Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recognize These Characters? #BB15

Do you think Nick is nervous?  I think the showmance "reunions" will be one of the most interesting parts of tonight's live finale.

From following David's Twitter account, he was over Aaryn a long time ago, and was bitter about her showing interest in Judd inside the house, no matter how trivial that interest was.

Howard isn't interested in Candice, but Judd said he thought Candice really liked him from hearing her talk about him in the Jury House.

Nick and Gina Marie....that's what everyone wants to see play out tonight.  I expect him to be a total gentleman during the show, and also to plug his fundraising effort whenever he can.

I don't want to be mean (?) but it sure seems like they booted the best-looking people first, doesn't it?  Maybe it was the "Let's Get Rid of the Lookers" strategy.

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