Friday, February 8, 2013

Janelle Shares Good News!

Janelle has announced that she and her husband Jess are expecting another bundle of joy this August.  Violet will be a Big Sister!

Congrats Janelle!  I guess that is one rumor we can cross off our lists for BB15, huh?

And Janelle has just enjoyed a Bachelorette weekend in Mexico for one of her friends who is getting married.  Check out the funny comment from Michael Clark.

Big Brother USA News - Winter Edition #BB15

I realize this is old news for the Big Brother Super Fans, so I apologize for just getting around to chatting about it here.  This is the time of year when my business is in full swing and things start to get a bit crazy.  Tax time, my friends.  It's time for me to make the doughnuts. 

CBS announced last month that they are changing the Big Brother schedule this year.  According to their press release, this year will feature an "expanded" edition that will start 2 weeks earlier than the usual schedule.  They did not say whether the show would end at the usual time in September or not.  I don't think we should assume too much about the word "expanded", so I advise caution in that area.

In the past, the house guests entered the house each summer just before July 4th.  The cameras started rolling, and on premiere night we always see a pre-taped episode and then the live feeds begin just after the west coast airing of the premiere.  Since BB7 Allstars, Showtime's Big Brother After Dark begins airing at the same time as the live feed premiere.

But this year the show will kick off earlier, and perhaps more importantly, the Live Eviction shows will air on Wednesday nights, rather than Thursday.  So mark your calendars for what is sure to be another highly-anticipated Big Brother season.

BB15 Premiere:  Wednesday, June 26th, 9:00 pm EST
BB15 Live Feed Premiere:  Wednesday, June 27th, 1: 00 am EST

Show Schedule:

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm EST, beginning July 2nd
Wednesdays at 9:00 pm EST, beginning with the June 26th Premiere
Sundays at 8:00 pm EST, beginning June 30th

It is also my understanding that sometime during July, the live Wednesday show will move back to 8:00 pm EST, after a new baking competition show concludes.  This show has not yet been named, but is based on the Great British Bake Off, so that sounds like another competition-type show to me. 

OK, so those are the facts as I know them.  Let's start the 2013 GossipFest now.  I wonder why these changes are taking place?  Don't you?  I have a few ideas.

1.  The Glass House Effect.  Last year, ABC premiered their own voyeuristic reality show on June 18th.  We all know what a bomb that show ended up to be, but perhaps CBS is moving up the BB15 premiere as a defensive move, in case ABC brings The Glass House back this summer.  I just looked at the ABC website, and The Glass House is not listed amongst the other Prime Time shows, so who knows if ABC will bring it back or not.  Even though I'm sure that the show did not perform to ABC's expectations, it is possible that it still broke even financially, or maybe even turned a small profit.  Reality programming is cheap to produce, after all. 

(If any ABC people are reading this, let me compliment your new show The Taste.  I am a foodie and you surely have the best looking and most qualified set of judges any reality competition has ever had.  I'm a big Bourdain fan, even though he is a vigorous carnivore.  I dig Chef Ludo too, of course.)

2.  The NFL Effect.  Every year, the Big Brother Thursday live shows get pre-empted all over the country by NFL football.  Now, I like football, and was even engaged at one point to a College/NFL player, but I like to watch the Big Brother live shows aired live even more.  And these pre-emptions ALWAYS seem to happen on the most exciting Thursday nights.  I believe both of the double eviction nights last year were victims of the NFL schedule. 

So, maybe scooting BB15 up on the schedule, and moving the live shows to Wednesdays will help that?  We can only hope, huh?

3.  And of course, the Big Brother All Stars and Celebrity Big Brother Rumor Effect.  As always, rumors are swirling about this.  CBS put out the call for civilians like us to apply for BB15, but as we all know that could have been no more than a commercial for this summer's show.  The rumors are already out there, that the "expanded" version means that we will have a house full of returning players and/or B and C level celebrities.  Or D level.  Whatever.


I love the Pre-Season Big Brother rumors.  It is so much fun to be a fan when things really get going.  I must get back to my (real) work, but I will be back soon with some more Big Brother chatter.  I will have things to say about Big Brother Canada and also the recently-completed Celebrity Big Brother UK season.  I just watched that series for the very first time and it was quite a shock.  Let's just say that.