Friday, September 6, 2013

Prizes and Punishments #BB15

I am still trying to catch up with everything that happened after the live show ended last night.  You probably know that Spencer won HoH, and it looks like there are some punishments for the rest of the house.

Spencer got the HoH title, and the room, and maybe some other goodies...

Judd "won" some sort of 24 hour or longer punishment where a drill sargeant comes over the intercom and bosses him around.  For example, last night he had to drop down and do 15 push-ups and the drill sargeant sneered that he "didn't like Judd's attitude."

McCrae and Gina Marie are bound together by what I think they are calling "Friendship Bracelets".  McCrae is laying in bed now, blinking up at the ceiling, wheels turning, I'll bet.

The Drill Seargeant wakes up Judd and tells him to drop to the floor and do 15 pushups.

 As Judd starts he says "fuck you, all!".

Drill Sargeant:  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Gina Marie and McCrae giggle.  It's a funny voice, just what you'd think a Drill Sargeant would sound like...bald, angry...a real ball buster.

 Judd lost count of the number of situps and Gina Marie had to tell him it was 15 situps that were required.

Judd got back in bed, mumbling that he "hated this punishment".

I don't know....I think this might be good for Judd.  He could stand to tone up a little.  Gina Marie walked around the bedroom to pick up a hair brush and other items she needs.  McCrae silently followed her, turning when she turned, and going wherever Gina Marie wanted to go.

Sound familiar?


Something strange happened.  Andy came in the room and reported that "there was $5,000 on the.." and then we got FISH.

What the hell was that?

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