Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Andy Herren - Full of Gingie Spice #BB15

Meet Andy Herren, who is 26 and from Aurora Illinois. Jeff is thrilled to have another house guest from the Chicago area and I can tell Andy is a Big Brother fan.  He looks really excited when Jeff is introducing himself like he couldn't wait to get started.

 Andy has a Masters in Communications, and is a teaches at a college that teaches people to speak in public.  Got it?

Jeff wonders what Andy will be willing to do to win --does he have any morals or limits?  Andy thinks people will know he's not super-religious and he won't swear on the Bible.  If he won the money it would be such a stepping stone for the rest of his life.  He admits he doesn't know much about finance now, but he would invest the money so that it would insure a "good, bright future for myself".

Jeff:  Good enough.

Jeff:  Is there anything special that you're leaving behind when you go in the house?


It's a funny moment and if I haven't mentioned it already Andy is the Gay One so far this year (not sure he's the only one but I guess we'll see...) and when he said this to Jeff he just kind of owned him and it was laugh-out-loud funny.

Andy is a "cryer" and he's going to try really hard not to break and start sobbing in the house.  He's not a big "sad cryer" and is more of a "happy cryer" and he wonders if this would change over the summer.

He's worried about it. He mentions that the last few days he's been "talking to a lot of people" (i.e.translation:  lots of interviews and evaluations) and he's been surprisingly calm and collected.

Andy: But I'm worried that I'm going to crack.   I'm worried and I wonder when it will happen?

Jeff jokes about getting a betting pool going but then says he thinks Andy will be strong.  He knows Andy can speak on his feet and comes from a good place and is well educated.


Andy says he's going to try and assess who his threats are in the house and act accordingly.

Jeff:  You seem pretty logical and I think  you'll make the right decisions.  You'd probably throw me out of there.

Andy:  Oh!  I would get you out immediately!  You're too likeable Jeff!

Jeff:  I'm used to gettin' the boot!

Jeff wishes him the best of luck, and jokes that we'll all look forward to watching him crack.


Jeff:  No, you're not.  I'm looking forward to watching you and it's going to be a great season.

Andy:  Thanks Jeff!

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This Andy is going to be a piece of work.  It's kind of hard to describe, but he just has this sort of coiled energy that is bubbling right under the surface that could blow any minute.  It is clear that his mind moves at lightening speed and it is a struggle to keep words from rushing out of his mouth.

Quirky.  Sassy.  You see every emotion on his face, and they ripple through quickly.  That's going to get him in trouble if he's not careful.  Maybe he focuses everything on the words that come out, rather than the delivery, since his profession is Communications.

Or maybe he is just thrilled to pieces to be there sitting next to Jeff.  Could be.  He kind of reminds me of Mike White in Chuck and Buck, if Mike White from Chuck and Buck had three Adderall for breakfast.

And I don't think we've seen this type of human in the house yet....I think Andy's prospects in the house might be quite good, depending on his ability to lose the Fan Boy persona about Big Brother.

Don't get me wrong he's going to have problems in there from time to time.  I can't see him NOT "sharing his feelings" about the way someone left the kitchen sink, or the fact that SOMEONE drank his soy milk.  He's going to have some DRAMA in there and it might be really good.

But I don't think he will be Public Enemy #1 in that house at all.  Not at all.  He of course can latch on to the girls and pursue the "I'm not a threat" route.  I would rather he be very evil in that house, befriending people and cutting them with devilish precision.  Complete with a maniacal giggle and cursing so much that he has to be bleeped in his Diary Room sessions to soothe the censors.

But that will never happen.  I can only dream it will.  

Andy will make the jury and more, because there will be other people who need to go before he does.  I don't think anyone would suspect that he's not exactly how he conducts himself, that he's hiding something that will beat them.  That's why it would be such a brilliant ploy.

Of course, he might end up being the cryer he is so worried about becoming, and be scared of his own shadow in the Nomination Ceremony. A little neurotic.  But very, very funny.  I'm wondering how this whole mix of people is going to work, and who's going  to earn the fist boot.

Nothing bonds like a common enemy.  But I certainly don't think it will be Andy.  I just found his Professor he must be good.

 I don't always think Jeff is right, but he was right about something:  This is going to be a good season.


Meet Candice Stewart - Pageant Patty on the Downlow #BB15


Meet Candice Stewart, a 29 year old from New Orleans, Louisiana, living in Houston Texas now.  This was one of the most interesting interviews that Jeff did, because Candice has a lot of interesting items on her resume that she doled out here and there.

She threw a "ya'll" out there early in the interview and Jeff pounced on that word.  (Chicago guys like Jeff like girls with southern accents.  Just ask Jordan.)

