Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jeremy and Aaryn Win #BB15


Sorry for lack of pictures.  The net is crawling tonight.

It Looks Close #BB15

Jeremy and Aaryn


Andy and Elissa?

Andy can touch the ball.

Gina Marie Gets Canned, Too! #BB15

TMZ is reporting that Gina Marie has lost her job, too!  You can read the entire TMZ article here.

Who Will Be HoH? #BB15

And as the CBS show ends, the HoH ontest has just begun, and the house guests look less than thrilled to be paired up for this one.  They have been randomly put together, and apparently both will win HoH.

They must work together to fill up a big barrel of barbeque sauce, and the ground is slippery.  Yadda yadda yadda we've seen this before, but not with this many people.  And with teams.

I didn't catch all of the teams, but here is what I did see:

Elissa and Andy
Judd and Nick
Gina Marie and Candice
Amanda and Kaitlin

It's going to be a long night.  The internet is blowing up, too.

Panic and Barbecue Sauce #BB15

Judd and Nick already got the bigger scoops out of the small barrel.  Their team looks strong.  Or does it?

Big Brother After Dark - Baking, Faking, and a Little Quaking - 7-2-13

This episode aired on the eve of the season's first live show, Tuesday at 9:00 BBT.  McCrae Olson is in his last 24 hours of his HoH reign, and one of the three house guests on the block is getting chopped tonight.

Someone will lose their dream of winning BB15, and someone will win the coveted HoH role for week #2.

As this episode begins, the house guests are locked in the house while Production prepares the backyard for the live show.  They are already getting on each other's nerves and being stuck inside makes things even worse, particularly for the smokers.

OK.  Enough chatter.  Let's go.

As the show opens we see a group in the Cockpit and lhey are passing around the green bandana ball again.  It looks like they might be naming TV shows alphabetically.  Nick looks bored out of his skull as he hands the ball to Amanda.

The cameras abruptly change to Howard, who is in the HoH talking to Gina Marie, who is all cranked up about the bed situation in the house.  Jessie is her target now, and she says that Jessie has slept in her bed every single night alone, and it is one of the bigger beds in the house.  She tries to turn on the spy cam but can't.

Howard leans in as if this is the most important conversation in the world.  Gina Marie is trying to prove that Jessie's bed is bigger than the one that she and Nick share.   Howard says it's cool, he doesn't mind sleeping in the Have Not room, but the guys have been working on a plan where they can trade off nights sleeping with Jessie.

Howard: It's fine.  It's petty.

(It really is, Howard.)

Howard would rather have a girl in the middle of the bed if he's sleeping with a guy, but he's cool with it.  They both moved to the chess board to start a game, as Spencer lumbers up the spiral staircase with a snack for Howard.

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McCrae Tries on Amanda's Jeans #BB15

After she hounds him to try them on.  She mocks the bats on his underwear but he talks back, telling her to shut up.

All the girls like the jeans and say he looks like a rock star.

McCrae:  But I'm a pizza guy and that is the best look for me!

They made him try on a blue shirt and say he looks so cute.

Aaryn:  You are going to have all of the girls chasing you now!

McCrae:  I don't want girls chasing me.

Aaryn:  You realize that he's not going to wear it now, just because we want him to.

He walked through the house and modeled for everyone.  Helen thinks he should just wear regular jeans, but she's the only one who says that.   McCrae told Jeremy that the jeans hurt his big nuts and Jeremy said that is something you just have to get used to.

So...he's not wearing Amanda's jeans tonight, people.  He knows he "gets to talk to Julie" and wants to feel confident.

Brenchal Weighs in on #BB15 Hate Gate to TMZ

The internet is just bursting with news about this, just in time for tonight's live show.  Timing is everything, huh?

You can read the TMZ article, and the comments here.

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB15

Everyone is scurrying around getting ready, and chattering about various topics.

Jeremy gets in an Andy-Kaitlin sandwich and says Hi to the camera.  Jeremy and Kaitlin always look like a Guess advertisement to me when they start hugging on each other.  Or a Chris Isaac video.

The girls get ready, too.  I heard them say they have to be ready today by 4:00 pm BBT for rehearsal.  I'm not expecting an endurance contest tonight, but I've been surprised before.

Where is Gina Marie?  I wonder if they gave her makeup back, or if she's borrowing from one of the other girls tonight?

They have a little song about Judd that they made up called "Judd Judd Farmer Man" or something like that.  Candice is humming it under her breath and we keep losing the feeds because of it.

Amanda is hounding McCrae to try on her jeans because they "would look so cute and emo on him."

McCrae:  I don't want to look cute and emo.

"They" told McCrae to "get the hell out" of the HoH Suite but I don't think he has to move out yet.  He's still going to shower up there, I think.  And I don't think they've had their HoH Lockdown yet.

Aaryn and Amanda both brought Latisse in the house to help their eyelashes grow.  McCrae thinks they are bullshitting him, but both girls say the product really works.

