Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big Brother Canada - Live Feed Chitter Chatter 3-9-13 #BBCAN

I took these pictures from yesterday's live feeds.  I had every intention of posting them, but I forgot.  I also forgot to watch Episode #5 (the "live" show) but forgot about that, too.  I will watch it today.  I already know who got evicted on Thursday, due to spoilers on  Twitter, of course.

The live feeds were shut down for quite some time on Friday.  Production wanted to keep some things on the down low, apparently. 

When I tuned I saw what is apparently a group of Have Nots talking about their food situation.  Apparently the Canadian People voted to give the Have Nots Poutine and Beaver Tails.

I know what Poutine is---I ate it one time in Montreal.  Apparently it is french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.  Like this:

Looks like something you would eat drunk.  Like nachos, but not as straightforward.  But a beaver tail?  At first I thought that was a pastry, like a Bear Claw pastry.  But as best I can tell, they are actually giving the Have Nots an actual beaver tail, which is commonly served in Canada fried.

I'm guessing they kill and skin the beavers for their coats, and then eat the meat and tail?  I'm a vegetarian, so to me this sounds cruel and gross.  Just ask him:


OK, when I tuned in Alec is working on a plate of poutine, and Jillian joined him and commiserated about being a Have Not, too.  She wants to be sure everyone knows she would NEVER eat crap like this in her real life.  Alec was chatting about it, but not really complaining.  He was a Have Not last week, too, but he talked about his slop schedule.  He planned to drink a slop shake before working out.  Then someone announced there was a whole new delivery of poutine and beaver tails in the storage room (Yay!)  and they scrambled to collect it.

Alec is topless, of course.  They all laughed about Big Brother coming on the loudspeaker one time to say "Alec, put a shirt on".

And Jillian had on a lot of make up.  Of course.  They all call her "Jill Bot".   I don't like her very much.  I think she is very prissy and self-centered.  But that is coming from me, who is also prissy and self-centered, so whatever.

Peter was there, too.  I think he might be a Have Not as well.  The energy in the house was really low, as if everyone had been up very late.

I soon found out why, I think.  The cameras focused on Andrew as he slept with ear plugs on.  I started wondering, why are we watching Andrew sleeping with ear plugs in?  Then an alarm when off and Andrew jumped out of bed and left the room.  So I'm guessing he had some type of punishment?

Every few minutes a bell or alarm started ringing.  I wear wireless headphones while I work, and the sound was VERY irritating.  So irritating, in fact, that I couldn't watch the live feeds much longer.  Here's Gary, dragging ass of bed.  He looked very, very tired.

He went and laid on the couch, looking miserable but not speaking.

This is what Gary really looks like, without the makeup and spangles.  But he doesn't usually look this irritated.

As the alarms and bells continued to sound, he went and stood in front of the open refrigerator, staring.  Maybe he was counting the beaver tails?

Then we all watched one of the girls with long dark hair who is not Jillian, try to put on her bra while wrapped in a bath towel. I think this is Liza.  

I will try and catch up and post more later.