Candice is a pediatric speech therapist, teaching children with autism or Downs syndrome to talk.  She tells Jeff she is very competitive, so he asks if she plays any sports.

Candice:  Well, I was an NFL cheerleader for a couple of years.  I can't hit a ball with a bat to save  my life, but when it comes to dancing and running I've got that covered.

Jeff:  Don't just breeze over that you were an NFL cheerleader!  It's cute that you work with kids and all, but just say I'm Candice and I'm an NFL cheerleader and I want to win Big Brother and let's get out of here!

She laughs and says she was an NFL cheerleader a few years ago...she's 30 now and 15 pounds heavier.

Jeff:  Whoa. Whoa Whoa.  You just said you were 29...are you a liar?  Are you gonna bring this in the BB house?

Candice explains that she will turn 30 in the house (if she makes it to Sept 19th, that is) and if lying helps her win, she'll do it.  She's kind of coy and flirty about it, but I'm going to put her down as a Potential Villain even before the end of this interview.

She told Jeff she is willing to lie, and will "go pretty far for the $500,000."

She is a fan of the show and is open to a showmance and brings up Jeff finding "his mate" on the show.  If he can do it, she can too. She says she is a big fan of love. 

Candice:  Who doesn't love love?

She's not worried about America loving her.  She's playing to win, but if she finds love and $500,000 than that would be wonderful.

Then  Candice drops a bomb by telling Jeff that she competed in the  Miss USA pageant, so if she can live with all of those women for one month, then she has the patience to live in the BB house.  Jeff can't argue with that, but you can tell his mind is blown.  He ends by telling her she has it all to win the game, and Jeff just may be right.

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Candice, Candice, Candice.  I'm sorry I recapped your interview  next to last.  It certainly was newsy.  Since she brought it up, I took the liberty of nosing around a little.

Candice was an NFL cheerleader for both the New Orleans Saints, and the Houston Texans.  She won the following pageants, too:

Miss Louisiana Teen 2002, Winner
Miss Louisiana 2004, 1st Runner up
Miss Louisiana 2005, Winner

Damn.  I'm no Pageant Patty, but this is impressive.

I'm going to be honest.  When the interview first started, before I heard Candice speak, I thought she might be a man.  But no, she is not.

Candice is a Big Threat to win this game, but those other house guests might not know this until it is way too late.  She's not planning on telling the house guests her secrets, so that will be fun for us to watch.  Particularly since Gina Marie Zimmerman works in the pageant business.  Uh huh.

After all, we've all seen house guests who SWORE they would not be telling anyone they were Chemists, or PhDs, or Nurses.  The list goes on and on and on. If Candice can keep her shit straight in there, keep the lies in line, then she can get into the end zone.

I found her Twitter, too.

What what?  Drinking hand grenades?  And this is her last tweet, from May 5th, which I find very interesting.

Is that Kimora Lee Simmons?  What does this mean?  Is Candice into women?  Candice even has her own Wikipedia page!  What the hell is going on here?

Candice is going to be Dastardly for sure, in some way shape or form.  I can't wait!

Meet Howard Overby - He'll Keep you Guessing #BB15

Meet Howard Overby, a 29 year old from Hattiesburg Mississippi. (That is smack dab in Redneckville.)

Howard is a youth mentor and family advocate.   Jeff wasn't sure what that meant, so Howard explained that there are a lot of at risk and underprivileged kids in his area that don't have male leadership in the household, and as an advocate he basically "bridges the gap between the community and the family", bringing them resources and working with the schools.

Jeff:  So you really work for the community, helping out the families.  You've got a big heart.

Howard:  Exactly.  Big heart, big heart.

Jeff decides to be funny by asking Howard if he works out.  (Because obviously Howard's arms are JACKED.)

Howard laughs and Jeff pretends to read from a checklist.

Jeff:  So you have a current gym membership?

Howard:  Yes, it is very current.

Jeff tells Howard he needs to be in shape to be on Big Brother so he might need to do a couple of push ups.  Howard says he'll try to fit that in, then.

I wish Jeff would get a few of those push ups on camera, but I'm sure we will all watch Howard work out, in due time.  It's a 100 days of live feeds, right?  All day and all night, baby.

Jeff thinks Howard's exterior doesn't match up with the interior, and Howard agrees.  Howard says he is stereotyped a lot, but he's a deep thinker and is actually very social.  He likes to play the game of "you can't guess what I'm thinking" and likes to "keep people guessing".

Jeff:  I know that.  When you first walked in here, I didn't know if you were gonna talk to me or punch me in the face!

