Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Thoughts About Last Night's Finale #BB15

Well, it's over.  When this summer started I was really excited about it all, but now I'm just glad to be done with it.  In the end I wasn't really rooting for anyone to win the game, but I just didn't want Gina Marie to take the title.  If she won I think the season (and the entire series) would have been more embarrassing than it already was.

I am going to spew some random thoughts about last night's finale, as a sort of cleansing ritual.  I invite you to spew your own (within reason).


*  Of course I watched the premiere of Survivor Blood vs. Water which aired right before the Big Brother finale.  Seeing Hayden Moss on Survivor really pointed out how disappointing the BB15 results turned out to be.  Whenever Hayden made a comment that aired on Survivor, he seemed smart and humble, just like he was during BB12.  I particularly liked him comparing the "cozy confines of the Big Brother house" to "sleeping in the jungle", and pointing out that first impressions of his teammates were key as they had to vote out someone right away.  Hayden knows how to keep his mouth shut, too, at important times in the game.  When the other men approached him about a team of five guys, I could see Hayden almost mention The Brigade, but he bit back the words before they came out.  It is clear that Hayden is going to let the most annoying man in his "New Brigade" crash and burn on his own.  (Brad Culpepper, of course, who said his group had "four guys and one gay guy".

*  During the HoH Part #1 roller disco competition that we saw on the Finale, the "voice" of the Hippie DJ was dubbed in.  I never heard any of that on the live feeds, unless we had FISH while he "spoke".

*  I could have predicted that Helen Kim would have the most annoying reaction to seeing Dr. Will.  I'm sure she was excited to see him, but she was the loudest about it and had the biggest physical reaction.  Of course.  And did you see Helen in one of the final shots with Andy jumping up and down and yelling "you won Big Brother!".  Typical Helen Kim behavior.

*  I know that CBS wanted to have a three hour Prime Time reality block last night, but I feel there was plenty of content that we missed on the BB finale.  I think they should either extend the BB finale to two hours, or pre-tape some of the content that seemed to bog down the show.  For example, the Jury Interrogation didn't work, because Aaryn and Judd didn't get to ask questions.  That's not fair---even though the questions are determined ahead of time they were part of the Jury and those questions should have been asked.  Gina Marie did take a long time answering the first question from Amanda, but they could have had a more meaningful interrogation if it took place on tape, like they used to do in previous seasons.  Production could have edited the footage down for content and entertainment value, like they did with the Dr. Will segment.

*  Speaking of that, the Dr. Will segment did not deliver the explosive results that were built up.  It was a fine segment, but I feel we were led to believe there would be fireworks.  Having said that I think that segment really did need a moderator, because in past years Production picked one of the Jurors to manage the conversation, which never really seems fair.

*  Production's rather last-minute decision to juice up the Finale by adding a Dr. Will segment seems to follow the network's recent trend of capitalizing on their leading reality talent to add a little star power to the franchise.  One example is how Survivor just added Parvati Shallow to Survivor's "press" coverage on TVGN, and her online Survivor Aftershow is moving to TVGN this season is well.  I noticed they also deputized Malcolm Freberg to live tweet the Survivor episode last night, so I'm guessing they are going to get him more involved in promotion as well. Maybe Malcolm will go Around the World Without a Shower this year, or some other promotional tie-in to keep his name out there until he appears on another upcoming Survivor season.

*  Big Brother UK has a Big Brother After Show called BB BOTS. ("Bits On The Side")  BB BOTS has young, trendy, opinionated hosts and frequently features the hosts going "behind the walls" with the Production crew, and also has entertainment like a transvestite singing show tunes.  They are also allowed to use the Eff Word on TV and BOTS gets quite nasty at times.  It is fun but admittedly trippy in a British sort of way.   I think CBS buying the TVGN channel gives them an opportunity to have a show like that in the US and they missed the boat by not having it this year.  It would have allowed them to address all of the controversies in real time in a manner that was more relevant than waiting for Julie Chen to grill The Offenders after eviction.

*  I think there is a reason why Production steered clear of bringing up the "Nick and Gina Marie" storyline during the Finale.  And also a reason why the "Nick and Gina Marie" relationship wasn't mentioned in Sunday night's restrospective of the season's showmances while the cast ate brunch and sipped Mimosas.  And what is that reason?  I'm not sure, but it might have been related to the state of Gina Marie's mental health, and Production's fear of making it worse.

*  Having said that, when Gina Marie yelled "HEY NICK" and "NICHOLAS!!!" last night I had one of my only hearty laughs watching the Finale.  I wished the cameras had shown us Nick's face when she did that, but of course they did not.

*  If you are a regular reader of this website, than you know I have mentioned a number of times this season that the SOUND CREW NEEDED TO BE FIRED.  Of course I was saying that again during the Finale when the mics leaked during Spencer's interview with Julie.  I could hear Andy and Gina Marie talking inside the house---Gina Marie said she needed to pee.  After the first sound leak I thought they would fix it, but then it CONTINUED TO HAPPEN.

*  Did you sense tension between Amanda and McCrae?  I think he is feeling embarrassed about how he threw his game away by getting involved with a showmance with Amanda.  I can only imagine how he will feel once he watches all of the episodes and talks with his friends about it.  I think I saw the two of them holding hands by the front door as the show was wrapping up, but unless they get an offer to be on The Amazing Race I don't predict a lot of togetherness for McCranda in the future.

* I'm not even going to comment on America's Favorite House Guest, other than to say I didn't even feel like watching the post-finale interviews after Julie announced who won it.  Instead I watched a bunch of former Real World stars on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.  Wow some of those people have aged.  Ruthie is still drinking from the sound of it, even though she is on the lecture circuit promoting abstinence.  And Danny Roberts from RW New Orleans apparently hooked up with a "straight guy who is now married" on one of the Challenges.  I have strong reason to believe it was Steven from RW Las Vegas, after Danny reported he got "hate texts" from Trishelle.  I wish Andy had asked those kids how they make a living now...I can't even imagine letting "CT" change the oil on my car, he seemed so hostile and out-of-it.

OK I guess that's it.  I will watch the post-finale interviews and recap them here.  I don't know about you but I'm ready to turn the page...

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