Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jeremy Flosses #BB15

They are in the HoH, chatting.  Elissa sits there quietly.  She is a Have Not and I heard her say she just can't get to where she feels full.

They all discuss how great Jeremy's hair looks.  Spencer compliments his handsomeness and they all laugh.
Suddenly Howard appears.  I guess he is a day sleeper.

The MVP - POV Ceremony is Complete #BB15

David is now nominated.  I'm not sure that Elissa formally identified herself or not, but the word in the house is that she is claiming to be MVP this week.  His nomination is the doing of the MVP, no matter who that person is. ('s gotta be.)  Right after the third nomination, the PoV players were picked, and the actual PoV competition will take place later this afternoon. As long as they can finish before BBAD, they can do it.

Aaryn is pep-talking David, telling him to win the PoV to save himself, and then they can "try it again" to get Elissa out next week.

Oh yeah, Elissa drew a PoV slot, so they are all afraid of her winning the necklace.  Aaryn's pep talk is really good, telling him that he can change his whole life if he wins.  They've only known each other for a week---he shouldn't make any decisions that sacrifice himself for her safety in the game.  She says if doesn't take her to Final Two, though, she will hunt him down and kill him.

I'm impressed with Aaryn.  You can tell a lot about a BB player when their side takes a hit and gets nominated.  She's got the goods, I think.

Big Brother Premier Ratings are In... #BB15

and let's face it, they are likely a disappointment for the network and production..  Why would MasterChef ratings go up?  Isn't that just a two-hour version of Hell's Kitchen, but with less pan-throwing?  Gordon Ramsey must have made some deal with the devil, huh?

Look for some spicy commercials capitalizing on all of the young beauties in the house to pull this aircraft back up in the air.

You can read the details here.

Suddenly Everyone is Aligning with McCrae #BB15

Helen visits McCrae in the HoH and gets right to it.  She lets him know that she was upset earlier when Amanda told her that Elissa was just playing her.  It sounds like Amanda was very harsh (SHOCKER).  McCrae seems agitated as he says Amanda thinks she is running his HoH.  (But he doesn't act like that at all in front of her that I could see.)

Before they start continuing the ElissaFest, Helen puts it out there that the house is full of bullies this year, and she, Andy and McCrae will just get killed in the end if they don't do something about it.  McCrae nods and says he knows, she's right.  Helen says whatever happens, they need to figure this out.

(Funny how these three were commonly mentioned as favorites to win by several noted Big Brother authorities.)

McRae keeps saying he's super stressed about today, and he knows his ass is on the line now.  They both are Super Fans so they realize that Elissa is not someone that Production wants to leave the game the very first week.   They also discuss the other girls and Helen thinks that Aaryn, Jessie and Kaitlin are basically the same to her, but Aaryn seems to be more knowledgeable about the game.  They both see how likeable Gina Marie is, and that bothers Helen.  She's not sure Gina Marie will ever make a choice that is not a majority decision.

Helen says they should go out and play chess, or "it will look weird".  Helen assures him that if she is seen talking to Elissa, he should know that she is just placating her so Elissa doesn't think she's against her.

Because Farting is Funny, To Them #BB15

The guys sit up in the HoH and Spencer starts complaining about Jeremy farting.  David thinks it's funny, since he's on the other side of the room.

Jeremy admits it was silent but deadly.  Spencer says they need a room divider if they're going to sit in the same space.  They ask Jeremy if he's farted on Kaitlin and he says he probably has.  If he has to let go, he just does.  He doesn't think you should have to hold it.

Andy says you should at least warn the victim in advance.

They discuss how Alissa was upset in the house, and Jeremy says she was crying last night.  He said she came in the room and said that she was crying because she hurt her foot "yo".  They all laugh uncomfortably.

(She's not Godzilla. She's Rachel's sister.)

