her what the plan was.  Helen doesn't know, but says she was told who was going to vote, and that everyone would be told what they needed to know when they need to know it.  Helen really wanted Elissa to stay, and says David told Andy last night that he was coming after Helen.  Helen thought she and  David were friends.

Candice wants to know why Spencer didn't tell her the plan.

Helen:  I don't know.  Maybe he's working with Jeremy and we're doing all of their dirty work for them.

She tries to explain this to Candice and Candice just listens.  Basically they are trying to keep Jeremy's hands clean about voting out his buddy David.  Helen guesses they wanted to cause paranoia in the house by mixing up the votes.

Candice: Something is going on with Spencer.  Because he kept following me around so no one could talk to me, but he didn't tell me.  I thought, this is weird..

After the break  we are back in the Eames bedroom, where Jessie is still in bed and talking to Kaitlin about what Aaryn said to her about being warned not to trust her.  Kaitlin tries to smooth it over and says you're still part of us and keep talking to Aaryn.

Now at the chess board Howard and Spencer are whispering. 

Howard:  Something's going on behind all of these closed doors...something's going to implode.

Spencer:   My damn pants are sliding off my ass.

Howard:  I hope we get some more food delivered.

Spencer:  Tomorrow's the 4th of July...

Howard:  You'd think they'd give us something.  Some burgers or something.

The kitchen conversation is loud, as the house guests go over what they said on the live show, and who Julie talked to.  Howard and Spencer whisper and I can barely hear.  Howard is telling him how Candice was sulking and Howard told her they still can play for the PoV, no matter what happens. Spencer check's Howard's chess pieces.  Now Howard checks him and the cameras move.

Now in the Eames bedroom Andy is chatting with the girls about what the fans must be thinking about Elissa.

Andy:  You watch the're a fan of this show.  Would you vote for her?

Aaryn:  Well, we just have to be confident and positive and she's going home this week.  I know that I was scared about David getting sketched out but I think she had something to do with it.

The kitchen sounds are very loud in this bedroom, as Kaitlin repeats the conversation she just had with Jessie.  It sounds like Kaitlin thought Jessie was implying that she was going up for sure and it is clear that Paranoia has moved into the house tonight.

(I know Kaitlin may be despicable at times but damn that girl is breathtaking.  Being so beautiful has got to be a liability for her at some point.  I can't imagine actually knowing someone who looked like that and going to Chipotle with her.  You know what I'm saying?)

After the break we join Helen and Candice in the Have Not Room, who is apparently going after the truth tonight like a dog on a T-bone.  She has laid out items of jewelry and make up to use as house guests as she reconstructs the vote, trying to figure out who did what to whom, and who was on the grassy knoll and the identity of the second shooter.

(Sorry. Our July 4th got rained out today so the party has started here in the house.)

Helen tries to deflect and tells her that she was under the impression that Candice would be informed. 

Candice:  But what would my little vote have done?  And Spencer..............


Now in the Eames bedroom Aaryn drops a bomb by telling Kaitlin that she did have an idea that David would go tonight, having learned that in the DR.

Aaryn:  Start paying attention in there....(gestures head) attention to what they say.  I've figured it out...for real....and last night I felt so sick because of what they asked......

Aaryn misses David and Andy encourages her to put her energy into the game.  She claims to have almost vomited about 7 times today, she was so worried.  Andy could have gone another three hours in the competition, if he had to.  Aaryn feels badly that Jeremy couldn't be HoH, since he won it too, but if she didn't win than she would be going home this week.

Andy worries that Elissa didn't want to win HoH, and that she might have been sabotaging him.

(This Andy is really good at kissing someone's ass one minute, and then walking in the next room and thoroughly trashing them.  A dastardly skill indeed, but is he going to cry when it blows up on him?  Right now he's just kind of an accessory, but how would he handle the villain role?)

Aaryn, pointing up, to Jesus:  I'm telling you...there's an angel up there watching over me.

Kaitlin:  I'm just hoping Jeremy gets pulled for PoV..that's the only way he can be safe.

