Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Take a Fond Look Back at #BB14 #BB15

As we prepare for tomorrow night's premiere of BB15, let's take a look back at BB14, a season that was highly-controversial due to it's mangled twists and turns.  Ian Terry taking the prize kind of redeemed the season for some SuperFans, but for the first half of the season it certainly seemed as if Production was just making it up as they went along.

I always remember specific events that happen on Big Brother, but I rarely remember what I wrote, since I usually work in a stream-of-conscious mode, describing the events in the house. The following posts are recorded in chronological order, and have been chosen for their entertainment value, with at least one containing action important to the game.

Well, I'm entertained at least.  I can't guarantee you will be, however.

Here we go:

1.  7-13-12  Boogie Gives Ian a Good Talking To.  I don't know if you remember, but Ian Terry was in big trouble the first few weeks of BB14.  He was an outcast and frequent topic of gossip and scorn in the house.  (I'm still not sure how he and Britney turned into "best friends".)  Mike Boogie sat Ian down for a performance review, and it turned Ian's game around.  Without this conversation, Ian may have been a pre-jury boot, in my opinion.

1.  7-15-12.  Mike Stirs Up an Ant's Nest. You're going to see a lot of Mike Boogie in this list, because he gave good Live Feed last year.  He knew we were watching and talked to us a lot, and wasn't afraid to speak his mind.  As an East Coaster, I appreciate Mike getting up before noon and giving me something to watch.  He was consistent and I appreciate that.  This is one of the first time on the feeds that I heard the house guests openly trash talk about Daniele.  And it was only about 2 weeks since they entered the house, a clear omen of what was to come. And as a bonus, Chef Joe tells us what a woman's role is in the home.

2.  7-17-12  Mike Boogie Talks Marriage.   The topic of Mike Boogie's marital status and baby mama identity was by far the most frequent search for most of the BB14 season.  Whenever they mentioned Li'l Brady on the CBS show their would be literally hundreds of searches leading people to posts on this website. We also see Mike's softer side here, wanting Ian to do well since the show is so important to him....ironic huh?  Since Ian kicked his ass to the curb and all.  (Mike's eviction interview with Julie Chen and his tip o' the cap to Ian was a Top Five All Time BB Moment for me.)

3.  7-18-12  Dan Makes Britney Cry.  Here we see Dan working Britney, making it look easy.  Also, we get some closeups of their food, and see Willie Hantz' horrible table manners. Ashley and Ted look high as kites, too.

4.  7-18-12  Big Brother After Dark - The FIGHT.  This is one of my BBAD recaps, so unfortunately there are no pictures.  This post features a word-for-word reporting of the Froot Loops Fracas.  I rewound the tape over and over so I could get each word for you.  Was there any doubt how fucking cool Frank is after this?

5.   7-20-12  The Coach's Competition Concludes - CHAOS  This post covers the minutes just before Willie Hantz headbutted Joe and threw the pork rinds at Janelle.  Watching this unfold, it was obvious something bad was going to happen.  When Willie burst into the HoH Room, breathing hard, I knew it was about to be Awwnnn.  I got the sense that Production was changing shifts or something as they broke down the backyard set up and I think they took their eye off the ball.  This post features rare footage from behind-the-walls, as the cameras frantically tried to find where Willie was, and what he was up to.  Right after I posted this, the feeds were down for HOURS, and when they returned Willie was back home in Hicksville, getting a DUI.

6.   7-24-12.  Shane Goes Drag.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Compliments of JoJo.

7.  7-24-12  Let's Talk About Drugs.  This is one of those posts that contains contents that would never see the light of day on the CBS show.  The house guests chat about watching druggies on TV, and Britney describes the druggies she encountered in her job.  They also discuss Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox.  And Wil would love some Zanax.  Who wouldn't want to eavesdrop on a conversation like this?

8.  7-29-12  Sunday Showmance Watch.  Danielle stalks a sweaty, half-nude Shane in the kitchen.  The signs were clear:  Shane wasn't interested.  But that didn't stop Danielle from trying all summer long.

 9.  8-14-12  Frank Makes a Sandwich.  Frank Eudy is a Foodie, and loves to talk about it.  I love taking pictures of their food, and this post sent me to the kitchen to build my own Dagwood.  I can only imagine how the Have Nots felt, watching this.

10.  8-29-12  Tidbits From Today.  The "Tidbits" series are some of my favorites posts because they are typically packed with useless infotainment.  Typically I have the live feeds on in the background while I work, and jot down newsy items as I work to summarize later.  I'm a Big Brother fan like you are, so I think I have a pretty good feel regarding what will be interesting for everybody to hear.  In this edition Britney discusses quitting her job and BB12 incidents that came back to haunt her, Dan discusses breaking up with the girl he dated during BB10, and how he tried to get Dr. Will's contact info after he won that season.  Also, Ian is weepy with regret about his drunken escapades the night before, and we hear Jenn talk about what Jodi Rollins did to piss her off.  The Tidbit posts are newsy, yo, but I don't even remember writing this.

