Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spencer and Andy Got Crabs Last Night. #BB15

So who won Part #2 of the Final HoH Competition last night?  (Andy won.)

When BBAD started last night, the competition was still happening in the backyard.  Spencer and Andy were playing in the Part #2 competition and it lasted well over two hours.  It was one of those competitions where each guy took his turn completing the challenge and the fastest time won.  Gina Marie just sat around waited inside the house, I think, while all of this was happening.

All of a sudden all three of them were in the kitchen, where Andy proceeded to talk like a MOTORMOUTH for quite some time.  Apparently they had to climb up a net with crabs bearing pictures of the evicted house guests, putting them in order of eviction.

This sounds EXACTLY like last year's competition, where we saw Ian beat Danielle scaling up a city scape set up in the backyard.

Andy:  I couldn't find Candice!  I couldn't find Candice!  I was freaking out that I couldn't find Candice!

GMZ:  Yeah, fuck that bitch.

Spencer:  I couldn't find Aaryn, dude.

Andy says this competition was the hardest thing he has done all season, and he feels sore already.  Spencer says he had to stop and take a break after only placing five crabs, and worried that he might not be physically capable of finishing.  He thinks he will sleep all day on Sunday due to soreness.

Gina Marie wanted to know why someone didn't get Nick's crab for her and Andy gave some sort of hurried response that I didn't understand.  They all know that GMZ would have killed that challenge due to her physical skills.  She says the key would be to use your legs to move up the net, not your arms.

Andy says the first couple of times were fun, but you had to climb 14 times and that is what was difficult.  They had only 60 minutes to finish, and then each crab not placed in the net after 60 minutes would add time to their score.

 Here is Andy holding one of his crabs.

Andy is very excited and is still blabbing a mile a minute.  You'd think he would be a little more respectful to his friend Spencer, but I guess he doesn't have to be at this point.  Spencer has no power anymore---it's up to whoever wins Part #3 live on Wednesday night to choose who they will take to the Final Two.


And there are a few of you out there in InternetLand would want to see this, I guess.  Spencer went to take a shower and probably to get away from Andy's constant self-congratulatory chatter.

He has a clean pair of plaid shorts to put on after his shower, lest you think he plans to put the same pair afterwards.  Spencer may be disgusting, but he's not gross.

After he got in the shower and under the spray, he started singing "Sweet Baby James" and we got FISH for a moment.  ("Rockabye, sweet baby James"....)  In your wildest dreams, would you expect Spencer to come up with a song like that at a time like this?

Even with the shower running, the sound of Andy's motormouth could be heard in the kitchen talking to Gina Marie as she started making chicken parm for dinner.

Andy, running in the bathroom:  Do you think if I ask them they would give me the Candice Crab?  I think I'm going to ask them and maybe they will give it to me later. Oh my god that was so hard!  It was so hard!  Oh my God!  Oh my God!

Spencer took a moment to reflect before he got dressed and ready.  Note that he could still hear Andy's constant yapping from the kitchen.  

FYI I will say again that as intimidating and mean as Spencer looks most of the time, as soon as he speaks his voice is always even and good-natured.   Even if that is easy for him it is an impressive skill, particularly at a time like this when he must want to throw somebody through the wall.

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