Andy thinks he's going to hate Aaryn's music but she names a few things he might like and he reconsiders.  Andy left to go make himself some slop and Judd comes in right after him.

I can barely understand Judd tonight.  His tone of voice sounded nice, but who the hell knows what Judd said?  Do they know?  I just listened to it again and I think Judd said that he "asked for some booze but he didn't know and he can't believe he just told them that".  When he left Aaryn said "what?".

(ha ha ha)

Judd left and Aaryn says she can't trust  anybody now, after this.  They start furiously whispering about Judd and Aaryn says "what did I tell you?"  Now Kaitlin still stresses about going up on the block and Aaryn tells her they can't worry about that yet.  When people go up on the block and get sketched out they end up going home.

Aaryn:  We have to be strong.

Kaitlin begs her not to be so confrontational in the house this week, because it puts a target on them.  Aaryn swears that was her last outburst, she's not doing that anymore.

Kaitlin:  Why don't we just stay up in the HoH room this week and make people come and talk to us?

Aaryn:  Deal.

Kaitlin:  Deal.

Now they scoff at Elissa, who may dare to come and talk to Aaryn this week.  Kaitlin jokes that they are about to give a lesson in that house this week about how to be fake.

Aaryn:  And I'll say who wants to follow my non-flapping buttcheeks to my HoH room Because Rachel's buttcheeks flapped all the way up there...

Kaitlin:  OK.  But I think you've already said your piece....

Kaitlin was so happy to see Aaryn and Jeremy do so well in the competition.

Kaitlin:  Once we had that minute penalty, I know it was over!  There was no way!

Aaryn describes how no other teams were covering their sauce to protect it.  Aaryn not only did that, but she scooped up sauce in her hands with the cup so when she passed off to Jeremy she wiped off her hands into his hands, too

(The covering-the-cup method is what has won other house guests the prize when it was hot chocolate, etc.  The fact that the sauce sticks just makes that method extra important.)

They wonder about Helen's vote..and Andy's vote.  Aaryn thinks they are all so good at lying.  Aaryn says she told Spencer that she trusted him like her dad and that she knows he would never hurt her.  Aaryn is pretty sure that Spencer would never put them up, and even if he did vote David out, she tugged on his heartstrings and she knows he will never put her up now.

Aaryn:  He'll never turn his back on me!

Kaitlin:  True.  True.

(WTF?  ha ha ha)

After the break  the kitchen is bustling, and Nick walks back to the Eames room with a plate of something that may be a big piece of meat with red sauce on it.  He sits on Kaitlin's bed to eat as they rehash the competition and who fell, etc.

Amanda is there too, and is getting a backrub from McCrae in the other corner of the room.  McCrae is wearing his mounties hat, and Kaitlin starts fretting about Elissa putting her up.  She goes on and on as Nick listens, chewing on whatever it is that is attached to his fork.  Aaryn leaves as Nick is telling Kaitlin she is safe, even if she is on the block.

Kaitlin:  But you said that to David, too, and he's gone!

Kaitlin tells them that Aaryn just told Jessie she doesn't trust her, so if Kaitlin goes up then Jessie will vote against her for sure.

(Kaitlin:  Me!  Me!  Me!  Me!  Me!  And more Me!)

Amanda says that they have a couple of days, that this type of attitude will make the situation worse.  They should just joke and have fun, and not show any fear.  Kaitlin agrees, but points out the votes don't make sense, that two people are lying.  McCrae got to keep his black HoH slippers and does a little jump in the air to celebrate, clicking them together.

Now in the bathroom Howard is describing how he hurt his foot in the competition to Jessie.  Howard says he'll be okay, but he's already broken it twice so he's used to it.  He was using the big scoop for the first time and ran into the wall with his foot after losing concentration.  He didn't realize that you had to use the big scoop to start over again.  They both tell each other "great job" and Howard leaves.

After the break we visit Gina Marie and Nick, who are laying on their bed in the Small World room and whispering.  They wonder who Elissa will nominate and they both guess Jeremy.  They are holding hands and then Nick kisses her hand when she promises not to repeat this to anybody.  Nick tells her that "everyone lied to him" and she is the only one he trusts.

