Friday, September 6, 2013

HoH Baskets and Rooms #BB15

 Everyone laid around in the living room and decompressed from the exciting evening.  They are all glad that Elissa isn't there anymore, and McCrae says he was tense every time he was around her, because saying the slightest thing could anger her.

Spencer:  She got mad at me when I made that comment about the royal family....I said fuck the royal family and she got mad!

McCrae:  We can just be ourselves now.

McCrae got his HoH Basket in the storage room, and the letter was from his sister Morgan.  He started reading it but started crying in the middle of the letter.  The air was tense while everyone waited and watched McCrae break down.

GMZ, trying to be funny:  What, did somebody die?


Judd looked worried and there was silence.  GMZ went over to the couch to hug him, and then Andy, Spencer and Judd hugged him too.  After a minute Judd asked if everything was okay, and McCrae said yes.  He plans to read the letter a few more times to "get it out of his system" and then he can try to read it aloud. 

 This shirt was in his basket, and he immediately said that his ex-girlfriend made it for him. He clarifies that she sewed it, rather than making the fabric.  (No shit, McCrae.)  There was a little note on it that said "Made by Grandma" and McCrae laughs about it.  (Maybe his family added that tag so Amanda wouldn't get mad?)

Right on cue, Judd joked about what Amanda would say about the "fucking shirt" if she was there.

McCrae was happy about his Cheez-Its, and pack of gummy bears and "Gushers".   They ripped open the Gushers and got to work on the package right then and there.  McCrae also got some local Minnesota beers called "Fear and Loathing", I think.

Then the Drill Sargeant came over the loud speaker and commanded Judd to do 50 jumping jacks.  (I think he said "Hey Maggot!  Give me 50 Jumping Jacks.)  Everyone stopped to watch Judd get his work out in.  I think the Sargeant also said he was a pitiful excuse for a house guest, or something like that.

This is a close up of the Friendship Bracelet.  McCrae and GMZ both want to keep a portion of the rope as well as their bracelets, so they are going to ask Spencer to cut it in half for them.

Spencer went in the DR and they all waited to see his HoH Room.  There was a DR leak and I could hear Production tell Spencer to open the door and recite the famous line.  Spencer asked if he should put the key around his neck and then the leak was stopped.

They laughed at the door of the room, saying, "is everybody here"?  It's a small crowd.

Everyone was stoked to see the pictures of Marilyn--there were two of them and one of them was from a Tom Petty concert.  Spencer also has a picture with his brothers, and pictures of his beloved dogs.

His letter was from Marilyn, and she did a great job of updating Spencer on every member of his family, including his nieces, nephews and dogs.  Murdock misses Spencer terribly, but Dutch doesn't even know he is gone.  (Spencer jokes that Dutch is Murdock's dog.)  He had to stop in the middle of reading the letter so Judd could do some more military exercises with everyone watching.

Spencer's CD is Nirvana's Nevermind, and everyone is excited to listen to it this week.

Gina Marie and Judd got into the Coca-Cola.  He got marinade for grilling, Italian bread crumbs, pork chops, and cheese and hummus.  The fridge was also stocked with cold beer.  He got a T-shirt from Alaska--his parents took a trip to Alaska while Spencer was in the house.  He also got a T-shirt from one of the local teams and might wear it tomorrow for nominations.

I thought Gina Marie might actually be eating an apple, but it turns out all she did is gum off the caramel and nuts, before leaving the apple on the table.  Later Spencer showed it to Andy and they both laughed.

Spencer's brothers generated a lot of excitement.  Andy whispered to McCrae that Grant was hot, and McCrae put him on blast with that.  Grant is the one on the left.  One brother is a District Attorney, and the other is a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.  He had great things to say about both of them, and said the three of them are very tight.  I think both brothers are married with kids.  (One of the updates is that one of the kids learned to whistle and snap his fingers...cute.)

The guys were drinking beer and GMZ took the initiative to toast to the Final Five and it was a nice moment.

 One of Spencer's pictures with Marilyn.

You can see the apple on the table next to GMZ---she just left it there stuck to the table when she later left the room.

 Is McCrae sitting on the toilet reading Spencer's HoH letter in this picture?

 I could swear his pants are down, right?

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