Standing Room Only in the Lounge #BB15

Apparently there was some big mess in the bathroom and Gina Marie came to the rescue and cleaned the bathroom with a toilet scrubber and bleach.  Everyone thanks her but she says "nah, it was nothing".  She propped the WC open with the toothbrush holder so "it could air out", and has to explain this at least three times so far.

Andy sat and watched and then went in search of  Spencer.  Andy likes talking to Spencer.

Aaryn comes in and chats with Andy and Judd who are sitting on the bathroom couch. (Andy couldn't find Spencer so he returned.)

Aaryn has to pee, and states she would leave the door open if it wouldn't make them uncomfortable--she could care less.  I could see saying that in front of Andy, but in front of Judd?  Damn he's only human Aaryn, go easy on him.

Judd left the room and Helen came in and sat for a while.  They discussed the towel situation.  Helen thinks that if "they" really wanted to be green, then they would assign a different color towel to each house guest.  Then they wouldn't need so many.  (I knew the chaos of that house would get to someone like Helen, who probably has a house keeper.)

Then they bring up the "green" tampons they have in the house, with no applicator.  Gina Marie has never used tampons...not ever.  Helen seems shocked and gently asks her if she's tried to use could be very liberating to try them.  Gina Marie still says No.

Aaron hates their tampons because you can't wash your hands off.  Then Gina mentions touching the doorknob after using one and then Aaryn turns around and looks like she's going to vomit.  They call out that this place is unsanitary!

Helen starts talking about OB tampons with no applicator.  The original advertisements featured them being so small they would fit in your pocket.

Aaryn then brightens when the conversation turns to how pretty she is, and how all of the guys in the house are infatuated.  Aaren asks if they've noticed one of the guys staring at her.  I think it was Nick, because Gina Marie (who flirts with Nick) says she's cool with it.

They trash talk Elissa a little, saying that she didn't compliment someone's shoes until she learned they were Louboutons.  Then when she saw how expensive they were, she started gushing about how cute they were.

Just Your Typical Thursday Afternoon #BB15

And they are still trapped in there on an indoor lockdown, while the PoV competition is built in the back yard.  Production knows that the longer they are locked in there, the more tension will build and build.

And yes, there has been tension.  Elissa's game is getting blown up and if she doesn't get picked to play PoV, or she plays and loses. then she's going to be in a tough spot.

At the chess board, Nick and Jessie were sitting opposite Spencer playing chess, while David perched nearby. For some reason Jessie stood up to do some cheers for the guys and they just sit and watch.  All guys love cheerleaders, right?  Jessie should look on the bright side and realize that thing's aren't so bad for her, after all.  Even though she's on the block.

Then she sits back down and accuses Spencer of cheating when he wins the chess game.  She says he was supposed to say "check".  He claims he did say it while she was cheering and she put up quite a little stink about it.  He finally graciously backed down in that way you do to patronize someone that will make your life miserable later.

Isn't Jessie on the block?  I think she just lost some of the lingering goodwill from the cheers.

Big Brother After Dark - Pageantry of Lies - 6-26-13 #BB15


The Big Brother After Dark season of BB15 officially opened when the live feeds started, at 9:00 pm on Wednesday, July 26th.  The premiere CBS episode aired earlier tonight on the East Coast, with McCrae "Tuglord" Olson winning the first HoH contest by hanging on to his popsicle the longest.

I don't think hanging on to the popsicle was so hard, but getting slapped with the huge "tongue" and sprayed with the ice cold "saliva" appeared to be quite uncomfortable for some of the new BB15 house guests.  And then when they were pelted with brightly-colored "syrup" or whatever it was the shit got even more real.

Just about every single one of these house guests told Matt Maynard in their preseason WeLoveBig Brother interviews that they did not want to win HoH.  But of course they didn't know that the new MVP twist would introduce some much-needed uncertainty into the game.  Some of the floaters would need not just a life vest, but a lifeboat, too.
I know some Super Fans may disagree with me, but I think McCrae's instinct that he needed to win HoH was correct.  He was definitely a physical oddity in that group of Beautiful Women and Assertive Hardbody Men, and we saw on the CBS show that groups of house guests abruptly stopped talking when McCrae entered the room.  That's not a good sign in the coffee room in your office, much less in the first day of entering the BB house.  As long as McCrae can avoid the dreaded HoH-itus (see Willie Hantz) then I think being HoH will force the other house guests to get to know him and that is not just a good thing, it is a necessity at this point.

