Friday, September 20, 2013

J.U. Double D - Judd the Stud Loose in Hollywood #BB15

Last night Rachel Reilly co-hosted a Big Brother 15 Finale Party that only a few cast members attended.  Rachel had let it be known that certain house guests would not be invited, and of course other house guests who probably weren't blackballed chose to return home to see their families.  (i.e. Helen, Candice)

But quite a few house guests brought their families to the party, and of course the Big Brother Canada crowd is trying to squeeze a few more drops of fame out of the Reality Bucket before the new season of Big Brother Canada begins this winter.

Looks like Judd had a Big Time last night....Judd the Stud, indeed.  I'm hoping this whole "pointing thing" that Nick Uhas is addicted to is just a passing phase, and will blow over quickly.  I suspect Judd is doing it in the picture below because Brendon is doing it.  Unlike the rest of us, Judd has not been bombarded with pictures of Nick pointing at people all summer, so he is the innocent party here.  These pictures were posted by Judd on Instagram, unless they are from Twitter, as indicated.

I promise to keep the pictures of the Big Brother Canada people to a minimum here, in response to growing consumer demand.  Yes, that is JoJo Spatafora on the far left in this picture.  And as usual AJ and Alec look wasted.

Judd with some bodily contact with Kara Monaca, former Playmate of the Year.  Take that, Jessie Claire!

Judd's dad giving Gina Marie Zimmerman a big squeeze.  Needless to say, Gina Marie was not invited to Rachel's big party, so this picture was probably taken at the hotel or on interview day.  Whatever.

 Judd and international supermodel Cassi Colvin, from BB13.  Yowza. 

The famous Miss Cleo from Twitter raised the funds from fans to attend the party, and in return promised to show us all pictures from the party, and I suspect some juicy dish at some point, too.  Here is Judd and his father, at Rachel's big party.

I heard Judd say on the live feeds that he doesn't have too many personal conversations with his father, and that when he left with the Big Brother film crew last June, his father didn't even say good-bye.  Maybe Judd appearing on Big Brother will strengthen their relationship.  It's a long plane ride home so maybe they can sit next to each other and reminisce about all of the babes at the party.

 Like this babe, JoJo Spatafora.  On the first episode of BB15, Judd told the cameras as he packed his things that he hoped there was a girl from Staten Island in the house.  I know from watching Judd on the live feeds that JoJo was what Judd had in mind, rather than a girl like Gina Marie.  Maybe Judd and JoJo took a smoke break together, huh?

I'm trusting Miss Cleo to spill the beans on any sloppy hookups from the party, right?

Here's Judd with Ashley Iocco from BB14, of course.  Peter Brown from BB Canada slithered into this picture, too.  I heard Peter is actually dating Kara Monaco now.  Can you believe that?

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