Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big Brother Canada - One Week In.... #BBCAN

I wasn't sure how the whole Big Brother Canada thing was going to work.....but I have to say I really like it.  I didn't want to.  It's not a good time of year for me to get hooked on something so time consuming, but I think it's too late to turn back now.

On premiere night I found a link to watch the show online, but the feed was so choppy it kept freezing on me.  But I liked the energy of the show and found it very exciting.  Then I got immersed in running my real business and kind of forgot about it.

Until today.

Today I watched the first two episodes, and I think I'm hooked.  The third episode airs tonight, at 9:00 pm EST, and we expect to see the second set of nominations.  The pace is very fast so far----on the first episode we knew the HOH, the nominees, and also the POV winner.  On episode two, they gave the boot to the first house guest (unfortunately, one of my picks to win).

Here are some of my thoughts after watching both episodes, then some of the live feeds today, and part of the first After Dark show.

1.  Everyone keeps saying that the show follows the BBUS format, but they really took a series of ideas from BBUS and BBUK.  For example, they do have the house guests nominate and vote out the booted house guest, where BBUK lets the viewers choose who is evicted.  But they adopted the live studio audience from BBUK.  I found that part exciting.  Lots of clapping and excitement.  A big stage show.

2.  The house guests are all rather young---I think most of them are in their 20's, with only two or three in their 30's.  So they seem very cohesive as far as relating to each other. 

3.  Here is a BIG difference between BBCAN and BBUS:  There are no actors, and no LA Prototype Barbies.  Sure there is one blonde girl with big knockers, but she is more of a country girl then a wannabe starlet.  And all of them seem to be bona fide fans, not house guests who never watched an episode of Big Brother until casting.

4.  But in BBUS's defense, LA is their backyard.  And there are just about a gazillion reality shows filmed in California.  I'd venture to say that probably about 20% of people who want to be on a reality show in the US have already been on a reality show of some sort.  There is a show for every type of taste, or activity.  So the casting process may be a little harder for BBUS at this point.  Let's see what the BBCAN cast looks like when they get to season #14, huh?  Because I'm pretty sure this show is coming back...

5.  This is the outdoor hot tub area, but it is used for smoking and scheming.  It must be cold out there, but I've seen some of them smoke out there in short sleeves.  Canadians are hearty, yo.

6.  The house looks so crowded with everybody there.  In the show's credits they gave a shout out to Lowe's for building the BB Canada house, and announced that the winner of the show will also win a $25,000 shopping spree at The Brick, which is the company that furnished the house.  (They also win cash and a new car, but the prize package is probably about 1/3 of the US prize, I think.)

7. In a move similar to BBUK, the house guests have "secret" communications from BB and have to perform "secret" missions.   During the season, this phone is going to ring until someone picks it up, and whoever answers will bear the burden or prize of whatever Big Brother wants them to do.  This seems like it will be kind of fun, but you know the BBUS fans would scream about the producer intervention if we did that in the US.  On the first episode, a wimpy-sounding BB voice told the girl who answered the phone not to tell anyone anything, but she was the new HOH and would have to nominate two people based on first impressions.  She handled it really well and kept her cool.

8.  So far they are dressing them up in costumes for every competition, and they seem very elaborate and quirky.  The above picture is from the first POV competition. 

9.  I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but like BBUK there seems to be no stigma about cursing.  During one of the character's intro videos, he said he wanted to "see titties" in the house.  And during the live HOH endurance competition at the end of episode #2, some of the house guests clearly said "fuck" about their predicament (standing on a tree, holding on and wearing cute denim cutoffs and plaid lumberjack shirts).    I know the word "tabernacle" is a VERY bad word in Canada---so let's all listen for that.

10.  Look who showed up at the end of Episode #2?  Yes, Dan Gheesling, Canada's new sweetheart.  Dan was very animated.  I said, VERY ANIMATED.  But of course he made a good showing for us.  A very good ANIMATED showing.  I'll bet there are more than a few former BBUS house guests who are very upset about not being The Chosen like Dan is.... ha ha ha.  I know we can all guess at least one of them...

11.  And there is a wide shot so you can see the studio audience.

12.  There are two showmances going on now.  One of them features a girl named Emerald who "goes by Topaz".  Yes, that is what she said.  I guess her parents named her after the wrong semi precious gemstone.  They are very coy about their showmance and discussed it on the live show.   The other showmance features Jillian and a guy whose name I don't know.  But on the live feeds he had his hands all over her butt while she was getting ready in the HOH and the camera closed in on it.

13.  Murtz Jaffer's good friend is AJ on the show, who is one of the oldest on the cast at around 32.  Murtz said on Twitter that he and AJ both went to auditions, but AJ was the one cast.  So I'm sure watching this is bittersweet for Murtz.  Maybe AJ can buy Murtz one of those smashing tuffets from The Brick with his shopping spree if he takes home the big  prize.

 14.  So I haven't learned all of the guy's names, but here are three of the bros out in the smoking area.  I think that might be AJ on the left, taking a big drag.  The guy with the rippled abs is the one hooking up with Emerald-Topaz.  This picture is from BBAD, and they were comparing a nerdy guy on their cast (Steven?) to Ian.  One of them copped to watching the BB14 live feeds last year and said that he enjoyed listening to Ian talk about his various areas of expertise.

15.  And I don't think the firefighter is even in the picture above.  There are a lot of hunky dudes on the cast, and at least two guys are gay.  One of them is very flamboyant and wears a lot of makeup and spangles (Gary).  The other one is a nervous wreck about being nominated right now and I think everyone hates him.  (Aneal?)

16.  So you see I became very interested in BB Canada today, after watching the first two shows. I might even learn their names.  I'm hooked.

Look in all of the usual places to find the shows.  Since all of the content is free in Canada, I'm not sure how touchy everyone will be about the US fans watching it however they can.  But be smart and don't be TOO LOUD about it. 

Some of us are hooked now and need to keep the connection....