Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jeff Schroeder's Backyarrd Interview with Jessie Kowalski #BB15

Now it's Jessie's turn to chat with Jeff in the backyard after the Big Brother Finale.  Jeff begins the interview with a very Un-Jefflike comment, saying that Jessie looks "good and sexy" he needs to be sure he is keeping his eyes "up here" during the interview.  You know, because of all of the cleavage.

Jessie:  Thank you Jeff!

Jessie said during her pre-season interview with Jeff, they were laughing and having fun, and he told her that she should remember that fun moment because things would get really tough inside the house.  She says things did get tough for her, but she remembered what Jeff said to her and it helped.

Jeff:  Thanks you're my favorite interview so far!

(That is Candice sitting on the ground on the far right side of the picture below.  I guess her dogs were barking in those high heels.)

Jeff wondered if she had any regrets about her game this summer.  She says she didn't want to be a floater, even though people have told her that she could have laid low and gone a lot farther in the game.  She wanted to change things up and get Amanda out. 

Jessie:  And that's what America wanted, too, obviously....

Jeff:  I think you really tried to step it up in that last week was just too little too late. What do you think?

Jessie:  Oooo.  Ouch! I was just trying to get to know the other players and see where I fit in, and honestly I didn't really fit in anywhere!  I didn't gel with anybody, and that sucked.  Because people who partnered up had a great longevity in the game. 

Jeff, smirking:  Well, you were tryin' to partner up.

Jessie:  I was trying!  I was trying to partner up.....really hard.

Jeff, still smirking:  But, with a couple of dudes in the house!

Jessie:  Yeah, we had some attractive people in the house...and I was open to a showmance, but unfortunately it didn't work out.

(Look at Jeff grinning at thinks Jeff likey.)

Jeff:  So were you looking for a showmance?  Or was it gettin' lonely in there...what was up?

Jessie:  I guess my personality is that I'm a 'relationship girl' so I just kind of looked to that guy find a guy to help me through the game, kind of like you and Jordan did...see how I did that Jeff?  Turned it right back to you?

She thinks she will be friends with everyone now and has good relationships with everyone.

Jessie says the Jury House was very luxurious but she did a lot of reading while she was there.  She says that's all she really felt like doing, to get away from everyone and everything.

Jeff:  I tried to decompress in the Jury House.  I was still around the other people but I had my space in there.  Did you kind of decompress in there?

Jessie:  Yeah, that's what I was doing.  I was reading..

(Jeff didn't ask what books she read?  C'mon Jeff.)

(I actually heard Elissa on a podcast where she said Jessie kept to herself the entire time in the Jury House and had meals delivered to her room instead of joining the group.)

(Is Jeff looking down Jessie's top in this picture?)

Jessie said that tempers flared in the Jury House and Jeff pushed her for the dirt.

Jessie:  Well, Amanda and Elissa...but that's expected...they had a little tiff right before leaving the Jury House.  There were pent up old frustrations that just came out in there.

Jessie said there was some "sister stuff" in there and lots of bickering.

Jessie says that the cameras missed some fun times in the Jury House.  There was one night where they were all out by the pool in bikinis, dancing and drinking and they all said the cameras should be there, too.

Jessie:  I'm gonna move to L.A.and see if I can do some more television action...maybe some films..

Jeff:  Oh, you're gonna take my job now?

Jessie:  I'm gonna try to steal his job now.

Jeff, still in Flirty Town:  Well, I'm gonna wrap this thing up now!

Jessie takes the mic from him and poses as the interviewer and she seems believable to me.  (I could actually see her as one of those girls on the sidelines at football games, chatting up the players and the coaches.  About what, I don't know.  But I could see it.)

Now it's time to give Jessie her dollar store gag gift, and this gift may be the most useful and practical gift so far, although it is seriously lacking in creativity.

Jeff:  It's a flashlight.  Because you were in the dark so much of the time in there.....I didn't know what to get.  But you look really sexy in the picture.

Jeff wraps up, but not before telling Jessie that "she looks really attractive tonight".


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