Saturday, June 8, 2013

Survivor Casting Spoiler - Reality Worlds Collide

Let me start by saying this "spoiler" has been around for weeks now and is no longer fresh gossip.  I missed blogging about it when the news was actually news but better late than never, right?

Like many of you, I am also a big Survivor fan and have never missed an episode of any season.  You might know that for the past few years, the seasons have been filmed back-to-back in the same location.  I think they started doing this to facilitate Jeff Probst's side-project schedule, but the cost savings are probably such that this method of production is likely to be the new standard procedure.

At this very moment, the filming of Survivor 27 is happening, on a beach far, far away.  I will not be spoiling the Boot List for Season 27 (or 28) although that information will be readily available if you visit certain websites in the next few weeks  (***cough cough Survivor Sucks cough cough***).  But I will be spoiling the theme of the season, and two of the players.

Leave now if you don't want to know......


OK.  The theme of the season is Blood vs. Water, as Jeff Probst revealed on the recent Season 26 finale.  The Spoilers Who Know have reported that the season will feature former Survivor players as part of a couple.  Some of the couples playing are married, some are the Survivor player's immediate family members (a dad, a daughter, etc) and a few of the couples are just dating.

One of the dating couples is our own Hayden Moss, winner of BB12, along with his girlfriend Kat Edorsson from Survivor One World.

Kat didn't win her season of Survivor, but was one of the more memorable contestants.  Kat was initially portrayed on the show as a bumbling idiot who made stupid comments and did poorly in the challenges.  This portrayal was later burnished during the family visit, where she crawled around in the sand with her male cousin in a manner that was instantly bizarre yet adorable.  She's a cute girl, obviously.

During the final Tribal Council Kat did not ask the three finalists a question, but instead made a short speech about herself and her various hardships.  She claimed to have had several heart surgeries at the age of 12, and said that in order to have children, she would have to have another surgery "in 12 years, so that's next year", or something along those lines.

I'm not aware of Kat having any type of open heart surgeries since then, are you?  She tweets all sorts of pictures of herself working out and partying, so who knows. 

Kat lives in a suburb of Orlando and attends (or attended) UCF, and I think Hayden still lives in Arizona, so they have a long distance relationship.  They've been dating for awhile now---this is a picture from Twitter of the two of them attending the Brenchal wedding festivities last September. 

Nice-looking couple, huh?  That dress is kind of cha-cha for a wedding, right? She knows how to pose though.  I'll give her that.  Great bone structure.  I'm guessing the two of them met at some sort of reality event after Kat's Survivor season aired. 

Casting Hayden for Survivor seems like a natural fit to me.  I remember him talking on the BB12 live feeds about sitting next to somebody on a plane who approached him for casting---I'm pretty sure he said that the casting agent put him up for Survivor first, and Big Brother was a fall back.  It was no secret that Hayden knew very little about Big Brother before he was cast, but in the end that didn't hurt his chances, did it?  He just kept his mouth shut and turned up the heat in the challenges in the end, when it mattered.  He even had an ill-advised, ill-fated showmance with Kristin Bitting and somehow that didn't make him a target.  Remember when Andrew Gordon outed their romance on the live show on his way out of the house?  Andrew blew their cover when he announced to the house guests as well as the live CBS audience that he listened to Hayden and Kristin make out at night --what a great exit from the game!  Thank you Andrew for that courageous BB12 highlight.

It didn't hurt Hayden's chances that BB12 ended up being the Season of the Dumbasses.  I guess there was just so much drama with Brendon and Rachel and Ragan and that damned Saboteur that no one noticed the fucking BRIGADE was an alliance.  Even Britney, who called herself a Big Brother Super Fan never did any strategizing that I could see..all she did was a lot of shit talking in the Diary Room (which was GREAT).  Everyone was just whooping it up out by the pool and seemed to forget about the $500,000 prize.  Even Matt Hoffman, the self-proclaimed Diabolical Super Genius got blindsided by HIS OWN ALLIANCE.  He used his Diamond POV to evict fucking SHERIFF KATHY (who?).

