Sunday, February 10, 2013

Looking for Tips on Big Brother Casting? #BB15

Well, you need look no further then our own Dan Gheesling (BB10 Winner, BB14 Finalist).  If you're a Big Brother fan, you surely know that Dan wrote a book, How to Get on Reality TV, and spoke about it often on the BB14 live feeds.

Didn't have the live feeds?  Then maybe you saw Dan take several opportunities to crowbar references to his website and his books during the BB14 Thursday night live shows?

Well, did you know that Dan has a podcast?

If you are someone who has plans to be on reality TV someday, then you really should give a listen to Dan's podcasts.  They are chock full of infotainment and are free to download on iTunes or from Dan's website.  His latest episode features Erika Landin (BB4, BB7 AllStars Finalist) who has been working in casting for years.  I've downloaded that podcast and look forward to listening to it when I walk my dog later today.

During BB14, I heard Dan mention his podcast(s) with Troy Robertson, better known as Troyzan from Survivor One World.  Dan basically apologized to the BB14 live feeders for not being able to upload parts #2 and 3 of this podcast before being sequestered for the show.  I recently downloaded them and listened, and plan to listen to them AGAIN soon.

Why?  Because the podcasts kick ass.  Just like Troyzan.

I know many of the Big Brother fans also watch Survivor.  As a Survivor fan, I assumed that Troyzan would be a Major Douchebag when I first saw him on some of the Survivor One World casting specials.  First, there was that name.  What sort of grown man calls himself "Troyzan"?  And secondly, there was his job---he is a swimsuit photographer for Sports Illustrated.  That just seems to be code for Douchebag.  And then there are those monkeys that he lives with....

But like the rest of America, I fell in love with Troyzan on One World, admiring his fierce determination, his athleticism, and yes, his flowing locks.  He's a hot head, and a hottie.  Me likey.

What I didn't know, however, is that Troyzan is a Survivor SuperFan who applied to be on the show over 20 times.  Yes, over twenty times!  He made the semi-finals and the finals, but still kept getting rejected.  Dan gets to the nitty-gritty during the podcasts---he knows what we want to hear and asks Troyzan the questions we all want to know.  And Troyzan spills it.

Still not convinced you want to dedicate over 3 hours of your time to these Troyzan podcasts?  Here are a few more reasons for you to start downloading now:

1.  Troyzan gives us a great description of what it is like to be sequestered during the audition interviews.  He describes being locked up in the hotel, waiting for action, and what happens when you are allowed to leave your room.

2.  Big Brother fans know that whenever the houseguests start talking about this on the live feeds, they get shut down pretty quickly by Production.  (BB:  Stop talking about Production!)  Well, no one from Production tells Troyzan to shut up about it while he is talking to Dan.

3.  If you are a Survivor fan, you will relish the other newsy behind-the-scenes casting tidbits that Troyzan drops.  Like when Danni Boatright, winner of Survivor Guatemala started trying to work him in the hotel when he was a finalist for that season.  Danni had her eyes on the prize and started her game long before she set foot on the island.

4.  And finally, Dan is really good at interviewing Troyzan.  He doesn't make the interviews all about himself (***cough cough Evel Dick cough cough**) and instinctively leads Troyzan down the path we want him to take.  Dan is a CBS company guy, so he can't co-sign what Troyzan says about what it is like in that California hotel during sequester.

But I have a feeling the process is EXACTLY like the Big Brother casting process.  So listen, and enjoy.  And maybe we'll all see you on CBS sometime soon.


This may just be idle gossip, but I heard that Troyzan was supposed to be on the upcoming Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites, but that he got bumped for Malcolm.

Why would they bump Troyzan for Malcolm?  Why can't we have two long-haired hotties on the same season?  WTF CBS?

(BTW, "Caramoan" is the Phillipines---they shot the new season in the same place they shot the old season, back-to-back, so Jeff Probst could scurry back to the set of his new talk show.  You can't fool us Jeff.)