Friday, September 6, 2013

TMZ Digs Up More Photos of Aaryn With Men of Color #BB15

Things must be really slow over at the TMZ offices, huh?  I don't know about you, but I don't give a damn about the Kardashian baby, Simon Cowell's illegitimate child, or Lamar Odom's alleged crack habit.

They are reporting a new EXCLUSIVE regarding yet another black man that Aaryn has dated.  This time, we have a series of EXCLUSIVE prom pictures.

(Let's not forget TMZ's previous coverage of Aaryn's love of Men of Color, which you can see here, and here.)
You can read the story on TMZ's website here, and view the traditional prom pictures with Aaryn pinning the flower on his lapel, etc.  TMZ just LOVES this story because the immense Big Brother online fan base flocks to their website to get the dirt.  The number of comments TMZ receives about the Aaryn stories are easily quadruple any other story, although they are probably ten times as hateful and nasty.


Let's not forget that Aaryn's family hired a publicist way back in mid-July to help assist the family through this personal crisis.  (You can see that here.)   It is my opinion that all of these "black prom date" news releases have been cooked up by that publicist.  Note the timing of Aaryn's Mom's interview with the LA Times, and all of these TMZ "EXCLUSIVES".

That means the family is working directly with TMZ to release these pictures, and arrange for the first Man of Color to call TMZ on their live show.

It's a strategy, and the timing coincides with the finale and Aaryn's release back into the General Population. 

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