Monday, June 24, 2013

Have You Been Exercising your MVP Voting Rights? #BB15 #BBMVP

As you all know, one of the new twists this year is the Big Brother MVP role.  They haven't officially explained what this new role is all about, and I suspect this plot device that will be used to move the season along ala Pandora's Box, and will mean different things at different stages of the game.

I'm not bitching about the new twist, although I know there are plenty of "fans" out there who are bitching constantly.  It's part of their personality and some people think "snarky" is the only way to be funny and draw eyeballs.  

***whatever***  If you don't like the show, then for god's sakes don't watch it!  Being a Big Brother fan is a big commitment, even if you just watch the CBS show.  That is three hours a week, then if you add in the 14 hours each week for Big Brother After Dark, and then all of the internet and Twitter chatter and the live's a big black hole, time-wise.  And it's time you'll never get back.

Right now, we Super Fans have the internet all to ourselves on this.  We are the only ones who gave a damn about when the house guest list would be announced, and we are the only ones scarfing up any information we can find about who's in there, and what they've done.  This will all change after Wednesday night when the show premieres on CBS.  The vast majority of the fans who just watch the CBS show only watch that, and don't care to even poke around on the internet to learn spoilers and juicy dish.  So I think we can claim the first MVP as are own, so you'd better vote wisely.

But first.....

You can vote up to 10 times each day on the CBS website, at this link, to help choose the first MVP of the BB15 season.  When you visit the link you are given some brief information about each of the house guests, and their declared "strategy" and you are invited to vote for the person who you think has the best strategy.

I have seen some MVP campaigns online this week that will likely be very effective.  I can guess who will win the first MVP, but I hope the voting is fast, furious and close.  I've voted a few times, but I'm not going to say who I voted for.  It doesn't really matter to me who wins MVP at this point, and I do try to stay as relatively neutral as I can for at least the first month or so.

I'm guessing that the Big Brother MVP will be told that they won in the Diary Room.  Then I think they will be the one who nominates the third person for eviction that week.  I have no idea if the HoH or the PoV winner can go up on the block, but wouldn't that be interesting? 

I think I heard Julie say (or tweet) that the MVP does not have to disclose their identity to the rest of the house.  This seems to me to be the most brilliant part of the twist, and will allow for the most brutal of backstabbings.  If my suspicions of this twist are correct, I also think that the fans will end up voting for MVPs strictly because of who they will nominate in that third spot on the block. 

I also relish the thought of what the house guests will do, and how they will act in order to curry our MVP votes each week.  If you watched BB1, then you know that each week the public voted to choose who was evicted, and there was one house guest who would flash the cameras at night when she was on the block in order to get our votes to keep her.  In the end she got booted, but with today's whole camera and internet scene, that "strategy" might have legs for at least a few weeks.  Or tits, as the case may be.

All will be revealed on Wednesday night, I guess.  What do you think the new twist means?