Andy burst in and tries to ignore them but then they say hi to him and he stops and talks about the competition.  Nick thought he and Judd were going to win and so did Andy, for awhile.  Nick and Judd were the first ones to fill the small barrel and get the large scoops.  He doesn't know what he could have done better,  it was all going so well.

Gina Marie hurt her wrist or hand, and starts whisper-yelling that Candice was so slow---Gina Marie was doing two laps to her one lap.

GM:  I was hauling ass, bro!

They think the pairs were wacky, and Andy wonders what would have happened if Elissa and Aaryn were paired together.  Andy tells them that he had to vote out David because he knew David was throwing his name around.  Nick says he understands, and Andy reiterates that he hates Elissa and wants her gone, too.

Aaryn comes in and she is so happy she got paired with Jeremy and not Elissa.  GM hopes the next one is an individual challenge and Aaryn agrees.  Aaryn alludes to the DR comments  and then talks about the angel looking out for her again.

Nick really thought he would pull ahead and win.  Aaryn says she was panicking because she thought if she didn't win she would go home.  Nick assures her she would be safe with him and Judd and the cameras move up to the chessboard, where McCrae and Amanda are playing chess.

Really playing, too.  Amanda checks McCrae and then curses at his next move.  Now they whisper so quietly I can barely hear.  Amanda is ticking off names and votes and we hear the dishes clank in the kitchen.  McCrae tells her that Aaryn asked him if he had Amanda's vote and he said yes.

Back in the bedroom Aaryn announces that "Miss Congeniality is not in the building" this week. Aaryn has on a black T-shirt with a red sparkly design that Andy asks about.

Aaryn:  It's a bobcat.  This is a sweet shirt.  I love the sparkles and I love college logos that have sparkles.

GM:  I know.  She has sparkly things and I don't... Are you trying to make me cry again?

Nick:  You don't need sparkles!

Gina Marie puts her face in the covers as Aaryn wants to know how many people voted for them this week...if any of them even get one vote.

Andy:  For MVP?

Aaryn:  I'm sure we got a bunch of votes!

Andy wonders if that information will available online...the percentages and all.

Aaryn, beaming:  That would be great!

Andy mentions the old "Love Them or Leave Them" polls on the CBS website that showed which house guests were most liked.  Andy points out that it depends on how they are editing the show. 

Aaryn:  But that's not up to us.  It's not our show.

Andy was shocked when Julie asked him the first question.  After the break Gina Marie is whispering what she said to Elissa.

GM:  I was like, I don't know about your fanbase, your sister, whatever, you do what you gotta do, put me up, it's in God's hands.  I am a genuinely nice person, and if I said something bad to you I do apologize.  And I told her that saying that I didn't go to college in front of Nick was hurtful to me and she said she didn't mean it like that because I don't like to hurt people's feelings...I said it in front of everybody, so they know I'm not shady...

Gina points out that she backed Aaryn up with "the hat incident", and now she's a target.

Gina:  What up with Kaitlin?  I haven't seen her all day!

Aaryn:  She's in her bed. She thinks she's going home.

Now Andy barges in and says everyone is wandering around like zombies so he made some coffee.   Aaryn feels nauseous and Nick says there is chicken that he made out there that is "all natural, super pure" so she goes to see if there is any left for her.

(Don't even get me started about the chickens'  living conditions.  There is nothing natural or pure about that, and that's the truth.)

We move to Judd and Candice at the bathroom mirror, washing out clothes in the sink and whispering.   They can't get to the laundry area outside, so I guess they want to use the sink.  Judd is rinsing out that unfortunate T-shirt he wore on the live show, with the pictures of the wildlife on it.

(Oh dear.)

Candice is still beefing over not being told how to vote. She's not going to let that go apparently, even though it is apparent that she should move on and worry about getting out of harm's way this week.

We move to the Cockpit, where Spencer and Helen are talking in low tones. Helen mentions that she heard the crowd cheering during the live show when she went to go vote, and Elissa heard it too.  Because of this Helen thinks she may be the MVP this week, and asks Spencer what her best move is if that happens.  Who should she vote for?

