Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who is Jeff Schroeder's Daddy?

Tonight is a big Reality TV Night, as I'm sure you know.  This season of Survivor Caramoan is about to burst with drama and we're all waiting for it. On tonight. Live.  Right now.

And there is also a new episode of Big Brother Canada on tonight as well.  It's a fun time to keep an eye on Twitter because many of the the former players tweet live.  And talk some smack, for some.

Anyway, right in the middle of the east premiere of this new episode of Survivor, here is a little snap of some reality conversation on Twitter.

Jeff is oblivious to the big night for his TV Daddy, CBS, and the current smash success of the first series of  Big Brother Canada. You'd think he'd be kissing the Slice Network's butt, right?  While still gently massaging CBS' butt cheeks?  You don't think that there are some Jordeff fans up in Canada who would love to see Jeff?  And I don't think Jeff has appeared at many many Big Brother US casting events, has he? 

I'll just say it: Jeff could be making some major bank up there in Canada right now!  Mike Boogie said he and Will had thousands and thousands of female friends on Canada.  

I don't know anything about how Jeff's career is going.  Maybe he's very busy and his future is bright.  But maybe he'd better wake up and smell the coffee, with a side of Frank Eudy.

He's right behind you, Jeff.