11.  7-29-12  Scenes From Yesterday.  I almost didn't post this---and when I did it was the day after it happened. In this post Britney beats the crap out of poor Ted.  (The DR told them to call him "Teddy B" because of the movie Ted, but habits are hard to break for me.)  I can hear Frank's voice when I read it and it's just so good. 

I could go an an on and on, but I'll stop at this list of eleven BB14 posts.  I'd like to welcome all new followers and readers.  There were over a half-million hits on this website last season, and I appreciate each and every one of the visitors.  (Even the Danielle crazies fans.)

I don't do this for the money (god knows)...I do it for the love of the show and my love of this type of writing.  I love it when you leave comments and allow for Anonymous comments so you can all join in if you'd like to. 

Rumors Fly...Is the Pizza Boy a Last Minute Delivery? #BB15

As we count down the hours now until the premiere of BB15, some new gossip is flying around, and it's the kind of thing we can really sink our teeth into and chew on.  Kind of like a slice of Mellow Mushroom.  Kosmic Karma is my favorite, if you're wondering.

HERE IT IS:  McCrae Olson is likely an alternate house guest, who was added to the cast late in the process.


1.  The CBS interview is the only taped pre-season interview featuring McRae Olson.

2.  In other words, McCrae Olson is the only BB15 house guest who was not interviewed by the fine folks at WeLoveBigBrother and AllAboutBigBrother this year.  These interviews are usually taped a few days before the Big Brother Press Junket, but alas there is no McCrae interview on either site.

3.  The dogged posters at SurvivorSucks.com have been talking about it for days, so you know it's true.  Seriously.  They've got the juice, the scoop, and all of the dirt.  (I surfed around on their site last night and had a number of true Laugh Out Loud moments.  Shout out to Max Fisher who thinks McRae could DOR on Day #12 from pot withdrawal.  Ha ha ha.)

4.  On their message board they posted this exchange between Dingo at Hamsterwatch and Matt Maynard, who conducts all of the WeLoveBigBrother interviews.  Dingo wanted some answers regarding McCrae's interview and all Matt could do was give one of those little smile symbols
5.  This would indicate that Matt probably conducted an interview with a house guest who didn't make the cut.  That means that McCrae was subbed in for the booted house guest hopeful and is thus coming into the game as a relative Man of Mystery, only sitting down with Big Jeff.  (A poster at Survivor Sucks referred to Jeff as Dick Van Dyke Jr.----ha ha ha perfect.)  Note that Matt is sworn to secrecy regarding this type of thing.  He's not going to spill the name of the person who was booted.  Hell no.  He'd lose his interview privileges, right?


I sure hope McCrae puts out some good game in the BB house, because he's already got a huge fan club pulling for him on that website.  I'm not sure they expect him to win, but they certainly expect him to give us a good show.

I learned all of this information, and picked up all of the pictures from the SurivorSucks McCrae "Tuglord" Olson thread.

Yes, "Tuglord" is apparently McCrae's actual middle name.  You can't make that up.  Tuglord.  Ha ha ha.  I wonder if he will mention this in the house?

In the south, it is common to give a child (particularly the first child) the mother's maiden name as a middle name.  Is this what happened here?  What does that mean about the origins of his mother's family name?  Was someone's medieval role that of a "Tuglord"?  I guess that wouldn't be such a bad job.  You'd probably get to just laze around for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes per day, right?

And they combed McCrae's Facebook and posted some pictures for all to enjoy.  (I'm not even on Facebook because I think it blows.)  Let's all enjoy these pictures and feel free to form some new opinions of McCrae:

And now, my favorite:

I think we can all agree that McCrae will be an early Super Fan Favorite.  Please don't let us down in there, McCrae.


Let's also compare this situation to last year's BB14 casting drama.  CBS created a commercial that aired on the date of the house guest reveal that featured Sailing Instructor Mike, however Mike's interviews were never posted anywhere, because Mike got The Boot before actually going in the house.

This created opportunity for Chef Joe Arvin.  I heard Chef Joe say on the live feeds that as a BB14 alternate he was packed up to go back home when he Got The Call that he Made The Cut.  Frank Eudy was an alternate for BB13, so he just enjoyed the room service and other hotel amenities before getting sent home once all of the house guests were locked in.

You can see my coverage of Sailing Instructor Mike from BB14 here


I went to the Mellow Mushroom website to get a picture of the logo, and saw the following screen prominently featured:

I looked around a little to see if they had a new Thai pizza, salad or calzone, but I couldn't find one on the menu.  So, I guess they're just High on Thai.  Bonus. Their food is solid, if  you're wondering.