So Hayden might not get the respect that a Big Brother winner like Dan Gheesling or Will Kirby get, but who else deserved to win in that house? 

I think Survivor might be tailor-made for Hayden Moss.  He's used to extreme heat from living in Arizona, and I know he still works out like a fiend.  Unless Hayden has changed over the years, I'll bet he can keep his head down and stay out of the spot light during those critical first weeks of Survivor.

I'll just say it...I like Hayden's chances to win.  His biggest liability might be Kat herself, if she hasn't matured enough to play to win this time.  Both of them are going to be beasts in the physical competitions.

I'm excited.  Bring it on, Hayden.  Survivor 27, Blood vs. Water will air this fall, in September, maybe even the same night as the Big Brother 15 finale.


I saw a few rumors floating out there that there will be Survivors in the Big Brother house this summer.  I will need to do some research before I can comment on that, but let's all pray hard for a Hantz-Free summer, OK?


When I think back to my BB12 FeedWatching, I remember many things about many of the memorable house guests .....Brendon ....Rachel ......Britney .....Matt .......Enzo ......even Ragan.  But I don't remember much about Hayden.  He kept a pretty low profile, and seemed to be just hanging out. 

Here is one of my favorite posts featuring Hayden from BB12 (because the first picture looks kind of nasty).  Hayden's near-naked body had MANY fans out there on the internet back then.  I'm sure his time on Survivor 27 will be no different.

It Feels Like at Least a Year Since BB14...Twitter Round Up

So I know this is probably old news for most of you Big Brother Super Fans, but I have been planning to post for weeks and weeks and always come up with some other exciting task to fill my time.   I got into Big Brother updates in the first place (during BB3, on That Other Big BB Website) because I love to write.  Back then we didn't post pictures, so I loved trying to describe what was happening in the BB house in a fresh, comprehensive way.

I usually love the Big Brother preseason hoopla, so I am going to catch up on some posts about this-and-that today to (hopefully) get me in the mood for BB15.  As we all know there are a TON of changes coming, so there will be A LOT to discuss here.

OK, now for the Old News.

Derby Day Studded with BB14 Stars

If you watched the live feeds last year, surely you heard the Fabulous Wil Heuser talk about his family's annual trip to the Kentucky Derby and their box at Churchill Downs. At one time or another, just about every house guest tried to wrangle an invite to the Derby from Wil, and they chattered about their plans to party down together for the annual May horse race.  And then they all turned on each other in typical Big Brother fashion, scheming and plotting like crazy.

So I was delighted to see a flurry of tweets from some of my favorite BB14 house guests as they all convened for the race.   From what I saw, it looked like Frank Eudy, Mike Boogie, Ashley Iocco, and The Lovely Janelle were all there together. (What is Mike Boogie doing in this photo?)

How fabulous does Janelle look here, as the most glamourous pregnant lady in the world?  And how pervy are those guys behind her?  My apologies if those Pervs were part of her entourage.  And how is it that Janelle is not verified on Twitter yet? 

At  least one fan posted a picture with a gaggle of BB14 stars.  Can you imagine how freaky it would be to be at the Derby, maybe on your second or third round of cocktails, and see Frank Ashley and Wil?  What a treat.

