Monday, September 9, 2013

The PoV Ceremony is Over... #BB15

And Judd is on the block with Gina Marie.  He is sad about it, and told the rest of the Exterminators that if they see him sitting with McCrae the next few days, to please come and sit with him because he doesn't want anybody to get the wrong idea.

He got called to the DR and ate a few Townhouse Crackers before he left the room.

The group was quiet after he left, and said they hated that McCrae won the PoV and their group is getting split up.  Then GMZ pointed out that Judd "just quit doin' the puzzle, so he coulda done more to save himself".

Then, for good measure she points out Judd already had a second chance to win the game.

Spencer says that it is pitiful to watch Judd now...he is so sad and broken now.  Apparently Judd made some sort of speech during the Ceremony that had unusual timing.

Andy:  When he reached his hand in his pocket I was so scared he would pull out a Diamond PoV!

GMZ says McCrae is sleeping now, but Andy thinks that he might be lying there, and not sleeping.  She tells the guys that if she is going home this week, she would appreciate them letting her know so she can wear a pretty dress.

GMZ:  I mean, my leg is all messed up, so it won't look too pretty, but you know what I mean.

Spencer:  Ten stitches!

(In reality, the eviction will be held on Tuesday, with BBAD being taped on Tuesday morning.  That is tomorrow for them. Then the feeds will be down until Wednesday after the CBS show airs.  The eviction will not be held in front of a studio audience, although there may be some CBS employees on hand, similar to Howard's eviction.  In the past there were leaks regarding who was evicted right after it happened, but the new process this year may ensure that is not the case. )

(Last year Jenn City was evicted at this point, you can see how the news was leaked here.  Much love to Miss Cleo.)

Gina Marie is indeed smarter than she's been made out to be this summer.  After thinking for a moment she says who knows what Judd will do to stay in the game---she's worried about it.  She mentions the lie that Judd told about Kaitlin going after Helen, and Spencer says that is a very good point.


Andy left the room during this conversation, but not before I captured this picture of him picking his nose.  I actually like Andy and think his level of game play this year was high-level sneaky and the results speak for themselves.  Spencer didn't even think about nominating Andy, even though he knows Andy betrayed Helen & Elissa, and also Amanda & McCrae.  It really is incredible how many times he has been overlooked, even after it was clear that he screwed over Amanda and tried to blame it on everybody else.

FYI I'm pretty sure he wiped his finger on that sequined pillow.

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