Helen:  Here's the thing about Aaryn.  She can't play HoH next week.  So if we backdoor Jeremy, then that's how you will get her out, and Jeremy's already gone.  He'd have to be backdoored because if we put him up first he'd win PoV, you know what I mean?

Spencer:  That is a very tricky thing, because whoever the MVP puts up will be playing for the PoV to take themselves off.

Spencer thinks they should talk in a group with a few people, but wait a few days.  They shouldn't  be seen talking to each other at all in the house.

Spencer:  "H", I love you girl and I know you need to know that you can trust me.

Helen:  I do. I put my trust in you, Andy, Howard and McCrae.

Spencer tells her to keep swearing that she voted for Elissa, and don't back down.  Helen counts the five votes to keep David, and who cast them.  Spencer keeps telling her that they have the votes, and Helen pushes back until he walks her through the weeks and how many people can vote.    Spencer assures her that he and Howard are 100% loyal, and she shouldn't talk to anybody about anything but them.

Spencer:  I feel like you don't trust me.

Helen:  I did, until Candice said that thing to me.

Spencer explained that he expected Candice to explode, and Helen understands that.  Helen can trust McCrae if they can get rid of Amanda at some point.  Jeremy came in under some sort of false pretense and then left as the commercial started.

After the break we're back at the chessboard where McCrae and Amanda are playing and he sings under his breath and is blanked out occasionally.  Now Andy joins Helen in the Cockpit and I only hear him saying "count me in" and leave the room.

(Andy always joins the group already in progress, I've noted.  Nobody is seeking him out because I guess they don't need to.  He always appears.)

After Andy leaves we see Helen with her arms folded, deep in thought, and the camera changes to a dark bedroom, where it looks like Spencer is perched on the edge of a bed..  I think it's Kaitlin and McCrae comes over and they talk about wishing they had  a gallon of apple juice to drink.

Kaitlin is cursing about her headache.  She took Advil about an hour ago.  Spencer says "Marilyn" gets those headaches too and has prescription medication to help it.  Kaitlin wants to get that, too, and then says she trusts Spencer 100%, but is more concerned that people will target her group.

Spencer:  I know that I'm kind of on the outside, but I want you to know that you can trust me and I know Jeremy's got a target on his back.  But you can trust me and I hope we can work together some time in the future.

Spencer thinks Elissa's speech was one of the "tackiest things he's heard in his whole life".  They both say it was sickening.

Spencer:  I don't think you're going home.

Kaitlin:  That's what everybody kept telling David, too.  Why would everybody keep her?  She's just going to keep winning MVP back to back.  This whole game was created in her favor, so why would you try to keep her?

Spencer leaves as Kaitlin goes to the bathroom.  She wishes she had a washcloth to put over her face.  The kitchen has several house guests milling around, and sitting at the counter.  Kaitlin is in a lot of pain and crouches down on the floor.  She hates to go in the bathroom because it "smells so bad in there". 

Now we go back to the Have Not room with Spencer, where Helen and Candice are sitting.  He tells them they need to get ready for the HoH room reveal and we see Candice's stone face staring straight ahead.  Andy comes in and Candice tells him that they need to go upstairs.  She also complains that she can't have a protein shake because the house doesn't have the right type of milk for her.

Andy:  Oh girl!  I'm sorry!

(I predict Candice is going to set new levels for bitching about slop this week, even though the other three were all Have Nots last time.)

Andy knows Aaryn was angry when she picked the Have Nots, and she apologized to him afterwards.  He knows that someone like Spencer would not do well on slop at all. 

Andy:  I'll man up.  I can take it.

Now the house guests gather in the living room to wait for Aaryn to come out of the DR with her HoH room key.  Jeremy is talking about 4th of July celebrations with his mom and someone gives Andy a nicotine patch and he asks if it really works.

(BB provides the patches, but never the cigarettes.)

