Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Brother Canada - Episode #3 Update....and More #BBCAN

Episode #3 aired last night, and was available for viewing down here in the US sometime in the wee hours of the morning.  Or night.  Who knows.

We saw a lot of scheming on Episode #3, that's for sure.  Some of these house guests are playing the game with gusto.  We saw the HoH endurance competition play out, with Jillian Maclaughlin winning easily.  Her yoga training and overall fitness level clearly gave her an edge over the others, particularly the burly boys.  Big muscles didn't help you with this HoH contest.

The house guests had to stand on tiny pegs attached to faux trees and hang on as long as they could.  Every so often they had to move up higher on the tree.  I was a little disappointed that there were no other elements in play, other than just hanging on to the tree while bitching and complaining about it.  You just know Julie Chen would have had wind whipping around, some leaves falling on them, and maybe even birds pooping on them or attacking them. What about a little rain and lightening, too?

After Jillian won HoH, the producers kept the action coming as we saw Jillian hold a couple of meetings about who to nominate that had me thoroughly confused.  I had a hard time figuring out who was who and what was what.   I was very interested to see the nomination procedures, which have been modernized in a great way.

As you know in the US the HoH has to go stand at the picture wall and look thoughtfully at all of the pictures in order to get some good camera shots, and then go upstairs and put the keys in the slots of the big round key wheel.  Then that has to be lugged downstairs to the dining room table, where the nomination begins.

I knew things were going to be different for BB Canada when I saw that rectangular dining table.  You can't spin a key wheel on a rectangular table.

They don't have keys in BB Canada---they have flourescent key cards, which are certainly more modern.  When is the last time you checked into a hotel room with a key, right?

So Jillian took all of the key cards and placed them in a different section of the wall, separating them according to who was safe and who is nominated.  During the nomination ceremony she selected a card and pulled it out.  Then the person who was safe went up to the wall and pulled out another key to reveal another safe person, and so on.  I'm not clear on whether the keys have to be pulled out in some kind of order or not.  I think it's better if they can just grab them in whatever order they'd like to.  More suspense that way.

The picture below is someone pulling out a key.

We also got to see the first Have Not competition last night.  And then the Have Not room, which is tricked out like a cheap hotel room.  You know, the kind where the door opens up right on the highway.  There is one round bed, a pull out bed, and a folding cot. 

It's not too bad, right?  Everyone milled around and was tripping on the decor, which featured tacky framed photos of scary clowns.  Everyone just walks around half naked, too.

The most notable feature of the Have Not Room is a small, cheap TV set that apparently is always tuned in to static and fuzz.  I think that might help me sleep, actually, like white noise.  For all of you teenagers, this is the way TV's used to look---you even had to change he channels by turning the dial.  No remote control, bitches!

And the Have Nots have to eat slop, too.  We've already seen the changes that Canada has made to the slop.  One of them is to give it a green tint, which is also a fresh and creative idea.  (Are you watching Alison?)  They made a shake with the slop, protein powder and water and drank it down, holding their noses.  (I make a green drink in my VitaMix every morning that is absolutely delicious, but this seems to be a different recipe.)

This is Talla, who has used the term "Persian Princess" to describe herself.  There has been some chatter on the live feeds about her being a lesbian.  I heard Liza (the tanning company owner) call her a "total lezzie" today in the backyard.  Behind her back, of course.

And this is Aneal, the guy who everyone seems to hate right now.  He's kind of a whiny bitch most of the time, but his real crime was playing way too hard, too fast.  That never works out well on Big Brother, does it?  He was nominated on last night's show, and things don't look good for him.  Whenever he leaves the room, whoever was just talking to him frequently talks about how much they hate him.  He's going to need some counseling, soon.

This is Gary, who is always giving it hard with his hair, makeup, and couture.  He was nominated along with Aneal, but I think he will be fine.  He's been cooking in the house and I've heard everyone compliment his food.  He spent HOURS doing his make up this morning with one of his main partners in crime.

And that partner in crime is Danielle.  This Danielle has got a mouth on her---good god she likes to curse and talk trash about some of the house guests.  I like her.

I can't say for sure, but I think Danielle might be toast in this game.  She's not playing very well, although she certainly is entertaining.  She and Jillian hate each other, and I think she may have gone up on the block in place of one of the nominees today.  They already held the POV and the ceremony.


The "live" shows that we're seeing aren't really live.  Like the UK version, they show is taped in front of a live audience, but doesn't air in real time, I don't think.  So what is actually happening is several steps ahead of what we see on TV. 

OK, so let's talk about the live feeds.  I had them on for a few hours today while I worked.  Just like BBUS, things are a little slow in the morning.  This is Alec in the shower.  He's a Have Not and his teeth were chattering while he tried to clean up in a cold Have Not shower.  He is getting his PhD but I'm not sure he has shared that with the other house guests.  He is doing a good job building connections with the house guests who aren't in his clique.

Like AJ, who isn't going to win any popularity contests in there, apparently.   Alec was present during a very interesting, real conversation between AJ and Suzette, with Danielle chiming in as well.

Suzette is an Aborigine, and described how she is often discriminated against for "not being white" in the area where she lives.  Both Alec and AJ weren't aware of some of the abuse her people have been through.  Suzette told them that she recently was in line at a restaurant and was told they "only served whites".  Can you imagine? 

She said you could get arrested for doing anything authentic to the culture in public. ("potaching", maybe??)   It really was fascinating and bonding for the people involved with the conversation.  AJ is East Indian, and says he is treated very differently than Suzette, with people often complimenting his culture and cuisine.  I realized what a big country Canada is, and how many of these house guests don't know much about their own history.

Danielle seemed to be aware of all of this and made supportive comments.  AJ, Suzette and Danielle are not part of the cool kids right now, so this was very smart of Alec to separate himself, even for this brief period to get to know some of the others in a personal way.

The live feeds appear to have two different camera views that people can toggle between.  Every so often there is a commercial, which no one should complain about because the live feeds are free.  The commercial I saw was for the Ramada hotel, and it was only about 10 seconds long.  They don't appear to have the flashback feature, and you can't pause the action as far as I can tell.  (Real SuperPass has both of those features.)

This is what we see when the feeds are shut down for competitions.  There are a couple of different messages that appear.  There is another one that says they have to keep something a secret from us.

Then we saw the showmance couple of Jillian and Emmit lounging in the HoH room.  Something just seems off here to me.  I don't feel a real connection, at least not on her end.  Maybe Jillian is nervous about being on camera, but she just seems to be going through the motions.

And Emmit?  Emmit wants to get laid, I'm sure.  He loves to touch her legs and butt.

This is Jillian's official cast photograph.  It is fucking hideous.  She's a cute girl, so maybe production hates her?  I can't think of any other justification for the following picture.

I don't even know what to say about it, it's so bad.  Has she seen this picture?  I hope its not the one on the picture wall.  Damn, that is harsh.

As I sign off the house guests are having a little hot tub party, complete with beer.

And here is Jillian again...she's cute right?  Not like that hag in the press picture.  She does wear a lot of makeup though.  That is Emmit right there next to her.  He must not have read the memo that Jillian's HoH power is over now that they've held the PoV ceremony.  He's playing Big Brother, not The Bachelor, right?

That is Peter below, standing on the left side of the hot tub.  He looks like Waldo from here.  I think he's playing a smart game and I like his chances at this point.  He's friends with the couples,  and not getting on anyone's nerves.  That I know about, anyway.