Friday, June 28, 2013

Look at Me Look at Me #BB15

Aaryn executes a ponytail with a high degree of care.

Evening Shade #BB15

Helen, Andy and Candice lay in the HoH suite and Candice pretends to sleep while Andy and Helen discuss the pending nomination of Elissa.  Helen talks about how the worst time for her is the first thing in the morning---she misses her sons and her husband and it is very painful.  Once she gets past that, she's fine.  But every morning it is very hard.

 Andy actually tears up when Helen talks about how she wonders how much of the show her husband showed her sons, and she wonders what their faces looked like when they saw her on TV for the first time.

She gets emotional about it and says this is why I was happy to have Elissa here,  because she's a Mom too.  And I thought that would help me, but it doesn't.

Helen totally leads Andy to believe that Elissa would be up and out of the house the first week.  But she was totally convincing last night when she told McCrae that David is the biggest threat and needs to go.

 Helen, Helen, Helen.  I'm liking your potential for doing Dastardly Deeds that we all know need to be Done.

Big Brother After Dark - Nothing is More Bonding than a Common Enemy - 6-27-13 #BB15

This is the second episode of BBAD for BB15.  McCrae Olson is the HoH, and he nominated Jessie Kowalski and Candice Stewart for eviction a day or so ago.

This afternoon the POV Player Pick took place, just after the MVP's nomination was announced.  David Girton was the nominated house guest.  Elissa Slater told McCrae earlier in the day that she had been voted MVP, so we can assume that is true, but we will know for sure on the CBS Sunday night show.  After the MVP nomination, they picked players and held the PoV Player Pick ceremony.

Elissa's name was chosen, creating fear and panic among the house guests.  No one wants her to win.  They want her out this week and suspect she is Rachel's sister, but  I don't think she has come clean to the entire house to confess this.  There was a lot of negative energy towards Elissa today--they have really made her out to be a monster, but without the MVP twist I don't think she would be so threatening to the others.   She is much more fragile then Rachel and doesn't have someone like Brendon there to co-star in the villain role.  But the house guests know she can win MVP every week with Rachel's support so this makes her an easy choice for eviction in Week #1.

But who won the PoV?  America's New Slacker Sweetheart McCrae Tuglord Olson.  Yes, he won.

OK.  Let's go.

The show opens shortly after the PoV competition is over, and there is a feeling of jubilant relief among the house guests.  There is a big group of people in the Mustache bedroom, anchored by Jeremy and Kaitlin who were canoodling on the bed right in front of everyone.

(Yes, I used the word canoodling.  I was trying it out to see if I liked it and it turns out I don't and will not be using it again.)

Kaitlin has on her full make up and the hair extensions and I have to say she is breathtaking.  Jeremy is wearing a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat.  Helen, Spencer, Gina and Aaryn are also in the room, and maybe a few others.  Everyone is talking over each other and I realize this is the group who did not play for PoV.  They've just been chilling and are camera-ready for the BBAD action.  Helen is talking about how hard it would have been to spell different trustworthy needed two T's.  I'm guessing the competition involved spelling long words (Technotronics, anyone?).

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