Amanda and McCrae play chess while we hear Gina Marie's booming voice tell a story downstairs.  The energy level in the living room is low, except for Gina Marie, who is talking a blue streak and acting out a story that happened on a boat.  Jeremy knows that people back home on the harborside are watching the fireworks for the holiday.  Helen hopes they get to watch fireworks on the TV screen tomorrow night, at least.

Someone is cooking potatoes and it must be Nick, since GM offers to "toss his potatoes" and everyone laughs.  Nick found some rotten food and made people smell it before tossing it in the trash.  They tease Jessie by calling her Messy Jessie and there are moments of silence while everyone struggles against their urge to go to bed.

Nick and Kaitlin are laying on the bathroom lounge, both nearly flat out and mumbling.  Nick likes the hammock and says that is the only place in the house where you can feel like you are out of the house.  Nick can still smell the rotten potatoes and doesn't like it.

(They have been locked inside since the competition ended as the crew breaks down the set in the backyard.  I'm sure Alison wants to avoid paying a lot of overtime on July 4th, so they will finish and open the backyard up before midnight.)

In the living room Helen talks about the BB14 competition where Mike Boogie filled up the small bucket to win $10,000 and she remembers it in great detail.  Helen says the barbecue sauce that spilled was easy to walk through, but if it were something like cranberry juice it would have been much more slippery.

Up at the chess board Amanda has a headache too, saying that the voices downstairs are bothering her. They hear Judd drawling away down there and giggle, imitating him softly.  Nick says they both will be in the bedroom with all of the voices now and there's nothing they can do about it now.

Amanda wants to go outside and smoke, and remembers that they were allowed to go outside after the popsicle competition when the area was still sticky.  Nick thinks they want to wait until after the HoH reveal.  They make fun of something Jeremy says down stairs and a particular voice Amanda has been doing that drives McCrae crazy.

Jeremy comes up the stairs and sits down, using the accent that McCrae hates.  Amanda needs some Advil and now Judd appears.  As this show ends, the HoH room reveal is about to go down.

I watched the HoH reveal on the live feeds and recapped it, complete with pictures, at this link.

The Tuglord Floats #BB15

The water looks cool and refreshing.

Elissa Talks Sassy #BB15

but I think she's a little too confident now about being MVP this week.

(I hope someone else wins MVP and doesn't tell another soul about it.....)

 McCrae tells Elissa that he expects those girls to go after Amanda.  Elissa thinks that that would be the stupidest move ever, because Amanda is "the funnest person here".  McCrae assures her that "those girls don't give a shit about that".

McCrae's new bed is in the corner of the Eames room, sharing with Amanda, of course.  I hope they washed those dirty sheets, because I think Jeremy and Kaitlin used to sleep in that bed.  McCrae is reading his New Testament this morning.

Elissa is talking trash about going up to the HoH and telling Aaryn that she expects to be nominated, and then just stretch out on the HoH couch and stay there.

But of course Elissa doesn't really do that.  Instead, she did this.  By the way, I hated her little speech last night.  If people were worrying that she had no game or identity beyond being Rachel's sister, they won't have any reason to feel differently now.

The live feeders know who's playing the game and who isn't, don't we?

Morning Smoke (and Mirrors) #BB15

They had five wake-up songs today, and congregate in groups to start the day.  The smokers go outside to smoke, and their non-smoking friends keep them company.

 Aaryn was out on the patio for a few minutes, eating a bowl of cereal.  This led me to believe it was an outdoor lockdown, but I was wrong.  (I was thinking they would set up the America's Choice items, or maybe address the HoH cheating scandal....)

McCrae would to go to his grandparent's cabin on the 4th of July if he was home.  They discuss how last year the house guests went into the house on July 4th, and wonder if they will be able to celebrate the holiday in some way.

Amanda is super chatty this morning, barking orders about who they can and can't trust.  They all agree not to tell Jessie anything, because she can't keep her mouth shut.  Amanda shrewdly points out this could also work in their favor, if they'd like to plant information.

Judd took some heat last night from the Mean Girls after he confessed that he voted for David to leave.

Andy's story to the girls was that he just "freaked out and didn't know what was going on and voted for David".


