Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Move Over, Bitch. #BB15

Real estate near the mirror is getting scarce.

 Kaitlin explained how to make a pair of denim cutoffs that flatter you to Candice, and Candice wants her to teach her how.  Kaitlin says that if you buy Mom jeans and cut them off, those are the best cutoffs. 

Aaryn strongly disagreed and said her high-waisted pants are like "the most uncomfortable ever".

That's Amanda in the blue towels.  No HoH suite shower, Amanda?

Spencer Aims for Jessie #BB15

He's been working on her for days now.  Yep. It's true.

Oh yeah, he's been asking her to describe every second of her day at home.  He calls her "Jessie Clair" and he is asking her questions and getting her to tell stories.  Right now they're doing impressions for each other and he is acting like she is the funniest girl in the world.

Men Wanting Women to Talk + Encouraging Them to Talk More = Horndog

Add alcohol and stir....

McCrae Fears the Wrath of Candice #BB15

Candice was sitting on the couch and got called to the DR.  Once she got up and left, they were silent until the sliding door shut behind her.

Judd, with a mouth full of sandwich:  Dude, she's gonna crack.

McCrae agrees she's going to blow pretty soon.   She blew up at him already, but he knows he only "experienced a fraction of the wrath of Candice".


A few minutes ago, Aaryn was telling the group how Candice just barged into the bedroom and started telling her that she would never be able to reach her goals acting the way she does.

Aaryn:  Can you believe that?  So I told her I guess you didn't sit on my hat, because it would be totally flat.

(Love the rasta look on McCrae.)

Dangerous Topics are Being Dsscussed #BB15

Aaryn is sitting on the patio and has her own camera shot, but she is sitting with Judd, Howard, Andy,  McCrae, Spencer and Amanda.

They talk about Jerry from BB10 who yelled "you're going home!" to Libra after winning a competition.

(It's not a Big Brother season until they discuss old Jerry on the live feeds.)

Aaryn:  Oh, I hated her.  I hated that girl.

Then Spencer brings up Naonka from Survivor as the biggest reality villain ever.  Andy chimes in that she was horrible, especially when she "grabbed the basket with the clue from the one-armed girl".

Spencer admits that he thinks the one-armed girl was kind of hot.  Then Omorosa's name comes up, and I start to see a pattern emerging.

They change the topic to the Candyman movie, and McCrae loves the music in that movie.

Amanda talks about skinny dipping and says it might be okay if they go topless as long as they put tape on their nipples.  Spencer says that he is familiar with the FCC rules (or whatever) and they must have one band-aid on each nipple, and their entire aureola doesn't need to be covered.

He's joking, but everyone just kind of pretends like he didn't say it, until Andy chimes in that no bottoms are required, as full frontal is okay.

Amanda:  Has anybody watched that show Vanderpump Rules?  I dated that guy Jax for like a hot minute and he is such a Douche Lord, the King of the Douches.

Amanda lived out in LA for a few years but she was too heavy to get a lot of work.  She tells them she was a lot heavier back then, but her true love was musical theater.  She got into real estate and she loves that, so she's happy now.

Aaryn did a commercial for Top Golf, which is apparently a golf video game.  Aaryn says all she did is drink and eat and play the game all day long and it was fun.

Amanda's boyfriend works on Wipeout, and still does.  She went to Pauly Shore's house one time and the cameras change quickly as she dishes that dirt, I guess.  Sometime in the middle of Amanda talking about her time in California, McCrae got up and went in the house.

Now they talk about Dane Cook, and Aaryn pictures him having a girlfriend who looks like Amanda.  This was said after Amanda said she was on Playboy radio one time because she has a "face for radio".

Aaryn:  Oh, I would die to get in the Playboy mansion.

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 15 The Saga Episode #1 #BB15

This might be one of the funniest three minutes you will ever spend.  Wil starts off poking light fun at The Chenbot, but just wait until you get a load of the Reilly Sisters, David, Nick Gina Marie, and Jessie.

It's even funnier than last year, I promise.  

Final 15 deals....ha ha ha ha.

The Tuglord Speaks: McCrae's HoH Blog #BB15


HoH Blog: McCrae

Posted on Jul 2, 2013 12:00pm

Where do I start? This has been an absolutely amazing experience thus far. Being in this house has put this whole show into perspective. Everyone is cutting deals and whispering to each other and it's really tough to keep up with it all. I know I'm a paranoid bastard but hopefully that can actually keep me on top of the game and not let the game get on top of me. And if the game does get on top of me hopefully I can blow up in a way that will be entertaining to all you fine folks. 

Coming into this game I thought I was going to lay low and be a weak player. In my everyday life I usually am the weakling. I would have never thought that I would be able to hold onto a "popsicle" for as long as I did and win HOH right out of the gates. I'm still not sure why I even wanted to win the first HOH but as soon as I saw popsicles, I knew that the stars had aligned and dame fate wanted me to win. Whether or not this will help my game, only time will tell…. 

And then came the Elissa revelation. Judd pointed it out to me and I had no idea before that. Being a super fan, It was a super exciting prospect to be playing with the sister of one of the most notorious players in the game. And at the same time, It equally scared me. I knew that I wanted to be in her good graces and keep her close to me.

I'm just trying to take things day by day here and keep my head from going wacky, which is what I know you all want to see…not yet….but probably soon lol. Who would think a lowly pizza boy from the small town of St. Francis, MN could come to the BB house and shake stuff up. I've been having an awesome time and I don't want it to end yet.

I also want to send all my love and thoughts with the Olson Family, Kim, Tim, and Morgan, as well as all my friends at the house away from this house. I know you guys are tearing me apart back home but I'm trying my best. Thanks to BB for giving me this opportunity and I couldn't be grateful enough. And to everyone else, I hope you are enjoying the show!

Big Brother After Dark - Is the Showmance a Charade? Or is the Charade a Showmance? - 7-1-13 #BB15

This episode aired at midnight, BBT, as Monday drew to a close.  Also coming to an end is McCrae Olson's HoH reign.  And the game is going to come to an end for one of the three nominees on the first live show of the season, Wednesday night.  The nominees are Jessie Kowalski, Elissa Slater, and David Girton.

Things are bound to be tense after the live show, as we are all expecting a blind side.  As a matter of fact, anyone else going home would be the Unexpected, if we are Expected to Expect that.  Right?

OK, let's get this going.

As the show opens we see Amanda Zuckerman standing alone in the backyard, making hand gestures.  She is wearing her bathing suit covered by a loosely knit sweater and no apparent make up.  She waves at us and someone yells out "Bye Bye Birdie".  Amanda nods her head and trudges back over to the sofa, where a crowd is gathered.  Apparently we're in the middle of a game of Charades.

(Is there anybody who doesn't absolutely despise playing Charades?)

Now it's Helen's turn, and she marches over to the spot in the grass where Amanda had been standing.  It's quite far from the couch, actually.  A little too far.  Helen stands in silent contemplation of the task ahead of her, and then indicates this is a 4 word title, and she begins with the 2nd word.  She makes a "horns and tail" motion, and Jeremy yells out "The Devil Wore Prada" and he is correct.  Helen sashays back over to the couch while Andy says "that was a gay answer".

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