Monday, September 23, 2013

Bold & the Beautiful Casting Stunts Continue #BB15

The CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful has a long history of featuring current reality show stars as bit players on their show.

Who can forget Jeff and Jordan making their appearance after BB11, and of course Rachel and Brendon have appeared a number of times in recurring roles.  For example, Brendon was a bartender.

If you watched the Survivor Phillipines Reunion, then you may remember the embarrassing video clip that Jeff Probst introduced that starred Malcolm Freberg. I don't understand what Malcolm's role was all about, but it looked like gay porn to me, with all of the dramatic camera shots and bad dialogue.

Well, The Bold and the Beautiful is pulling out all of the stops in October, as Elissa Slater and Howard Overby from BB15 appear on the show, along with Jeff, Rachel, Brendon and Malcolm.  The scenes have already been taped, and Elissa will play a hostess at the "Bikini Bar".  I'm pretty sure this is the bar where Brendon plays a bartender, and Rachel a waitress. I think Malcom was some sort of office worker at Forrester Industries, or maybe he was a masseuse making an outcall at Forrester Industries. 

You can read the entire article here, as Elissa discusses her long time love of the show.

I'm going to tape these shows.....this sounds like can't-miss entertainment.


Enjoy these clips of Rachel and Brendon's Bold and the Beautiful appearances.

And this stunning clip from a recent appearance by Jeff on the Bold and the Beautiful.  Jeff played A JANITOR, if you can believe that.  They didn't even bother to put him in a jumpsuit, or even wear a shitty nametag or hat.  Jeff did a good job with the dialog, though.  I think they should have had Jeff carryng a clipboard or something instead of cleaning supplies, but what do I know?

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