Friday, September 20, 2013

Jeff Schroeder's Backyard Interview with Andy Herren #BB15

Jeff spoke with Andy Herren in the backyard of the BB15 house after Andy won the $500,000 grand prize.

Andy is so proud to have won the game.  He says he played so hard every day of the game.  He knows he isn't viewed as one of the strongest players ever, but feels he was extremely strong in the mental competitions and his game was aggressive, but covert.

Andy admits his game was to spill secrets and tattle on people.  He's not ashamed of it at all.

 Gina Marie walked by and stopped to photobomb the interview.

Jeff thinks GMZ's photobomb was kind of devilish but Andy laughs and says it is all in good fun.  Jeff made a few errors in the interview that weren't edited out, so that makes me wonder how many bloopers he made during the live interview.  For example, he said Gina Marie is going home with $500K (wrong), and at one point called Andy Spencer (wrong) but covered it up by saying he was looking at Spencer who is standing right next to them.

Jeff thought when Andy took Gina Marie instead of Spencer to the end that there was a chance she could win (wrong) but Andy again says that he made a little deal with her on the first day in the house that they would keep each other safe, even though they played on opposite sides of the game for much of the season.

Jeff says Andy crushed GMZ in the Jury Q & A and speeches, and Andy said of course he did, he teaches public speaking and would have been very embarrassed if she beat him in that part of the game.

Jeff wondered if Andy dressed like Pee Wee Herman tonight on purpose.

Andy:  OK, Jeff....

Andy has no idea how he will use all of the money he won tonight, but plans to spend it wisely.  He would like to do a little traveling, since he has never been outside of the United States.  He also wants to do something nice for his family but says again he is going to use the money wisely.

Jeff had to pull Andy closer to the mic, to stand on the mark.  You can't tell from these pictures, but that entire backyard is just jammed with reporters, crew and house guests.  Each reporter has a few square feet of space to work with, and as the CBS reporter, Jeff got one of the prime spots in front of those huge golden scales from the final HoH competition.

Andy is aware that this was a controversial season due to all of the hateful comments by the house guests, but he stresses that not everyone did that, and he hopes the entire season isn't tainted by the controversy.  

Andy knows that some fans watch the show and say that it looks so easy, just laying around and playing Big Brother, but Andy says it is the hardest thing he has ever done and nothing could be farther from the truth.  Jeff agrees and points out for the thousandth time that he has played twice and lost, so he agrees it is hard.

Jeff presents Andy with his joke gift from the Dollar Store and it is really funny.  It's a little shirt and if you look closely you will see Andy's picture on the tag.

Jeff:  Maybe you can use it to dry your tears, because you cried all summer...

Andy:  Thanks Jeff!  I love it!

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