And Now, a Few Words About Last Night #BB15

This post is just me talking, so I won't be offended if you haul ass now.  I'm going to vent a little, but not too much.

I have a few comments and statements regarding the first live show of the season, and it's aftermath.

1.  I was not prepared for what happened during the show, with regard to the internet.  I have a high-speed connection, but my laptop slowed down to a craaawwwwlllll as the live show started, and continued it's snail-like pace until after the HoH contest was over.  I tried to post more pictures and words as the events unfolded live, but it was clear that was an impossible task, so I just gave up.

2.  I even lost part of yesterday's BBAD post that went up as the live show started and will not be able to recover it.  I had trouble posting to my own website, traffic was so congested.   (Thanks, Super Fans!)

3.  The live feeds are always a mess during an HoH endurance contest, because a high proportion of live feeders tune in to watch.  I'm used to that, but there were some severe sound problems on the live feeds that made listening to them virtually impossible.  And I tried to change camera views so I could see teams other than Andy and Elissa, and Judd and Nick competing, but the CBS website was overloaded and crashing on my so I just had to stay put.  I did see Amanda and Kaitlin, as well, but that's about it. 

4.  I trust the Powers that Be will try to fix this before the next live HoH competition.  Real Network always did, but the crowds will only grow from here so CBS needs to get their arms around the situation as soon as they can.  The large crowds are just part of the excitement and the fun, so I don't get too crazy about it.  I don't make my living from doing this, thank god, so a little internet traffic won't ruin my life.

5.  What they won't be able to fix, however, is all of the cursing that required blanking out nearly the entire segment when Julie Chen was trying to explain the HoH contest, and how it worked.  Cursing is second-nature for people, and very impulsive so I don't think they can control it at a stressful time like that, even if they want to. 

6.  One of the things I liked about BB Canada is that they could just broadcast the words "shit" and "fuck" so we did get to experience what the house guests said and did on the live show.  But that won't happen in America anytime soon, and that is hardly CBS' fault.  America has taught their children to say those words, but the television standards and practices require that we pretend the words don't exist.

7.  So The Chenbot can tell them not to curse, but we would all probably curse too, walking out to the backyard and learning that we would be playing for HoH as part of a team, too.

8.  Many people are grousing about that part of the twist, but to me that made it brilliant.  The team that won both wanted each other to win HoH, but you certainly can't say that about every team.  I heard Andy say on BBAD last night that he thought Elissa could be slowing down on purpose, so they wouldn't win, but more about that later when I recap the show.

9.  I wish McCrae had gotten his private time to speak with Julie, but there was really just too much content to allow time for that on the CBS show.  I could have lived without the David interview, since he said virtually nothing of note, but I know CBS has to let him have a moment with Julie.

10.   The biggest problem regarding the live show, in my opinion, was letting the house guests hear the crowd during the first part of the live voting.  They clearly heard the cheers and boos, and I've heard both Aaryn and Helen say on BBAD that the crowd response worried and encouraged them, respectively.  CBS realized their mistake and corrected it during the break for the second half of the votes, but the cat is already out of the bag for the house guests on some things.

11.  McCrae and Elissa both heard the cheering.  I'm sure McCrae realizes that he is on the right side of things as far as the fans are concerned, too.  That is why Elissa made sure to tell America that she loved them.  She knows.  And I don't like that or think that part is fair.  The house guests should only know what Julie tells them, and just leave them guessing about the rest.

12.  So having said that, I encourage each of you to start voting for this week's MVP, and choose carefully.  You can vote up to 10 times each day on the CBS website.  Vote for who you think is playing the game, and playing it well.  Let's do the right thing here, people, and leave the popularity contests behind us, in the rear view mirror.

13.  And speaking of that, I have seen the tsunami of hate from fans and bloggers who think the show is rigged.  Why keep watching, then?  Why would you waste your summer if you hate the whole thing so much?  I really don't want to hear the whining all summer from you, and won't be listening much longer to it.

