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Julie Chen Was Howard Stern's Homegirl Yesterday #BigBrother

Yesterday our own Julie Chen, aka The Chenbot, visited the Howard Stern Show with her friend and co-host of The Talk Sharon Osborne.

This visit is shocking for several reasons, the first of which is the history of bad blood Howard has with Julie's husband Les Moonves.  Les is President of CBS which owned K-Rock, the radio station that was Howard's home base before he left to join Sirius Satellite radio.  In the last months of Howard's K-Rock contract, management forbade Howard from saying the word "Sirius" (he said "unh unh unh" instead) and then things deteriorated further after Howard's new show started airing on Sirius.

I forget all of the gory details, but basically CBS refused to give Howard the rights to all of his former broadcasts, accused him of hurting their business and yadda yadda yadda I think both parties sued each other.  Howard went nuts on the radio with all sorts of veiled threats about Les, and how he would expose information he had about Les' personal life.  Howard also appeared in public in 2006 wearing this custom-made T-shirt. 

At least that is a very flattering picture of Julie, huh?

So I was quite surprised to hear that Julie was visiting Howard's show today with Sharon Osborne.  Sharon, of course, has quite a history with Howard, having appeared on his show with her family dozens of times in the past decade.  She also was a judge with Howard on America's Got Talent so they have spent quite a bit of time together.

I made some notes while I listened to the interview, and was quite shocked by what I heard from The Chenbot.   I am not even going to try and repeat word-by-word what was said, because I don't want that sort of web traffic.  (You might be very surprised what search terms the pervs use on Google---it really is horrifying.)  If you don't know, Sirius satellite is uncensored, so any sort of language is generally tolerated and is never bleeped out.  Sometimes Howard will use the delay to blank out statements that could be litigious, but dirty language is certainly allowed.

OK.  Here are the highlights of the conversation.

*  At first I didn't recognize Julie's voice.  It was very low, slow, and her words sounded measured, like she was carefully considering everything she said.  Howard started in on Sharon about her recent public revelations about her vaginal rejuvination surgery (I didn't even want to type that phrase, people.)  This brought up the topic of Julie's plastic surgery.

*  Julie told Howard that she was working in the Dayton Ohio TV market and management there told her that if she had surgery to "Americanize" her eyes she could probably get a job in any TV market in the US, or she could just rot in a tiny market like Dayton.  So she had the surgery.  Howard kind of pushed on that comment, and got Julie to admit that she wanted to get the surgery for herself, anyway, and the station manager's advice made it convenient to do so.

*  Howard asked Julie about other rumored plastic surgery she might have had, but she denied having any other procedures at all.  Julie specifically denied getting a nose job, breast implants, and also says she has never had Botox.  She told Howard that she wears a padded bra on TV sometimes, but has not had any work done other than her eyes.  (I believe her....)

*  Howard admitted that he and his wife Beth ran into Julie and Les in some tropical location during a two-week vacation.  It sounds like Howard made peace with Les and the four of them hung out a few times and enjoyed socializing.  Howard also said that he laid by the pool and watched Les try to look after his young son.  Howard "joked" that every day he and Beth timed how long Les played with the baby and it got a little shorter every day.  (Howard scoffs at other rich guys who have a second round of kids with their "trophy wives".)

*  Sharon Osborne has a FILTHY mouth and will say anything to anyone.  She really enjoys shocking people.  Howard brought up Sara Gilbert, who is another co-host of The Talk and how she is a lesbian.  Sharon said that whenever Sara is a few minutes late to work she "jokes" about what Sara was doing in bed instead of coming to work.  At some point Julie Chen said that Sharon calls Sara a "pu**y lick*r".  (No way am I going to type that word here on this website.  No way in hell.)


I just want to point out that AT NO TIME did Julie Chen call anyone names or use terms in a degrading or derogatory manner.  She was just participating in the conversation, but Sharon is clearly the nasty bitch in that friendship.  And I'm sure Sharon would agree.


*  Howard brought up Les' huge p*nis several times and Julie just laughed.  She even brought it up later and they all cracked up.  Apparently Howard commented on seeing Les in his swimsuit and that is what brought up this topic of conversation.

*  Howard doesn't watch Big Brother, but apparently was handed some notes from his staff with questions to ask Julie about it.  Howard asked "why they had that guy on there who made all of the racist comments".  Julie didn't correct Howard on the gender, but said that "when they cast her, they thought she would be the sweetheart of the season and they had no idea what they would say".  (i.e. obviously referring to Aaryn Gries)

*  Howard then talked about how great racism is for ratings, and wondered why Julie even got angry about it.  Julie said "because she said things about Asians!".  That was all that was said about Big Brother, however, although Howard did later talk about how Julie flies across the country to appear on that show as well as her show in New York.  Howard commented that all three of them seem to be unable to turn down opportunities due to their egos and need for attention.  Julie and Sharon both agreed and Howard thinks they all need a lot of counseling.

*  Howard got Julie to admit that her competitor The View's hiring of Jenny McCarthy was a big mistake, since her personality doesn't fit their show.  Howard brought this up later as a shocking admission that would be repeated in the media, but knew that his show would probably not get credit for it.

*  Sharon was being very explicit about her sex life with Ozzie, and Howard turned to Julie and they had the following exchange:

Howard:  I'll bet you're giving it to Les once or twice a week now....

Julie:  AT LEAST!!

Ha ha ha.  I think this was when Julie mentioned Les' huge pen*s again and they all laughed.

*  After continued pestering by Howard, Julie said she is not worried about Les straying in their marriage.  She did seem interested in a particularly nasty exchange Howard and Sharon had about whether Sharon "rims" Ozzie or not.  Howard assured Julie that Les would LOVE that and Julie asked a few questions, as follows:

Julie:  Why are you so sure that Les would like that?

Howard:  Every man would love that.

*  Howard and Sharon discussed some gross story where Sharon had diarrhea and had to call her assistant to bring her some clothes.  Robin Quivers chimed in with her own story after being prompted by Howard (Robin had an accident while running and had to ask a Mexican landscaper to use his garden hose so she could clean off before running back to her hotel.)  Julie did not admit to ever having this type of accident herself (thank god) but she did share the following "joke".

Julie:  You know what they say about diarrhea?  It's the race out of your ass where everybody wins!

***I just want to point out that I don't understand that joke at all.  I had to write it out almost word-for-word because it didn't make much sense to me.***

These are the shocking highlights from what Julie said on the show.  Sharon and Howard had PLENTY of shocking conversation, however, including how Sharon would sit on stage at America's Got Talent and tell Howard she could tell which contestants were pedoph*les (not going to type that word, either) just by looking at them.  Howard would then be shocked that Sharon would vote those contestants through to the next round.  It was a very funny interview and if you ever get the chance to hear it, I recommend it highly.

It will certainly give you a different impression of Julie Chen...

TMZ is running an excerpt from the interview at this link.  The excerpt features Sharon discussing her rumored surgical procedure, but you can hear Julie chiming in as well.


I have a few things to say about the BB15 cast's behavior in the past few months.  I will try to post before the end of the weekend.  Things have just been crazy and I haven't had a chance to get to it, unfortunately.

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