Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Brother Canada Renewed, Eh? #BBCAN

Earlier this month, it was announced that Big Brother Canada would be returning for a second season, along with the Season #1 host Arissa Cox.

I'm not surprised, are you?  The show was wildly popular amongst the Canucks and the ratings exceeded Slice Network expectations.

Plus, they spent all that dough building that spectacular Big Brother would be a shame to let that go to waste. 

I appreciate that the Big Brother Canada Powers That Be were so cool about letting the US fans watch the live feeds and streamed video on You Tube.  I guess when the live feeds are free of charge they just don't stress out about that stuff, but I have to wonder if the live feeds will also be free next season.  After all, the BB1 live feeds were free here in the US. 

Yep, they were free.  But that price was probably too high, huh?  If you watched BB1 you will understand what I mean.  I didn't even have internet access back then, but I can't imagine them charging for that shlock.  If you don't believe me, hunt down an episode of BB1 and see for yourself.  Thank god Chilltown wasn't cast until BB2. 'Twould be a shame to have missed that...

Anyway, I'm hoping that the Canadian production team is confident enough about the popularity of the show to cut back on the meddling at least 30%.  I think they did a great job with casting, including such a diverse array of personalities and people who wanted to play hard.  You don't need all of those twists and turns if you put the right people in the house. 

My Two Cents:  Put the players in the game and get out of the way. 

There is no word yet about when the season will take place, or any other changes that might be forthcoming. 

Another Cent and One-Half:  The season #2 players should relax and stop trying to be the next Dr. Will or Dan Gheesling.  Be original and create your own dynamic Big Brother icons.  Don't be such a copycat, eh?

So, in celebration of a successful first season, I bring you some entertaining pictures from Andrew Monaghan's Twitter feed.  Andrew was one of my favorite BB Canada house guests because he was a witty conversationalist, and didn't hold back on his opinions.  His ability to make it so far in the game was admirable given the fact that he was by far the oldest house guest for most of the game.  For someone only 38 or so, they treated him like an old codger half of the time.

Plus, I found Andrew to be quite handsome, and I do like those tall men.  He reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Big Brother players Roddy Mancuso (BB3).

Here's Roddy, in case you need a refresher.  Ah, the good old days....

And here is a jubilant selfie from Andrew, so pleased with his purchases at The Brick, which provided prizes for the house guests, as well as the swank furnishings in their house.

If you watched the BB Canada live feeds, then you know that Andrew was frequently found in the kitchen foraging for his next meal.  Just like the rest of us, Andrew likes to chow down.  I spy some poutine on that plate, I think, and am thankful not to see any visible fried beaver tails.

And who could forget Andrew's twin brother coming in the Big Brother Canada house to challenge his resolve to freeze, statue-style.  Production wanted to get a reaction out of Andrew, and they did, as the tears flowed.  His bro is a blondie now, but they still have matching smiles.  I love that his Twitter handle is "Andrew's Twin".  Cute.  I hope Andrew finds that Sandra Bullock look-alike that he's been looking for and lives happily ever after.

And I leave you with a Twitter picture from today, where a meeting is apparently being held with Robyn Kass to plan for Season #2.  I'm sure the Production Team is getting a good tour of the BB US house, and some juicy news about the potential cast members.  They look like a bunch of teetotalers though, don't they?