Howard liked that comment.

Jeff says Howard's got a plan this summer, and wishes him the best of luck, and then comments on the strong handshake.

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These interviews are so short, it's hard sometimes to assess someone's game potential.  I know I will learn more about Howard when I allow myself to visit all of the other Big Brother websites (after I finish reviewing the house guests), but I like Howard's calm persona.

I have a pretty good idea of the sorts of things that Howard has to deal with in his daily work life, so if he can manage those types of situations, he is a very strong man and should have a good grasp of reading people's emotions.

Howard will obviously be commandeering the weights in the back yard this summer, which will give him a great opportunity to bond with the guys and have some easy muttered conversations without necessarily drawing suspicion.

I think Howard will get a little action, too, if he wants it.  Is he married?  Does he watch Big Brother?  Those are answers that I just don't know yet.

(It just occured to me that I only have 2 house guests left to review after this, and no one so far has been identified as gay in these interviews.  No one.  That can't be, right?)

Howard's maturity will help him in the house.  I can see him aligning with Helen Kim, and maybe getting flirty with Gina Marie Zimmerman.  Just a guess.  He's going to have a hard time on many of the competitions with his bulky physique, but that may help him out as the Big Brother fans in the house might not identify him as threat in competitions.

After all, look at the finalists from last year (Dan and Ian).  You certainly don't need big guns like Howard's to win Big Brother.  If he is honest in the house about his job then I wouldn't want to take him to the end, because he might get the "Good Person" who "Deserves to Win" votes.  And there are some snakes in that house this year.

At least, I'm hoping for that.  I am looking for some Dastardly Deeds and I can't see Howard coming through on that for me.

Oh shit.  I just googled Howard to see if there was anything else I can say about him, and looky looky what I found.

So Howard wants to be a model.  I'll be damned.

Howard really had me going there, with the whole do-gooder community speech.  I'm not saying that those things weren't true, but the fact that Howard didn't mention the modeling is a little suspicious.  Maybe he is just trying to keep us guessing?

But maybe this whole modeling thing happened a long time ago, before Howard cut his hair and started power lifting.

I hope Howard surprises me and is a lying, cheating backstabber.  He does have a certain Dastardly air about him in that picture, hugging up on the bamboo like that. 

Meet Gina Marie Zimmerman - Let's All Welcome Gina Marie to the Stage #BB15

Meet Gina Marie Zimmerman, who proudly calls Staten Island New York home and is 32 years old.  She is off to a great start in her interview with Jeff and they have a chatty rapport.  He brings up her fun and loud personality a few times in this interview, and is amused by her.

She is a pageant co-ordinator who does a little of everything involved with pageants.  She works behind the scenes "with the kids" and even does a little MC-ing on the stage.  She does a quick "check one two" for us to demonstrate.

Gina Marie is a ball of fire who Jeff says is "ready for anything".  She obviously has a great sense of humor and is very witty.

Gina appears to be married, with a big rock on her left hand. She is wearing some sort of one-armed garment that I wish I could see better.  I'm also thinking that a good portion of that hair is fake. That's not a read---Gina Marie is a pageant girl and probably sees nothing wrong with getting ready for Show Time.  (It's not "Showtime" anymore, of course, just plain old "Show Time".)

She is a fan of Big Brother but does not elaborate on this.  I believe her, though. (That doesn't mean she wasn't scouted, though.)  She knows there will be some twists coming.

She believes that in order to Be the Best, she's got to Beat the Best, so she's not afraid to compete hard and wants the best players to be left standing at the end of the game.  Jeff thinks that America is going to fall for Gina Marie and wishes her the best of luck.  Gina gives Jeff the two-handed shake, which is nice if you can get it.

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I love it when the house guests have such a specific job.  I think Gina Marie is going to be one of the Go To people in the house to spend time with, if she is this easy and fun on a regular basis.  She seems extroverted, but not pushy like at least one of the other house guests (Amanda Zuckerman).  I can see her organizing fun events in the backyard to pass those long hours.

Of course they will have a "pageant" this year, right?  I've been trying to figure out who will be the "All Day, All Night" house guest on the CBS promos and so far I've narrowed it down to David Girton (stoner boy) or Gina Marie.  Because of her accent and energy, she may be the best choice if CBS wants to bring in the viewers.  For example, scroll up to the first picture---this is her just saying "Gina Marie from Staten Island". 

She looks like she has some muscle tone in her arms, so I'm thinking she must be fit and fairly athletic.  I predict Gina Marie will at least make jury, and may have potential to go even further.  Even though her personality is strong, she seems so good-natured and because she is a little older, she may have more self-control, a key attribute in those early days when many snap judgements are made.