(It does.  I can vouch.)

Aaryn says her mother had skin cancer, and she herself had it at 17. 

Amanda also announced that she was on the Bravo show "Shear Genius" as one of the hair models.  No one in the room admitted watching it so the topic just dropped. 

Helen enjoys a sandwich made with low fat mayo.  They complain they are running low on food, but expect a new delivery tomorrow.

TMZ Reports on CBS Comments re: Hate Gate #BB15

Do you think ratings are going to go up tonight? 

I do, too.

But then again it is the first live show of the season, so that's always a big draw.  We'll know that things are really bad if America votes Aaryn MVP, right? 

Spencer and Gina Marie get hit with huge chunks of schrapnel, too, but that is certainly their own faults.  I wonder why TMZ didn't mention the Asian comments....maybe they fear offending The Chenbot and her powerful husband.

You can read the article, and the colorful reader comments here.

TMZ Boards the Aaryn Hate Gate Train, Too #BB15

and boy are the comments scathing.  You can read the TMZ article here.

All this publicity, just in time for tonight's live show.......

Helen Works Out on the Plane #BB15

She's breathing hard, too.  She's serious about this stuff.

And yet we all still have excuses about how we can't work out.

Prepare for Lots of FISH Today #BB15

The day of the first live show is especially frantic for Production every year.  We can expect for the feeds to be down for much of this afternoon as the cast is given a lot of direction from Production in preparation of the live show tonight.

(Will Gina Marie be given any clothes or makeup?  I'll be on the edge of my seat, wondering about this.)

I wrote this post last year to describe what will go on behind the scenes, and it is probably even more difficult tonight due to the fact that there are 3 nominees, and not one returning house guest to help them steer things along.

(Last year the Coaches gave the house guests a lot of information about what to expect when they go live, but they don't have that benefit this year.)

Perez Hilton Compares Aaryn to Paula Deen #BB!5

and as you might guess, it's not good news for Aaryn.  Perez posted the following on his website yesterday, along with a video of Gina Marie and Aaryn talking their filthy smack.

Interesting to note that CBS pulled Perez's video, too.  Even the mighty get denied, apparently.

You can read Perez' post here, as well as the many spirited comments that drag just about every house guest through the mud.

Aaryn is Fired, But Doesn't Know it Yet #BB15

Zephyr Talent has announced on Facebook that they have released Aaryn from her modeling contract.

Zephyr Talent is a modeling agency in Austin Texas.  Let's get real, this is the most publicity they will ever get.  I have already heard Aaryn talking about moving out to California, so even though she seems to be horrifically ugly on the inside, there will be many takers for her outside beauty once the show is over.

Sad, but true.

Hat Gate #2 - Jeremy's Forced Apology #BB15

Okay so you know by now that Jeremy did some misbehavin' by rubbing Elissa's blue knit hat on his butt crack.  You haven't heard?  Well you can read about it here, and see the pictures.

Well, apparently Jeremy got a good talkin' to in the DR, what some in the south might call a "Come to Jesus meeting".

OK.  So it's shortly after 11:00 pm BBT, on the evening of Hat Gate #2.  The house guests have just finished their group dinner, and have dispersed to their little corners of the house to whisper and bitch about each other.  They're locked down now inside, so the backyard can be set up for the live show and competitions.

Gina Marie and Aaryn are in their Small World bedroom talking to David where Aaryn is sharing her concerns about Nick.  Aaryn thinks he's sketchy, and that his game is to have some sort of shallow relationship with everybody.

Aaryn thinks he is a floater in it's truest sense, but Gina Marie argues in his favor.  Aaryn thinks they need to evict everyone who won't vote for them in the end.

While we hear the girls talk, we see Jeremy come out of the DR, and walk silently through the house to the Lounge, which they are calling the Cockpit, I've noticed.

He immediately sits down in the Lounge and Elissa walks in, and Jeremy asks her to shut the door.

Jeremy:  I just want to talk to you.  I got in trouble earlier and I have to apologize.  I was asked to take care of this by Big Brother, and it's a situation

Elissa sits down and as usual it is hard to get a read on what she is feeling as her ability to express emotions facially is extremely limited.

 Jeremy:  You know, you got the best of me earlier, and I was acting immature.  This house is making me crazy...

Jeremy:......I tapped your hat with my butt, and they're drycleaning it now, and they said if you don't want the hat after that they'll take it out of my pension, and get you a new one...

Elissa: hat?

Jeremy:  Your blue North Carolina hat...

Elissa:  Oh...

Jeremy:  It was immature, stupid, and I feel horrible about it...I feel ashamed, kinda, because that's not me and I don't know what to say to you.....I vandalized something that was your's and whether it was personal to you or not I was definitely wrong.  Regardless if you like me or not, or if we've had mutual differences...

Elissa, calmly and in control:  This is not mutual differences though....

Elissa:, I felt bad for you Jeremy....

