Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Know Andy has Cash Now, But What About His Job? #BB15

Andy is hitting the interview circuit now, and discussed the Facebook posting that the College of DuPage put up last week about his teaching job.  (You can see that here.)

Hitting Andy with this question is not as satisfying as it would be if he were going home empty-handed, I'm sure.  He just won half a million dollars, so it's not like he's destitute.  But The Hollywood Reporter asked the question anyway.

The College of DuPage issued a message on Facebook last week saying that you do not "currently work" for the college and that "any behavior or language he uses ... does not represent the opinions or values" of the college. What are your thoughts on that?

I don't know what to make of that because I wasn't essentially teaching there. I didn't have a full-time job. I was adjunct faculty, and so I worked semester to semester. If I lost my job over this, I'm going to be very upset because I don't think I did anything to merit me losing my job. Sure, some of the stuff I said might have been ridiculous or vulgar but at the same time I did comedy and things like that so people understand it's my personality. I never said anything that I thought was super mean. I mean, ughhh, maybe a little toward Elissa. I never said anything I thought was really, really malicious or hateful or racial or things like that, like a lot of the controversy of the season stemmed from. And I hope they understand that. You can ask any of my students that I have taught before, I am a caring, loving professor who loves what I do. If this hurt my career, I would definitely be upset about that. Hopefully people will see the true me and realize that if I'm associated with that stuff, it's wrongfully so. I hope all will be well.

 You can see the entire interview here, on The Hollywood Reporter website.  Personally I think Andy will put some asses in the seats next semester at that little College.  And that is what they want to do....even teaching institutions need to bank some cash.

Andy is also back on Twitter, and has already been backhanded by Rachel Reilly, as you can see here.  I'm pretty sure this interaction with Rachel is just as exciting to Andy as the minor sensation caused over the summer with #AndyHoldingThings.

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