Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elissa Tried to Make a Move Last Night #BB15

Elissa approached Amanda and pulled her in the Cockpit to tell her she wanted to keep her over Spencer, because she "feels more of a bond with her".  Amanda was understandably shocked and kept asking her if she was serious.

 Andy walked in and was shocked as well.

Andy spoke to Elissa privately afterwards to see if she was serious.  She said she was, and that she didn't trust Gina Marie or Spencer...she was sitting with them and "felt like she was just, floating with no connection with them".

Spencer came in the room and it felt very awkward.  Elissa tried to cover by saying Andy needed to tell her a bedtime story.  Elissa is not a very good or creative liar, let's just put it that way.

Right after Spencer left Judd came in and asked what was wrong...maybe Spencer sent him in there to see what was up.

Elissa:  Wrong?  Nothing's wrong....we're just talking about bedtime stories.
Spencer pulled Gina Marie aside to tell her that he caught Elissa talking to Amanda, and now Andy.  He plans to ask Andy about it, but "who knows if he will tell the truth".

Then while Spencer was in the WC Elissa came in the room and you've got to hand it to GMZ--she handles situations like this like a pro.  She didn't let on that she was aware of  anything at all, chattering on about clean towels and other household topics.

Amanda came in and then Spencer came out of the WC and sat there for a moment, taking it all in.  Amanda wanted to come upstairs and take a shower in the HoH room, but GMZ said she was going to take a shower.  In other words, "no".

In the backyard McCrae told Amanda not to get her hopes up about staying.  (I think McCrae is ready for her to go, to be honest.)

Then Andy, Judd and Spencer came out and they discussed how Dan Gheesling really fucked over Danielle last year, and that if he took her to the end she probably wouldn't have gotten any votes at all.


Speaking of Danielle Murphree, she is scheduled to be a guest on Rob Has a Podcast this week---on Sunday I think.  Rob isn't someone who would grill Danielle with hard-hitting questions, but the interview should be fun, particularly if Danielle is real with Rob.


Andy did tell Judd, Spencer and Gina Marie about Elissa's change in plans.  Spencer is nervous but believed Andy when he said he will vote for Spencer to stay, but will let Elissa think that he didn't, and he plans to throw a fake hissy fit after the vote is revealed to blame someone else for it.

So we might have a tie vote that Gina Marie will need to break live on Thursday night.  The guys think that Gina Marie is solidly with them.

Gina Marie also approached Spencer for a Final Two deal, saying he would "be her Nick now".


  1. What is wrong with Elissa? I get that she has a good feeling about Spencer wanting her out next but c'mon! Trying to flip the entire house?? And nothing good would come out of it! She is already and outsider and now she's just digging a bigger grave for herself! Just pick someone to trust and stick with that! Amanda would get her out next week anyways, since she wants to "go" with the house and "nobody would be upset if they got Elissa out"

  2. She "feels" a bond with her?!? In what fucking world does she live in? Unless something happened recently... the last I saw Amanda was giving it to her in the Kitchen. And she and GM had that heart to heart talk...

  3. I really enjoy your recaps and little commentaries btw lol. Thanks for all the updates this season!

  4. Thanks SRG. We don't know what fucking world Elissa lives in, actually, but maybe that blue sequined outfit is appropriate to wear on that planet.


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