Elissa:  I think you are a 23 year old boy, Jeremy.

(How fucking creepy is that tattoo of the Indian just staring at us?  Why, the Chief himself was probably highly skilled in using many different objects as a form of toilet paper, right?)

Jeremy agrees that he is immature and has a lot of growing up to do.  When he came into the house everybody was cool, but now he keeps hearing things and he needs to keep his ears open and he feels like "somebody" keeps making fun of him.

Jeremy:  You know, when we were out there by the pool you said something about the owner of CBS....

Elissa:  He's not the owner, he's the president...

(i.e. Les Moonves)

Jeremy:  When you said your mother would be so proud of me.... I felt like you were coming at me.

Elissa protests and now it seems like she needs to apologize to him.

(This is a famous move employed by some of the best players and sociopaths out there....we call it Reversing the Heat and once you are aware of the signs you can't miss it.  Jeremy will go far in life with these skills.....take it from someone who climbed the ladder at a Fortune 100 company for over a decade.)

Jeremy realizes what is happening and summarizes the situation again, that he is an immature boy who did something stupid, and he is "in trouble right now for it".

Jeremy:  They've taken the hat, and they're drycleaning it now...

(I'm imagining the poor PA who had to put that hat in a plastic bag and probably get in the golf cart to drive it over to the CBS Laundry...ha ha ha)

Jeremy:  I don't know what you want to do about it, and I told them to take that hat out of my stipend and buy you a new hat and we'll take care of that...and it's not them telling me to apologize, they just told me to tell you that I'd take care of it.  And I really do feel stupid and I don't know if you can tell, but I'm kind of ashamed of myself, and I didn't really dig it into my butt, I just tapped my butt, but they said that was wrong, and so I brought them the hat and said to take care of it.  I don't want you to think it's gone...they have it and it is being drycleaned at this moment.

Elissa:  Um hum...

Jeremy:   I don't know where we went wrong, but  I'm sorry and I don't know if you want to say something but I promise I won't be an asshole.

(Wouldn't you want to know where this happened, if you were Elissa?  I mean, did it happen in the Eames Room in front of Aaryn and David, or did it happen in the WC after taking a poop?  Big difference to me, if I were her and contemplating keeping that hat.  I guess she can sell it on Ebay, either way, right?)

Now Elissa chides him for some of his comments that he has made on TVGN, for example joking about being in a gang.  Jeremy starts to protest but Elissa reminds him that it is her turn to speak.  She is pointing out how young he is, and how disrespectful it is for him to be so aggressive towards women and she mentions his DR sessions that might be inappropriate.

Elissa:  I'm not judging you.  It's not my place to judge you.

Someone opens the door and Jeremy asks to please give them a moment.  The female voice chirps that she's sorry.   I think it was Candice.

So blah blah blah Jeremy has a lot to learn and he feels badly about it.  He also assures Elissa that she didn't touch the hat after his actions....he took it within 5 minutes to the DR for them to take care of cleaning it.

Elissa says that the hat is the least of her worries, and that his attacks on women are of much more concern to her.  And Jeremy should imagine how her husband feels to see Jeremy acting like that towards women.  And Jeremy is a big guy, so it is even more intimidating to watch.

Outside the house guests must be dying with suspense about what is going on in the Cockpit.  I guess they know all of the cameras are focused on their conversation.  Andy pops his head in to get a look in a manner that is anything but subtle.

Andy:  What's going on in here?

Jeremy:  Can you just give us a moment?

Elissa brought up how Rachel will have to live down things that happened in the BB house for the rest of her life, and Elissa wipes away tears as her voice shakes.    Now she brings up the beef they had about Elissa saying that her sister had fans that would vote for her, and how this was the beginning of the conflict between them.  Jeremy says that he knows who Rachel is, and doesn't really care who she is, and just wanted to clear the air at that time.

Elissa  I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, that this show will be over in three months.  And then you will have to live for the rest of your life being known as someone who is aggressive to women....

So now the conversation starts repeating itself, and going around in circles as Jeremy repeats himself.  He just wants to move on from here, and is nervous about what is "going to happen with him".  It's not something he would normally do.  And with the "pizza thing" he jumped to conclusions and it ended up being a lie but he reacted to it.

Elissa has the highest respect for Production and the Network and "her sister works with them", and this isn't "like VH1", it's a family show and people are watching.  Elissa and Helen both have families and mothers and Jeremy has to think about that with his actions.  She would appreciate Jeremy showing some respect and he thanks her for sharing her perspectives with him.

Jeremy:  I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong.

Elissa:  I accept your apology.

They leave the Cockpit and both go in separate directions.

***And SCENE***

I think Jeremy is a Professional Apologist at this point, don't you?  He's got a gift, and everybody knows it.  Including Production and CBS.  Les Moonves has to give credit where credit is due, too, right?

I can't wait to hear Julie Chen talk about this.. ha ha ha  How great would it be if Julie says "buttcrack"?