Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jeff Schroeder's Backyard Interview with Judd Daughtery #BB15

Jeff and Judd were reunited in the backyard after the BB15 finale for an interview.  Jeff called him "J.U. Double Evcited" and Judd laughed.

Judd, laughing:  It's J.U. Double D!  Get it right!

Judd says it was a dream come true to be on the show this year, and he even got an opportunity to come back in the house after being evicted.

Judd:  That doesn't happen too often in the game.  So I got back in and did what I wanted to do..aligned with a few of the smaller players and stayed around a few more weeks.

Jeff says it looks like Judd quit during the SuperHero PoV competiton.

Jeff:  What's up with that?

Judd:  Well, puzzles just aren't my thing, and I could tell that when I was copyin' other people they were clearly gonna beat me...Andy was close to winnin', so I thought the best thing was to help him with the buzzer...I thought him winnin' over McCrae was my best chance.

 Jeff:  Yeah, and I think Spencer was kind of mad about helpin' Andy..

Judd:  Well, I guess Spencer thought he was almost done with his puzzle...I'd like to know when  because I didn't see him getting close to finishing his puzzle, but whatever...I don't get it..

Judd says he knew he was a Dead Man Walking after McCrae won the PoV.

Judd:  You probably saw me throwin' things around in there...I was mad.

Jeff:  Well before the game we were all looking forward to seeing Party Daughtery in there, and I thought you'd be jumping in the pool naked and everything...what happened?

Judd:  Well, you get in there and you feel like you have to tone it down a first I kind of wanted to play that game and make everybody think I was just here to party and have fun.  But  there wasn't hardly any alcohol, so I was disappointed in that.  There was like 6 beers and one bottle of wine for 16 people..

Jeff:  Party Daughtery likes his alcohol.

Judd:  Definitely..

Jeff:  So does J.U. Double Eff, there's nothing wrong with that.

(Did he mean J.E. Double Eff?  I hope so.  Because I'm hoping Jeff can spell his own name.)
Jeff mentions that Judd made out with two chicks in the house, and was a "regular Don Juan" in there.

Judd:  Well, I'm 26...I'm single, and I'm just havin''s part of it.

Jeff wonders if Judd has any hopes of hooking up with any of the house guests outside of the house.

Judd:  Well, this is a big transition period.  I'm still getting used to everything...learning to drive again...we'll just see what happens after this. Get to know people outside the game without havin' to worry about them stabbin' me in the back!

 Jeff says he met Judd's dad "downstairs before this" and that Judd's "whole town is going crazy right now" about Judd's appearance on the show.  Jeff says that even though there was a lot of controversy this year but as far as Jeff knows, Judd had no part in any of the scandals.  Jeff said he played a great game and the whole town is proud of him.

Judd says he hopes he didn't disappoint anybody and wants to apologize if he said or did anything to offend anybody.  He gives a shout out to Englewood Tennessee and says he tried to be himself the whole time.

If Judd could change one thing, he wouldn't have worked with McCrae and  Amanda so much, particularly at the beginning of the game.  He wishes he would have aligned with David, or Jeremy, or maybe even Nick.

Judd:  But everything worked out fine, and I got to come back, so that's good.

Jeff:  Absolutely!

 Jeff mentions Elissa winning America's Favorite, but says Judd's Bear Shirt should have won that prize, because America went crazy over that shirt.  Judd got a big laugh out of that. 

Then Jeff says that he bought Judd a gift from the dollar store and I know I was excited, after that Big Build up.

But Jeff gives Judd this pair of HUGE camouflage shorts to "wear with the Bear Shirt".  Apparently the tag on the shorts says "J.U. Double Evicted".

Judd:  These are bad ass!

Jeff:  But you can take off that tag, though. It's just taped on.

Jeff wants Judd to send him a picture of him wearing the Bear Shirt and the shorts and Judd promises to send him one.

Jeff:  Are you gonna come back out to California and party with me and Jordan?

Judd:  For sure! If  J.E. Double Eff can handle hanging out with J.U. Double D let's make it happen!

Jeff:  I love this guy!

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