Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Summer Chock-Full of Jeff Schroeder #BB15

Jeff Schroeder will once again team up with his old friends at CBS to provide Big Brother coverage this summer.  Obviously this is a smart move for CBS, as Jeff seems to be just as popular with the Big Brother fans as he was when he was a Big Brother newbie.

Jeff appears in the video to promote the BB15 live feeds, which are on sale now.  This year CBS is not working with Real Networks, but I'm sure you are probably already aware of that.  They seem to be taking a more direct approach--I'm guessing their live feed program will be similar to Big Brother Canada and will feature HD for the first time, with a few features that weren't available for BBCAN (hopefully Flashbacks).

The Big Brother Canada live feeds were free for Canadians though, and they didn't seem to mind that we could watch them in the US through a number of different streaming sites.  Apparently the Canadian fans won't be able to access this year's US live feeds via purchase, so they will need to find another way to stay in the loop.  Sorry Canucks.  I can't imagine CBS allowing an easily-accessible free stream, since they are charging for it and all.

The price is a little cheaper this year, with a full season priced at $26.99, with an Early Bird Discounted price of $23.99 if you order before June 25th.  That's a good deal.  I always bought the Early Bird deal at Real Networks, and that was $29.99.  So this year the price is lower, and there will be an extra 25 days or so of live feed coverage.

Of course the BB15 live feeds will be offline when necessary.  Don't even bother to get worked up about that, fans, even though I know some of you will blow a fuse when the feeds are interrupted.  Today is Media Day and the cast is expected to be sequestered sometime next week, so there will be juicy news coming out to get us all amped up.  I will probably buy the feeds today or tomorrow so I can cover all of the pre-season action.  So there's that.

But back to Jeff....I've heard that he will once again have a weekly show on  Last year he conducted some great post-eviction interviews with the cast, but I'm hoping they let him branch out a little and it would be great to see him interview some contestants from past Big Brother seasons.  Maybe some controversial people that we don't hear from very often like his former BB11 cast mates Russell Kariouz or Michelle Noonan.  (!)

Fans around the world are still very interested in Jeff.  He seems very approachable to the fans and has learned to work Twitter to his advantage.  He knows the fans like to know what he's up to, and he provides pictures to prove it.  He has over 100,000 followers and counting, a significant achievement in TwitterLand.

(I remember Jeff having no idea how to work with Twitter after BB11.  I think the actress and BB Super Fan Shannon Elizabeth taught him how to use it.  She taught Jordan, too.)

Everyone always wants to know if Jeff and Jordan are still together.  They lived together in California for a few months last year, but now Jordan is back home in South Carolina.  Who knows what will happen in the future?  If someone told me two couples from BB13 would be married within two years and neither of them would be Jeff and Jordan, I would have thought you had been pulling on a crackpipe.

Jeff tweeted pictures last weekend of his vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Jordan.  I have been to Myrtle Beach a number of times but I always stay in a private house in North Myrtle Beach (in Kingston Plantation).  I'm not sure where they stayed, but it was obviously a very nice vacation.  They look so happy and Jordan is more beautiful than ever.

Jeff looks so thin, doesn't he?   He's holding it together nicely, I think.

 Jordan has been tweeting too, which is something we didn't see a few years ago.

I think this is the view from their room...sweet.

So even though they appear to be living apart at the moment, I think we can conclude that they are still very much together.  Jordan has been visiting him in Chicago and Los Angeles and documented some of their activities on Twitter.

That's a fun date.  Having a few cold beers at a baseball game.  Don't forget to wear sunscreen during those day games, though.  Even though I grew up as a Florida beach bunny I still had to visit the First Aid Tent at a Braves game one time for sunburn.  (On a date, embarrassing....) You sit there for HOURS in the direct sun and bake, so not only can you get burned, you can get some horrendous tan lines.  FYI at the First Aid Tent they spray you down with sunblock and tell you to stay hydrated.  No problem staying hydrated with those 24 oz.draft beers....


Jeff celebrated a birthday in Los Angeles recently and tweeted this picture of himself with Rex Lee from Entourage.  LLOYD!!!

I hope Jeff returns to Los Angeles feeling refreshed and is ready for 100 days of Big Brother!