Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sneak Peek at Tonight's BBAD #BB15

The show will air at midnight EST, as usual, but was taped around 10:00 am BBT.  Production had to vigorously wake them up this morning to get the show on the road.

Ssshhhhh!  Don't tell anybody!

Ha ha ha.  They do this every year.  The goal is to keep today's eviction of either Judd or Gina Marie a secret until the CBS show airs on Wednesday night.  (i.e. tomorrow night).  In BB13 they started the live feeds over from the beginning during the Live Feed Blackout, and it was fascinating to see the whole "where is Evel Dick" saga play out again.

Today we just see TRIVIA, but of course I could flashback if I wanted to.

During BB13 they also had Rachel pop a bottle of bubbly to make Mimosas for the BBAD morning taping, but no such luck here.  Maybe Showtime paid for the booze back then, huh?  (You can enjoy that BB moment here, from the FeedWatcher archives.)

McCrae was the first one out in the common areas, and was reading the Bible with great interest.  He does not appear to move his lips as he reads.  He later summarized the Bible chapter he read for Spencer, Judd and Andy, and it certainly sounded exciting to me.  There were concubines, violent episodes, and other topics I don't remember hearing about in Sunday school.  Kind of reminded me of Jeff Spicoli giving his version of the history lesson.

Gina Marie got ready all by herself.

When Judd joined the group at the dining table he went on and on and on about how cold it was in the house, even going so far as comparing it to Anarctica.  I am too lazy to look up the spelling of that word, but you get the picture.   He was all wrapped up in his Tennessee blankie.

Andy was confused about this whole process, so we had frequent FISH while I assume Production explained this BBAD episode will air at the usual time.

Andy:  So we're supposed to pretend like it's late at night?

McCrae:  I can't pretend that...


Production gave them some play toys and projects to keep busy with, and they started a really funny routine of mentioning things that happened "today" to throw the viewers off.  For example, they mentioned all of the BB All Stars that came in the house, saying that when Rachel came in there she cursed and yelled at them for evicting Elissa.

Then they mentioned some "secrets" about Elissa that Rachel told them.  Some of them were bleeped by FISH, and some weren't.  They were so ridiculous they were funny, in a third grade type of way, but Elissa would have been extremely offended by Rachel telling them "her secrets" like that.

I guess Judd is not cold anymore.  They started telling Tall Tales about Jeremy McGuire that were HILARIOUS, giving Jeremy credit for all sorts of miraculous feats of super-human strength.  All three of the guys have deadpan comic delivery, and are very witty here.  I saw quite a few people on Twitter who were taking all of these jokes seriously.  Lighten up, people. 

Gina Marie was guffawing and cracking up during all of this. I had a few good hearty laughs, too, which I appreciate on this busy day.
As an example, Gina Marie said that when she "was gettin' operated on the the DR, just before she passed out she saw that Jeremy was the Medic stitchin' her up".   Ha ha ha.

McCrae and Andy painted ducks, and Gina Marie had a long list of projects to work on, including making a beaded bracelet for each guy, and then working on her sand sculpture.

Andy painted his duck bright blue, but then it fell on the floor and he did some whining about it.

This is Judd's "sand sculpture" he's holding up in the little bottle.  I'll bet if we could see the box that the sand sculpture kit came it, it would say "8 and Up" in the age category.  Just a guess.

After an hour or so of sitting upright, they all went to the living room and laid around, waiting for the BBAD taping to be over.  They were still telling Jeremy stories, which were hilarious.  Jeremy would have loved them, because he is a good sport and just loves to hear his name dropped.

By the way, that is probably my last live feed snapshot of Judd Daughtery.  I think Judd will leave in today's eviction.  I think he knows it, too.

How in God's name did Andy Herren stay off the block this week?  He played a really good game, even though you might not want to admit that now, while you're so mad at him and all.  Even Spencer acknowledged that Andy's accomplishments in the game were remarkable, and said he would be honored to lose to him in the end.

Of course, everyone always says stuff like that, but I know Spencer was very impressed with what Andy pulled off during the live double eviction, calmly blaming everything on everyone else, and getting away with it.

That's a great skill in Big Brother.  Also in a Fortune 100 Corporation, but that's a story for another day.


These pictures were taken during the last HoH Picture Time.  McCrae stayed in bed while the pictures were taken, but the Exterminators had a grand old time taking pictures by the Memory Wall.  First they did a series of "Fuck You Elissa" pictures, but the Live Feed Quad Cams stubbornly did not show us the view from the camera.  I could only see this, which isn't very exciting.  I think Spencer is giving Elissa the Bird.

And to be different, Andy gave her the Fist.

Judd and Gina Marie did something as well, but the camera moved even farther away so we couldn't see it.  It's probably in Elissa's contract, of course.

 Then Spencer posed alongside his Memory Wall picture.

Then they move up to the HoH Suite where Gina Marie styled Spencer in his HoH robe.

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