Monday, September 2, 2013

The PoV Ceremony is Coming Up Soon.. #BB15

but there is not a lot of activity in the house.  Judd took a shower and shaved his body hair.

Then he listened to Britney Spears and chatted with Gina Marie when she returned from her DR session.  She said that she saw Amanda come up the stairs to talk to her last night, but she turned off the lights and pretended to be sleeping.

Judd told her that Amanda said Gina Marie wants her out because she's jealous of her showmance.

GMZ:  What?  I'm jealous that she's gonna marry pizza boy and Nick is so fantastic?

Judd also reported that Amanda was telling him all of the places that she and McCrae have sex in the house.

Judd:  They said they had sex in Candice's bed...that one that I slept in when I came back that was all messed up...and in the photo booth, because they didn't know there was a regular camera in there....I feel like I need a tetanus shot now...

 They both said they want McCrae out next, and they think Elissa feels the same way.  Judd told GMZ that Amanda threatened to take something with her when she left but Gina Marie reacted strongly to that, saying she's "gonna have to fuckin' find it". 

I can only imagine it was one of the Nick Shrine items.

Meanwhile McCranda slept, and then BB awakened them to say it was time to get ready for the PoV ceremony.

Look how filthy Spencer's side of the room is, even though he just "cleaned up" last Thursday.  He said he has piles of clothes on his floor at home, too.

I think you're either one of the people who is a slob, or one who isn't, and it is probably very difficult for one to live successfully in the presence of the other.  Gina Marie was talking about how filthy the McCranda household would be, with overflowing ashtrays and dishes piled up everywhere.

This is the point in the season when the "cleaners" pledge not to clean up after the slobs in the BB house.  If we end up having a Spencer / McCrae final two I can't imagine the filth that will accumulate all over every surface.

Oh, and when Amanda got out of bed she took off her pajama pants and sat naked on the bed facing McCrae (and Spencer) and put on a pair of panties.  Classy.


  1. What kind of a man shaves off his body hair?

  2. Judd is already an attractive man, I can only imagine him looking all the hotter with some hair on his body. Now I find out he has some, but shaves it off so he can look more like a chick. I don't get it.


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