Thursday, September 5, 2013

McCranda's Last Night Together in the #BB15. Hopefully...

I guess Gina Marie ended up letting them stay in her HoH room for their last night, after all.  I guess that means Production will be on task to clean up their mess.

Amanda celebrated by walking around half nude, flaunting herself as usual.

She complained about the efficacy of the acne medication they are using.  It just doesn't work, she says.

"Where ever you go, there you are" is the tattoo on Amanda's ribcage.  I hope that means she will find herself in the Jury House this weekend.

After McCrae joined her in bed, they snuggled and chatted a little.  Amanda is obsessed with her portrayal of "Bubby" and asks McCrae if he thought "Bubby" was funny.  He didn't.  She asked him if "they" asked him about "Bubby".


She also asked him if he planned to propose to her on the live show, or at the finale.  He isn't.

McCrae:  I'm no Mike Boogie..

Amanda:  What was up with that?  What did he do, think that up in the Jury?

McCrae:  There was no Jury back then...

Amanda:  So he went to buy the ring and everything?  Did he buy her a ring?

McCrae:  I dunno...

Amanda:  I can't believe I ever flirted with him.

McCrae:  WHAT???


Ha ha ha ha ha.  Too late for Production to keep that connection under wraps, huh?  Mike Boogie sure wasn't talking about it on Rob Cesternino's podcast....

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