OK, so I just did a quick Google to see if there was anything else about Gina Marie that I could comment on.  I was FLOORED to see that she is a "Maxim Hometown Hottie".  I'm not even sure what that means, but I definitely did not guess that there would be any pictures of Gina Marie out there that looked like this:

***mind blown***

So, I guess she is certainly fit and toned, as I guessed a few minutes ago.  I'm going to put out a guess that Gina Marie has some "dancing" on her resume as well.  Yep.  On the pole.  AKA The Shoe Show.   Just a guess.

And this doesn't change my opinion of her game potential.  If she can keep secrets and surprises, then she might have more potential than I thought.

Well played Gina Marie.  Well played.  Now just play the people in the BB15 house the way you just played me.


I found a picture of Gina Marie's one-shouldered dress in all of it's glory, and it's even worse than I thought it would be.
I love how she's workin' it, too.  I will update my assessment of Gina Marie to say that I am nearly certain that she is or was a stripper, and based on the Maxim pictures she is a Dirty Whore and is proud of it.  And I mean that as a kind of compliment...because I think Gina Marie would take it like that.  She's certainly not worried about what I think of her.

Well played Gina Marie.  I know you will be wearing that dress for the Live Show, won't you? Of course  you will.  It's probably your Sunday best.

Now get your shapely ass in there and start some TROUBLE!

Meet Amanda Zuckerman - Behold the Common Cougar #BB15

Meet Amanda Zuckerman, who is a Long Island native living in Boynton Beach, Florida and  is 28 years old.  Amanda is a realtor, and it is soon very obvious that she is working Jeff in a way that makes him uncomfortable.

Jeff:  So you're a real estate agent....are you a good seller?

Amanda, with a hair flip:  I'm tryin' to sell you...but you're not bitin' at all!

Jeff:  Obviously are going to use your charm and your sexuality in the house.

Amanda:  I have no idea what you are talking about.

Jeff:  It was just a stab in the dark.  

Amanda:  Yes, I am.  I have my itty bitty bikinis and my bedroom eyes and I'm all ready to go in the house and win Big Brother.

The whole time she is talking to Jeff, she can't keep her hands out of her hair, playing with it and flipping it. 

Amanda is going into the house saying she's "not single" but does not elaborate further.  She says she is very non-judgmental and doesn't care what your religion is, who you sleep doesn't matter to her.  Most of her close friends are female, but she can't predict who her friends will be in the house.

Jeff:  If we were both in there, would we be in an alliance?

Amanda, with more hair caressing:  Are you kidding me? ....Absolutely!

Jeff:  But could I trust you?  Are you trustworthy?

Amanda:  You can trust me with your entire heart and soul!

Jeff says that he thinks she has all of the skills to win the game but it's up to her to go in there and put her skills in motion.

FeedWatcher Forecast

OK.  If this is the way Amanda is planning to behave in the BB15 House, she is going to be in Big Trouble.  She needs to just Calm the Fuck Down and stop trying to prove how sexy she is. 

And is she really 28?  Do you believe that?  It might be true, but she is so faked out with the tanner and make up that it is hard to see what  she really looks like.  And speaking of fake, she went ahead and ordered "Large" from her plastic surgeon, I think.

There is nothing subtle about Amanda.  In fact, her behavior is such a Long Island/South Florida stereotype that I think she might be playing a role and not being 100%  genuine.  But I don't think this is an elaborate ploy to deceive in the same manner as a few of the other house guests (i.e. David Girton and Nick Uhas).  I just think that Amanda lacks self-confidence, no matter what she tells us, because deep inside she feels that this is the best she has to offer.

She is going to grate on people's nerves in that house.  She is going to be loud and somewhat bossy and is going to try and run the show in the BB15 house.  I predict she will clash with the girls and thus her relationship with the guys will be crucial to staying in the house.  She might end up aligning with the guys because I think they will consider her one of them.

Her business background is legit--good for her.  Whatever happens on BB15, she can make it rain in South Florida.  Her phones going to ring and she's going to do a lot of deals.  So at least she has that.  But why is she talking up being a realtor in Los Angeles in the Linked In summary below?  Is that where she really lives?  Or used to live?  Is this an old profile?  Is this yet more chain-yankage?

Jeff flirted with Jessie Kowalski, but he is trying to deflect Amanda Zuckerman.  No offense to Amanda, but Jeff wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot-pole, and Amanda isn't endearing herself with Jeff's legion of female fans who are likely heavy voters on America's Choice and Fan Favorite.

My Call:  JoJo 2.0, released in the wild before being held captive in the Jury.