The only situation I can compare that to is that I was sitting in a bar in Venice Beach one sunny afternoon years ago, and the cast of the Real World London walked by on the boardwalk. I was working in Los Angeles at the time and flew my best friend from Florida out for the weekend and we were taking turns daring each other to do bold things. It was my turn, so she dared me to walk out there on the boardwalk and try to get something going with DJ Lars.  Well, I did, and then we both chatted with Sharon and Jacinda (what a BITCH) acted like we were invisible.  Maybe she was jealous because I think she and DJ Lars were holding hands at one point.  And I was getting my drunken flirt on with DJ Lars.  It was a dare, I had to.  It was a thrilling 10 minutes or so of Reality Fan Madness.  About 20 minutes later that girl Kat (the fencer!) walked by the bar crying, all by herself.  Bonus.  Back then there were no cell phone cameras or blogs.  I'm not even sure the internet existed at that time, so secrets stayed secret.  FYI, an earlier dare that day resulted in both of us getting Shaquille O'Neal's business card from one of his business partners.  (They were shooting "Shazam" at that time.  LOL.)  Shaquille's company name was TWIM, for "The World is Mine", and the logo on the business card was a huge black cartoon hand squeezing the globe.  I have looked and looked for that business card since then, but I think it got donated to Goodwill inside of an old wallet.  Can you imagine the person who found it?  A true bonus for them.

But of course I am digressing like crazy now.  Sorry.  I think I am enjoying writing again.  Let me just tell you that if you want to see some famous people, park your butt at one of those outdoor cafes on Venice Beach and keep your camera handy.  Sooner or later all of Showbiz will pass by and you won't want to miss it.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. There were a bunch of tweets about the BB14 cast shennanigans that weekend in Kentucky and here are a few of them, all from Frank who gives good tweet.

Frank Meets Cupid

So some of you BB14 fans are thinking, Frank and Ashley were both there?  Hmmmm.

Well, you can forget about that, because I think Frank has a girlfriend now. I have been watching this develop via Twitter for a few months now, but hesitated to write about it.  Being on Big Brother is so intrusive...I kind of feel like we all need to stay out of their "highly personal" business after the season ends.  Even though they put it out there, I still like to give them some space.

(Unless of course they get arrested or something equally juicy.  Then the gloves come off.)

Anyway, there is a young lady on Twitter who tweets about and to Frank Eudy frequently.  And he does tweet back to her occasionally.  That's just the way things are different with men and women.  A woman will go on and on and on about her boyfriend, and a guy will barely mention having a fiance.   Of course I am generalizing, but this is my experience after being a girl on Planet Earth.  And I am not implying in any way that Frank is engaged, so please don't get your panties in a wad about that.  I think she lives in Tennessee and Frank still lives in Naples, Florida.

She's putting it out there for all to see.  And Frank is too.

Cute couple, right?  She seems nice, so please don't hate on her.

Evel Dick is Still an Evil Prick #BB15

I'm sure we all remember Evel Dick LOUDLY proclaiming last year that he would never, ever watch Big Brother ever again.

(Remember this?  And this?  And this?)

C'mon, did you really believe him?

Me neither...

He has already bitter and angry about everything and everybody.  He's even trying to start some shit with Fan Favorite Frank Eudy, who takes it in stride.  And his poor daughter Daniele gets hit with some shrapnel, too.

(No wonder she didn't invite him to her wedding to BB13 heartthrob Dominic Briones.)

Evel Dick just loves to burn bridges.  You'd think he would have found a way by now to leverage his "fame" into some sort of new venture.  Big Brother 8 happened a long, long time ago, in Reality Years.  (Remember Temptation Island?  ha ha ha)  Did you know that the Producers of Big Brother Canada asked him to shoot some footage for their series and he demanded thousands of dollars from them?  According to Dick himself, he never heard from them again.



Of course I will be cranking up my coverage of Big Brother 15 very, very soon.  For some reason, I have not been all that excited about the whole thing, and have procrastinating posting for weeks now.  I have a few old topics I will probably post today, just to shake off the rust and get things going.

I admit I am apprehensive about the changes that are coming.  I've been dreading it, but I think posting a little bit will get me going again.  I know I dropped the ball on Big Brother Canada, but that is the busiest time of year for me and I just didn't have the time to cover all of the action properly.

Evel Dick had no such problem, however.  His bitching and moaning have continued virtually non-stop, to the delight of his Twitter followers all over the globe.