Monday, September 2, 2013

Gina Marie's "Reality" Connections #BB15

If you've watched the BB15 live feeds, then you may have heard Gina Marie discussing her local Staten Island network of reality star friends, that reaches as far as exotic locales such as New Jersey and Long Island.

Gina Marie has said that Alex from BB9 married a friend of hers, and has been discussing a girl named Brittany Conner who is on a New Jersey-based reality show, and also Amanda from Long Island Princesses.  She said Amanda was the one who got her hired for some of her modeling opportunities.

She has also discussed "Joey Fitness" from The Amazing Race, and was describing his watch business last weekend.  She said that he owns a company called Juiced Watches and he gets the local reality stars to wear them and then rakes in the cash.

Here is an example of what the Juiced Watches look like.

It looks like a plastic watch, right?  But you know what they's all in the marketing.  And look who is helping them market the watches on their website?

Yep.  It's our old pal Gina Marie Zimmerman.  And she has been friends with these guys for a long time.  Way back before The Amazing Race 20.  You remember that season, right?

The season that featured The Amazing Brenchel.

 And also "Joey Fitness" and his friend Danny.  But wait, who is that dancing between them in the opening credits?  Could it be?

Yep.  That's Gina Marie Zimmerman, getting her groove on in the club.

You may recall that there were rumors floating around that Joey Fitness would be on Big Brother this year.  People were angry about it.  (Well, I was angry about it.)  But for Robyn Kass, Gina Marie was right under her nose, right?

Here is the intro that was shown before every episode of The Amazing Race 20.  If you blink, you'll miss Gina Marie.  But there is no doubt that is her....right there at the 19 second mark, shaking her ass.


  1. The CBS 'Reality' show world is incredibly incestuous. Between the Hantz family, the Reilly sisters, and the countless cross-pollinating of their shows, CBS is a cesspool and proof that it is who you know, and who you blow.

  2. I think it is also the "birds of a feather flock together" type of situation as well. Let's face it, ANYBODY can be on a reality show right now, because they are on every channel, every day of the week, for every type of person or problem.

    If CBS is a cesspool, then what is ABC, the network that bought America the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad series?

    I tried to watch Whodunnit and Siberia this year, but only got through a couple of episodes before I gave up. The contestants "die" on both of these shows, and I found the "scripted" portion very confusing. I'm guessing the networks are trying to lead us back to scripted dramas and had to pretend they were reality shows so we would tune in.

  3. I only watch the Big 3 reality shows on CBS because they are the gold standard, everything else sucks. By cesspool I meant the talent pool they draw on. I'm sick of all the stunt casting (do we need all the Hantz's or Brendon and Rachel?) which is why I'm not looking forward to Survivor, with wives, girlfriends, children, and siblings. Reading all the blogs it seems like all these people know one another or know someone who knows someone.


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