Thursday, September 5, 2013

Julie Chen Recaps Hate Gate for David Letterman #BB15

The Chenbot appeared on David Letterman this week and discussed her disappointment with Aaryn Gries, and also her interview with Aaryn after her eviction last week.

A few notes:

*  David Letterman has barely heard of Big Brother, apparently, other than it's Dutch origins.
*  Production thought Aaryn would be the "sweetheart" of the show this year.
*  It is apparent that the other house guests who have also made horrible comments while in the house will not be part of the CBS storyline.  (They can't very well admit that half the house were evil-doers, now can they?)

This week (after Aaryn was long gone)  I heard Gina Marie say that no one would recognize Helen after the show ends this summer, because "all Chinese people look alike".  I also heard Amanda speak about living in New York amongst Asian people, saying "I hate Asians" and giving a list of reasons why.

While I'm yapping, let me also say that I heard Aaryn say on the live feeds at least twice that she is "gay on Fridays", implying she will go out and make out with girls.  Not that it justifies anything, it just points out how complicated human beings are, and how difficult it is to predict or contain their unbridled behavior. 

There is PLENTY of racism out there in America.  You can't expect Big Brother to exclude that reality every year, with every house guest. 

People are so RUDE these days.  Just because you think something, you don't need to say it.  Consider other people's feelings before you spew your unfiltered thoughts.  That is the lesson parents need to teach their kids if we are all going to get along.  Let's not forget how important MANNERS are, in the grand scheme of things.

We need only to look at the internet or Twitter for a bazillion examples of this every day. 

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