14.  I like to form my own opinions and don't like to follow the crowd with regard to Big Brother.  Sometimes the crowd and I agree, and sometimes we don't, but I try to be fair and report the facts either way.

15.  I'm not denying that I need to Get a Life, but at least I love Big Brother.  If you really hate it so much, then who really needs to Get a Life now?  Please go forth this summer and be productive in a positive manner, and leave us to our guilty pleasures.

That is all.  Thank you and let's buckle in for a long bumpy ride this summer.  It's already been quite a show, both inside and outside the house, hasn't it?

Let's Squeeze Even More Publicity Out of Hate Gate, Shall We? #BB15

At this point, you have to wonder about parties that come forward to announce they will no longer have anything to do with Aaryn or Gina Marie, when we must admit that we never even knew they existed, or had any connection to them in the first place.

Case in Point:  Bella Petite Magazine.

Now, who the hell is that?  I can tell you I would definitely be smack dab in the middle of that magazine's target market, but I've even never heard of it.  Until now.

Apparently they want us to know who they are, and who they are no longer affiliated with.  And here is a red-headed Aaryn Elizabeth Gries, who was their Covergirl.

And here is their manifesto, describing who they are, and what they will and won't stand for.

Here's what is so douchey about this.  The Editor-in-Chief has taken a selfie that features her huge knockers and posted it above the manifesto.  And the selfie posted is easily TWICE the size of the manifesto script.
Maybe every business in Texas should announce they will no longer sell french fries to Aaryn, or something like that.

Let's just all move on, okay?  The live feed community will be keeping a close eye and ear on Aaryn now and we'll take it from here, opportunistic attention-seekers.

Gina Marie's Twitter Account Abandons Her, Too #BB15

Whoever has been covering Gina Marie's Twitter account has thrown up their hands in disgust, apparently, and will no longer be posting fake Tweets. 

Wouldn't it be more fun if that person just started tweeting awful things, poking fun at the situation?

Remember way back in the BB6 days when someone started writing a blog as if they were Michael Donnelen (or whatever his name was) and the internet went crazy, thinking that BB was allowing him access to a computer while in the house?   They guy who wrote it took great pains to write in Michael's creepy, condescending voice, and talked about how he felt about the other house guests and Janelle.  It really was brilliant and amusing, and I have to wonder what the writer could have accomplished if Twitter were around at that time.

Aaryn: Who Wants to Pretend to Want to See My HoH Room? #BB15

I am flashing back to the HoH Room reveal from last night, when the unimaginable happened, leaving Aaryn as the HoH.  She and Jeremy were teamed up for the HoH challenge and after they won Aaryn asked Jeremy if she could be the HoH and he said yes.  As easy as that.

There are all sorts of sour grapes out there about how the two of them cheated by misusing the little barbecue sauce cups, but I didn't see that myself, and highly doubt that CBS would proclaim a do-over at this point.  This turn of events, Aaryn being disgraced, losing her showmance partner, and then becoming HoH is a great story for the show.  A real ratings-getter.

OK.  When I tune in McCrae and Amanda are sitting at the chess board with Nick, but I'm not sure they are really playing.  They are doing a lot of BS'ing, and then Judd and Jeremy join them.

Jeremy studies the chess board and announces there is no move left for Nick.  Jessie joins their group at some point, sitting with her arm around Amanda's shoulder.  Amanda is tired and says that competition was the most exercise she's had in years.  Jeremy is getting tired now, too and they are all anxious for Aaryn to get out of the DR so they can get on with it.

I think Aaryn had to nominate the Have Nots, so it is no surprise that Helen, Candice, Elissa and Andy were her choices.  In other words, the Have Nots could be subtitled "Aaryn's Shit List" this week.

On the live feeds, when you see this, you know she's about to emerge.  Oooo there is a DR leak and I can hear the guy telling Aaryn what to say, and how to say it.  Aaryn giggles "thanks".

Aaryn: Who wants to see my HoH Room?

There are cheers and whistles as she goes up the stairs and I see Helen drag herself up from the couch to go to the staircase.  I think Aaryn should have paused at the door for a second while she said that famous line, but I guess she's the model, not me.

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