Thursday, September 19, 2013

Team Aaryn Put on a Show Last Night #BB15

At least two women from the Public Relations firm that represents Aaryn Gries accompanied her as she moved through the backyard last night, giving soundbytes and photo ops to all of the press people.  (Aaryn's mom hired the PR firm in July, as you can see here.)

There is a clip of Aaryn halfway down the page at the link below where she says her old talent agency "wasn't that good, anyway" and says she has "six meetings with new agencies lined up for tomorrow".  I don't doubt that at all.  I can also tell that the PR team gave Aaryn some talking points to deliver in a confident manner in her interviews.

Fans are trying to make a scandal out of this, saying that Aaryn got to meet with her publicists while still in sequester, but I doubt that.  I think the PR ladies were waiting for Aaryn after the Finale, but it is possible that she knew they would be there for her.   The PR ladies must have brought her that dress to wear, too, because the dress she wore during the Finale was bright blue.

For what it's worth, I don't think Aaryn was the most horrible person in the BB15 house, but she will certainly be the most prepared to take advantage of both the celebrity and notoriety that come along with this whole scene.

We also see Candice defending Aaryn in the clip at the link, so that is kind of a refreshing surprise.  But once I saw Gina Marie bash Candice for being adopted on the CBS love show as Candice was being evicted, I knew that Aaryn wouldn't be Enemy #1 for very long....

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