Sunday, September 15, 2013

Doing Nothing is Very Tiring #BB15

This is what was happening right now in the BB house, and what will likely happen for most of the time until the Finale.

Last night after Andy won Part #2 of the Final HoH competition, he and Gina Marie had a long talk while Spencer was in the Diary Room.  From the sound of it, it seemed that both of them were pledging to take each other to the end, no matter what.

(You can learn more about the HoH Part #2 competition here.)

Andy even did the "we both just won at least $50,000" routine with her, and they both kind of crowed about the fact that neither of them earned any money throughout the season, which seemed really fair.

(But didn't Andy win $94 just last week?)

Andy said he didn't want to go to the end with anybody but Gina Marie, and bless her heart, she took that as a compliment.  (I think Andy meant it, but only because he thinks he can beat her.)

I was hoping to see Spencer and Andy in the Final Two, because I'm not sure that Gina Marie winning Big Brother 15 is a good thing for the sport.  I don't think this is anybody's Favorite Final Three, but at least Andy and Spencer are true fans of the game.

I've heard Andy make this same Final Two pledge with Spencer, too, so if he wins the Final HoH live this Wednesday night I won't be certain who he will choose until that very moment.

And CBS must have had an emergency meeting before coming up with the half-baked plan to goose the ratings by having Dr. Will question the Jury.  Dr. Will has no idea what to do, and a quick glance at his Twitter feed confirms this.

He's clearly scrambling.

The finale will be "outrageous"?  The results may be an outrage, I'll give Dr. Will that, but I seriously doubt it will be "outrageous".  But maybe CBS will give Will the green light to quote some of the nasty things the jurors have said, and maybe show a highlight reel featuring some of the worst comments.

Now THAT would be "outrageous".

Matt Hoffman knows Dr. Will is out of ideas, too, and really let him have it in his own sarcastic way.

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