OK.  I'm blabbing away already.  Here we go.

As the first episode of BBAD begins, I can tell right away that the production values have improved.  Did we move to high definition?  I'm not a techie by any means, but the images are sharp and clear and somehow more vivid.  The TVGN screen shows the BBAD action on about 80% of the screen, with a small stripe at the bottom of the TV screen displaying the constant scroll of what is playing on all channels.  Most people would just watch this channel to find out what other channel to watch.  But not me.  I'm going to be planted for the next 100 days for two hours, baby.  As Larry Sanders would say, "No flipping".

As the show opens, we join a group of house guests who are in the HoH, chilling.  I can tell that they've been drinking a little.  Jeremy is shirtless on the couch, and Judd is also roaming the room with no shirt and a headband with a feather stuck in it.  Judd doesn't seem as "country" in this setting and is fitting in quite nicely.  As I expected, I think he is going to be a Party Catalyst in the BB15 house.  Howard and Spencer are in the HoH room too, as is Nick.  McCrea sports a yellow bandana, worn in a new way that I cannot describe (but will not be copying) and leaves his own HoH room to the big frat group occupying it.

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The Moving Company Revs Their Engines #BB15

Spencer, McCrae and Jeremy are meeting in the HoH, talking smack about Elissa.  They say they wish they had just put her up in the first place. Elissa told McCrae that she won MVP and was planning her nomination.  They are expecting Elissa to nominate Jeremy before the POV player pick and Jeremy is getting hyped about playing and winning, although he appears calm.

(Note that the alliance of McCrae, Spencer, Jeremy, Nick and Howard have named themselves "MC", for the Moving Company.)

Now they joke that the next competition would be designed for a girl to win.  McCrae said the only reason why he won the first HoH is because he is built like a girl but he can stand the cold that a girl can't---it's his Minnesota blood.

They think Elissa looks fragile and might lose it under the pressure.  Then they somehow relate that to "all of the botox". 

Now Amanda barges in and starts telling them that Helen was crying about being set up by Elissa.  Supposedly Elissa told Helen that she was Rachel's sister but she wants to go home.  And that statement was used somehow to get Helen to trust her, but Elissa is really throwing Helen under the bus.

Note how when Amanda is part of a conversation, she is often standing up as if behind a podium.  Spencer and Jeremie make their exit, while they still can.

Now Candice comes ins, and they discuss how screwed McCrae is if Elissa comes after him.  McCrae says he is shaking, dude.  Candice says that whoever is nominated, they will have an adrenaline rush that will help them compete.  When she was first nominated, she says that if she had to play right after that she would have "fucked somebody up", complete with a little head roll.

McCrae hopes that Elissa is not picked to play for POV.  Then "they are solid" because they will all agree to use the POV on someone so that Elissa can go up and out this week.  (Sorry Rachel.)

McCrae knows that he can't go against the house now.  If he wins he will take Candice off and put up Elissa.  Candice says that if he pulls through then everyone will respect him.

McCrae:  I just straight up told her that's what I was going to do, and she went nuts on me.  That's why I'm shaking..

Candice:  Sometimes you've got to get your hands dirty in this game.

Amanda comes back in and somehow claims that Candice owes her now, big time.  (Note how she stands to address charge.)  Now she tells Candice that she offended everyone during a team competition, because she said for someone to shut the fuck up, and that's why she's nominated.

Candice starts to explain, but Amanda cuts her off and says she can be defensive right now, or she can listen to why she got nominated.  Candice backs down and makes nice, but I can't wait to hear her DRs about Amanda...

Amanda thinks she's running the show.  Not so fast there missy...