Monday, September 9, 2013

Scenes From the Last Few Days #BB15

I have been super-busy with fall tax season, but I took these pictures while I worked over the weekend and am posting them now instead of just deleting them.  I will try and remember some of the conversation that went along with the pictures, but I'm a little brain dead from fatigue so I can't promise much.

Because these lazy fools sleep all day, I usually start by looking at Flashbacks from the night before since I am on the East Coast.

Here are pictures of McCrae and GMZ going into the DR for a joint session.  Gina Marie didn't want to go, as you can see by her holding the 'friendship cord' like a noose around her neck.  I think I recall that this was their last session before getting the bracelets removed, but I would think she would be a little more skippy about going in the DR.

Andy found this laying in his bed.  It is a Play Doh model of Andy with a pin through his heart, like a voodoo doll.  Andy was "upset" about this but they all laughed and laughed.  Andy wondered if it was a threat of some sort.

I know there was a reason why I took these conversation pictures, but I can't remember what was said.  I think this was right after the nominations, so they were discussing what would happen if McCrae won the PoV.  (Which he later did, of course.)

McCrae was strangely calm after nominations.  He listened to Spencer blow smoke up his ass about how he wanted him to stay in the game, but I could tell McCrae's wheels were turning.  He needs to win every time now, and I think he knows it.  This is the McCrae I wanted to see all season, rather than the 'lay-in-bed-with-a-loud-mouthed-whore' version.

Judd comforted Gina Marie after the nominations.  He told her not to worry.

Spencer with his shirt off is very scary to me.  It just seems so wrong.

McCrae was able to make his own sandwich without any direction from Amanda.

I remember a great conversation he had with Spencer about Amanda.  Spencer told McCrae that it was evident how important family was to him, and that he should ask Amanda to move to Minnesota with him so he could be close to his friends and family.  He pointed out that Amanda could do real estate anywhere.  McCrae didn't seem overjoyed about moving to Florida with Amanda, but I've seen guys act this way in front of other guys, and then tell a different story when the wifey is around.

If McCrae wins Big Brother, I really hope his loved ones have an intervention for him before he decides to join Amanda anywhere.  That money could be more than he would earn in 20 years of hard work, and he needs to make the right choices.

Production gave the house guests a wide variety of Play Doh for them to entertain themselves.  I'm not surprised that Gina Marie was so creative with it.  They were also given plain white rubber ducks with a paint set so they could decorate them.  I wish I had taken a picture of Judd's duck----he painted it matte black with orange Tennessee logos.  The artwork was impressive.

This is Gina Marie's Play Doh Spencer.  You can tell she did a great job with his beard and striped tank top.

Lots and lots of black and white pictures on the Memory Wall.

This picture was taken after GMZ got 10 stitches in her leg.  It was a bloody mess and is very painful for her.  I'm not sure if she was given anything for pain, but the location of the wound would make it hard to forget about, I think.  If you plan on standing up, that is.

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